What is meant by the word process and liberation?

A series of actions taken towards achieving a particular end is known as a process. And by liberation here is meant setting free of the human soul from ignorance, bondage and incessant suffering from repetitive cycles of life and death helplessly. After which is finally lived a Life Divine of pure joy, peace and calmness and happiness.

To start with, please know that the whole process of human evolution is climbing up the steps of the ladder one by one. The soul climbs each step little by little and unfolds by itself, sometimes falling and sometimes taking double steps on it. In some exceptional cases, by leaps. Literally and figuratively, the ladder is our spinal chord which is the extension of the human brain. Look at the structure and formation of the spinal chord bones carefully. It looks like a ladder. The human soul starts from the base of the spine at the ‘muladhar’ or coccyx centre and slowly, over a few thousands of centuries moves up the upper chakras or energy centres until it reaches the top crown centre, the ‘sahasrar’, the central place at which Divine Illumination takes place. So the climb is from the base to the summit, to the peak of the evolution ladder. Lord Krishna’s peacock feather in the forehead is a symbol of the opened and charged ‘crown centre’ and not just a myth of history. Interesting, isn’t it?

So my dear one, let me now please make an attempt to explain in very simple terms the complete process of human awakening, ascending and liberation of the soul to freedom of life in Spirit.

The process-Souls at the very base of the ladder

People who are in a deep slumber of ignorance and unawareness are at the base. They generate and earn very bad karmas and  have negative energy collected at the base of the spinal chord in the coccyx centre. The seeds of bad fruits of past performed actions are deposited there slowly. These seeds someday will have consequences as ill- effects at their conducive time and space. And those who have performed humongous unpardonable actions will take a very long time to correct their mistakes. It will take them thousands of lives to rise and evolve from sub human consciousness of existence to higher knowing. At present their consciousness, intelligence and acts are those of animals because they afflict pain and suffering to others, are insensitive and lack human tenderness and understanding. They are unable to differentiate and discriminate between good and bad, moral and immoral tendencies. All their thoughts and actions are carried out without any remorse, guilt and regret and their tendencies of bad karmas drive them to do further bad karmas. Such wretched people are unstoppable and the punishment from the Universal Law is a troubled mind, anxiety, fear, pain of all sorts, sorrow, sickness and deprivation in material, physical and emotional condition. Their end is also very pathetic, ungracious and painful. People of this class are at the very base of the ladder and the pyramid of human evolution. They repeat their mistakes so often that it takes them aeon or excessive years to purify their souls through the medium of pious actions, enlightenment is much, much far away from them. They die and are re-born many, many times in pitiable living conditions because Nature gives them repeated chances to realize their follies and improve and better their lives. So forgive them for they know not!

This goes on for many, many lives when at the turning point of some favourable life, man realizes that he must mend his ways after carping and living through tribulation, affliction and agony of all sorts. Thenceforth,  begins the upward journey of atonement, purification, cleansing as well as redemption. The soul improves his or her life by being good and kind to others and begins to develop faith in God and goes out of his way to create righteous and praiseworthy actions. His mind and heart is cleansed and he is prompted and propelled more and more towards God and religious activities. He no longer wants to sin and err and he arrives at a stage when he is at the brink of salvaging himself completely from sinning. This all takes a very long time if you translate the transformation in terms of time. Nevertheless, a desire to realize the sacred nature of God is born in him eventually. Then begins the ascend of the Soul.

The ascent of the soul

There comes one particular birth which is very crucial because the soul cries, pleads and begs to God to release him from erring and suffering anymore and it wishes to have a perfect life by perfecting himself by leading a pious and pure life. In that particular life in which he is redeemed and liberated is a very hard and trying one for him because of his huge backlog of karmas or ‘sanchit karmas’.

