Learning, a pleasure.

September 10, 2008

Dear G,

Your mails make a very good read and are informative. You are devoting a lot of time in feeding me with ample news and incidents. You are filling up the lost years very well and is good to know what all is happening in your life.

Thanks a lot for appreciating my spiritual endeavours and that inspires me to strive even more and be ever consistent. Such a thought has also made me start my mail from the most vital point which is applicable to both of us.

How to upgrade myself and make further spiritual progress?

The path to God is long and full of riddles and puzzles, I got to understand on my way. It is also very beautiful and interesting as one does not know where the winding road will lead us to. But the destination is so wonderful that all the arduous trekking, walking and stumbling is worth the troubles and efforts.

The only requirement is that one should have the will to seek God and the other to linger and persist till the end so that one day we come face to face with the Divine.*

Whatever efforts we make in quality, variety or quantity does matter. God knows about it and it is counted. So, no matter what efforts we attempt towards achieving our goals of god-realization, we are moving forward. That’s what really matters. It is better to have tried and failed rather than not try at all. So whether you are doing yagya or jaap, everything is good. I really appreciate your efforts.

Today while doing house-work in the morning at home, my mind drifted in the classroom of small children to whom I have taught for a few years in the past.

There were some children in my class, I remembered who were very active physically and mentally and would never sleep in the class. Their mothers used to complain that he/she does not like to sleep at all and he plays all day at home. He sleeps only when no energy is left in him to expend and he drops off to sleep suddenly while playing!

 Now look at the other types who could sleep anywhere, any time even in class room.

 I used to wonder how come there are those who want to stay awake most of the time and sleep only when the body cries for a shutdown?

And the other set of children to whom I used to pay so much attention to arouse their attention and and keep them interested. Yet, as and when they felt like, they used to doze off.

Today morning I found my answer as to why they showed contradictory responses in spite of my wanting all of them optimum learning.

 If we do not command our mind with the right instruction, it does not give the desired result/reaction. We have to first feed the mind with the right instruction or command and like a computer, it registers and then works automatically.

The so called babies in their past lives have fed their minds with a particular instruction and their mind is still working on those instructions, I discovered. If A had given auto suggestion to itself- “I want to learn,” the mind registered it and the body responded to the command. They became active. Their mind is functioning in the same manner even now and they are the active ones. Learning becomes a pleasure then.

Likewise if B told itself that I am not interested in doing a particular thing, the mind shut down and learning stopped. This set of children were the ones who liked to sleep in place of learning or discovering the fascinating  world around them.

And hence the two divergent responses from the class where minds were different as they planted different ideas in themselves at some point of time.

 Now imagine if B feeds itself with the idea of A.

All one has to do is to tell one self that he will do this particular thing and the body begins to respond. Our mind is like a sponge. All we have to do is soak it in water. It has unlimited possibilities and one must unleash its potential. It is our duty, I feel not to let go the great possibilities of our mind untapped.

 Mental lethargy and sluggishness is a hindrance for a sadhak and if one can alter the mind, he is a yogi. To me, this is all sadhana. Think about it.!!

 Try this, I pray for you that it should work. More later. Enjoy your stay in the quiet hills.

 Lots of love to you.



* Ichcha Shakti or the power in us to will.

Updating and Notes-

So what is will? Will is the initiative power existing in us. The power to initiate, to start, to pursue and sustain and to accomplish something is called sankalp or will. Without the presence of will, we will not live well enough and will become lifeless, inert, lazy or ill defined in our direction. People who lack the power of will, do not perform well in carrying out their responsibilities and given roles. Our will is the deciding factor in humans which decides whether we wish to continue living or not.