Part A

Dear readers, this post on expanding our consciousness is an extension of the last series of three posts on Super Consciousness. Apart from raising our levels, we must also try to expand our consciousness to wider horizons. If you recall, so far we have discussed the progression of a soul from throat chakra, vishuddha chakra to the crown chakra, the center of Super Consciousness, our Atma. Now we are going to discuss broadly the remaining chakras, our energy centres thus completing the whole cycle.

On the night of 22nd Jan, I was endowed with a life altering experience during meditation. The meditation was dynamic, elucidating and it increased my  awareness and widened my consciousness to a great extent.  Prior to this unexpected experience, I was desperate and was trying to sleep on time so that I could be energized in the morning and make a sketch of my next post. So I quickly sat down to meditate in my room thus bringing an end to my normal day.  As I was even preparing, I saw that I was overflowing with abundant love and peace and was unable to contain myself. As I was soaked in peace and complete relaxation of mind and body, I could hardly keep my eyes open by then.  I saw myself covered by a blanket of godly love on a pleasant and chilly night. Impatient to connect to my inner source, I immediately began my meditation by saying a prayer. The power of love and peace in me was so excruciating that no time was lost and I began to connect and then…

Sublime thoughts and feelings were coming in my mind and I saw myself praying for the salvation and upliftment of those souls who have faith in God and have a desire to evolve themselves. I prayed to God that His children who are making an effort sincerely should be blessed with triumph and success. I requested God to give them his love and peace and that they too realize Him and become free from all shackles of bondage. May his children also do tapasya, penance and search out and see God in the form they desire as God appears in any form depending on the kind of devotion and faith placed in him. I became somber at this point when a spontaneous request flowed from my heart in that hour of devotion, “God, please give them what you have given me; dear God please bless them with your divine presence in their hearts.”

With peace falling gently all over me and touching every pore of my being, I retired in bed longing for a quick transition from the state of wakefulness to restful peace in the form of sleep. I was certain that sleep will not evade me tonight and I shall wake up at the crack of the day when the first bird greets me near my window. As soon as I closed my eyes to sleep, almost instantly my body became very loose and I disconnected with the chord that attaches the soul with the physical body and I reached a different plane instead. I happened to see a galore of white light in full beam  before my closed eyes. It was milky white in colour and it felt so light then, so very pure in its divine presence. I was enclosed and fully covered by this white light and was absolutely dazzled by its brightness and luminosity. Prior to this time, I had not seen such a bright dazzling light during meditation or otherwise too. I was seeing only this white light present around me and nothing else for a few fleeting moments. And then the sight of light quickly vanished when light transformed into divine visions.

The vision that I had was this…

Before my inner eye, I saw myself walking upward on a path with Param Pujya, His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji. We were marching ahead  with very quick steps. I was not holding his hand as we stood there. It felt as though now I was  like a child who in enthusiasm and sheer joy wishes to walk all by himself. I saw Babaji keeping an eye over me standing in a corner while I took strides and was almost running up with great anticipation. Later, Babaji began to walk but ahead of me and I was trying to walk up fast to keep pace with him. On our way, there was a cluster of white clouds, but we walked past them. We did not stop and were walking upwards until we reached the regions of ether and space in the celestial skies.  I observed that there were no gross particles around us, therefore the movements were rapid. Everything was so light, very, very  light. We both were as though flying in the upper space till we reached the skies and  my thoughts were crystal clear during this time. We reached the uppermost levels of the sky very quickly. And all that I am describing here was awesome and truly incredible!

The place that we reached now was filled with bright golden light. The tremendous rays were looking exactly like the rays of the Sun but were golden in colour, they were brilliant. They were present in every space possible and were immensely dazzling. A few of these golden rays started falling over my face and then entered my eyes,  in the corners, below the eyelids, around the eye ball and behind the eyeballs…. I saw them reaching in the right eye and I felt the warm sensation and tingling. They were tender and very soothing. Somehow the brightness of the Light was so glaring that I contracted and squished my eyes since I had never seen so much light before, and that too of this intensity and luminosity. I turned to Babaji who was standing on my left side and told him, “Even if I burn off or die here, I will not go down again. I will never ever again go on the earth and I will stay here forever.” As I was speaking these words, I was simultaneously exerting  all my force into my legs so that I could stand there firmly and not budge under the Light of many Suns!!

Babaji gave me an enigmatic smile.  I repeated myself by reiterating that I will not go down now from this level. Even while I was saying this, like a spike plunging downwards, I went down but instantly bounced back with full force and stood firmly on my legs once again. I looked upto Babaji for his reaction and waited anxiously. We both stood there for a few fleeting moments in the same state when all of a sudden he notified me, “Na, na, we cannot stay here any longer. You are not permitted. You have only this much punyas, good karmas and you cannot stay here any longer.” So we quickly rushed down and as we came just a level below this celestial sky,  we came to the sky of the deities, the sixth sky. The light at this level was was not very intense and it was very pale blue in colour, almost white in colour. I saw a few rays of light scattering around in that place and it is here that I saw a huge black Shivlinga which aroused feelings of devotion in me. At this juncture, Babaji questioned me, “Do you remember this?” I answered in the negative. “You have seen it, try to recall,” he prompted. I tried my best but could not recall when I saw the black Shivlinga. As my memory did not respond, therefore Babaji stimulated my memory as he opened an utterly unknown page of my past. Now this was quite startling as well intriguing as things began to unfold one by one.

