Inside of a Shaligram Stone.

Today afternoon on 10th of Sept, I was sleeping when I was unexpectedly woken up by heavy showers, dark clouds, thunder stroke and lightning. A loud crash of lightning near the hills created in me an imagery -first of a thunderstorm, deluge, catastrophe and then of the formation of fossils in the form of the spiritual black stone of Shaligram in the Himalayan Mountains. A picture of a special stone like that of Shaligram was produced in my mind and I comprehended that fossils have inert cosmic energy implanted and preserved within them. I focused my entire attention on the sacred Shaligram stone with reverence. Though for once, I was a bit frightened of the loud thunder and lightning in the atmosphere and was in anticipation as to what next would happen? At that point in time, it dawned on me that lightning, thunderstorm, rains etc. are all forces in nature and they are under the control of one and the same Power and  all this must be happening today because of the will of God so why should I be afraid? I consoled myself by accepting the circumstances and I soon entered a calm state and my poise and repose was restored.

I also decided to choose this very time to divert and focus my mind intensely on that One Supreme Power, who is the originator and creator of all the forces. I took advantage of the extra-ordinary and freaky climatic conditions of that particular day in my favour. I earnestly prayed to that very Supreme Power to illumine me at those momentous seconds so that I could resolve a few life-mysteries and solve some unexplained circumstances taking place in my case presently. I was  desperate to know why a particular set of events were occurring in my life without my control like the unrestrained thunder storms and forceful wind of that day. I had no control on either of them.

Could I stop the events I questioned, can I change the course of my destiny by first taking control of myself, then willingly executing  and setting in motion specifically designed set of actions thereby controlling the destiny and hence changing my future? This thought  and idea was being compared in my mind to that of the forceful river in the Himalayan Mountains which changes its course on earth because of some act of nature or by sheer human intervention.

I received my answer instantaneously and the silent Power unveiled its concealed secret shrouded in mystery from humans as a sheer Grace upon me! What an hour! What a glorious moment!

As the waters of rain gives birth to new life, my mind too received new knowledge which widened the horizon of my sky-mind! Light of the Cosmic Force flooded my dormant fossil-mind and dissolved the last remnants of the unseen fine specks of muddy dust in the crevices of innermost layers and carried me like the rolling stones with the rushing gush to the roaring sea of limitless knowledge! I was completely soaked in the inundated flooding tides of waters of God’s Grace and pure Cosmic compassion! I was transformed! I was new!  A new opening and complete transformation took place. A new life awaited me!

Today, it is this that I wish to share and distribute with all those people and the readers who have love for God as even a drop of the holy water of sacred knowledge will give birth to new germination of life, a new birth, a new start to them. It is my silent prayer at this pious hour to the Supreme God to bestow on all those readers a new dawn, a new life of higher and deeper comprehension and spiritual understanding in their ever expanding minds!!

I know that my current life situations are the doing of my past life, I continued thinking. The result of my actions are bound to show up and bear fruit, no matter what, now or in future. I cannot control the occurrence of them, they are inevitable. So what could be done, what should I do? I wanted to know.

It dawned on me during that brief period that I always have two options at every milestone of my life-journey. I can either accept the circumstances happily or reject them despondently. In fact, the better word would be ‘resist’ and not ‘reject’ as merely rejecting would not stop the reactions or past-life effects to materialize anyway! If I resist my present life situations, there is a turmoil in my mind. Turmoil further creates uneasy, discordant mental formations which will alter or jeopardize my immediate or far off future. So,

a) In this way, I am not covering up my chartered journey and also not burning and exhausting the previous karmas.

b) Simultaneously I am also creating more new mental karmas by rejecting my present life by not owning up my past.

It is for me to now understand and accept that I am taking an incorrect approach in my life in dealing with my current events. And the second possible option is acceptance.

Acceptance with an open mind.

If I accept whatever comes in my life gracefully with an open mind, that means I have no resistance in me. Absence of resistance gives me peace of mind. Peace is the nature of God. Through peace I become attuned to God. Peace is given to us as a gift from God. It flows like the pure waters of river Ganga in our life as a Grace of God. So if we accept and own up our past life and prior deeds with an open mind today, the doors to the Sweet Divine are flung open!

Unexpected descent of Peace and Grace should be viewed as Divine intervention. Recognize its soft foot steps and silky touch.

Divine intervention is a bigger and higher force than the force of our karmas, the law of cause and effect, reaping and sowing of energies in the Cosmic Universe.

Once we accept our life as it is and do not resist or rebel, we begin to comprehend the subtle unknown spiritual laws of god operating in our universe. We become peaceful. We are then empowered by a mightier force of the Almighty. Because of which we not only accept the challenging life roles, tasks and duties, hardships, griefs and sorrows, we are also able to invoke superior unseen, unearthed powers in us by which we can change, re-align and re-structure our future! So let us re-create our destiny with our own wish, acceptance and ultimately Divine intervention in the form of Grace!

Peace! Peace! Peace! to you, me and all!!

(To be continued)


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