Celebrate Life!

June 1, 2008

On one pleasant evening recently, I was sitting by the window when calmness visited me on its tiptoes. I was wrapped in a thick layer of Divine remembrance as my mind soared like the flock of white birds high up in the sky. The evening cool breeze eased off the sundry thoughts of the day and my eyes fell and got transfixed on the swaying youthful green coconut trees. On them, the golden rays of the setting sun were dancing in rhapsodic movements in glee. I could see Life dancing in the form of golden rays of light shimmering on the long and tender new born leaves. This delightful sight touched my inner cords and I began to think of finding some ways in which my life could also dance to the tune of the Silent Music and Symphony of Life.

My whole atmosphere was filled with an air of celebration and I was in a state of hypnotic trance. I felt the whole cosmos celebrating and dancing to the tune of Divine Music. Each particle around me was singing a song of joy and happiness. I was left undisturbed in this state of perfect harmony and ecstasy for some time. And my heart began to sing and dance, tapping at the beat of the silent beatific music mystifying the air.

And from within, flowed the nectar of God’s wisdom and knowledge which needs to be shared with you my child Mandira, and with many others who have been churning the mundane daily routine activities but wish to find in them the hidden essence of life. One seeks and wishes to know what is life after all? If we have an idea of what this perplexing thing called ‘life’ is, then we will be able to find for ourselves the next intriguing question.

How to live this life?

Both these questions are decisive and interlinked and it becomes imperative for the seeking mind to know the answer.

So what is Life? Life is the opportunity given to us by the Almighty to live here for a definite span of time. During this period we struggle, search, falter, understand and eventually figure out that there is surely an unwritten, yet a definitive and confirmed way to live this tenure. Most of us find our lives a mystery unsolved with no beginning or end. Some call it an enigma while others find it to be a cause of worry, grief, misery or agony.

The recent super sensory perceptions of one pleasant evening gave me an insight and a new outlook towards Life. I experienced at that time that Joy and Divine Happiness was scattering and spreading all over the place like the vast stretch of strewn grains of sand on the beach. Each and every particle around me was emitting Joy and in the following moments out of joy, it dawned on me that the right way to live was this-

‘Celebrate Life’

As I know now that Ananda is an intrinsic part of every being in the Creation, we must remember and recall its presence from time to time. If once we experience even a tiny spark of the Universal Bliss, that experience is enough in our memory to re-live the exulting experience from time to time to enter into an ecstatic state effortlessly. Even a drop of that Infinite Ocean is enough to give you lasting  Bliss.

Mandira, I am celebrating the days that have followed since then and I am trying to fill the passing moments with Life and Divine Joy.

“From Joy, we have come and in Joy we shall go”