In love we shall find God,

In love we shall attain peace,

In love is hidden our salvation,

In love is hidden salvations for others.


Love means to give and never ask,

Love means to give freedom and never tie,

Love means to receive whatever comes your way,

Without a grouse, complaint or a sigh.


Love means to endure, even if you think you can’t take it anymore,

Love means doing things for others which you never did before,

Love means giving respect for their ideas, beliefs and unique thoughts of mind,

Knowing that one day they will converge with yours.


All roads lead to one destination,

That is the abode of God,

No matter where, when we met and how,

All that matters is we have met at last with a purpose in mind,


Our love is true and must meet every test of time,

We both must hold hands together and must attempt the climb,

The next step of transformation and ascent,

To prove to ourselves that we have met with the wish of our Maker.


In these moments of utmost happiness and joy,

Let us not forget and enter the stupor,

Or else the purpose of our meeting will be lost.

So arise, arise, arise and arise and you shall climb.


Till you see the Light of the creator in you,

And re-awaken the Glory and Honour that was once yours,

So that the world will see you and

Through your grand work for the Divine


Will be reminded to others that

Do not be in a state of quiescent,

Know that the Light of God is present  everywhere,

In you, me and everyone.


Know that in God you shall find full rest and peace,

In God lies all the answers to all the queries of the fleeting world,

One cannot ever rest well unless he rests in God through his soul,

So rest your mind and body in God alone!


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