Sanchit karmas  are the unmanifestated, accumulated karmas of many previous births or incarnations which we carry in a dormant state in every life with us. This backlog has to be cleared now and  more and new meritorious actions have to be re-created side by side, in spite of there already existing innumerable virtuous karmas  in our ‘purse’ of karmas to create a new Divine life. To free oneself from suffering for once and all and attain everlasting bliss, the pre-condition is that the soul must have a large reservoir of good deeds and not a single sin in his personal account of karmas!! That is the pre-condition of mukti or salvation.

Now what are the prominent characteristics of a soul which is being liberated?

Such a ‘about to be liberated’ soul charts out and scripts its own destiny. All its vitality is used up from the very start to resist the bad people with whom he is unable to get along because of contrary views and ideologies. So there is always a conflict and clash of ideas going on. The good soul is criticized for being the odd one out but he gradually distances himself from the bad souls around him without caring about public opinion and intensifies his sadhana and refuses to mingle with evil minds. The sadhana for perfection takes many years to bear fruit as a lot of time is expended in exhausting the past karmas because one has to pay his debts of negative karmas first and also create new positive karmas alongside. So do not worry or get frustrated when on your path of sadhana, you find that you are not making any progress because of a lull or that life is very harsh and difficult to bear. Just carry on by walking on the ascending steps enthusiastically. Don’t stop, go on…

This is also reflected in the sadhak’s life as he may have a long, stagnant phase, encounter lack of opportunities, ill luck and sometimes lack of material success also and he is isolated from the society for being the maverick in the madding crowd. For him situations do not change for a long time and he has to wait patiently, may be a few years, for times to turn around for a change favourably. Such a courageous person does not like to complain as he has the capacity to endure everything because he knows that the wheel of time, though not visible, is still moving and one day good times will favour him and he will be victorious in his mighty endeavours.

Such a determined and dauntless soul is unstoppable as he rises and soars higher and higher to reach the summit, his chosen destination when all the unborn seeds and ripened fruits of the past sins and misgivings are finally burnt to ashes. With God’s Grace and Guru’s blessings as well as with the tapas of his sadhana, one day all the seeds of the misdeeds performed knowingly and unknowingly of many, many previous lives and of the present life also are burnt and exhausted. He now flies up and soars like the phoenix in the open, clear, blue, and vast sky!!

Slowly, the total impact of bad karmas begins to fade away gradually. There are good signs seen as life begins to be  kind to him now. The obstacles and  difficulties begin to dwindle and slowly luck favours him. Happy developments initiate and replace stagnant, irritating and difficult situations. His sadhana also gives rich results and culminates into a peaceful and smooth life. The ego is completely destroyed, his senses are in control, he exercises self-control and his mind is cleansed of all egocentric desires completely. He forgives everybody whom he had blamed for his bad luck and rough times. He also comes to terms with life and is at peace with himself once and for all. He accepts God as the Supreme Power in the Universe, the real maker and doer of all things seen and unseen.

The door to the third eye is flung open for him because of the force of his accumulated and present life very good karmas and guru’s kripa. The Lord is very pleased with his lovable child and showers his mercy on him.

He is liberated of all the mental, physical and emotional pain and sufferings finally. Divine uninterrupted Peace which comes after realizing God is his best companion now and he is  afraid of nothing in this world. Boldness and fearlessness are his features and characteristics henceforth.

The dormant spiritual energy, called the Kundalini Shakti (refer-Kundalini Shakti-I)in Yoga is awakened by Guru’s kripa. The lower chakras are purified by cleansing and the upper chakras opened and energized gradually with the help of Naam jaap  and recitation of God’s Holy Name. The inert extremely fine nerves near the third eye are activated by the electric current passed through dormant nerves from the ‘muladhar’ to ‘sahasrar’ in the process of awakening by ‘Shakti Paat’ or transmission of Godly electrical currents by his guru’s mere thought or touch. And subsequently his spinal chord is repeatedly recharged and energized by Divine Light by performing and practicing meditational techniques, pranayam and mantras given by Guru. New cells in the brain are activated by which development and refinement of skills is observed in the life of the sadhak. (Related many posts –Mental prosperity, A Fine Vessel Rays of Light)

Subtle understanding and Divine perceptions is only possible when these dormant nerves and energy centres are opened and charged as the Light Rays in the form of electric currents travel through these nerve channels called nadis. Meditation is the tool which connects the soul to the Supreme Soul and thereby to Super Cosmic  Consciousness, the transcendental state of Divine  Perceptions and Enlightenment.

