During one of the dynamic meditations these days, Sri Paramhansa Yogananda or Guruji helped me to grasp the subtle working of the unseen underlying forces in this Universe.He made me understand that there is a fine balance of two types of energies in the world which are responsible for its peace, harmony and stability. The moment the bad or evil forces begin to take charge and spoil the work of God, the Divine forces, through saints in this as well as in the astral world escalate their task of counter balancing and reinforcing the good energies by their mere ‘will’ or ‘thought’. The explanation and elaboration of this principle is as follows-

In this Universe, out of God’s powers, were created two types of forces. One which is good, conducive, progressive, evolutionary and constructive in nature called the Divine Force or Devik shakti (Godly forces). And the other which contradicts it by opposing it, the ungodly force or asuric shakti (Demonic forces). It is regressive in nature and causes turbulence, chaos, conflict, confusion and destruction in the environmental field and in the space in which we live. The two forces are constantly at play in the Cosmic Creation in various forms in nature as well as in man.

In short, we can call them positive energy and negative energy. Still better, positive forces versus negative forces to make it easy to understand for this purpose.

 And in this world there are 3 types of people-

  •  Very good people who do only good actions. Very few in number. Just to understand things, we can denote and call them ‘The white people’ for the sake of our convenience and simplification.
  • Very bad people who do only bad actions. A huge number. The black people.
  • Mix type- who do good as well as bad actions both. Again a large number. They are grey people.

So we have just a few people who are highly virtuous and contribute mightily to the pool of positive karmas in the universe. But remember, it is the quality and great intensity of their karmas which makes all the difference. Humanitarian acts of compassion, friendship, love, forgiveness, service, philanthropy, charity of material wealth for a spiritual cause, revival of ancient art and science of god-knowledge are acts of great contribution for sustenance of humanity and creation on this earth. So though there are just a few who can perform such great acts but their impact on the world scene is tremendous and is great in measure, scale and intensity. The godly, humanitarian and saintly people fall in this class.

Next are those large number of men, who because of their degenerative nature carry out acts which are regressive in nature for our society and evolution of man. Acts of repression, anarchy, creating political turmoil, abuse and subjugation of women, inhuman acts of treachery, opposing development of society by selfish people and individuals who cause infliction to others in thoughts, deeds and mind are of this class.

Lastly there are the ‘grey people.’ Such people under the influence of their past good deeds in this or past life are bent to do virtuous acts of religion, charity and goodness. But as this tendency is not yet firmed up strongly because of deeply buried hidden tendencies of greed and craving  for honour, money or fame, they have friends, relatives, associates and co-workers with whom they join in acting in wrongful acts of sins, corruption, cheating, lying and impunity to law. They sometimes also do very rewarding acts and at the same time, they are prone to act in very harmful ways also. They do ‘mix karmas.’

People are all the time acting and sending out these two types of energies and thus creating new patterns of vibratory energies in the Universe composed of different qualities. The effects and consequences are here for us to see in the manifestation of social, political, moral and spiritual conditions of our society.

A society degenerates when truth, goodness and morality begins to decline and shows signs of positive growth in every sense in all areas when goodness, truth and fairness increases and prevails.

There is a constant fight, a tug of war between good and bad forces where Divine forces act upon the ungodly forces to establish Dharma or righteousness, order, balance, peace, harmony and goodness. Or else the evil forces, whose primary assigned role is to destabilize the harmonizing order and energies will be a victor. As long as the tussle between these two forces is going on, the balance seems to even out.

However, it is the intervention and acting of the ‘grey people’ during the ‘balance time’ which causes tremors, agitation, disorder, violence and storms in the Universe. Normal life goes out of gear and order.

The so called ‘grey people’ are the ones who are responsible for the tilting of the delicate balance of both energies in the surroundings and prevailing normal conditions. When they do good actions by coming in contact and associating with good people, the positive energies increase. And the negativity decreases so there is order, calmness and peace. But when the grey people out of greed, egoism or ignorance align with bad people to gain some selfish motives, it spoils the balance by tilting the needle of the balancing scale towards the bad forces. And the needle begins to tilt towards the other side and the result is destabilization of good energies.

God is a silent spectator. He has given us the power of  ‘free will’. It is up to us whether we exercise the given gift of free will or not. Free will also means we may or may not take the initiative to carry out an act. Man is free to do or not do something. God is impartial and loves all alike.

When the silent spectator, God perceives the leaning of the forces more towards the dark forces or when the balance of the forces has gone out of control and it has begin to affect adversely or harming peoples’ right of peaceful living and freedom, or when people are exploited and looted by the corrupt and liars, God does step in quietly. He intervenes by choosing some savants, saviours and samaritans who are deliverers, defenders and who serve the Lord. Through them The Lord brings about positive changes in the social set-up although the culprits and offenders are unable to see or understand this. They obviously cannot comprehend the subtle acts of God operating in their surroundings. They continue to strike, play dirty tricks, resort to unscrupulous acts, malpractices etc but finally they fail in their misdeeds. The power of God is such that all their efforts go to waste and they eventually lose by running out of luck and goodwill. Once again dharma, fairness and righteous living are re-established and peace and stability  restored.

