Mental prosperity

July 30, 2008

My dear Mandira, did you ever hear about  ‘mental prosperity’?  We all know about material prosperity but the word mental prosperity has triggered a spate of inundated thoughts which have soaked me in peace and tranquility. Imagine if we know what it is, its importance and if we are actually empowered to be mentally prosperous, how great that will be!

In the last post, it was mentioned to you about enriching our life through good books, good friends, great values etc. That is good but there are some more ways to be mentally prosperous and they are the ones about which we are generally unaware of. Therefore, I decided to write one post on this topic. It is in continuation of the previous article you may say. And this time it will be in poetry style! I hope you will enjoy this style too.

Mental prosperity can come about only if transformation takes place. We can say that positive transformation of the mind leads to our mind’s enrichment. So how do we acquire this kind of prosperity? Transformation can be brought in the human mind by some of the following means:-



Be open, alert and then conscious.

Raise your consciousness from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

Mental capacity from limited to unlimited, then to infinite.

Change your nature from sub- human to human, then to Divine.

Raise your level of understanding from earthly to Super Consciousness.

Unfold the dormant sparks of illumination embedded from time unknown.

Ignite the sparkling tendencies of godliness.

Break the stifling barriers of human ignorance.

Untie the shackles of unseen hostility and arrogance.

Give up greed for generosity and tenderness.

Accept the principle of acceptance in place of rejection.

Give up on mental stinginess to beget mental prosperity.

Divine Will


Each and every atom in the Cosmic Universe is created with the ignition of the spark.

Every atom that exists in the Cosmic Consciousness is nothing but Light.

We are created and exist because of the existence and presence of God created atoms.

Every atom conceivable is created by Divine Light.

And each atom ever created has been created by Divine Will.

This Divine revelation when unfolded and discovered upon me.

Unearthed to me one of the most hidden secrets of Creativity.

I bow to you my Divine, my Master and true Preceptor.

For revealing such sacred knowledge, pious and Supreme.

What you revealed is so pure, so pristine.

So very genteel, yet so startling.

It has unformed and disintegrated the fragile, glassy walls in my mind.

From which I could see You, but touch You not.

Your Supreme Grace has cascaded on me once more.

My sweet and beloved Divine was hidden so near, yet so far.

Can any word of gratitude suffice for the greatness and magnitude

of your Grace, dear?

That you have showered on me, my dearly loved, Supreme and my Creator.

How come I and not others are your continued blessed receivers?

I wonder at this moment and find no true justification.

Except that it may perhaps be only because of some extra-ordinary good deeds.

That I must have created for myself, back in space in time, unknown to me.

And as You are ceaselessly very gracious and benevolent.

And we your naive children in your warm and secure shelter.

Offer and give you so very little, as small is our might and capacity.

And you the force behind this Magnum Opus, the all giver Father of the World.

But now that You have revealed to me that

Every tiny particle in this Infinite Creation is created at your impulse and will.

Hence I am now convinced and surely know that

Whatever meritorious deeds I did in the past.

Was in reality driven and created by your mere will!

And very stealthily you impose on me that

It was I who did it!!

No, my Lord, no. It can’t ever be me.

It is just You and You and just You.

I now know that the wheel of this Cosmic Creation.

Is rested upon your magnificent creative powers.

You are the Creator, Preserver and the Destroyer.

I am merely a spectator who bows to you in servile humility.

It is only You and You and You my beloved Lord.

It is You who is present in all the unseen and seen manifestations.

Every letter and word that my fingers move to create this manuscript.

Has emerged, is being created and written by You, You and only You.

Silent Praying


In this hour of twilight, my mind is at rest and peace is more.

The gentle peace is the step by which I bridge the gap and

Reach the inner chambers of my house of silence!

I have walked in and ask in awe.

Who resides here?

I recognize His presence very well now.

As He says not anything, but says it all!

He is mute but speaks to me when we are alone.

His words are like the silent flow of a stream on a hill.

The water so refreshing, cool and sweet.

The life-giving amber ambrosia on which He feeds me.

Is the sweet nectar which He quietly gives me.

Give me more as it is the Life in it.

Which sparks my mind like tiny meteors in the sky.

The sparkling of the sparks illumine me and I know that

You are the one who holds the lamp of the Light in my mind.

