Using adversity to our advantage

September 20, 2008

My dearest ____,

I received your sms early today morning and along with it you also sent me a bouquet of beautiful roses! The sms carried with it a mild fragrance of divinity. You know how beautiful roses are! The moment you look at them, one becomes exhilarated. And so was the message, so full of permeating scent of worshiping and remembrance of God!

You know that if the mind is filled with all things that are harmonious, positive, enhancing, pretty and congenial then life becomes so beautiful. Look at the last three letters of the word ‘beautiful’. What does it have?  -Ful.  I always read it as FULL. If you feel beautiful inside, you have the feeling of fullness within. Or if you have a sense of fullness you will see life as very beautiful. Whichever way you like it!

I have always believed that life becomes beautiful if you see the underlying beauty of abstract  everywhere. We say God is subtle. I say life is subtle. We should see and be able to hear its silent speech. Life speaks to us, let’s listen to it, dear. What does it say to us? Is it seeking our attention? Yes, it is. Give attention to the quiet working of the mysterious life.

It wants you to once put your attention on it and then you will be able to get all the hidden meanings and answers.

Some thoughts of felicity captured my mind this morning after your sms arrived. Let’s share them. I thought why don’t we use adversity to our advantage and discover life!

If adversity can be used by us to discover and explore the latent  possibilities lying hidden and unknown to us, then so be it!

Adversity comes in our life as a blessing. It comes to awaken us. If the adverse period is short, it should be used to develop new skills, arts and talents. That is our requirement of the hour.  Qualities like endurance, positive frame of mind, patience, cheerfulness and so on are ideally developed in such a period of life.

If it is long, then for awakening. But, if this period still persists, then this means that we have been given this time frame for a double purpose- that for sadhana as well as for acquiring new skills, talents and new experiences to enrich our lives.

So ask yourself, What is it that I need to know now? What is it that should  be heard? How do I listen to that Voice? What is Life teaching me now? What is stopping me from listening to it? What happens if I don’t give attention and also if I give attention?

If  I wish to use the given opportunities for my all round progress, then I must also have faith that I will be provided the right understanding, the tools and other things required for it to bear. The next step ahead should be taken without preconceived notions, unbiased judgement and openness. The mind should flow freely like the lovely breeze of the monsoon these days-so pleasing, so enchanting!

So let’s move on and climb the flight of advancement, success and cheer!

To wrap up my mail today, let me ask you one useful question.

Where is the beauty of our life hidden?

The beauty of life is hidden in our mind!!

Take your time to ruminate about it and send me your reply when you please.

 Have a very joyous and blessed day.

 Yours Sarika.


‘Adversity causes some men to break,

Others to break records.’ Anonymous.