With great composure and serenity in his eyes, he began telling me, “When you were one and a half years old, one day when you were in your mother’s lap, you had the same vision of a black Shivlinga to which you made a heart filled prayer and pleaded, “God, may I never again sleep in the lap of ignorance”.


With Babaji’s limitless grace and boundless mercy, I could recall this incident quite vividly during the latter part of my meditation. I recollected that it was afternoon time and we were then living in a joint family and I was lying in my mother’s lap and she was putting me to sleep. Along with putting me to sleep, she was also talking to some  members of the family after completing her morning chores. I could also recollect how noisy it was then and what I was hearing was complete cacophony to my ears.  Instead of that, I wished to hear something nice and words that could raise my consciousness. I felt much suffocated living in an environment that was so grim and dark. All along I was refraining and I resisted the waves of ignorance being bombarded at me in early childhood.  I could that day see all this clearly when I regressed into my childhood.

If a soul defends strongly even when it is very young in age and resists accepting the ignorance of people around him or her, then he overcomes it  by rejecting it mentally. Some souls who are in a dream state, they initially resist and after a few attempts give up because the ignorance of all the people around them is overwhelming and too powerful to combat. From here on,  such souls  begin to accept and absorb the darkness  which is so prevalent in this world. The layers of darkness keep piling one after the other in our mind in this way if we do not reject it out rightly.

Now for the sadhak,  to remove the ignorance of many incarnations, first of all the earthly desires embedded in the muladhar chakra, the base chakra and swadhisthan chakra should be purified of past karmas. This area is  the seat of earthly ties and survival instincts. The passage between the lowermost chakra the muladhar chakra uptil navel is the place of earthly attachments. Majority of people live below the navel, in lower consciousness. By nature, the human being does not assess himself, instead he judges others harshly. But when he begins self assessment, he begins to rise and reaches the point of navel from the centres lying at the base. As mentioned in earlier posts, Manipur or solar plexus is the seat of aspiration, the seat of fire as well as power. If we move up gradually in our consciousness and reach this center, we begin to aspire and  raise ourselves from  lower consciousness to higher awareness.

The navel is the cross point in the body. Once the Kundalini Shakti is awakened, glimpses of lost memory of divinity is  awakened and a new journey starts from this point. Please refer articles on Kundalini Shakti, where explaination about smriti and vismriti  is given.

Heart Chakra or Anahat Chakra is the seat of love, forgiveness, compassion and mercy.  As the seeker progresses and moves up, his heart chakra opens. First of all, he learns forgiveness. Refined feelings of love, gratitude, mercy, compassion develop thereafter. After forgiving all the people of this as well as other lives, pure love originates in the heart. Forgiveness comes only after we realize our own mistakes and the harm caused to others voluntarily or involuntarily. Empathy generates forgiveness. The sadhak now lives and operates from this level of Consciousness if he keeps progressing by adopting various spiritual practices. Sadly, people mostly live on very basic level of existence and do not make efforts or strive hard to raise their consciousness from very gross to spiritual.

Part B

On the next day after the last post was published, I was taking some time off to rest and was going  through the post  mentally once more in order to absorb  it. The last series of three posts on Super Consciousness have been a phenomenal effort because so much of energy and time has gone in its conception, conceptualization and arranging them in a definite order. It is  sometimes difficult for me to say certain things or explain to others my spiritual experiences because words often fail me. Many a times, the inner experience is so wonderful that one would not like to dilute it by translating them in words.  

Well, at that time I was also wondering do I have to tell so much about my experiences to others? Is it not enough? Why should I not write a post that is about other saints and great illumined souls instead? Why me? As I was brooding over this, I again fell in a trance that afternoon and got disconnected with the physical body. In the transcendental stage, I saw a thick forest and a big river was flowing in a zigzag manner with a gush and a roar.

I reached the Himalayas and saw Gangotri and the white temple there and I also saw the thick foliage of evergreen trees on the nearby mountains. A voice began to talk to me telepathically, “ I am Ganga, my sacred waters give life to millions. Many years ago, when I used to flow, there were such lovely, beautiful dense forests growing where ever I flowed on my way. Today there are no forests and green jungles, but only concrete buildings. Uptil Haridwar, my water is still clean but after that it becomes despoiled. Do you know why? I replied, “No, I don’t know Ma.” She answered, “That’s because my water does not flow freely from there on, it becomes stagnant.”

I did namaskar to Ma Gange and tried to solve the riddle. Why did Ma Ganga tell me all this? What am I to do with this information. Am I not clean yet? These thoughts ran across my mind immediately. As I was struggling with myself…

Just then I saw a small white temple which had a spacious room with white walls. Inside the room was a big white idol of Lord Vishnu holding the conch shell, shankh and a mace in one hand and in another sudarshan chakra wearing a garland of white lilies and a few red roses. There was a beam of white light filtering in the temple from the left corner of a roof and slanting rays were falling on the idol of  Lord Vishnu thus making the visual so sacred and wonderful. It gave me immense joy to see such a  holy scene before my fortunate eyes. This was the first time I had a darshan of Vishnu Bhagwan. I felt extremely fortunate because Vishnu Sahastranaam is my favourite tribute to Lord Krishna.

I tried to connect these two visions occurring one after the other quickly but could not gather anything. My curiosity was immediately satisfied when in an instant the idol of Lord Vishnu vanished and in its place I saw Mahavatar Babaji standing there in his usual appearance. I was stupefied at the turn of events and the variety of scenes rolling out before my eyes like a slide show on the computer screen. Comprehending my problem, Babaji said, “Start the next post now. One’s Consciousness need not only be raised, it should also be widened and expanded.” He gave me a few examples of attachment, anger and greed that some people possesses around me and showed me the harmful  effects these vices have over their lives. A kind of snapshot ran through my mind and I instantly got a glimpse of the next post.