So we as believers and devotees of the Almighty must always preserve trust and faith in God and at the same time endure and even suffer sometimes to oppose the bad forces in order to stop those wicked people from becoming stronger so that they do not rout the Divine forces and bring about chaos, indifference and deterioration in our society. If we too do not allow the acts of bad people to take place and if we oppose them, this  will be our good karma and it will be accounted in our credit.

So my dear child,

We must never ever align, associate or side with ungodly people and we must always do what God has told us through the scriptures like Geeta or Bible. These scriptures are for our guidelines and navigation. Spirituals laws are clearly written in them by the do’s and don’ts. And God will be pleased with us and will favour and protect us if we obey these laws. Our life will be filled with contentment, stability of mind and righteousness. There will be no guilt, sorrow, disease and remorse.

But please know that all this takes time to re-set and realign the two forces in nature and we must be faithful, patient and must possesses fortitude. We must trust in God.

Remember what Sri Krishna had said in Bhagwad Geeta Chapter IV verses 7 and 8

 Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati Bharat

Abbhyuthanam adharmasay tadatmanam srijamyahum-7

Paritranaaya sadhunam vinashayay ch dushkrutam

Dharamasansthapnarathaya sambhavami yuge yuge-8

Arjuna, whenever righteousness is on the decline, the unrighteousness is in the ascendant, then I  appear.

For the protection of the virtuous, for the extirpation of evil doers and for establishing Dharma (righteousness) on a firm footing from time to time.

While I am wrapping up this post, I am overwhelmed and soaked with gratitude. It is a day of revelation, a day of awakening for me. It is Guruji’s blessing falling over me and a gift to all of us who read this blog on this  blessed day!!

My heartfelt thanks to this beautiful Spirit!!

Oh God beautiful. Oh God beautiful.

 At Thy feet Oh! I do bow!!!!!!!

(To be concluded)

4a.m. Today is 7thof Mar. It is the mahasamadhi day of Sri Paramhansa Yogananda. I reverentially dedicate this post in his remembrance at his Lotus Feet.

As 7th March was approaching, I was remembering Sri Paramhansa Yogananda’s life or Guruji, as he was lovingly addressed, and was wondering how did he manage to accomplish so much in such a little time. That too in such a chaotic and unpredictable world? He was born for and worked towards the world wide mission of reviving the long lost, ancient science of Kriya Yoga of God-union. He united the Eastern philosophy with the western culture and ideology by showing similarities and propagated the conviction of oneness of both religions. He stressed the unity and brotherhood of mankind which is the only way to open the door of permanent peace in the world.

It was no mean a task for him as an Indian in the 30’s to land up all alone on the soil of America, a foreign country with no resources in hand. He knew nobody in America and had no trace or any idea as to how he could approach anyone and begin his spiritual work where no-one understood his language or when in those days  one was not even exposed to the western world and its converse culture? Yet, by the time he took mahasamadhi in 1952, he was a well known spiritual figure and one of the  pioneers of spiritual sciences on the world stage. He had initiated 1 lakh devotees into Kriya Yoga Deeksha in U.S. alone apart from so many others in India including Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and others. He established the SRF and YSS  centres in Washington and California as well as in Ranchi and Dakshineshwar, India. He toured and visited many cities and towns in USA, Mexico, U.K, and also India lecturing on spiritual subjects and topics giving answers to questions, healing their bodies, souls and minds.

He conceived and designed many essential and informative spiritual lessons and life skills in the form of home lessons (Yogoda Satsanga Lessons in Self-realization. They are still in circulation and can be obtained from the YSS centres for aspiring devotees and practitioners of Yoga and Self-realization. He undertook the formidable task of translating and interpreting the Geeta and the Bible from the standpoint of Kriya Yoga. And so much more spiritual contribution was made by him that it is not possible for us to assess his gigantic reserve and enrichment to the existing pool. Now this is not an easy task if you really ask me. Recalling and recounting all this, I thought to myself…

In what way and manner do the great ones lead their lives?

How do they add so much value to a normal human life?

How do they accomplish so much in an average span of human life?

Are their minds very extra ordinary and special? If so, then how?

Can I too, enhance and escalate my present life by choosing and picking and then acting upon some special kind of actions or karmas which will attach added value, purpose and depth to my life also? I am wondering, really wondering??

I also thought of Lord Krishna. How could He compose and create the perennially new, ocean of wisdom ‘Bhagwad Geeta’ then?

I was extremely fascinated  by great figures like Krishna, Arjuna and some other Mahabharat characters. More so when I used to watch the serial Mahabharat on TV. When I watched this engrossing epic, I really became ponderous and was very curious to know-

How could Krishna remain so unperturbed and composed in spite of the ongoing mass killing and ghastly scenes at the battlefield of Kurukshetra? How could he inspire the despondent Arjuna to resume the fight of dharma or righteousness? How was it possible at all for Arjuna to realize God and have a glimpse of the Divine nature of Krishna in such a disrupting and blood shedding times?

