The last many weeks have been hard and tiring for me, full of changes and new developments because of some hard decisions that I took at the domestic front. During this time while busy with work, I have been thinking at the back of my mind about the power of endurance and also how to increase it. As each day progressed, I taught myself over and over again that something good will eventually emerge out of all that although the going got tougher. Based on this bright thought, I let myself lose and allowed myself to take on whatever experiences that I had to undergo to prove to myself, “If you endure, you will procure.” I reminded myself repeatedly that God has some definite and nice plans for me and before that actually manifests in physical terms, I should endure this phase of alteration and ambiguity.

Literally, endure means to tolerate or undergo, to suffer patiently. It is the power to put up with something. In brief, my dear,

Endurance is the staying power

And now that the brief period of my test is over, I write my next post on the power of endurance for you. Had I not endured, the new  positive developments that have taken place after the silent storms would not have taken place at all.

These are the realizations which have emerged within me during all these days and today evening. I present them to you as my next post. I am sure you will benefit from this sooner or later in your professional as well as personal life as no one has ever succeeded in true sense without the grind of life. During the grinding, one must endure as it is only through grinding, during testing times that we cultivate and develop the special quality of endurance. So child,

  • Do not be meek, be dauntless. And do not be intimidated by people at all. They may do what they wish, we hold on to our principles and convictions. Right?

Each day brings new challenges. Each day is different from the other. Each day is a test of one’s abilities and sometimes even patience. Each day is a call to prove something. Each day we face a demanding task or situation. Live up to that with a smile on your face.

If we endure, the power of endurance develops and increases by each trying time. It is only through the demanding situations that we develop this power and not by avoiding people or skipping situations.

  • See the brighter side of the dark cloud. Tell yourself that there is always  a brighter side to every difficult situation. Know that after storm comes peace, after night day.
  • It takes some time for the forces in nature to re-align. During difficult climate, we need much effort and skill to understand the reasons causing the stumbling blocks or problems. Try to understand that. It takes time to re-align forces and thereby to bring about positive developments. Changing life-situations means changing the negative forces to positive. It does take time for the negative forces to diminish and positive forces to increase, till then endure. There is a constant play of the flux of these two forces in the universe. Once the delicate balance is again restored, things sort out and we smooth over the problems. During such times

 Take the best and leave the rest.

“Endurance is patience concentrated.”  Thomas Carlyle

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