Do you remember the post of Super Consciousness-I in which I had told you that there are many Himalayan Yogis meditating and doing tapas in the caves out there? One day, in the morning when I was contemplating about this post, my mind got connected with one such ascetic living in the cave of Uttaranchal. He told me that he has been meditating there since the past thirteen years and has not come out of the cave ever since. The requirement of the sunshine is fulfilled by some Yogic Kriya and he is atoning his bad karmas of unkindness, ego and arrogance. He told me that attachment of a sadhu is worse than that of a householder. The sannyasi or sadhu has an ego which is undetectable by him and others as well and such a person has severe attachment to his monastery, disciples and his position. It takes a lot for them to accept that humility is superior to monk hood and that accepting other people and their views is a virtue. He himself had been arrogant and harsh when he was living in the normal world and with great difficulty has accepted his mistakes. Mahavatar Babaji’s supple guidance and unconditional love has changed him forever and he has realized the importance of unconditional love for all beings. “Those who are practicing Yoga, Pranayam or Kriya must try to look deeper inside themselves and seek Guru’s guidance in scraping off hidden subtle ego lurking inside them,” said he. I must admit that I am lucky  for this timely advice from an  ascetic sitting miles away whose advice I shall always remember and follow.

Today is 30.01.11,  5.00 pm.

Posting the last and the most important part of this article. Just got up from another dynamic meditation a while ago. I was waiting impatiently for the translation and explanation of Bhagwad Geeta’s verse 1 chapter 15 to come to me in meditation since a reader has asked me to explain it some days back. Well, just very few hours ago, I was praying unremittingly for the interpretation of this particular verse as indeed it is complicated and the meaning is difficult to understand. I requested God to explain the verse as different people interpret it differently and one gets to understand  just a part of the shloka and not the full thing.

As I was praying I had a vision of Lake Mansarovar and sacred Mountain Kailash and I saw its highest tip. Mt. Kailash heard my prayer, acknowledging that I was waiting for God’s response to write this post. It began to communicate with me and said that I am a blessed soul because God has heard my prayer. I should now raise my consciousness further up, from the tip of the Kailash Mountain and connect to the Highest skies and highest source- God. I also saw a Shree Yantra, a pyramid which I have and is a perfect representative and replica of Mount Kailash. One should meditate with this yantra if  possible. Today I meditated keeping this yantra with me as I was having  difficulty in concentrating. But eventually I was  able to connect and all of a sudden the answers to all my inquiry began to flow unrestrained! I only had to contain and absorb it.  I heard God speaking inside me and the Voice began to explain to me the sacred knowledge hidden within this verse in Bhagwad Geeta in the sacred hour. The Voice of God said-

“Bhagwad Geeta originated during the time of warfare and bloodshed when Arjun’s heart was filled with remorse and compassion as he did not want to kill anyone. He detested bloodshed and completely surrendered to God in spite of knowing that victory was his without any doubt because Krishna was with them. God was very pleased with Arjuna and responded and spoke to him through Krishna. Krishna became the medium through which God gave the eternal, shashwat knowledge to Arjuna. God’s responds unconditionally to sincere prayers and pure hearts.

The world or sansara  that we live in and see around us is eternal and the ignorance of man is also primitive and eternal since the first man was born many, many centuries ago. The physical world is temporary and illusory,  it is like a bubble in an ocean. The ocean is the Universal Self or God. God is eternal, limitless and infinite.

We are born here many times and every time we come here we are in a state of dream or sleep. When we dream, we are in delusion. Delusion can be broken when we attain knowledge of Self with self realization. For that we must go to an enlightened Guru who breaks our delusion and gives us the eternal knowledge of Self. The Vedas contain the knowledge of eternal Self. The knowledge of Self is also eternal like the world or sansara. We must acquire this knowledge.

The Guru takes mercy on us and shows us many of our important past incarnations that we have lived so far as a proof that indeed we have lived so many lives only dreaming and did not  know the Truth.

With constant help and guidance of the Guru, each and every cell of our brain is illumined with continuous spiritual practices and master’s touch over a good period of time.  Normally, humans use very little portion of the brain in a life time. As the dormant memory cells are recharged, we can do past life regression. We  get over with our very old unwanted tendencies and habits, and the memory of our Soul is kindled. Eventually, as we progress on our path, we  get enlightenment of the Soul once all the dormant cells are functional and used optimally after recharging them with Divine energy in the form of Light.

But the ignorant man’s brain is shut as the nerve cells are clogged with ignorance and dark particles. For the enlightened, God is eternal and always present while for the ignorant, the power of God is unknown and false power of self or ego is always prevalent. This is the main difference between the two categories of people.

The analogy of a Banyan Tree is used as a metaphor to explain this. It can be explained on two levels- body and mind. First on body level- the parts of a Banyan Tree can be compared to that of our body. The roots of the tree are the parts that hold it firmly to the ground. They are like our feet holding us firmly on the ground . The legs and trunk of the body are  comparable to the trunk of the tree. Our hands are compared to the branches. The canopy of the tree is the head of a human body and the roots dangling from the canopy are our matted hair.

