How to cope up with waves of mental distractions-I?

October 1, 2009

Holy Bhagwat Geeta is a song divine, the nectar of God churned after the torrid war of Mahabharat fought at Kurukshetra millenniums ago in India. It is gift of God to humanity to find the path leading to self control, mind and body discipline, devotion and self- realization. It is an ocean of wisdom for it is a book containing the highest esoteric principles. It is the essence of all Vedas, the sea of knowledge. Rishi Ved Vyasa has composed this timeless jewel.

Bhagwat Geeta’s language oh! so sweet and lucid yet the thoughts so profound that they exhibit and reveal new facets of Truth every time one attempts to read or listen to it. Therefore it remains ever-fresh, young and ever new! The Geeta scripture should be intently studied. After reading the text, its meaning, ideas, concepts, ideals and precepts should be gathered and held in mind till it percolates and is absorbed fully and ingrained in the psyche.

There was a time when my interest in this exclusive scripture was aroused and I read it many times in the past. Each verse is so full of education that is becomes imperative to be brought into practice in our daily life. Out of so many, for us some verses are favourites whose essence should be remembered throughout as they will serve as a beacon or torch of light in normal as well as difficult days in our lives. The essence and its daily practice is the key.

I have recently started to read this book once again to understand it better. During the last week although I was reading a few verses of Bhagwad Geeta carefully and trying to follow its principles, one fine evening unsuspectingly I was overwhelmed by a spate of gloomy and lonely thoughts. When I was at work, my mind would want to finish that task quickly so that I could go on to next frantically. I was also thinking of some relatives in the family more than usual. Whenever I was alone, a shooting pain would jolt me unbidden and a few drops of tears would fill up my eyes. This happened many times and I continued to hold myself back from further sliding. I was unable to retain my joyful nature and equanimity and slowly my mind nose-dived into a whirl pool of gloomy waters! My heart became heavy with some kind of unknown, unbearable weight and I could tolerate it no more. All this lingered for a few days and when I knew on one late evening that it was time for me to get out of that kind of pitiable frame of mind and salvage myself as soon as possible, I went in my room and sat in a comfortable posture on my bed, cross legged and closed my eyes.

I tried to uplift and alleviate myself by the process of prayerful meditation and tried very hard to know and stop what was troubling me so much. I pacified myself with counter positive thoughts and self-inquiry but to no avail. When my self-help techniques failed me, I opened my drawer and took out my rudraksh mala, my rosary, and began to repeat the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ with dedication. Chanting of this powerful mantra had its own effect as was visible to me in just a few moments. The uneasiness and anxiety began to dissipate and fritter away and I regained some of my calm and comfort. The heaviness began to recede and my mind got connected to Shri Mahavatar Babaji, the immortal divine being and my Param Guru. He is extremely receptive to his disciples’ bidding, cry or call and is very prompt to respond to their earnest needs. Immediately his imperceptible presence surfaced in my mind as he responded to my silent request to God for mitigating the unbearable suffering that I was undergoing. A quick interlocking of our minds and his magic began to cast a spell on me! I became very light and felt absolutely free from all mental troubles.  And in no time, as unbidden, a curious sense of tranquillity and relief came to replace the pain.

The omniscient Guru instinctively comprehended my problem and the complex issues involved with it completely. He is possessed with so many unusual incomprehensible yogic powers that we can never even imagine leave alone understand them. As he is able to peep into our many previous lives as well many lives of future with great ease, his counsel and advice is always perfect. Obviously, it never misses the point. The Master’s vision is so very far- sighted and extremely subtle and awe inspiring in nature. He pinpointed out to me that since the past 3 to 4 days my subconscious mind was ruffled because it is engaged primarily with the minds of some people who are remembering me. Although they are benefiting from it as they are receiving very healthy and beneficial vibrations while I am being depleted in energy and wellness because of their low levels of consciousness. No wonder I was feeling exhausted and out of focus, I just realized. He asked me to disconnect my mind immediately from them and fix it on Him. After doing what was asked of me, I was resurrected and instantly re-vitalized.

He made me understand a commendable piece of knowledge when He said this to me, “It is good to think of bygone happy times of your life but if you repeatedly remember it thereby creating sadness and melancholy for yourself, why think of it at all? What is the purpose of it

If your mind is not constructive in either planning for future activities or on thoughts of God realization, then you are sure to afflict yourself. A yogi neither thinks too much about his past nor does he worry and anticipate about tomorrow. This is wondering of mind. Put your mind into joyful, constructive activities and re-join your mind on God thoughts. The mind must have enough courage in itself to break the flow of redundant and repetitive thoughts so that it can receive and harvest uninterrupted flow of soul-realization and thoughts of Divine, your true companion and soul-mate!”

I was further counselled by my revered Guru,

“A yogi should always keep his mind intact on God alone, even though he does not retain people in his mind, yet the other people do attune their minds to yours sturdily and compel you to think of them with compulsion. The yogi must be clever enough to know and become conscious regarding this subtle invasion from outside and become vigil for future. Or else losing of liveliness and vigour is inevitable.

At this juncture, I made up my mind that in future I will restrain and be in charge of my mind and not be a victim of some outside invasions by unknown factors. I then implored and asked Him what should I write in my article as I had no creative ideas or imagination whatsoever nowadays because of mental fatigue. I could no longer push myself forward and required a helping hand. So He told me to read Bhagwad Geeta. I accepted his advice humbly without any drop of doubt or reluctance.

And just then, in a flash I recollected a dream that I saw in the early hours of morning about a year ago, when I and Babaji were walking up the stairs in a white house and my mind would get distracted again and once again and how Babaji would give me a helping hand (Ref- What is the purpose of my life?) Everything started falling in place in my translucent mind after it became sparky again by His Grace. In all humility I knelt down in my heart as a token of gratitude, reverence and thanksgiving. My mind was like a bright sunny morning and there was brightness everywhere. I sat in the same posture for quite long until I don’t know when. After that I read the Geeta and I was able to understand it so much better. I read chapter 6 with full attention and wish to quote just 3 verses out of them. I used to read them with great curiosity and interest in the past also and I still get very inspired by them.

Chapter 6


Yoyam  yogastvaya  proktah  samyen  madhusudan  I

Atsyaaham  n a  pashyami chanchaltwastithim  sthirim  II 33

Arjuna said, Krishna, owing to restlessness of mind, I do not perceive the stability of this Yoga in the form of equanimity which you have just spoken of.

 Chanchalam  hi  manah  Krishna  pramathi  balvaddridham I

Tasyaham  nigraham  manye  vayoriv  sudushkaram  II 34

For Krishna, the mind is very unsteady, turbulent, tenacious and powerful; I consider it as difficult to control as the wind.

 Sri Bhagwanuvach

Asanshaya  mahabhaho  mano durnigraham  chalam  I

Abhyasen  tu  Kaunteya  vairagyen  ch  grihute II 35

Sri Bhagwan said: The mind is restless no doubt, and difficult to curb, Arjuna; but it can be brought under control by repeated practice of meditation for mind control and by the exercise of act of dispassion, O son of Kunti.

The following day when I was resting in the afternoon when the house and the whole surrounding was very still and quiet, very deep peace entered me. My whole house was radiating Divine Peace and for some time I was completely immersed in illuminating thoughts and peaceful vibrations. I was resting in my bed with complete sense of relaxation when a flash of Light struck me in the space between my eyebrows which then gently spread all over my eyes and head and I uttered, “I am Light, I am Joy, I am Ananda”

(To be continued)