The secret, priceless knowledge of God and  Mother Nature  is bestowed on him as  sheer Grace. Such a brave heart is flooded with God’s Light and Illumination and he is freed from all deficiencies, mental entrapment and delusion at last. His spine is bleached and purified by compassionate, chaste and ethical actions performed regularly for a very long period of time. And also actions like- meditation on God, pranayam, praying, peaceful and loving thoughts, compassion, friendship, mutual co-existence and charity. Such a refined soul does not err and falter anymore because by now all his actions are performed merely with the will of God alone. His actions are always offered to God as he surrenders willingly at his holy feet. His actions only reap calmness, goodness, love, joy and peace for himself and to others certainly. The Spirit shines forth and the quality of omnipresence is revived as he visits the abode of God within himself many times in a day with the grace of God and Gurus. He is always protected by being under the shade and cover of his Guru’s armoured guardianship and shield.

His mind is calm and and nature serene and he is always attuned to God’s will as he is at higher levels of awareness, subtle learning and wider understanding and knowing. He is able to  see what is going to happen in future and can also peep in his and other people’s previous lives at God’s will. Such a person is empowered and brings about concrete changes in his environment and in people but very silently. He can also liberate others if it is the will of God with his unbreakable attuning and link with Divine Gurus. Such a soul is blessed by both- God and the Gurus. The obligation and debt of his body towards God and nature is at last paid up. The rest of his life is dedicated solely for God’s work, humanitarian acts of peaceful purposes. Blessed are such souls who on being liberated do not live and spend the remaining  life in isolation in caves and mountains for bliss and ecstasy but dedicate their lives uplifting other suffering souls in this crazy and chaotic world!!..

The liberated Ones

We cannot stop at this juncture my sweet child, please be a little more patient and try to know a bit more on this subject which is laden with mystery and intriguing secrecy. Please let me  reveal this to you as it is the will of God that I must tell you something also about the still higher evolved souls whom we call ‘Avatars’.

Who are Avatars?  What do they do? What are their characteristics? Where do they reside? 

Divine beings or Avatars are emancipated souls and are at the pinnacle of evolution ladder. Divine Souls are those souls who are already liberated aeon back and do not have a physical body at the moment. They subsist on pure light and mere thought or ideational thought or sankalp and exist on seraphic planes  far, far away  from the earth. They are sometimes sent to the physical/material world for specific purposes from time to time by God or because of  an intense prayer of a devotee or because of the  call of crying souls who wish to be atoned and redeemed and released from the chain of ceaseless births.

Avatars are still present there in the celestial world in the highest spheres as mere Cosmic White Light and very subtle vibration of thought. They travel in the outer space at the speed of light and communicate with their comrades by thoughts only via intuition. Though so far away from the earthly plane, their perceptions are very, very acute and intense and they can hear the feeble whimpering voice of despondent or needy souls. They are capable of travelling from one plane to another with ease, though they prefer the celestial sphere for their meditative, peaceful and blissful state of existence.

They are always totally committed to world peace, uplifting of humanity at large, preservation of the planet and its environment and also preserving the sacred knowledge of God-realization and our sacred scriptures. And stopping the evil forces from annihilating, stopping them from thwarting the peace processes initiated by countries in conflict and zonal wars, punishing the terrorists, mercenaries and the mass killers. (Ref-Peace- the quality of our soul) Apart from liberating the suffering souls individually from their centuries old ignorance and somnambulist existence, they work either alone or in a group quietly and still wish to remain in shrouded secrecy from public gaze. Though they do not reside in their physical encasement, they operate from the outer world and communicate with other souls in the physical world via sixth sense, telepathic communion, intuition and very subtle yet powerful thought power. They also show the way, direct, guide and take them by hand by mysteriously hinting  the scientists by planting ideas, suggestions and answers in their minds  in the field of Aero and space, science and agricultural researches and developments for humanitarian and world welfare causes. Their silent and unknown work goes on continually for reforms and evolutionary progress of our planet.

