Last night on 23rd Jan, I slept in deep peace. Something mystical conjured up before I was retiring to bed. As is the practice every night, I washed my face by splashing some tap water and began preparing myself for a good night’s sleep. While I was  brushing, I smelt something heavenly near me. There was a waft of jasmine incense stick scent sweeping in my area and it caught my attention instantaneously. I was quick to perceive and identify the alluring ethereal scent  in the atmosphere. It was very distinct. I spoke to myself,  “This is not the ordinary Jasmine fragrance I know of, though it is similar to the one I have at home.” My extra sensory perceptions were heightened and I continued thinking Definitely, there is something supernatural happening around me. A celestial being is near me at this moment and wishes to convey something. But who can it be? Why has He appeared before me? What am I to understand and grasp from all this?”

I comprehended and perceived the identity of the Divine Soul right then with whom I am very familiar with and was obviously delighted and felt so blessed. Not ready to miss this blessed moment, I went in my room without allowing my mind to get engaged in its trivial and frittering movements. I sat quietly on my bed with no lights. I bowed unpretentiously to my beloved astral accomplice of those blissful moments. I then meditated upon the pious and serene image of this compassionate saint and waited in expectancy to receive his bountiful gifts.

Within a few seconds, I slipped into a spell of calmness and tranquility and began to experience profound peace vibrations falling all over me. The room was radiating with abundant peace and I tried to absorb every little ray of peace floating around me. I became calmer and more calmer and the mind melted completely in the calm sea of peace and bliss. I continued sitting still without moving and was bathing in joyful peace. My eyes were closed and on my forehead, cheeks, head and shoulders as well as on arms were falling glimmering rays of golden Light one by one buoyantly. I got completely softened, melted  and immersed in the golden glow of mellow luminosity!

During such glorious moments, I submitted myself at the Lord’s feet and sincerely requested Him to suggest to me what I must write next in the upcoming post of mine. “I, in all humility and submission offer each word that I write to the Merciful Father, the endower of all creative works.”  I spoke politely to Him. With such wonderful thoughts, I went to sleep peacefully. So peaceful were the last moments that I woke up on light ethereal wings and I yearned to experience those sublime moments once more after absorbing the leftover divine beatific rays!

The morning that followed was a distinguished one. I returned to the same spot and began to concentrate on the inner illuminating eye. The connection with the inner Self seemed effortless on that day. Enlightening thoughts began to brim over one by one and I could comprehend that this is because of last night’s ‘classic encounter’ of mine. So I consolidated previous night’s sojourn with the Deity within me who began to speak in its own distinctive language and speech! Ideas and thoughts began to flow with his benign flow of Grace!

My dear daughter, now this is for you….

During the meditation span, I started getting insights regarding the current situations of our country as well as the world from the viewpoint of the liberated souls of the saints and mahayogis who are not in their physical body at present but they still wish to communicate something to us. Doors to an entirely new subject were opened for me and I saw their  wide and broad-minded opinion of  a global vision during meditation. The current economic and political situation is not only our concern today, but also for them. They are more concerned than any of us I feel. I began to understand this more and more during the passing moments and clarity crept in.

To those liberated souls, progress in spirit and the events of the world are of equal concern as these events affect our lives and future in many serious ways. We cannot be indifferent to the circumstances around us. It is the limited mind which thinks otherwise. God speaks to us in so many ways you see! Sometimes through nature, sometimes through bizarre incidents and sometimes through the medium of saints. Man doubts God’s existence and His power existing behind the presence of life on the earth. But God is very, very compassionate and is looking after and protecting humanity by conveying peace messages through Divine Souls. Like god, the liberated souls are equally concerned about bringing peace upon the world for progress and prosperity.

Look at the phase through which our country  and the whole world for that matter, is passing through now-a-days. Many developmental and economic reforms were undertaken in our country in the last few years and there was a boom. People were thrilled and were beginning to expect the country to take a giant leap by its emerging as a super economic power. But with the  recent abrupt halt we now see gloom. There is a downturn and all eyes are on the President of US, who won the elections recently as to what economic and political policies will he adopt and the consequent results they will have on the other countries as well.

Now let’s look at this particular scene from the view point of spiritualism and humanitarianism put together. The question is can only bringing about economic reforms and developments, changing political situations bring about peace and prosperity in the world? Can there be prosperity for all of us only by making life more abundant, comfortable and tizzy? Let’s assume for a moment that all the nations of the world have Presidents or Prime Ministers who are ideally suited and have only one mission- serving the people. Will we still be done? If every person benefits (which is incredibly impossible) from the incredible economic and political waves of reforms, will then each man be happy? If not, then let’s think, what is missing here?

