How to have lasting peace within our hearts-I?

August 13, 2009

Earlier I was asked to express myself and write something about my beautiful inward journey by revered and holy Master Mahavatar Babaji. It is because of Him that I have resumed writing on my blog with the same zeal, conviction and self-belief. It is their prasad that is being distributed  to all readers, seekers, devotees, pilgrims and aspiring souls through the medium of this blog. But unlike last time, the posts are not addressed to my daughter but are for all the readers who visit my blog, those who are interested in uplifting their dormant souls, for those who are treading on the path of self discovery and for those also who are about to realize God in this very life.

And let me also tell you that all the readers of this blog are my companions, my co-travellers or yatris and I wish to build a relation of friendship and mutual respect. Therefore, express yourself without hesitation, talk to me, ask questions so that we can tread on this path with feelings of  mutual support, help, admiration and brotherhood.

There will be 2 posts publishing every month on Ist and I5th and they will be addressed to you starting on this very auspicious day of Sri Krishna Jayanti or Janamashtami, the special day on which we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. The upcoming posts are going to be a little advanced in nature  and substance so it is requested that you please go over each post many times. Although there will be only 2 posts every month, please do read books and study material on similar topics for comprehensive understanding by other thinkers, saints, philosophers and writers on such topics.

The series of the following posts have been named  ‘The Door to Heaven’ (segment B) and the articles should be read accordingly keeping the theme of the title in mind.

The Door to heaven opens when you have peace, profound peace,  peace that comes from deep within yourself. There is a place, a spot in the centre, at the heart centre which is the receptacle and fountain of sustainable peace. Become aware of that!

Now imagine this. When there is a rainfall, if  the rain drops fall in a deep vessel little by little the vessel fills up. That is possible only if we allow the water  to  collect, that it does  get accumulated. Once accumulated it can be stored or else the rain water goes to waste if we do not keep the vessel in the open area for water to stand. Similarly, peace when procured with deep connection with your inner self stays with you.

Collect and store godly peace within you in your heart and make it last!

And please know and realize that peace generated with a shallow and impure mind is artificial and does not sustain for long.

Hold on to your enduring peace!

Now aren’t the temples of deities and Gods kept clean and very neat? And so should be our minds. But what if there exists impurity of mind?

What is this  impurity of mind? Where does it come from? How to get rid of our impure thoughts?

Impure thoughts come from ‘vasanas’. Vasanas are the fixed tendencies of past performed karmas whose impact is still lingering and they make our mind cloudy. Vasanas are like the glass shield around us, although things are transparent and visible to us from our side  but we are cut off from the outer world. They shield the mind from the thought and glory of God. So in spite of our meritorious karmas, God is still  far away from us. We have sanskaras of many past  lives and in our near last or last life, the main aim of spirituality is to tear away the very thin film, the jelly like transparent film over our mind to break free and experience God without any obstruction. This is possible only when we take refuge in God after surrendering the remaining traces of existing egoism or false self completely.

Vasanas are the chains of  bondage for salvation of our true Self or Spirit. They give us rebirth and delusion and the soul may again get lost in the mire and web of cycles of recurring life and death  because of them.

Vasanas are desires, very subtle egoism, so subtle that one can never see them present in oneself, leave alone discard them consciously. It can manifest as stubbornness, considering one self to be absolutely right and intelligent, rejecting other people’s views and ideas, their will and wish, suppressing others and overlooking other people’s feelings and emotional needs. Or desires of material objects like money, fame, land, house, clothes, food and other such sensory objects.

Proper guidance is required to re-mould the whole thought process for removal of lingering vasanas with only love and supreme devotion towards the Almighty, which give us detachment from worldly cravings and not by willful exertion or pressure of any type. The mind should be re-trained gradually to seek joy and satisfaction in peace prevailing within, which is the real source of happiness. Lasting peace is obtained from the source within.

The vasanas buried very deep within are the last remaining seeds of very subtle ego of the ‘jeeva’ or the individual self which separates it from ‘Brahma’ our strotra or origin of existence.

Pray to God for their extinction immediately. Pray now!

When self-realization dawns on the seeker or ‘shishya’, the layers of the vasanas automatically dry up one by one with the kripa or grace of the holy spiritual masters because of our faith in them. New karmas of ego-less nature should be constructed and the joy of liberation should be sought now and here.

There are many munis, rishis and maharishis in the past who could not realize God in its full glory and magnificence as they had erred because of their vasanas or very sublime ego which went unacknowledged. Sometimes their shishyas or disciples have succeeded while their  masters have erred. Unless complete  mastery over the mind is not attained by containing oneself with God’s peace and bliss, the mind is tied to the sensory world, one cannot attain ‘Brahma Gyan’ or the sacred knowledge of the true Self. The rishis and others may have been able to describe Brahma very beautifully in verse, rhyme or metre stoically,  but the very subtle realization of Atman did not dawn on them sadly!

Brahma chetna– Consciousness of the Supreme cannot come even if one writes books after books on Brahma. It comes with the enlightenment and illumination of the Spirit when the Divine Light falls on us with Guru Kripa, only then are we blessed with Brahma darshan. God realization is different from explanation and description of God in theory and words verbally.

Finally, one has to submit and surrender one’s egoism completely at God’s sacred feet  without which  salvation is virtually impossible.

Till the end, purification of our mind has to be done and that too on a regular basis for all the conscious sadhaks because of the pervading impurities in our environment. Impurities of thoughts are like the unseen dust particles that float around us which we inhale. Likewise, the people around us have impure minds, their ignorance is contagious and very infectious. The vibrations of unholy people enter us and stick to us like a thick layer of fine dust and dirt. It needs washing and cleaning regularly by means of good and holy company or satsanga, introspection, reading spiritual books, keeping positive environment and remembrance of god in thoughts and deeds through meditation and service to others.

What should the disciple do when he realizes and acknowledges the existing vasanas or very old patterns of habits? How can he get rid of them now?

By helping himself with his own efforts, he should change himself by giving up those vasanas and surrender his ego. The journey starts when you want to begin or initiate the effort, no one else can do it for us, so let’s do it now.

What should the disciple do when he loses his enduring peace?

He should immediately disconnect himself from the source of agitation which is in his mind or outer environment, focus on his breathe to quieten his mind and plunge inside in the deep ocean of infinite peace!!!

Conclusion-Disconnect your mind from the ever changing, ever fleeting world from time to time and take a journey inside to attain lasting peace by freeing your soul from the restlessness of the transitory world. There is a very deep reservoir of never- ending joyful, rejuvenating and recharging peace within all of us. That kind of peace comes from only God. And God is peace!!!

Hari Om tatsat!  

(To be concluded)