Illumine me more as I wish to know and feel you even more.

Nothing else I ask of you, but one thing now.

Transform my mind to enable me to acquire mental prosperity.

Like shimmering golden sparklers on a moonless sky create ripples of joy.

The sparkling of silent illumination in my mind gives me peaceful happiness abound!

How to be a perfect receptacle of Guru’s Grace?

July 20, 2008

Today is 18th of July, 2008 and an auspicious day of Guru Poornima. As I feel the compassionate Grace and divine blessings of our Gurus flowing abundantly today, I can’t help but write down my thoughts that are stirring in me. They surely have something to give and say to us on this special occasion. With all my gratitude and complete humility, I bow down to the Divine Preceptors, who at the behest of God are assigned the task of giving spiritual teachings and guidance for the upliftment of the human soul.

Since morning, as the day has been progressing, my mind instead of concentrating on the glory and praises of the Guru, has been mentally occupied with a continuous stream of inspiring and thought raising questions. I am thinking today as to what are my responsibilities and duties towards my Guru? The Gurus are flawless and are constantly sending their divine vibrations, but how can I be more effective and receptive in receiving what they continuously give? How can my relationship with the Almighty, who is an Infinite teacher or Adi Guru and a friend or sakha be more purposeful? How to become an ideal disciple? How to receive the subtle vibrations and god messages from the Higher World? What are the noble qualities of a perfect disciple and how does he stand out from the other so many disciples? How to maximize learning in minimum time span in this life? How to please the Divine and the God given Gurus? What makes the Guru truly pleased and happy with his disciples?

As I think over the couple of  raised questions, I am reminded of the life and story of Eklavya, the great marksman of Mahabharat times. In those days, only the Kshatriyas, the warrior class were given the education and training of archery, shooting, horse riding and other martial arts. Eklavya, being the son of a bheel or the tribal was not qualified and permitted to be initiated in archery. So he used to hide behind the bushes and trees and observe Guru Dronacharya imparting daily lessons in shooting and archery to Arjun and others in the forest. Eklavya wanted to be the favourite student and wished to please Guru Dronacharya. He was keen to learn the nuances of archery and also longed fervently to be the best marksman in the land of Hastinapur. So he established Dronacharya’s image in a  stone idol in the forest and without telling him began to worship him and practicing the learnt art after seeing him from behind the bushes without the Guru’s consent.

But as luck would have it, when Dronacharya found out that Eklavya was practicing archery with his bows and arrows hiding in the thick forest in front of his idol without his consent and knowledge, Dronacharya was furious. Eklavya had installed his Guru’s statue, nestled him in his mind with devotion and began practicing archery and became an expert and had also acquired the potential of a world class archer.

But alas! Dronacharya was furious instead of being pleased with his devotion. To show his displeasure, he asked for his right hand’s thumb as a guru dakshina or teacher’s fee, which Eklavya very bravely cut off and offered to him without blinking his eyes. In turn, for this extra-ordinary act, he has earned a name and glory for himself in history as a classic example of a devoted disciple.

But now, when I review the story of Eklavya with a different view-point, I find myself ruffling some questions which give a new glimpse and perspective to the whole historical saga. Why did Dronacharya get furious with Eklavya and ask for his right thumb so essential for positioning and releasing the arrow from the bow? Why did not his guru bless him for his exceptional devotion towards him and to archery?

To me, these are the most probable answers that seem to be satisfactory and answer all my questions. And let me tell you that even earlier, this was one of the memorable stories that I have kept in my mind so that I emulate the qualities of a great student and learner from the pages of history. Here are some of the qualities that I feel are essential to adorn and play the role of a worthy student. So Mandira, please read to know what makes a good disciple rise in the eyes of his teacher.

Honesty. Be completely honest with your guru. Do not hide anything from him as a pure relationship such as that of a guru -shishya rests on one thing – trust. If you are honest, he will prepare and show you the kingdom of God. God will reveal Himself at the appropriate time to his follower and ardent devotee when the last traces of shallow egoism, craftiness and deception has been completely washed off from his core and inner being, called antha karan.

Do not do anything in deed or thought which will tarnish you and never hide or cover it up from your guru. In real sense, your Guru is the Parmatman or God residing in you so be pure in heart. Do not allow and mix the basal impurities of the mind to blend with the purity of your soul! Be as pure and innocent as your heavenly Father!