From the spiritual viewpoint- no, he won’t. Because-

Apart from economic, social and political correctness, the man also needs something more, something else. And that is peace! Man thrives on peace. We must have peace in the world, peace in our country, at home, at office and peace everywhere.

Many years ago, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated and his peace plans were thwarted. Look at the social and political scene of the two neighbouring countries at present. There are no signs of peace but only conflict and violence. War, hatred, economic rivalry, petty ideals make our world narrow and difficult and unsafe to live in. Our countrymen are being divided and further divided into smaller groups for personal petty gains by people in power and politics. Therefore, corrective measures as individuals, groups as well as nations need to be taken  soon. If the President of US is today taking corrective measures to bring about peace in the world by resolving and amending the conflict between warring groups and countries, let’s join in the world family and wish good for all and pray for him and others too, so that there is lasting peace established in the world that we live in today.

These days, I am flipping through the  pages of  ‘Savitri‘. I understood some paras well. The following lines convey similar line of thoughts which I have picked up and am writing  for you.

 In ignorance and nescience are our roots.

A growing register of calamities

Is the past’s account, the future’s book of Fate:

The centuries pile man’s follies and man’s crimes

Upon the countless crowd of Nature’s ills;

As if the world’s stone was not enough,

A crop of miseries obstinately sown

By his own hand in the furrows of the gods,

The vast increasing tragic harvest reaped

From old misdeeds buried by oblivious Time.

He walks by his own choice into Hell’s trap;

This mortal creature is his own worst foe.

His science is an artificer of doom;

He ransacks earth for means to harm his kind;

He slays his happiness and others’ good.

Nothing has he learnt from Time and its history.

   Savitri’ Canto II  by Sri Aurobindo.

In this Universe, of which we are a part, there is a constant play of God and anti-God forces. When the anti-God forces increase in the form of unrest, agitation, violence, unrighteousness or adharma, crimes and other sinful acts, there is chaos, disruption of peace plans and prosperity.

Our world is going through the era of ‘Kalyug’. The basic characteristics of the Kalyug man are greed, selfishness and materialism. With such characteristics, where is the scope of peace in his mind?

Greed divides man from man, society from  society, one nation from another nation. If only we could realize that true happiness comes from peace within and not by satisfying our selfish materialistic goals and impulses and passing pleasures, we can make our ‘Home’, the world a better and worth living  place for all of us.

Hope you understand the underlying many good thoughts and golden rules of spirituality which are interwoven in this thought provoking post.

So my dear girl, we, as responsible citizens and devotees of God must pray for peace for the  world and for ourselves. When you remember God in your meditations and prayers, bring down peace in your heart, in your mind and disperse it everywhere you go. Bring down peace for yourself, for your family, for your neighbourhood, for the country and for the whole world. During meditation, chant the mantra- ‘Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om’ many times. The holy word Om has peace vibrations, its frequency is such that it creates creative energies in the environment we live in. Shanti means peace. Shanti word dispels agitation in the mind and relieves the body from restlessness and mental agitations. It is a powerful mantra. Chant it whenever you can, wherever you go.

This is the ideal way to offer our contributions towards our Mother Earth, Nature and our planet as a whole. We owe a lot towards them, don’t we?  In return we must spread vibrations of peace on the place we live in. Do you recall this mantra from Upanishada?

Om Sarve bhavantu sukhina. Sarve santu niramaya. Sarve bhadrani pashyantu.  Ma kashchit dukhbhag bhavet. Om Shanti, shanti, shanti Om!

May all be happy. May all be without diseases. May all have well being. May none have misery of any type.

                                                                                                                          Brihadaaranyaka    Upnishada 1.4.14


(This post is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace. Today is 30th Jan, Gandhiji’s death anniversary)

My Lord! You give me Inspiration

Inspiration is blind without creation

I call you, my Divine to make me your

Space of beauty and rhyme

Create in me something never created before

And create so beautiful that never seen before!

I have just returned from my spiritual re-treat at Dakshineshwar ashram and since then I am pondering over the fledgling thoughts and diving deep to assess and gather all my spiritual experiences.  I am aware of the fact that there is always a purpose of God, who gives me some exotic solitary moments and isolation from the noisy and clamorous crowd of the city.  It was  refreshing  in the quiet sabbatical in the holy precinct there.

