September 30, 2008

My dearest ___,

I read your reply several times and wish to say something more on that. I have read my mail to you over and over again and every visit is insightful. The paragraphs are loaded with serious thoughts and contain power and energy in them. There is much depth and practical wisdom in them. I will have to dive into the treasure trove myself and become richer in understanding and knowing. I too, am exploring its depth like any other reader. The more I read, the more I understand.

I have written straight from my heart what the divine message prompted me to say. Nevertheless, while writing to you, I consciously put the essence of my own experiences from the kaleidoscope of my life. That must have added to its impact and so you say that it is a very inspiring e-mail/ write-up.  Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

Remember kaleidoscope? One of my favourite toys of childhood then!


As a child I had one such fascinating toy. It had pieces of broken glass bangles of green, red, blue, pink, purple colours. All I would do is close my one eye to focus and enjoy the many permutations and combinations those broken glass pieces would form to make varied geometrical designs and art formations and creations. What lovely designs and colours! What joy!

While writing this mail, I see and so I am  drawing a parallel between a kaleidoscope and life itself. Yesterday the subject of the mail was- ‘Using adversity to your advantage’. We can compare our life with a kaleidoscope very well. It is a good metaphor and makes it simpler and easy to understand the underlying principles of life.

We, as children had to turn the toy a little, and lo and behold what a lovely design! Turn it a little more and one got to see another vibrant design on the screen and so on. Now the same thing applies to our life journey.

We walk a patch of our life, there is a design of life-patterns. There is a specific design in our life at a particular junction. One must stop and admire the beauty in the design and pattern and enjoy life at that stage. After a gap of a few months or years, there is again a turn of events in our life and there is yet another design. Life changes constantly to present different hues, shades and colours. These experiences are necessary for the soul on which it feeds and re-invents itself! So welcome everything in life with an open mind, it will profit you.

Another similarity between the toy and our life….

The kaleidoscope has broken pieces of glass bangles in it, at least mine had those objects to create wonderful designs. Adversity can be compared with broken pieces of glasses of the kaleidoscope. If I focus my attention on the beautiful creations of the bangle pieces and not on the broken glass, then there is a complete shift in my outlook. A great sense of wonder and awe grips us if we still see life with the innocence of a child!

The centre of the focus makes the whole difference you see!

So the important thing to be noted and taken care of is where am I looking? What should I see? If my gaze is on the right object everything will fall in place, everything is right in my world. Similarly, it is not the life circumstances that are overwhelming, it is the attitude towards them that makes all the difference! That’s the catch!

If one has the ability and the skill to focus on the right object, then life turns around, it changes. A new meaning and objective is seen. Circumstances do not bog us down. The manner in which I look at my life circumstances makes the real difference.

Look at things the way it should be. Life seems and feels good and we have good reasons to live our lives meaningfully. Life seems to have a purpose then and one can enjoy the bumpy joy ride.

Clear perception, right attitude, clarity in thoughts and fine focus are the keys by which our inner world changes.

It is very important to develop and nurture these qualities in us and we ought to attempt and develop them along the journey. It is up to us whether we see the glass as half full or half empty!

I am aware that there is this power behind me which guides me, prompts me to write whatever I write. Therefore, I am very fortunate that Mahavatar Babaji had asked me to publish my mail, ‘Using Adversity…’  to you as a post on the blog. All of us face adversity at some time or the other in our lives. I will feel grateful to the Divine if a few more people read my mail and blog and get strength and courage to not only face life-challenges but also generate and have grit to overcome the tests and trials of life.

The real test is in overcoming and winning the circumstances thrown at you in life unexpectedly! We shall never succumb to any of these circumstances, we shall overcome.

Today, I have utilized my morning half by communicating my feelings and thoughts to you in an elaborate manner. Time well spent is well earned! Right?

Have a wonderful day, my dear.

With lots of love.


(22.04.2010. I have just begun learning photography these days. On a Sunday evening walk, I captured this image which I think is suitable for this post. Can you see the Sun in between the thorns of Bouginvillae? If you look at the sun, you will not see the thorns and vice versa)