On the second and higher level, we compare the upper part of the tree to the upper part of our body- the human brain. As explained just a little while ago, that the canopy of the tree looks similar to the brain of a man. It is similar in shape and anatomy. The leaves of the Banyan Tree are like the cells of the brain and the veins in the leaves are the nadis or veins in our body. The cells in the body have memory ingrained in them called smriti. As we live in this sansara  for too long, we forget God and believe the world to be real. This is vismriti  or forgetfulness of God.  Smriti and vismriti both are in the brain and the memory of God should be revived gradually with the eternal knowledge of Self or Atman with Guru’s guidance. Behind the memory or smriti is God. We must reach uptil here where the memory, smriti of our divinity is re-awakened. At the last stage of evolution, the remembrance of God is real, God is real, God’s personality real, God’s power and existence as real in contrast to the existence of our false ego.

And finally there is one more part of the interpretation of this shloka which when combined with all the explanations before makes it complete and final.

 Urdhva mulam adhah shakhamashwatham prahuravyayam I

Chandasi yasya parnani yastam veda sa vedavit II

Ashwattha is the other name of  Banyan Tree. Ashwattha means shashwat, that never endseternal.

There are two types of men in this world those who know and those who do not know- The gyani and agyani respectively. Majority of people come in this world without knowing who has created  them and this world  and get completely entangled in the maya jal the webmire of maya or delusion. They repeatedly come in this world because of their vasanas or desires for physical world and are therefore called ignorant and compared to an inverted Banyan Tree in this shloka.  The falling roots upside down are the roots of ignorance in the inverted tree. They are contrary to what they should be ideally and therefore the tree is shown upside down.

While the wise men, come in this world, do not get too entangled, go to a guru, take Vedic or esoteric knowledge from him, cut down the branches of their ignorance with an axe of wisdom and are compared with a Banyan Tree which stands firmly on its roots and is absolutely grounded. Those men who have knowledge of God are firmly grounded and do not get swayed with the storms of enticing maya.

In the end, God asked me,” Do you know that there is a Banyan Tree which is more than eight thousand years old? Have you seen it?” I thought for a moment and looked around every where mentally and thought of a few places. Actually I did not know that a tree can live up to eight thousand years, leave alone know one! God enlightened me, “There is one such Banyan Tree, the Boddhi tree in Lumbini under which Gautam Buddha attained prachand prakash intense light. It is the only tree which is so ancient. It is now 8,056.5 years old. Mahavatar Babaji can be compared to this Bodhi tree- so eternal, so timeless and so ancient. Such trees are never uprooted even in the strongest of wind, earthquakes or storms and are always strongly grounded. You are a very blessed soul because you are writing all this about him. Pay your homage and tribute to an ageless, timeless, immortal soul who has been living for more than 1,8oo years to serve my children.”

My dear friends, with my ceaseless gratefulness and boundless gratitude and devotion, I wrap up this post with a poem and offer both of them at the lotus feet of our beloved Mahavatar Babaji.

Babaji’s Lotus feet at his birth place, Peraingaipettai, Tamil Nadu

May his fragrance of wisdom, love and knowledge reach every human soul living on this earth!!

On the ghat of Ganga, Haridwar

Pani Bahata hai, jeevan bahata hai, manushya tharta hai.

Apne andar ki kitab kholo,

Khud ko jano, apne ko pahchano

Kisliye yahan aaye they, kya kar rahe ho?

Dukh kyon sahate ho jab swayam sukh ki khaan ho?


Andar ke taale tumhe jakadte hai,

Unhe guru se chabi lekar kholo,

Ganthe  swayam khulti jayaengi

Jab samarpan karte hai


Samarpan woh sachcha jisme

Bhavnaye sachchi ho

Man mei tarang sundar uthe to

Ishwar usey sweekar lete hai.


Mai bhi tumhara haath pakad loonga

Yadi tum chahoge

Pakadkar phir kabhi na chodunga

Jab tak dhyeya pura na saadh lo


Ek bar chu kar dekho

Andar kaun hai?

Kya kabhi mahsoos hota hai

Tumse pahele koi mojud hai?



Water flows, life flows but man stagnates.

Open the book which is inside you

Know thyself, recognize your true self

Why did you come here, what are you doing?

Why do you suffer when you are a treasure of  happiness?

The shackles inside arrest you

Release these chains with the key from the Master

The knots shall open on their own

When we surrender our self

Surrender that has sincere feelings

Is real and true,  and feelings which are true

Are hurriedly accepted by God.

I shall hold your hand

If you so wish

Once I hold, I shall never leave you

Until the goal is met.

For once, glance inside , touch and see

Who is inside you?

Have you ever once felt that

There is already someone present even before  you?

Revised and updated on 03-05-19


“My dear child, you have never questioned me and have followed all my instructions and requests with full conviction and faith. I have sent you to many places about which you knew nothing but you took my words as words of God”The state of Super consciousness-II

In the beginning of 2001, when I came here, I was battling to relocate myself in a new city and environment when a series of super normal experiences took place at home. Apart from handling relocation, I was also learning to survive the avalanche of personal, familial and health issues. Providentially, I was extremely alert during those days as I tried especially hard to overpower the concurrent hardships thrown at me unexpectedly. As the going got tougher, the inner efforts to rejoin and clutch on to the Supreme Power was intensified in me. I practiced meditation religiously at home whenever I could snatch some time apart from the fixed one in the morning and night. As the super normal faculties in me were unfolding and growing, I soon began to have visions of saints, holy and godly figures more so at night when I was alone. I did not recognize some of them and speculated who those souls were. But they persisted to occur in my dreams and periods of complete rest and calmness during the day. However, there was one prominent face with whom I could easily identify and recognized him immediately.