The weather was very pleasant and the garden was blooming with beautiful seasonal flowers.  Saw them all:- dahlias, roses, pansies, hollyhocks, sweet peas, nasturtiums, carnation, honeysuckle, cockscomb and many more attractive varieties. Some were bell shaped, some dish-shaped and some like falling water droplets. Such a soothing environment compelled me to spend most of my time on the green lawns, under the huge shady trees or just walk around the garden on the brick path. The winter flowering shrubs and perennials had their element of beauty and they shared their perfume and beauty with all who passed by. The flowerpots were placed in various corners and places in various formations showing the craftsmanship of the designer making lovely landscapes. The songbird Koels were singing songs of joy and felicity while the  sonorous Bulbuls were hopping in glee from one branch to another gathering seeds and visiting their mates. Butterflies of all colours and shapes were dancing gracefully around the flowering plants in synchronized patterns  and the mynas were singing their ragas in full throat. A place of perfect peace and beauty well worth visited!

Dear, I also did some introspection in the conducive atmosphere apart from drowning in the gifts of nature.  I compared this visit to the ashram with the  last one that I made about three years ago. I am wonder struck to see that so much has happened in my life, particularly in the area of fitness and personal health. During my last visit, I was very feeble. I needed some one to accompany me and take care of me there. But this time around, I went alone and I was bouncing and beaming with boundless energy. There was no dearth of zest and mental agility and  the outcome of the retreat was wonderful. Since I have come back home, I am craving to know what has caused this exceeding health benefit in me? What are the factors responsible for this mega reversal of physical trend? So, I gave myself some time at home to find out the possible reasons for the same.

I have gladly arrived at the conclusion that in the years that have gone by, though wobbly, I had nurtured a vision, and have been creating a mental picture, a dream for myself. I have without a single day for that matter told myself many times in a day that I have very good health, I have tremendous mental and physical power, I am not sick, new cells are re-generating in my body, blood circulation is very good, I am a very happy person, I can do and complete all the jobs and tasks that come my way, I can exercise without any fatigue and I will one day be in pink of health, I will share and give happiness and abundant joy with others ……


Every time there was a picture of all this being created in my mind, I visualized myself as a very happy, healthy, strong and  degeneration-free being. I instilled and fed very bright, vibrant  and enthusiastic thoughts many times a day repeatedly and very vehemently.


Today I have understood that I have actually achieved all this without my even being aware of it!  It dawned  on me when on the last day I visited and  saw many things and places in the city, did so many things in a high activity packed day yet did not even get tired. Previously any change of weather and city would have a significant slackening effect on me. So I ask myself  today what does this prove?


That there is so much power in our mind alone in the form of imagining and creating mental pictures!


Visualizing them, repeating them over and over again so that they get deeply ingrained in the brain that with divine grace, one day they start  manifesting in our lives.


Take a pause now and think about what I have described to you, my dear one.

When we imagine something over a good amount of time, we arouse and collect the creative powers lying within us and store them in the mind little by little, brick by brick. The foundation of a new castle is laid by first wanting something, desiring something. Thoughts of creativity and visualization are the bricks by which we build our future. Faith in God and in oneself is the cement and repeated reinforcement  is the mortar for bonding it. The structure is ready for us to see now!


So, whatever you want today, create it in the mind first, make mental pictures of it and everyday water your visions and dreams with love and passionate longing. One day it is bound to sprout and manifest in your life.


The power to create by mental and Spiritual visualization


In our mind lies the power to create.


In our mind lie the thoughts.


Our thoughts have power contained in them.


To make them dynamic, strong  and come true.


Invoke Divine Will and use Divine perceptions.


Throw and beam your thoughts in the Cosmic Universe.


Soon you will see Nature at your command.


See your ideas, visions and dreams.


Shaping up, bit by bit, like the bricks in the castle.


Weave dreams around your aspirations, lofty ideas and soft fluffy wishes.


Create visuals in your mind like a design on a fabric.


Soon you shall see the vibrant colours and hues of the motifs coming up alive.


Like a beautiful garden full of blooming dahlias, lilies, honeysuckle, roses.


Inhale the intoxicating fragrance of the lovely roses floating in the misty air.


Drink the nectar of peace, serenity and fulfilling joy.


Design and create your own wonderful tomorrows.


By the warps and wefts of creative visualization and mental imagery.


Keep on weaving your dreams till one day they manifest.


Like a heavenly angel straight from the fairy tale!!!

Today is 31st December, the last day of this year and of the month too. And it is also my birthday and this year I would like to celebrate it differently- by writing down my thoughts for you about what all I know my dear Mandira regarding the importance of our birthday. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog entry as much as I have enjoyed collecting and writing  my thoughts. I humbly dedicate this article to my Divine Mother of Pondicherry who infused  spiritual vitality and resurrected me with Her vibrations when things were not going right for me once and I was groping without any direction.

I read somewhere in a book in which the Mother had mentioned that-

On our birthday our soul rises up and goes to meet the Divine. Therefore, we must pray and meditate with great interest and fervour on this particular day as we are very close to our source of origin.