How did Krishna still retain peace, which he transferred to Arjuna and resolved his mental turmoil erupting in his mind?

Why did stalwarts and good souls like Bhishma pitamaha, Karna, Dronacharya not leave Duryodhana? He was depending mainly on these three great fighters who were also great people and were noble at heart.

Why could they not forsake the sinful men, the Kauravas? Had they done so, there would have been no war at all.

How can anyone have peace of mind when he is all the time surrounded by egoism, antagonism, unrest, disagreement, discord, jealousy and rivalry?

In short, I mean I need to know,  is it possible for us to maintain peace and still surge ahead with our aspirations and intentions with existing conflict and antagonistic elements around us?

To be continued…….

(Read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi and ‘Whispers from Eternity’ among his best known work & Paramahansa Yogananda-In memoriam. Personal Accounts of the Master’s Final Days)


The frantic pace of my life these days and the struggle to achieve the desired goals of bringing a positive change in my external environment has given rise to many questions. But these questions were born and soon drowned in the hyper activities occurring these days. Even nights are mostly spent in inching towards my aims now.

The questions which my mind is raising these days are:-

I have tremendous peace within me. God’s Light, or even a fraction and a speck of that Light gives me profound tranquility. But the present task that God has assigned to me is of the bipolar world. A world where there is only impurity, profanation, devilry, offence and wrong-doing. To bring about a positive change, a constructive alteration in the current scenario and to bring order and harmony in this sinful world seems so difficult and remote!

Why has God chosen me? Why do I have to go through so much mental agony and weariness and not others? Why are there such few good and so many unscrupulous and  mendacious people? If I have earned my peace of mind, when will I reap the harvest?

Simply put, why doesn’t God give me isolation so that I can enjoy the serenity and uninterrupted calmness which I have earned with my endeavours? Why so much struggle in bringing about peace in the world? Why so much struggle in my life? Why do I have to involve myself with activities which are contrary to my sensibilities and taste? Why?…….

Oh! It has got so late for me tonight. The whole world seems to be sleeping except for me. It is already 2.00 a.m. and I am writing in my notebook. This is  because I have just been relieved and have found my answers in God’s own peculiar and unique ways!

Before falling asleep I remembered God as I do everyday, who resides in me as pure Light. I first acknowledged his presence and existing power and expressed my gratefulness  for all the help and support I am receiving from unexpected quarters these days for the task that he has assigned to  me. And I wish to attune myself perfectly well so that  I am able to receive maximum help sent by God through various mediums.  So I blessed my relatives from the core of my heart whom I just visited a few hours ago because their genuine good vibrations reached and entered my heart. They meant good for me today. I also prayed for some more people whom I thought need God’s transmission of unseen protection and spiritual nourishment and are with me in our struggle to bring about necessary social changes.

With these thoughts I lulled myself to sleep. As I put my head on the pillow, in my left ear, very explicitly, I heard the sound of the gong of the astral bells ringing as though they were ringing in a far off land. We all have heard the bells ringing with well paced rhythm in the temples and I am sure  we all like it very much. The sound of temple bells have a deep impact on our heart and the mind too. Even these  bells that were ringing in my extra sensory ear were very enchanting as my attention became completely fine tuned. They were originating from the much higher energy centres in the energized spinal cord. The continuous reverberating sound of the bells produced profound pleasing calmness  over me and I soon realized that I have got untied from the unremitting  sense of body consciousness. I became very light and was uplifted to higher domains of deeper peace. I felt so free….very free….completely free….though for a few seconds but I was in an outer space of freedom and weightlessness…..

As my concentration on the sounds of the bells became sharper, I began to hear the sound of Om originating along side the sounds of the bells. I could hear the bells ringing as well as the sound of Om together at this stage. The sacred sound of Om gave me tremendous peace and I considered myself truly blessed at this Divine hour.

After a while, the ringing of the bells stopped and only the sound of Om was reverberating in my ear clearly. Om…… Om…. Om……Om……Om…….Om……

These vibrating sound waves then began to spread from my head to my arms, torso, legs, toes and then to each body part and every cell of my being. Each cell of my body began to vibrate with the sound and current of flowing Om which permeated me with complete silence and thoughtlessness. In Hindu scriptures, this  is termed as ‘Naad Ghosh.‘ I must have stayed in this state for sometime when…

I received my answer from God in spoken words “Dukh mei sukh chupa hai, andhere mei prakash, asatya mei satya. Jeevan ek sangram hai. Jeevan sangarsh hai. Prakash ko pane ke liye, andhkar se guzarna padta hai. Satya ko janane ke liye asatya ko jaanana padega aur sukh pane ke liye dukh sahana padega. Yahi jeevan ka sangharsh hai.”

In sorrow is hidden happiness, in darkness light, truth in falsehood. Life is a conflict. Life is a struggle. To attain Light, one has to go through darkness. To know the truth, one must know falsehood and to achieve happiness, one must go through sorrow. This is the struggle of life.

I have found my answers to the ongoing conflict and turmoil  in my mind. I am at ease with myself. I am now at peace with myself !

Peace for me!    Peace for you!     Peace for all!!

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