How to re-create your destiny?-II

October 30, 2008

Mandira my dear, the festival of delight and light, Diwali is being celebrated everywhere now. There is so much gaiety, cheerfulness and illumination all over. Beautiful colours, sparkling lights and celebration in the air… All this impels me to write something  more on illumination of our minds, of our lives, our spirits and  therefore today I decided to tell you more on the same continuing subject.

So. apart from accepting our destiny with an open mind, the next related question one would ask is- What more can I do to create my own future? One of the important things to fulfill this objective is to do ‘creative visualization’.


The human mind is usually very confined and limited because we shut the doors of learning ourselves. Quite a quaint feature of human nature, I must say!  But if we take a decision once to take the initiative and have the motivational will to open the mind to new as well as further learning, the mind’s window is thrown open to receive new insight and understanding, ideas and higher knowing.

Creativity is a spark of illumination and resourcefulness of the Divine in us. If we wish to exercise and blossom our creative powers,  we ought to first visualize and imagine it in the mind before it can be materialized in the physical world.

Imagination and visualization are the mental powers given to man for manifestation and extension of God’s universe. These powers are like the blue print of a plan of a  project whether small or big. So, before something concrete and real takes shape in the physical world, imagination and visualization should happen in the mental world and then in the astral world.

Creative visualization– The ordinary human brain has 3 layers  and corresponding 3 levels of consciousness and awareness. They are:-

  • Conscious mind.
  • Subconscious mind
  • Unconscious mind
  • Super conscious mind

Conscious mind- Whatever we see, hear and do during the day through various activities is done with the help of the conscious mind. These activities are carried out by the cells of the lower part of the brain. The nerves (the communication channels in our body) of the 5 senses are involved with this part of the brain and these are connected to the lower chakras or energy centres.

Unless we act attentively and with full awareness, there are no imprints on the cells of the brain, the mind doesn’t form impressions and no grooves are formed. And no specific thought patterns are ingrained in the brain. So every act of ours should be carried out with attention and not absent-mindedly.

Subconscious mind It is the next layer after the conscious mind and all the impressions of the sense experiences, material aspirations, mental perceptions, emotional expressions, creative pursuits are stored in the mind as ‘memory’ or ‘smriti.’

‘Smriti’ is Cosmic Intelligence and can be re-awakened by Yoga with regeneration of new cells in the upper parts of the brain by re-charging it with Cosmic Light!

When the chakras of the upper part of the spine and nervous system are activated, lost ‘smriti’ is re-awakened.

Memories of all our lives are stored in the brain and can be recalled during higher stages of meditation, concentration, spiritual practices and Yoga. It helps us to navigate our future path of evolution.

(More about smriti or memory in Kundalini Shakti-II)

Memory is  a spark of Higher Intelligence. Scientifically speaking, memory is the impression of the mental, physical , emotional  actions and experiences done consciously in our brain.

When  impressions are imprinted  over and over again by our repeated actions over a long period of time, they become our latent tendencies or ‘sanskaras‘ and are stored in the subconscious mind.  New cells are made in the nervous system by which we acquire new habits, talent, skill and intelligence. Latent tendencies are deeply rooted and difficult to remove or change.

And it is also a fact that we act according to the  sanskara  or the latent tendencies lying in us. Our actions are induced and propelled by our tendencies of many lives. Therefore. action or activity and mind or memory are very closely inter-related. It requires a sincere and persistent effort to change vices into virtues.

By our will, by wise and prudent selection we can recreate our future by activating the dormant, unused subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is like the ocean of infinite possibilities of untapped positive powers and faculties.

If we continuously visualize a particular thing, feeling  or a thought and wish it to manifest, it will certainly manifest one day. The power of the will, will re-activate the sleepy mind. Will is the current, the force which recharges and electrifies the sub-conscious mind. The power of the sub-conscious mind then connects with the constructive, positive forces in the universe and our thoughts, sankalpas, willful aspirations materialize as and when the conditions in the environment are favourable. But for all this, one must have self-belief, persistence, consistent behaviour and wish for it to materialize with a strong will. The spirits must not be dampened.

So dear child, all those good things that we wish to see manifested, must first be visualized and created in the mental sphere. Happiness, a secure future, spiritual advancement, physical and mental beauty, health, intelligence, higher IQ, happy relationships, success and other desires can be materialized by creative visualization.

A fit body, regular meditation, concentration, healthy atmosphere,  good nature and amity are helpful in building a vibrant, dynamic and successful future.

Unconscious mind- The lower most layers of the mind is called the unconscious mind. As the name suggests, a human being is unaware of this part of the mind where the memory of first few incarnations is etched. Actions done from this level are repetitive and cannot be controlled. To cleanse this part of the mind of the low quality tendencies, it requires help from a Holy Master who is truly enlightened. Good or bad tendencies are correspondingly ingrained inside. The positive tendencies are put to good use while the negative ones are removed consciously by the Holy Master as sheer grace and unconditional love. Only after cleaning the inner most recesses of the mind, one can penetrate inside the consciousness of God with a purified mind termed as Super Consciousness.

Super-conscious mind- it is the Higher mind or the mind in the highest state of being. This is the fourth dimension. The mind which is super-conscious has very high degree of mental and spiritual awareness. During the higher states of meditation, the mind falls silent and there is complete rest and stillness. The yogi achieves deep concentration on the Atman or True Self and during this time receives the  sankalpa or the thought from God. The thought of God withholds within itself locked power and force which is later released and utilized for a noble cause, a great mission or dynamic spiritual work for the society.

This high state of spiritual development is not achieved by mere human endeavour but rewarded by sheer benevolence of god! With purity of mind and a kind heart, humility and devotion it is possible to please God. So let’s all seek and ask for his  favour and blessings  so that we are able to become the perfect recipient of His boundless love and kindness and  re-design  our future.


Updating 05-02-2019


Part -II

“Conscious, sub-conscious and deep conscious or unconscious,

Are the three states or levels of a human mind built over many lives and years.

They are formed slowly and gradually as we progress from one life to another.

I researched thoroughly on the formation of mind and perfected it; I have told you before,” resumed the Holy Ancient Sage, Bogarnathar.


“The mind or mana is divided roughly into three sections-lower, middle and top.

*On top is the recording of the current or present ongoing activities happening to us.

They are recorded by our senses and interpreted by the ever changing mana or mind.

The recording is first in the senses, then in brain, sometimes called mind, and later in the body of the recipient and finally in mana or manas.


“Mind and body are separate, in body is the brain which you call mana or mind erroneously.

Mana is in the subtle body though temporarily situated in the physical body when you are alive, but never inside it.

Its place is near the heart; it constitutes of ethereal layers and is made by food and your thoughts.

It is an instrument to feel, perceive, and even guide and is a force that is to be reckoned with if it is fully revived!


The mana can be in three stages- the state of being in the physical world called sthool or physical.

It can next go a bit inside and enter sukshma or feeling, perceiving state and lastly it can go to its foundation- the kaaran or ego state-the ‘I am’ state.

Beyond these three states is shunya or emptiness or void where one meets God in light, peace and knowledge.


Top is termed as conscious mind or mana, middle sub conscious and lower is the unconscious.

Everything that we think, wonder, do, act or observe is captured as a movie and printed in the various levels of mana.

Together it is a single unit and the printing on the surface is happening every moment to micro minute or second.

Though one unit, functions of levels are different because time, one’s will power and intensity also matters in its composition.


The mind or mana is one unit though, but in fact it is a vast collection of many experiences, actions, resolutions and wills of humans.

It is the biggest power that any human can possess if harnessed and developed and retained well in multiple lives!