The arrival and presence of Shirdi Sai Baba was calm and serene whenever I saw him some times during my practice of yoga and meditation. From his recurring emergence, I comprehended that probably he was calling me to his samadhi at Shirdi for some reason, and so we made a trip in 2004 to pay our obeisance to the holy saint. I could only thank him for calling me to his abode and I remember even today that I only asked for one thing. I silently prayed there by saying, “Baba, God is very kind and gracious to me because he has given me a chance  to stand in your temple and I have come here to take your darshan. If you think it is right to ask, then, please grant me your blessings. Please give me good health so that I can find God within myself and bring an end to all my sorrows. I want to see God in myself. I want to solve my problems with the help and guidance of God alone. I wish to know why I am facing so many troubles all at one time. Make me and my family stronger; mentally and physically so that we can tide over the current difficult issues and problems. Bless me dear Baba that I learn the right technique of meditation, bless me that I can concentrate and I find the right teacher for all these things.  Sai Baba, help me to navigate my path, please.”

When we were coming back home, we drove under a beautiful blue, vast sky and the fresh air was so rejuvenating. There was no habitation anywhere as such except for a few occasional mud huts of the farmers in open outstretched fields. As we were in the middle of our journey enjoying the unspoiled nature and tranquility of the open space, all of a sudden my eyes fell upon a  nice, sheltered, cool and calm place full of trees and I persuaded my husband to stop the car there. I requested him and my daughter to comply because it was a good excuse to take some rest apart from satisfying my curiosity. As my pull was so irresistible, it was decided that we shall halt there but not for too long.

What I saw there was a feast for my eyes and a balm for fatigue to the body. My curious eyes saw a few very big Banyan Trees and I was attracted towards them as though they were calling me. In the previous few years as I have got more and more inclined towards spiritual matters and practices, I have become all the more fascinated by the Spiritual Tree or Banyan Tree. Though not spoken or expressed, I have been mesmerized by it since I don’t know when.  I have felt many a times that there is an old man in it who is pious, wise and is full of judicious knowledge watching the fleeting world and its chaos by being just an onlooker. Sometimes in early childhood, I have got a sensation while standing next to a big Banyan tree that there is an old wise spirit in it who is watching me and extending his hand over me as if blessing me. I remember something like this happening to me when I went to our village as a child long time ago. At other times, I have felt that the tree is a representative of our forefathers and if I water them, or plant some saplings I will obtain peace and their blessings. However, this is the first time I am letting out my random thoughts about my fascination about the Banyan Trees. In any case, the series of Super Consciousness posts have Banyan Trees as point of reference.

Very well, we move back again in time when I found a coppice full of Banyan Trees in wilderness. When I got a bit closer and walked up to the first tree, to my astonishment I saw many more huge Banyan trees behind the first. In fact, there were two symmetrical neat rows planted meticulously thus creating a definite path between them to walk on. I was pretty overwhelmed and wondered what kind of place is this and who must have grown so many Banyan Trees and that too very intriguingly they have all survived. I walked a little further on that path and approached one such Banyan Tree to take a picture and decided without forethought to quickly call upon God and pray while standing there. I prayed for our living and the dead,“ Dear Spiritual tree, please bless me , my family, our forefathers and the future generations to come. If we have committed any mistakes in the family now or before, please forgive us. Please may we all have longevity, good health, goodness and  prosperity. Whatever corrective measures need to be taken to amend and atone for the past mistakes committed by our forefathers, I shall do them.” I hoped in my heart that somehow my prayers should be granted so that there is peace and harmony in the family.  We left the wonderful place in about half an hour after strolling around the place and taking a few photos.

When I returned home, my curiosity was satisfied in time of meditation when I discovered that the neat rows of Banyan Trees were planted by a rishi kanya,* daughter of a sage many years ago. I was satisfied at last to know who the creator of such an exclusive and sacred place was and I left it at that. Once in a while I have been looking at these photos and have wondered how and why did we ever go there in the first place.

On 17th evening of this January, around 4.15 after I had a cup of tea, I decided to sit down calmly to contemplate by closing my eyes. I was thinking about what matter and content should be discussed this time in our post when….

I first of all saw a faint face of an old man who had long, thick, white beard and he was wearing white clothes. There was a bright aura of light around his face and his eyes were calm. He smiled lightly and introduced himself by saying that he was a rishi who used to live in that shady place where we stopped accidently on our way back from Shirdi. He told me that he used to live there 2,350 years ago and his lineage is of Agastya Muni. He had his gurukul, a school there and boys  from faraway places used to come to him to learn Vedic lessons and teachings. He had a daughter whom he helped grow many Banyan Trees at that spot so that she does not have pitra dosha  in future, debts of family. In order to avoid the harmful effects; and not to have to bear consequences of the wrong doings of the forefathers and past generations, she was made to grow a line of Banyan trees. She should live comfortably and in peace in her life. Consequently, he made her cultivate a ‘ Shanti vana’, the forest of peace!”

In August of 2004, at dawn before I woke up I had a vision in my dream. This is what it was  – that there were two Banyan trees standing side by side. The one on the right side was very big and was distributed while the tree standing to its left side was quite small in comparison. Some geeta shlokas were written on the bigger tree which were not legible since they were hazy. But there was one shloka written in between these two trees which I could read and comprehend. It was this-

Paritranya  sadhunam, vinashaya ch dushkritam I

 Dharmasansthapnarthayam sambhami yuge yuge II I  Ch IV verse 8

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna: To deliver the pious and holy, to destroy evil, and to establish Dharma, truth I shall manifest and appear in every era.