Though these days people believe that merrymaking and revelry is a way of celebration but for me these lines reverberate on every birthday of mine since then.

Ma also explained to me that before we are about to take birth and come on the earth, it is our soul which decides and determines as to how many karmas  it will dry up or work out, out of the uncountable karmas, out of sanchit karmas or accumulated karmas of all the previous lives stored up as unripe fruits of karmic seeds in us.

It is we who decide whether we want to undergo the formidable efforts  and salvage ourselves or not. It is we who  decide in which life and when and how should it be done.

Some individuals don’t want it, some postpone it and just a very few have the courage and fiery determination to decide and agree to finish the long-pending job of salvaging their soul from their millenniums old ignorance. It is decided on the reasoning and understanding that if eventually one has to bear and work out the fruits of actions of many past lives at some point anyway, so why not do it now? Why not free myself from the entrapment of numberless cycles of life and death? It has to be done any way at some point. Although man lives in a deep slumber but the Spirit wants to be free from the shackles and soar in vast space and take a flight of freedom and float in ether without limits.

Now the question is -Does it really happen? And how?

The answer is yes,  when we pray.

Pray how?

Pray intensely!

When we pray so quietly, unknown to all, who is the witness then?

The God residing in us is the witness and administrator of our pledge and invocation.

And on what basis does God give a consent to our request?

If the pleader makes an earnest request by praying intensely to God to free him or her from the bondage of countless regressing rebirths and consequently free oneself with associated mental and physical suffering, wishes to atone, make amends, then God is merciful and gives consent.

Liberation and salvation is not possible without the consent of God who is benevolent, supportive and sympathetic.

He helps by appointing a mentor for us in the form of a Divine Guru when we come to stay  on earth and also bears a part of the weight by giving us the much required support and encouragement in the form of generating the force of forbearance, courage, fortitude, firmness in our goal, persistence in us. And also by helping us build an unshakable  faith and complete trust in the Highest Power.

My dear child, whatever I have revealed to you today is a very pensive and profound matter of spirituality. It is worth consuming all your attention and thoughts.

Imagine that very short transitory moment, the power of a single moment when we decide for all our lives to come and that moment when we pray intensely to God for this, even when we are not born in the physical body! The impact and repercussions of a moment’s intense prayers! How much power is contained in our praying intensely!

 Think. Imagine the power of intensity, imagine the power of praying and put it together and see the impact of the power of intense praying!

Intense praying contains the power of feelings, faith, devotion of God and is surcharged with willful intentions. So we must learn to pray everyday, many times and make it a natural habit. You never know which is that crucial, life-altering moment you see. Praying should become a habit. Talk to God in this way.

Some people ask me what is praying? Why should I pray?

A prayer is an invocation, a request for help and an expression of thanks made to God. It can be an earnest hope or a wish. It is a call upon God for mercy, redemption and correction.

Praying is communicating with the Omnipresent God to find a solution to a problem. It is an acknowledgment to God for favours and obligations.

When we pray, we acknowledge and accept that there is a Higher force in this universe and we submit to it for our existence.

With our prayers we send out positive vibrations in the atmosphere. It is the broadcasting of one’s innermost desires, yearnings, requests and wishes. It is purposeful invocation to the Supreme for the advancement of oneself and others.

In praying lies mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. We can regress in previous lives and therefore heal our past. We become even-tempered, peaceful and restful in mind, body and spirit. It dissolves and releases the knots and blotches of stagnant blocked or burnt energies in our system. It accelerates the process of evolution of our Spirit by exhausting the karmic deposits.

Prayers can be said loudly or silently, alone or in a  group small or big one. It can be for ourselves, our family, community, country or for humanity for the well being and goodness of all.

The more intense and truthful, emotion packed the prayer, the more powerful its impact on oneself and on others as well.

One can pray anytime, during the day or at night, while resting or while in activity, at work. By doing so the mind of the devotee  does not wander aimlessly and is  riveted firmly and hence in control. It is attuned to the Highest Power through which we receive solutions, guidance, strength, determination, peace, fortitude and stability.

Extraordinary and welcome events occur in the form of miracles in sincere praying through the work of God.

We recover, recuperate, revitalize, find remedies. We bloom, we flower, we rejoice in health and mental peace.

Many of my prayers have come true. I have prayed for years for mental prosperity, spiritual growth and physical fitness and for an uncomplicated, worry less existence. I have  wished and asked God to make each day of my life peaceful, joyful and purposeful. I see all my prayers coming true!

My sweet child, it is my sincere prayer that may your heartfelt prayers also be heard and come true!

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