Whatever we wish to achieve in life should be firmly determined first. Only then success is assured. Determination and firmness of purpose comes from the power of Spirit which makes our mind resolute in nature.

We must set high goals in life with a meaningful purpose touching larger issues and serving larger people. Petty goals and petty means demean our souls. It is a loss to our dignity and self respect.

Unpreparedness of mind should be dealt with, first of all. To become mentally prepared we must search our souls to know what our goal in life is at present. To know and determine the exact goal, to ascertain whether we are doing the right thing, or to excel in all our pursuits we must first surrender ourselves at the Lord’s feet. The Lord, the Master of the Universe knows what is really right for us and after that we can pick up our chosen destination and decide on our set goals.

Once the period of confusion, self-doubt and unpreparedness is over, we must be thoroughly determined to achieve our large goals after receiving God’s consent, Grace and kind blessings.

Determination makes us empowered with a quality which later creates a carved out path for ourselves. And that quality is- fearlessness.

There are going to be speed-breakers, unexpected mental barriers and other tiring deterrents. But the faith in oneself and the Power of the Almighty clears the path and the road is well defined and uncluttered by now.

Now my dear, can you recall and think of some known characters from the past who had firmness of purpose and determination resembling fire?? You think on this and in the meantime I will tell you whom I consider worth mentioning here, who really had fiery determination and also enjoys a place in man’s history. And that is Panchali from Mahabharat period.

Panchali knew that the rightful heir of Hastinapur was Yudhishtir and that their kingdom was usurped by Duryodhan and his coterie of evil minded associates. The Kauravas grabbed the kingdom from the Pandavas by cheating them in the game of dice. Panchali was disgraced and insulted in the court-hall by Duryodhana, Karna, Dushshasan and the other wicked people present there at that foreboding time. She felt very lonely and had only Krishna for her timely help on her side. She was anguished and felt helpless at her own plight.

After the humiliation, Panchali avowed that she will avenge every misdeed of theirs. And she did. In the war of Kurukshetra, she asked her beloved husband Arjun and Herculean Bhima to kill Karna and Duryodhana respectively for their unforgiving abuses and demeaning acts towards her and relieve her from her agonizing vows. She called them cowards because for everything that they had won was won by fraud, cheating, plotting, conspiracy and treachery.

Panchali was determined to regain her dignity, self respect and lost glory which she eventually did. All that was possible because of not only her devotion towards Krishna but because of her unshakable resolution and fiery determination to win back her lost pride and honour.

And have you thought of some more extra-ordinary persons who have achieved what they set their eyes on  because they possessed fiery determination?

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