At that point of time, I could not interpret this dream. I assumed that I must probably read Bhagwat Geeta once again. So I picked it up and read it with devotion, particularly this verse and left it at that. In retrospection, now there emerges a very clear and definite co-relation between my past events and blogging as those experiences are being used to explain many things without which I could not explain complicated topics such as this one. So many people have no faith in debts due to our family called pitra dosha which brings complications and problems. We never knew that trees had spirits, or for that matter people who are no more would still help us in our ascension of Spirit like the sage. It is he who has confirmed that the people in our family who are no more or negligence of our parents, siblings and other relatives can spoil our good fortune and bring dissatisfaction, sickness or pure bad luck to us, more so if we are facing a bad patch in our lives!!

The old rishi *continued– “Babaji is God sent for all of you. He has mercy on every living creature. You are so very fortunate to be able to worship him in Pure state and Form in this life. This is your punya, good deeds. You have added many more punyas by asking for forgiveness for your clan. Babaji will manifest in you as light, knowledge, love and tapasya. Give all the fruit of your tapasya back to him so that he can use the tapafal, outcome of your spiritual efforts for the vridhi, escalation of satya, truth in this world. Babaji has blessed your past generations by accepting your forgiveness and their redemption through you. Your future generations will be pious, healthy, happy and prosperous and spiritual in nature. One day you will print and publish a book of this blog of articles by which the society of pious souls shall benefit and they will uplift their spirits. They will atone for their misgivings and they will get redemption from past and present wrongful karmas and they will surge ahead in spiritual evolution. You and your family will be healthy, prosperous and spiritual. All your desires will be fulfilled and peace shall prevail in your present and future lives to come. Preach to the world the power of love, co-operation and harmony. Where ever there is Dharma, truth, there is God, peace, prosperity and inner happiness. I bless all those people who read these articles with reverence and faith in Mahavatar Babaji, and they too shall be showered with spiritual happiness and satisfaction, good health and prosperity.”


Ultimate Divine realizations are for the brave hearts and not timid souls. The path of knowing Atma within oneself is a very long and consuming journey but the determined are unstoppable and will not rest till the top is reached.  My dear friends, if we compare this journey with the pilgrimage of tedious Kailash Mansarovar yatra, then we can divide our spiritual journey into three parts according to escalation and intensification. The three stages are low, medium and high. On the journey on this blog too, we were at low heights at segment A, then at medium height at B and now at segment C we are already on the higher level. Post 8 onwards, we have been moving up and up and have reached the top by now by touching upon very intricate and subtle issues such as delusion, mirage and Atma. At present we shall be introduced to what is mind or manas, prana,  ahankar –mind, vital life force and ego respectively, and types of ego, hurdles or doshas about which we have no idea and  finally how to release ourselves from the last remaining shreds of ego and desires. So be a little more attentive and focused as there will be lenghty explanation as we move forward from this point on.

In the last few months, I have been endowed with many wonderful gifts from Shri Mahavatr Babaji. He has educated me on many intricate metaphysical matters like-

What is Atma?

What is manas, mind?

What is prana?

How our ego is entrenched in our prana ?

 How is one born again?

How should one die?

How we can shape our coming lives?


How to recognize our lost dear ones?

Why we again meet many people from previous lives ?? etc…

To get a grasp of subtle unseen forces within us, we will have to first understand the following things-

Atman-There is a Universal, all pervading, infinite, immortal Power or Force which is all comprehensive. It is called Atman, Brahma or Ishawara. It is present in the form of light in all beings. It has no definite beginning or end hence is immortal. Atman can only be felt or experienced but cannot be described. Only a sacred soul can realize and know it. Those who do impure and profane acts can never know Atman, cannot even have belief and conviction of its existence. The glory, beauty, and praise of Atman should not be sung before the defiled and desecrated spirits.

Jeeva A fraction of the Universal Force is present in us and it is called jeeva or individual self or human self. The human has mainly two impurities or vikaar and they are desire and ego because of which he gets deluded and forgets and fails to remember God and consequently suffers from troubles, problems, unrest and unhappiness.

Manas or mind In every individual jeeva there is present  manas or loosely called mind. A fragment of the Universal light is present in the individual. Out of this fraction, a little portion of the Universal Force and Light is present in the manas or mind. The mind is shaped in accordance to type of actions performed by the individual. It is the manas that feels and perceives and it has its own light, dim or bright depending on the person. The manas also has its own power depending on how well we behave, think  and act. The type of actions performed by us is responsible for the type of force that enters our mind. It entirely depends on the quality and type of actions performed by the individual thus attracting either negative or positive forces.

The power in the mind predetermines a set direction and path and shapes the lives to come. Manas compels us to act in the first place and it is the mind that suffers. After death, the body disintegrates, not the manas. The mind leaves one body and sets on its path and travels according to the karmas performed. According to its desires and performed actions, the mind creates a new body and moves on from the point it has already covered.

The mind is so powerful that it is everything. It possesses the power of sankalp, ichcha shakti – will power and the power to initiate an action.It is only when we have a will that we do something, we change ourselves, we give a definite course of line and direction to our thoughts and life as a whole. It is because of our desire that we are born and we die only when we have a desire to die.

The mind has immense powers. It can travel anywhere (telepathy), it can hear far off sounds (clairvoyance) and if the mind determines and decides to do something, it begins to connect and tap the Universal Energy which is positive and accomplishes impossible feats.

Tendencies of self doubt, skepticism, lack of faith in God are innate in the mind. It is self doubt that separates us from our Atman. They should be discarded.