Such personages are very thoughtful, caring and loving in nature. The Divine souls love to meditate deeply for long hours on God, consider love and peace to be the highest attributes and qualities of man. When we attune our mind with such awakened souls, they give us samadhan or solutions, ideas through perceptions and thought waves. They preach love in this world which is the essence of all religions. They pray for peace for our earth as well for our Cosmic Universe. They come forward immediately and operate from their plane to meet exigencies like natural disasters and catastrophes on our planet. They all very much rejoice on their celestial plane when a soul is finally liberated on earth. In the astral world such an event is celebrated with joy and much gaiety. When the newly liberated soul reaches the astral world after dropping his physical case on the Earth, he is given a warm and hearty welcome because of vigorous and determined attempts and onslaughts endured by the individual to redeem himself.

Isn’t it incredible to know so much about the other existing subtle worlds in our Universe and the liberated souls living out there and also to learn that we are not struggling alone in our mighty endeavours?? Someone is there to take away some of our heavy baggage  hanging on our shoulders and give us some respite at least?

So, my dear child, do not wonder why are there so many weird people? And why should I be nice to others while what we receive from them is not good at all. No, dear. Be good to all because we all are the children of one God. When we do good to others, we do good to ourselves.

When we perform unbiased, unselfish and loving acts, we redeem our souls. When we think of God and his blissful nature, we are only trying to emulate Him and thereby changing our destiny by transforming our ordinary consciousness to Divine Consciousness!  

So love God, bring Him very, very close to your heart and always remember that He is there with you forever, watching over you silently and hearing every tiny little whisper of your tender heart and its agony! He has the ear to hear even the feeble whimper of an ant who is climbing on the wall striving hard to reach the top! You just have to call out his Holy Name with all your soul and pure heart and you shall be liberated!!

One has to really wish for oneself, have a very, very deep and earnest desire to liberate itself only then salvation is possible!

Today is 20th of May, 2009 and it is your birthday. A very, very happy and auspicious birthday to you, my beloved child. I pray to God this day that on every birthday you find yourself standing on higher and higher steps of spiritual progress and advancement and joyful awakening. May God bless you, Mandira. May we not only celebrate your birthday, may we CELEBRATE LIFE!!

Mahavatar Babaji

Once again, let me from deep within my heart and innermost soul thank the source, origin and inspiration of this beautiful collection of reminiscence to the Divine Guru, our Param Guru, His Holiness  Shri Mahavatar Babaji, the immortal Soul, the ever youthful and everlasting Spirit residing secretly in the mountains of mighty Himalayas, far away from the eyes of the world and its gaze, seen and visible only to a few. Mandira, you are a gift to me from Him because He saved my life and brought me back from the clutches of untimely death before you were born years ago. In a vision in the hospital bed while I was about to die, He revived me by infusing life-force back into me. Though I did not recognize who this Mahatma in orange clothes and flowing hair was then, I had the opportunity of the fortunate beginning of a long spiritual journey with Him and good luck of his Divine darshan while recuperating. He foretold me in a very  mysterious way in a dreamlike state of subtle vision about your arrival in future. If you really see we both are alive because of His Grace and mercy!! We owe our lives to the Holy Master! How can we ever thank Him enough for everything that He has done for all His ashirwad and Kripa on us? Words can never suffice.

This blog with the theme ‘Celebrate Life’ is offered at His Lotus Feet as a remembrance and devotion to our beloved Mahavatar Babaji. My sincere heartfelt prayer to Him on this special day and hour that his kripa and blessings  be always there on me and all of us and the whole world family, now and always.