Eklavya was always competing with Arjun and wanted to supersede him and take his place and become Dronacharya’s favourite. To this, let me tell you Mandira, that we become special or favourite of our Guru because of our virtues and qualities of the pure soul and not because of specializing in some activity or skill! The qualities and virtues in us belong to the soul while the skills and talents belong to the mental abilities. Can you see the fine line and differentiate the two? Think about it.

The best guru dakshina to our guru will be our guileless and guiltless heart. That will make him most happy. If Eklavya had only wished to be the most superior archer in the world, it would have been a great thought. But he too like Karna, wished to compete with and beat Arjun and thereby become number one in the kingdom. Do you see and understand the fine point that I wish to bring your attention to?

The main aim and aspiration behind Eklavya’s whole endeavour was to compete and not excel! It is ultimately the thought and intention behind any action of a person which defines and decides the result or the fruit of his action. So in your lasting relationship with your Guru, the foremost thing to remember is- Be honest with yourself and your Guru both. Honesty pays. Do not attempt to hide what and who you are. Just be like a mirror in front of him. You will reflect Divinity!

Attunement or linking of minds. The continuous turning in of the mind with the Mind of the Guru is the next essential requirement, my dear Mandira. A true guru is omnipresent and all pervading. He is ever present in the universe and instead of a monologue, a dialogue is possible if you keep your mind always focused on him. He will send you the necessary subtle thoughts, inspiration and spiritual guidance through telepathy, silent hints and meaningful gestures and suggestions in others in your environment. Read them! Decipher them! Interpret them! Soon you will get attuned to the constantly flowing divine powers in your life and you will be able to act on them. Like all other things, attunement also comes with practice. So practice it. Do not waste your energies in unnecessary talking, unproductive activities, gossips, arguments, lethargy and mental confusion. Stay calm, tuned, focused and internalized so that you are ever prepared and enabled to pick up any subtle hint of guidance delivered to you as soon as possible.

The direction of the flow of the mind’s energy through the senses is outwards. Stop for a while now and then. Remember it and bring your mind to the centre of equilibrium time and time again. Be centred always. Do you remember the post on ‘awareness’? Read it again and this important lesson will be reinforced.

Devotion. Just as we offer fresh and clean flowers to God, likewise an untarnished and virtuous heart is to be offered to God!

Offer all your unnecessary, unhealthy and weak thoughts to God, empty out everything and you shall be rewarded in many enriched ways.

It is only with devotion towards one’s guru that we are able to purify ourselves of all the contamination, demerits and shortcomings accumulated over the past so many lives.

The Guru will show us through his stainless Spirit what is divinity. By emulating and following his footsteps, the muddy waters of the mind begin to settle down and we cast off the blemishes and stains ingrained in our psyche gradually. This process being life long, should be endured to get maximum results. So you see the guru is the cleaner, the polisher and the exhibitor of our Divine soul. So my dear child, give your heart and mind as an offering at the Guru’s feet. He will eradicate and sweep the muddy layers of the materialistic perception and attitude of the mind and in return give you devotion.

Devotion is the vehicle which will take us to God’s kingdom.

There are so many stories of devotion of great disciples and devotees down the lanes of history. Can you recall and get inspired by some of them?

Surrender Self surrender comes to a devotee once his heart fills up and brims over with devotion. It begins to flow naturally and the devotee submits himself completely at the holy feet of the Guru.  To me, surrender is not the annihilation and crushing of one’s personality as is widely believed. Surrender to the guru comes by itself with the knowledge that there is a Supreme Power, the highest Force in existence and that is reflected from time to time in the guru. So in fact, we surrender to the Highest Force which is ever shining in the divine preceptor.

The devotee realizes only with selfless devotion towards his guru that his self image and belief is untrue and deceptive and that he is incomplete and powerless. His understanding and perceptions are based on his false and changeable ego which is limiting and misleading. His ego is the sole cause of his restricted personality while his Divine guru is all powerful, empowered and all-knower in persona. As this knowledge dawns on him, he humbly surrenders himself and comes face to face with his true self. A true guru’s aim and mission is imparting self realisation through self discovery.

Self realization leads to God- realization.