In Yoga, the first step is to control the mind’s flow and curb it with discipline, self control and obedience. Once the mind is restrained, its restlessness is contained. When we do bhakti or have devotion, the ego begins to fade away slowly and one loses the passion, attachment and longing for worldly desires and ultimately the human discards the ego entirely for the sake of  bathing in God’s bliss. His identity mingles with that of the all pervading power like the iron when melted in very  hot fire, melts  wholly after becoming red hot and is moulded in the shape which is desired.

The process of complete transformation is done and executed with the kripa of a guru. We must have full faith in ourselves and the Guru who completes the process of divinization for our good. The prana or vital life force is entwined intricately in the mind in a very subtle form and gives force and a concrete push to the mind. Desires give a shape to the mind and the prana give a direction. In the humans, this concept can be explained very well with this comparison and example as explained in the holy scriptures-  A blind man is unable to go forward as he cannot see and so is a lame man. The manas is the lame man and prana is the blind man. The mind is blind if there is no force of prana while the prana have movement, they have no direction. They can however walk together by helping each other. The mind acts as eyes and the prana as crutches when the duo walk together. Desires are the catalysts.

Meditation makes the force of the prana feeble in its seamless and unrestricted movements. It quietens its senseless roar and curbs its dangerous speed. If one meditates for a very long time, the death of the subtle, hidden desires on its own is absolutely certain. And the countless desires which are unborn yet; however very, very faint they may be; are destroyed by the guru as dreams during the time we sleep by his thought power or sankalp in the last phase.

When all the desires are completely dissolved and finished, Self Realization or Atma sakshatkar takes place naturally just like the day breaks and simultaneously night recedes. This journey is also of the ascension of the energy chakras beginning from throat chakra to third eye and eventually to crown chakra. In other words we begin from vishuddha chakra to agya and finally to brahmarandra. Vishuddha chakra is the center of mind or manas and is the first phase.  Agya Chakra is the center of breath or prana, the second phase  and finally the Brahmarandra – the center of Atma, our final desired destination.

A human being has three levels or degrees of ego or ahankar– gross, subtle and very subtle. If we translate it in Hindi it is sthool, sukshma and kaaran  respectively.  The individual must get rid of the ego completely till its last shred to free itself of maya or prakriti.

Sthool, Gross ego-This is my house, my building, my son….

Sukshma, Subtle ego -I am a gyani, knowledgable, I am sensible, intelligent, I know, I have understood everything. For such people further learning is impossible. People in this category love to hear their praise and find it difficult to handle criticism.

Kaaran- Ati sukshma ahankar, Extremely subtle ego -is entrenched in our breath.

It is due to very subtle ego that one believes that he is the doer and  experiencer or karta and bhokta.

The prana or breath have to be purified of this impurity. Doing kriya or attending spiritual discourses only accelerates the purification of the prana  but cannot destroy the very subtle ego completely. Prana can only be totally purified with the blessing of a saintly guru, Atmagyani guru on conditions of our surrendering completely and secondly if we have an intense desire to free ourselves from the suffering of recurring births and deaths.

These are two important preconditions if we wish to realize Atma. Please refer Why is Atman difficult to know ? once again to get a good understanding of this thought. By surrendering to the Guru, we cross vishuddha chakra, the throat chakra, the seat of manas or mind. It is the mind which stops one from submitting. When the pranas are completely purified, we cross the third eye centre or Agya Chakra about which explanation is given a little later.

When the Agya Chakra cleans completely, then the crown chakra begins to open gradually and the disciple begins to sense and experience Atman. There is a chief difference between understanding Atma intellectually and perceiving it. Atma cannot be ‘known’ but can be perceived within oneself. It is just a very subtle perception, a sensation of its presence inside, a conviction of its presence and a feeling of its existence beyond the senses and mental bodies. It is to be just felt. Atma can neither be explained to others nor can it be given in alms. It can be attained with the mercy of God; it can be conveyed and transferred from a Atmagyani guru to his disciple out of love. It is the selfless love of the guru which spontaneously flows to the disciple and flows as grace and benevolence. The Guru and the disciple both should be pure and selfless for this exchange.

As the prana become purified, our thoughts become pure and refined. Once the thoughts are purified, our actions become untainted, we become humble. Humility is achieved when the disciple crosses the last step of manas or mind. The pranas can be purified by worshipping the Atma gyani guru and not by maintaining silence or maun. If the disciple contemplates and thinks deeply on the guru for a long duration, his prana is purified completely whereas with pranayam the pranas are purified to a good extent. By purification is meant the eradication of the subtlest ego, the thought of doership and the existence of individual self-‘I”.

There are very subtle desires or vasanas clinging to the prana flowing inside us and those desires cannot be destroyed by one’s own efforts as they cannot be detected. If the disciple has immense admiration and adoration for his guru, if he worships him with his mind, body and soul, if the disciple immerses himself in the divine words of the guru, the seeds of the vasanas and unborn desires are destroyed. The brightness and light of divinity in the guru burns the vasanas of the sansara. The delusion of the jeeva that he is the doer and experiencer of the actions performed, vanishes in the knowledge of Atma given by the paramgyani guru. He offers the results and fruits of all his actions to the guru, in return he gets peace and spiritual joy.

The disciple acquires true humility after this stage of development as he has no unpleasant feelings for anybody and is unbiased and selfless. Once awakened, initially he sees everyone as ignorant and uninformed but at a little later stage, the yogi has compassion and mercy for the people who are in sleep state as he sympathizes with their suffering and wishes to improve their deplorable condition. At this stage maun or silence is actual and  proper otherwise in silence is hidden subtle ego which can erupt as a volcano in some circumstances.

