A fine vessel

August 10, 2008

Dear Mandira, on March 26th evening, I was sitting by myself quietly closing my eyes when I slipped into very deep chambers of my being and my mind fell silent. The mind was very intuitive then, and I experienced a phenomenon which explained to me for the first time some facts about the process of spiritual transformation. This has further answered my unsolved questions of so many years. I used to wonder as to why some people change permanently for good while some people undergo temporary change in their attitude, nature and behaviour. Also a few people like saints and yogis have the power to transform others while the rest of us cannot bring about any change in others as they have no power to influence other people in a positive way.

What are those spiritual powers in them and how do they work? What happens when we come in contact with spiritually advanced people? You must have heard that so and so person underwent a serious or dramatic change after coming in contact with a Divine being or after visiting a holy place.

What does the spiritual person transmit? Why are the spiritually charged and holy places different and special? The answer is that a few places and persons transmit Divine Light which is the only way to real, complete and total transformation.

Transformation that takes place from the region and level of Spirit has the power to bring about benign, irreversible and permanent changes in us. The Divine Light also enters our mind from higher domains and dispels darkness. It is the Light which can disintegrate the dark membranes of brain cells and deposits of heavy clogs of unwanted substance in the mind after which illumination takes place thereby bringing a new way of understanding and a shift in perception!

Some of the posts that will follow will provide further explanation of the process of transformation, what all is required from the point of view of the sadhak or seeker etc. In fact, the next posts are the  e-mails I had written to my friends and family members and I feel it is a very good idea if I publish these  mails in my blog as they explain a lot about the process and procedure of spiritual transformation and learning in human minds. So my dear Mandira, read these posts carefully and I will be glad to explain whatsoever you wish to ask on this subject.

Be a good learner. Happy reading.

Dear ___,

Writing gives me clarity of thoughts and a better understanding of what I am given from Above.  A vibration in the form of thought does come as a ripple in my mind. By writing to you about those fine ripples will get them stored in the right space of my mind. These vibrations are very light and fine in nature. Surely there is some part in my brain which is specifically designed for receiving these fine waves of thoughts. This particular space is not developed in ordinary consciousness of our existence. Like any other thing, it has been cultivated, prepared through a process, made ready unseen to the eyes to become a receptacle and a receiving station to gather one by one those extremely fine waves of thoughts from far-off regions of space. I know they come to me at a very high speed through the medium of ether from space.

I realize that there is a minuscule movement or subtle motion in one part of the brain when these vibrations arrive first as ripples and then as waves. This is a very subtle phenomenon. The mind should be very still and motionless. A contrary thought from a lower plane not only disturbs the mind but breaks the wave of thought of higher region just like a thin hair breaks into two from a weak point when some pressure is exerted upon it!!

How can I extend the timing whereby I can increase the capacity of receiving and expand my precious vessel of fine rays of Light?

Yes, these waves of thought are very fine rays of light which travel in space and touch my mind. In these rays of light travel the seeds of great thoughts, of noble missions and acts of awakening and rising. 

Such thoughts are capable of bringing lasting impressions on our mind and permanent change in our outlook. The right outlook changes the mind and the whole future life.

It is through an activity which will give me more repetitions of this sublime experience. And that activity is meditation where the mind is made calmer and calmer and concentrated till it reaches a point of stillness. The vessel becomes ready and fit enough to fulfill its purpose.

 Warm regards,