So dear, please submit your egoism and be humble always. Humility is a great gift and a virtue in humans and it is an indicator of the soul’s evolution.

Be a great learner. My dear child, our whole life is meant for attaining valuable education and continuous learning. Therefore never be shy of admitting that you are still a student and be a keen learner all your life.

Keep good friends, read enriching books and add value to your life. Be your own good critic.

Be open and receptive to criticism and correct yourself. Accept your mistakes and then take corrective measures. Be a good listener and listen attentively. Respect others and their views and ideas. Avoid arguments and in its place focus on what you can learn from the person and situations.

Look around yourself quietly and observe carefully. Wait patiently till your soul unfolds to you life’s hidden mysteries. That’s true learning!

At night before sleeping, evaluate yourself and your day sincerely. Pray to God to give you better understanding of things and his grace to uncover all the power and glory of your Spirit. Let your soul blossom and shine. God and nature work in silence. Come in contact with blissful silence. Attain peace and divine blessings.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om.

What is the purpose of my life?

July 11, 2008

Mahavatar Babaji is omnipresent and all pervading. He responds to our earnest prayers and listens to the faintest voice that is whispered in our hearts when we call out to God, for self enquiry and for self-enrichment.

On Friday, the 4th of July, at the time of dusk, I stood with my hands folded in front of Babaji’s photo hung on the wall, and spoke silently in my mind, which in a way was a prayer. I whispered, “Babaji, I want to become like you. I wish to meditate more, in depth and duration. I wish to know more about God and His unfathomable Nature. I wish to serve God more than I do now. I want to spend more of my time serving God in whichever way I can. I want to aspire, I want to rise, Babaji.”

It was a very spontaneous act and came about without any deliberate act or premeditative thought, although I like to speak to the inner Power many times in the day. After doing this, I left the place and went about with the next job of the day- planning and preparing the meals. I did not have the time to think about this incident again until…

In the early hours of the following morning, I had a dream which had all the answers to my silent conversation with God. I saw that there was a three storeyed white house with a white terrace. Each floor was connected to the next floor through a flight of stairs outside on the left side of the house. Babaji was with me and he hinted with his right hand at me to start walking on the steps with him. We both began to climb the steps one by one and quickly reached the first floor. It was easy for me and we climbed further up speedily when at a point, on the second floor, I realised that my mind began to run in a different direction i.e. instead of walking up the stairs, my mind diverted to something else. I was aware that my mind was being pulled outwards but I brought it back and resumed going up the stairs again.

Quickly me and Babaji took a leap and covered many steps when once again, my mind got distracted and began to move in another direction. I became conscious of the bungling of my mind and I confessed to Babaji that my mind is running somewhere else in another direction from what I should be doing.

To this revered Babaji answered very politely,

“The main aim of meditation is this- that you should be able to focus and concentrate your mind continuously on God in depth and duration for a long time. The rest of the benefits that one gets out of meditation on God come along by the way as by-products. This is the main purpose of meditation”

So I immediately understood that I lacked deep concentration and that I must meditate more often to be able to stay on the thought of God for longer period of time. I have a lot of home-work to do, I realized and a long way to go!  I have just begun my journey, I thought to myself!

After revealing a priceless pearl of Truth, Babaji gave me a helping hand and we both resumed the climb on the flight of stairs till we reached the terrace. The inner walls of the terrace were white in colour and silence and peace resided there!

Then after this I saw there was a temple of Mahadev, Lord Shiva where a sea of people were standing in a long queue. I saw a black Shivlinga in the main hall and the people were offering milk, water, coconut and flowers on the idol. They all had come there to ask God for all types of wishes to be fulfilled. I looked at Babaji and told him with an expression of disgust, “No, no, I don’t want all this. I want knowledge of God and Nature.” Babaji looked at me  into my eyes and immediately we both left the temple.

After this something more took place, I had some more visions like a slide of pictures moving one after another which I do not remember very well, but I do remember what all Babaji had told me in my dream very vividly. When I woke up in the morning, its memory was still lingering in my mind which I recalled and noted them down in my register. I have arranged the text in the following passages for you to know dear. Please read this with all your attention and devotion.