May God bless us all! May God give us peace, joy, health, mental happiness and spiritual progress too.

Om Namo Bhagwate! Om Namo Bhagwate! Om Namo Bhagwate!!

(Chant this mantra repeatedly silently or aloud for a long time for releasing your soul from all the chains and bondages of the mind and its long, lingering ignorance)…

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‘Shreyas karmas’ are the ones which are difficult to perform and not very pleasant in the initial stages but are highly beneficial for us in future. While ‘Preyas karmas’ are those karmas which are very pleasing and enjoyable in the beginning but produce ill effects in future in long term.

The beneficial or ‘Shreyas karmas’ are advantageous, benign, health giving and have positive and wholesome effect in our lives. They give peace, longevity and abundance. So perform only positive actions. But this path of selective good actions is sometimes long and arduous. Our feet get tired, we lose hope and courage, we find ourselves alone with no companion, people ridicule us as majority of them do not validate our views, and finally we see that there is no energy left in us to walk up the steep hill.

But do you know my lovable child, that you should never give up  your ambition because our aim is very blessed and unselfish. Our motives very pure and therefore God provides us help in accomplishing our benign goals. Although the greedy and selfish man also works hard to achieve his goals and selfish intentions, but God never provides him any encouragement or support.

God provides help only to his sweet children by giving them ‘shakti’ or force in their minds by planting thoughts of determination, fortitude, discrimination, goodness and self-belief to continue walking on the rocky path of God-realization. Whoever makes attempts to redeem, purify and wants benediction, God promotes and backs up every little effort of ours so that we  make consistent and considerable progress for atonement, self discovery and God realization.

God is non-doer, a silent spectator and is responsible for nothing that we do. We are responsible for whatever actions we take whether  physical or mental or otherwise. But when you invoke God by the perfume of your virtuous acts, He blesses you like a Father to a son for your good acts and supplants fatigue with good energies, high spirit, a fine intellect and extraordinary physical and mental energies to cover up the gaps when we take giant strides to make our spirit blossom.

But those people who harbour evil thoughts, jealousy, anger and shrewdness, they all live in hell. They emit a foul smell as they have a very small heart. Such people slowly become lazy in nature, they do not get success in their goals and their mind gets constricted. They fall and regress and further regress on the ladder of human evolution.

Now there is one question which may crop up in our mind in the process of salvaging ourselves. Which actions should we chose from so many possibilities as sometimes our mind gets blurred? There is always a choice that we have to make and we do not know what is right for us? What is the criteria of selection?

 We should only choose to do those karmas which will raise our soul higher, which will produce enthusiasm and zest in our lives and which will make our life a blissful paradise.

What sort of life should we lead to enable us to do the right actions?

Our life must be simple, it should have sweetness. It should have love in abundance. Our life should be brimming with devotion, love and goodness for all!!

A few lines in Hindi are flowing spontaneously at this point in my mind summarizing the topic of all the three posts. I hope you will appreciate my small effort in expressing myself what I wish to say. It goes something like this..,

Agar atma prakash karna chhate ho to shubh, hitkari, swarthheen karam karo.

Nishkam karam mukti ka dwar hai, rasta hai.

Nishkam karam man ko shanti deta hai.

Nishkam karam-bandhan se mukti deta hai.

Nishkam karam do dilo ko jodta hai. Raag, bhaye ko door bhagata hai.

Nishkam karam punyai ka ambar lagata.

Nishkam karam se Arjun ko Krishna mil jata hai.

The translation in English.

If you wish to have Divine Illumination, then perform beneficial, selfless actions.

Selfless acts are the door to salvation, is the path of salvation.

Selfless acts give peace of mind.

Selfless acts free us from the bondage of results of our actions.

Selfless acts join two hearts. It eliminates anger and fear.

Selfless acts add to your treasure trove of virtuous acts.

With selfless acts, Arjuna (devotee) finds his beloved Lord Krishna (God)

Please refer the last post for more description and explanation)


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