Awareness- The Art of Right Living

June 20, 2008

Today after you left me in the morning and went out to do some work, I came in my room and sat on my bed with nothing particular in my mind.

I was sitting peacefully there looking outside the large window enjoying the lovely weather and cool breeze of the monsoon. As I began to feel little settled, my mind on its own turned inwards and I plunged into the silent recesses of my mind and became very peaceful. I began to drink the pure cool waters from the well of deep silence. I was submerged in the prevailing serenity when….

Before my eyes, in my mind surfaced the face of Sri Raman Maharishi of Tiruvannamalai, an epitome of knowledge of Self. There was indigo blue light around Him and he was silent. His method of imparting knowledge was through silence. Mentally, I bowed down to Him and touched his Holy Feet and sat still. I am now aware that whenever I am engulfed by Divine Peace unexpectedly,  great souls appear to provide me some guidelines and further communication.


During this time, my eyes were comfortably closed and I did not wish to move or stir. I began to feel His presence in my aura. I was surrounded all over by the calming Light and my face began to bask in Divine Light like the falling rays of the golden morning Sun on Earth!

The effusive Light penetrated my face and soothed my cheeks and eyelids. Over the sensitive skin of my face were falling the pleasantly smooth, extra-light, Light Rays and I was drenched and began enjoying their rhythmic fall one after the other! My face was bathing under the shower of delicate rays of Light!

The mellow Light then enrolled in my eyes and penetrated deep inside. The feel of the Light was unbelievably soothing and amiable in nature. As they entered my eyes, my body began to receive its warmth and energy. My face was lit up with the liberal covering of the glimmering Light.

What splendour! What ecstasy! I was enthralled!

Some moments passed by and I was still motionless and remained in silence. After this, my mind was in consonance with the subtle presence of Sri Raman Maharishi and I was soon elevated to higher states of consciousness. His grace fell on me when He told me,

“Calmness is a state of perfect poise.”

A calm mind is the perfect instrument to gain the knowledge of Self through Self enquiry, I quickly understood. One must ask himself, “Who am I?”  It is the first step of the ladder which will help us reach the upper levels of higher spiritual knowing.

 “To know, is Awareness,” he told me.

Know who you are. Silence your mind. A peaceful mind will lead you to deeper inquiry.”

He explained to me that the mind is like a deep well. One must throw a bucket tied to a rope into the well and take out water from it. Go on taking out bucket after bucket of water from it till there is no water left in the well. In the same way empty out the mind of the thick layers of worldly thoughts implanted in it. A mind devoid of worldly thoughts will be merged in God. Empty your mind and remove the thoughts of ephemeral world and get established in the non changing Atman. Silence and Self inquiry is the path to Self realisation. Self inquiry leads to Awareness.

Dear Mandira, with Sri Raman Maharishi’s blessing and benevolent grace, I am beginning to attempt my next post on intricate topics such as awareness, Divine consciousness and the role of the power of breath control over our life.

 Awareness, the art of right living.

The art of living with awareness is right living. The yogic practice like Pranayam and other meditative practices are about becoming aware of the constantly flowing vital force in the breath. By doing so, the consciousness of the practitioner is raised to higher levels of awareness as the mind begins to rest in a calm state by restricting the dissipation of the life force. As one begins to gain control over his breath, he is able to bring the life forces working in him under regimented control. Through a continuous and regular practice he can control, regulate and then discipline his mind.

The mind is a dynamic powerhouse and a store of infinite possibilities. The unseen power and force can be tapped and then optimally utilized for positive re-construction in multi-dimensional ways.

It is observed and seen that a diffused and undisciplined mind is inept, indulgent and less remunerative. If the powers of the mind are harnessed, it yields unimaginable rewards in the form of productivity, creativity, innovation, research, philosophy, spirituality, art and craft and multifarious fields.

What is Awareness?

Awareness is ‘to know.’ 

Spiritual awakening is awareness.  It is a state of awakening from ordinary consciousness to a state of higher refined understanding and knowledge. The state of realization in which one becomes aware of the presence of the Omnipresent Infinite Power within is called awareness. To operate and function from this state of being is Spirituality.

Awareness is the art of living with the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. It is about living our present life in Divine Consciousness.

It is the same art that was mastered earlier by the saints, sages, seers and maharishis, who are the custodians of ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The Creator in his own way, has preserved the sacred knowledge through them. The saints and the self realized souls are the guiding spirits in our spiritual endeavours and undertakings.

In the ancient science of yoga, the importance of breath is stressed. Through Pranayam, the vital forces are regulated and put to use in a methodical way.

Why do we need to control and discipline the breath?

A restless mind is prone to regrettable actions. All our actions arise from our thoughts. The seed of the action is embedded in the thought in the mind. Thoughts make a man.

If our breath is calm and clean, we possess clean thoughts as breath is connected to thoughts. Negative thoughts such as greed, jealousy, dissatisfaction, low self –esteem, loss of hope and peace, remorse etc. must be replaced by positive thoughts like gratitude, contentment, faith, self-surrender, service and devotion. To fulfill these objectives, we must always keep good company, read good books, deliberately repeat good actions as well as good thoughts and perform the act of repetition of God’s name to purify the mind. Such pious activities are a strong influence in shaping, regenerating and re-moulding the mind.

How does Divine Consciousness translate into actual life?

Controlled and regulated breath changes our perception. It improves the power of concentration and enhances quality of work, saves time and increases our productivity.

It gives us good health vital for our well being and happiness. It gives longevity. It also increases awareness in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Divine Consciousness in man is the road to sure success.

Each day is an offering to God. Peace prevails in those people, who after a hard day’s work, offer their labour at God’s altar!

Mandira, we must invest about 20 minutes or some more, each day in silencing our mind through God as well as guru given meditation practices in order to achieve our aims and goals. It must become a habit to bring our attention from time to time to a central point to become centered. In this way, the mind does not become flustered or agitated. It needs to be pacified and calmed for the benefit of the heart, body as well as the mind. Our senses are then not ill-bred or ill-tempered. Otherwise, in the thick of our busy schedule the mind is prone to become ruffled as well as agitated easily and we are even unaware of the state and condition of it normally.

Restlessness, dissipation, confusion, anxiety, worry and fear are mind’s negative state and some corrective measures need to be adopted while we are working. So in between take a few deep and long breaths to relax and ease the flow of breathing and bring the mind once again to the mid-point to get centered.

Remember that a calm and peaceful mind is our strongest weapon to combat any invasion from the unexpected directions!

 Oh, yes! I overlooked one important piece of advice to you my dear daughter!

Every night before you sleep, always remember God by saying your prayers, thanksgiving and expressing gratitude. Keep God with you before you sleep and as you sleep through the night, His loving and gentle touch will take away all your aches and pains, worries and other disturbances caused during the day.

In the morning, when your eyes open and you become conscious of the wakeful state, remember God again.

Be His darling! Start your day with Him and make your day’s plan involving Him by taking his deeply sincere advice.

Involve him in all the pursuits of your life.

Make God your best friend!

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