The eternal truths are documented in the holy scriptures and Babaji is very gracious to have simplified them for me and also explained the life altering facts so that they are forever etched in my mind. He said- “In a nutshell, people can be categorized into 3 groups:-

1) The lowest type of people are those who ask God only for themselves. They always want but never give anything in return to others. They do not share at all with other persons. Such people are greedy and selfish in nature. They are ‘tamasic‘ in quality and nature. Majority of people fall in this category.

2) The second type of people are those who come to God or go to temples and ask for material prosperity and other wish fulfilments. Out of what they get, they give some of it to others. They are the ones who have many desires to fulfill so they give something to God and ask something in return as though trading. Such people are called Rajasik.

3) The third type of people are those who ask nothing from God for themselves. They only give. These are very few in numbers and such people are very close and dear to God. They are most unselfish and giving in nature, in temperament as well as in tendencies. They are saatvik in nature. So God gives them everything without their asking anything in return. In everything is also included peace, prosperity and salvation- Dharma, Artha, Kaam, Moksha.

Dharma- Dharma means the ability of the intellect to distinguish right from wrong. God will tell from within to such pure hearts what is right and what is wrong for them, which actions to do and which to refrain from. Such an intellect is Saatvik or Saatvik buddhi. The buddhi becomes purified by doing selfless karmas or actions. A pure buddhi can discriminate between truth and delusion, ignorance and wisdom, right and wrong.

Artha- Who am I? And what is the purpose and meaning of my life? These questions will form and arise only in the selfless soul. These types of questions will preoccupy the mind of the soul and he will not drift, not go astray and he will not get lost in the web of the illusionary blinding Maya.

Kaam The seeker will search and find all his answers in knowing God. Once all his desires are fulfilled by God, he will be free from the bondage of delusion creating desires. God anyway fulfills all the desires of a selfless yogi.

Moksha Finally, God will free the soul from all the bondage of endless desires and the Spirit will become free from all worldly desires and cravings. He will at last be at peace with himself and the world around him. He will live in this world but not of this world.”

Mahavatar Babaji then revealed a mantra to me which when repeated gives us peace, love, health, mental stability, harmony and liberation from all sufferings. It was-

“Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya.”

Om- the sound of God, Namo- I bow to you, Bhagwate- God, Vasudeva- All pervading God.

Literally, it means- I bow to you, the all pervading God.

This mantra is a beej mantra and can be recited, repeated or chanted at any time of the day or night, alone or in a big or small group.

  • The chanting of this mantra has the power of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It helps us in discarding bad tendencies dormant in the mind and in their place good tendencies and qualities are cultivated.
  • The mind and body are charged with divine vibrations and our immediate environment is surcharged with peace giving spiritual vibrations.
  • On special occasions and days such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, death anniversaries one must allot twenty to thirty minutes aside and chant this beej mantra as it has liberating force embedded in it.
  • Before the taking place of a marriage in the house, if the couple  in their spare time chant this mantra continuously for many days, they will become spiritual partners and in future will help each other in salvaging and liberating  their soul which is the aim of the sacred institution of marriage.
  • When we are sick and need healing, we must repeat this mantra.
  • If one’s end is close, chanting of this mantra makes the passage of the person to the other world easy.
  • If we are caught up in some mishap, difficulty, accident or crisis we can overcome the situation and the difficulty will be surpassed by remembering and repetition of this mantra in our mind.
  • In case of mental depression and other mental sicknesses, chant this powerful mantra. It will without fail give tranquility and peace of mind.

Mandira, just imagine how compassionate our Babaji is. He is solving the riddle of life for us in such an easy- to- understand and quick- to- do method. Our lives are today very busy and fast and we always say that how can I spare time for God. But Babaji has shown us the way in which we can become a karma yogi and also have devotion for God simultaneously. While our body may be busy with the daily routine work, our mind should be fixed on God. After all, it is the mind that perceives God. Silent chanting of this mantra can go on all the time at the back of our mind even in the midst of heavy duties. Uninterrupted chanting will silence the restless mind.

So start now, my dear repeat along with me- Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya, Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya, Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya….

(Refer to ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda for more information about Shri Mahavatar Babaji.  Chapter 33– “Whenever anyone utters with reverence the name of Babaji, that devotee attracts an instant spiritual blessing,” Sri Lahiri Mahasaya.)

The Light of the world-Shri Mahavatar Babaji-I

July 11, 2008

It was on the 18th of June, 2008 that an exquisite incident took place in my life which will have a long life impact on me. Therefore, it has become necessary for me to narrate it as I am convinced that this experience will influence the following posts of my blog as well, such is its overall deep impact. So Mandira, to let you know what was it, my story goes something like this…

Around 12.30 p.m. on that day, I completed my daily chores, feeling very fresh after a good bath. I came in my room and ignited two musk incense sticks on the altar to remember God, it is my daily ritual. As you know, these days my sleep pattern is irregular and erratic, so I decided to rest a while before lunch. I put my head on the pillow under the fan and began to feel relaxed as the cool air from the fan had a cooling effect on my wet hair and gave me a respite from the sweat and heat of the day. For me, all this was like any other normal day, but I soon discovered that I was wrong as it proved to be otherwise.

As the alluring scent of the musk incense sticks spread around me and in the room, it had a very soothing effect on me and the whole atmosphere was baptized. My mind became calm and the whole body felt very rejuvenated and light. My eyes closed gently on their own and I, like a gentle breeze, then drifted into another world very far away. My mind began to dissolve slowly as though I was melting away gently in a vast, deep ocean. I was getting cut off from the outside sensory world and entering the space of a higher domain which is not accessible easily. I reached and entered a Space that is very high and far away from the earth’s gravitational pull. May be higher than the skies. Then……most unexpectedly, the visual image of Mahavatar Babaji appeared before my closed eyes and in a flash of a moment it captivated me completely.

I began to float and I saw that there was a very thin sheath around me that was wrapping me like an envelop which broke, releasing me from a kind of a cover and a chain of bondage. The release gave me more freedom of movement in the upper skies or ether and I began to soar higher and higher like a light feather in the limitless sky. I was floating as though there was no gravity and I lost the sense of body consciousness and felt free at last!

At this juncture, Babaji spoke to me in a very sweet and gentle voice, “From now on, you will write from this height.”Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji, for the reader’s convenience, is an immortal soul living and moving presently in the vicinity of Shri Badrinath temple in the Himalayas. He is ever young and like Spirit, eternal and deathless. He is now more than 1,800 years old in age but His body is beyond the physical laws of decay and degeneration and therefore he is forever young. He has a world wide mission of uplifting mankind through spiritual evolution. It is Divine will that unless his prescribed mission is completed, he will not forsake his physical body.

His built is firm and complexion very fair and he has long, knee length flowing copper colour hair. He wears ochre colour dhoti or a long cloth wrapped around his waist and shoulder and he usually carries a stick or danda with him while walking.

His countenance and body glow brilliantly and the eyes are dark, deep and serene.

His smile is mysterious and enchanting while his speech reminds me of the tinkling of tiny mellifluous bells in the ears, a sheer delight and entrancing melody!

Babaji’s work includes helping humanity to rise above nationality, religion and individual self. He is extremely concerned about the current world issues and the worsening situation. The various cause of concerns are -the rapid erosion of the world environment, the unchecked spread of consumerism, greed and exploitation by the politicians and people in power, unhealthy environment and increasing pollution, the indifference of man towards his fellow men and other living animate and inanimate creatures as well, the rude and shocking exploitation of the natural resources and most important of all these is- The slow erosion of eternal spiritual values and principles known as Sanatan Dharma on which humanity thrives.

He believes in and wishes to create an egalitarian society for man’s happiness, prosperity and well being. He strives to unite the nations and spreads awareness of oneness of God through the science of Yoga and meditation and some other lost ancient techniques of God union. He preaches Love. He wishes to spread love through his teachings and kind words and he uses people to accomplish his uphill task diligently. His work goes on silently and He is capable of appearing and disappearing at will. He possesses many extra ordinary mind boggling yogic powers and multitude siddhis but  he applies them only for the benefit and good of others in desperate need.

He can take on various forms and can speak just about any language of the world in which the recipient can communicate, but his own favourite is Hindi. His medium of transport is ether and mode of communication telepathy and intuition. He can appear in two or more than two forms and places at the same time as the need may require him to be.

Babaji’s body is made up of pure Divine Light and where ever He goes, there is a huge halo surrounding him. He is most of the time moving and has no requirement of food, water or sleep. He lives on Cosmic Light alone. He does not feel cold even in the severest of cold conditions. He meditates deeply in the caves of the craggy mountains near the river Alaknanda and lives with some of his devoted and trusted disciples in an ashram on the hills of the Himalayas invisible to all but visible to just a few if he so desires. He does not come out open in the public and leads a reclusive life in the quietude of the solitary mountains in shrouded mystery. Only those people are able to see or perceive him on whom his blessings fall gently like a divine shower of compassion and Love. It is because of our past life good karmas that he takes charge of our lives and spiritual growth. If it is destined that he come in our life as a messenger of God, then he shall.

His aura has the power of transformation and he has divine powers to change the fate and fortune of a faithful and devoted disciples and devotees. He loves those who have love and devotion in their heart, who do good and pray for others and are concerned and involved with the welfare of the society. He showers profuse blessings on those people who are pure in heart and blesses them many times who are unselfish and devoid of any evil tendencies.

He gives darshan to those who remember him in distress or are in a dire need or call him out with a clean heart for spiritual help and guidance. Through telepathic communion, he guides them in their spiritual efforts and sadhana though not physically present with them. The recipients many a times do not even ever become aware of the fact that they have or had received telepathic messages or subtle hints planted by Babaji for their advancement and growth. Such is His humility and compassion for mankind. He will relieve them from both- the worldly and spiritual sufferings in this as well as in their future lives yet to come by helping them working out their karmas of previous lives and of their present life too. He undertakes long term projects for us which are although time consuming and very far-sighted, but they involve and concern only the welfare and progressive evolution of our soul. ( Please visit The process of liberation and Our lives are in our hands-II to understand his nature and characteristics better)

He indicates and shows people their path of salvation by helping them do those right deeds and actions. He makes them fearless by giving strength to face their difficult and demanding present life situations. He provides them mental and spiritual power to overcome the heavy burden of karmic suffering and misgivings and in return gives them peace, contentment and knowledge to elevate their sufferings.

All this is very important and please listen to this carefully now. Keep your mind fully focused and absorbed in what is being told to you and retain it very well for times to come, my child.

Once the devotee is liberated and free from karmic obligations, He involves him or her in the world wide mission of God’s continuous work of human upliftment. He blesses those lavishly who do not consider themselves to be the doer of any action and whose heart and mind are devoid of any pride, vanity or prejudice. Blessed are those who realize one day and know that we all are the children of one God and selfishness, hatred, jealousy, contempt, hostility have no place in our heart. We must forsake all these undesired thoughts and beliefs as they are the doors of hell and untold misery.

Good actions such as brotherhood, unity of all religions, love, compassion, kindness, empathy, mutual co-operation and understanding are dear to God as we are all God’s children. Blessed are those who live and work for God, who worship God through service and God manifests in those people who worship mankind !

Dear Mandira, to wrap up this post, I am inclined to add one poem which I wrote in the early days of March this year in a meditative mood one evening. I hope you will appreciate the theme behind it and try to live up to that.

Grace in solitude


Solitude is the time when the soul comes in direct contact with the Spirit. The Spirit, the source of true knowledge and understanding.

As I returned from a quiet evening walk to my abode, the Spirit silently descended over my being and revealed to me that was so far unknown.

I remembered a dear soul whose heart ached and could no longer hold its own weight. My heart went out to give solace and tend to this tired soul.

Our ache and helplessness became one, from where came the source of the pain and who was sharing it became blurred.

His pain became mine and I the source of his load, the way it is difficult to differentiate the light from its glowing radiance.

Just then my eyes became moist and wet, and a drop of tear filled the eyes.

My heart was filled with a mild and poignant pang and in no time it took over my complete self.

How else can I give relief and more comfort to the soul who wants to help itself but does not know how to do so?

A few fleeting moments passed by when my Spirit, in the form of a Voice spoke to me in a calm tone – “Vasudeva is very pleased with you. You have risen many steps upward today.”

“Higher than the worship of deities is the worship of Guru. Higher still is the worship of mankind.

God is worshiped best if worshiped through mankind. Those who love and worship humanity is loved the most by God himself.”

Note: To know and read more about Sri Mahavatar Babaji, read the book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda, chapter 33.

(The slow erosion of eternal spiritual values and principles known as Sanatan Dharma on which humanity thrives…

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