Repeat the holy sound of Om, meditate on Om. Om is whole and complete in itself and shall give you wholeness. Om is Light itself.

Shwas+vasana=new birth, Or

Breath+ desires= new birth.

When manas or mind enters a new body as new birth, it carries with itself past vasanas or desires, fruits of all past karmas, sanskaras or tendencies of past karmas etc. This is known as pranadosha or corruption of pranas and because of this the prana of the disciple have to be purified to destroy all the past desires of the physical world experiences of all past lives. The desire to enjoy the physical world, the enjoyment of the pleasures derived out of the senses of material, the desire to relish the effects of the karmas done in the past by the jeeva is strongly embedded and hence the master cauterizes all the seed of the embedded desires to liberate him of unwanted and undesirable future consequences.

After the pranas are purified, they flow at a medium pace and the rhythm is tranquil. During meditation they slow down further and in sleep they are as good as negligent. In the absence of desires, in the absence of excitement created by desires, in the absence of mere thought of desires, the mind automatically flows in a calm rhythm and beat. When the mind and body become so calm, we are able to contemplate on Atma. Meditation on Atma, contemplation on Atma releases us from the clutches of repeated births and deaths and gives us mukti  or salvation. Therefore, the disciple must clear all debts and self- created desires.  To achieve the state of Atma or Super Consciousness, there are a few debts that one has to clear.

 At the last and final stage of God realization, there are three types of debts that we must clear before we can see God. They are pitra rin,  matri rin and guru rin .They are debts towards our father, mother and teachers. If unpaid, they act like hurdles, obstacles and difficulties in the form of lingering mental as well as physical weakness, sickness, poverty, loss of respect and a host of other related problems. We must repay them now by respecting and serving our parents, elderly people and all teachers, doing charity, social service, helping and feeding the poor and by doing other types of good deeds in order to free us from the doshas or deficiencies as explained above.

I am eternally grateful to my holy Master who has cleared all the obstacles, weaknesses and impurities and has shown me Light, given me knowledge to free myself. As usual, words are never enough to thank Babaji. What can I give him in return? I have only my love to offer him today as my heart is brimming with thankfulness, gratitude and humble silence.

I recall a classic composition of Sant Kabir, the poet- saint of medieval India belonging to bhakti movement. I present this composition as a token of my gratitude towards my holy Master.

Sant Kabir has praised his Guru who has realized Brahma and has described the transformation process of self mingling , assimilating and uniting with the Infinite. This is what he has to say:

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani

Payi amar nishani…


Kaag palat guru hansa kinhi, dini naam nishani

Hansa pahuche sukhsagar mei, mukti bhare jahan pani

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani…


Jal beech kumbh, kumbh beech jal, bahar bhitar pani

Niksyokumbh jal jal mei samai. Yeh gati virle jani

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani…


Hai Athah thah santan mei. Dariya lahar samani

Jeevar jaal dal ka karihe, jab meen pighal bahi pani

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani…


Anubhav ka gyan, ujjwalta ki vani, so hai akath kahani

Kahat Kabir gunge ki sena. Jin jani un mani

Hamare guru mile brahmagyani…



I have found a Brahmagyani Guru and

And got a gift of immortality…

My guru has changed me from crow to hansa (a bird equipped with the skill of separating water from milk) and given me the name of god.

I have been blessed with an ocean of divine happiness and now salvation is a small thing.

I have found a Brahmgyani guru……

There is an earthen pot in the river, there is water inside the pot.

There is water outside it. When the pot breaks, the water inside,

Mixes with the water outside, only rare people understand this

I have found a Brahmgyani guru……

The saints have a depthless depth in them, the wave shall mingle  in the waters of the ocean

How can a fisher man catch a fish which has dissolved in water?

Kabir says that this knowledge has come from experience,  speech is born out of purity, and the knowledge is endless.

The state that I have reached is indescribable, only those who know shall believe .


Me walking in Shanti Vana, forest of peace near Nasik.

Updating 02-02-2018

*Rishi kanya , daughter of a Sage. I went back to the same place where once upon a time I was the daughter of a Sage 2,350 years ago and my father made me grow ample Banyan trees to eradicate pitra dosha in advance for this incarnation so that I get moksha at a quicker pace.

** The old Rishi was Guruji Krishnananda  (Manasa Foundation) who was my father at that time years ago.

I have spent a few days in Delhi lately. There was a lot of greenery around and the house that I stayed in wore a deserted look once everyone living nearby went out to work.  There were no disturbing sounds in neighborhood as such and it was quiet during most of the day.  Moreover, there was a feeling of wellness and harmony in the atmosphere. On those days, my mind was very introverted and more often than not, I wished to either meditate or sit in solitude.

I completed the everyday work around a house on 18th Dec morning and sat down to meditate. Before long, I began to hear Buddhist chants in my inner ear. The pitch and tone of the chants were so nice and sacred to hear, very soothing and captivating to my heart.  I calmly listened to these chants and could visualize a monastery in the Himalayas in which some dedicated Buddhists monks with multiple beads in their necks were repeating the mantras feverishly before a lit lamp and fragrant incense sticks. As I listened attentively to the Buddhist mantras for a few minutes, the sound of Om began to reverberate in my ears and the chanting of mantras was leaving away. Soon after, the mantras stopped ringing and I heard the recurrence of the sacred sound of Om ringing continuously. The sound of Om made me very peaceful and it silenced my mind completely. The interminable thoughts became completely still in no time and I plunged in deep tranquility and peace. I sat in this state for quite some time when…

I called upon God to pray and I implored, “My sweet God, may I never lose sight of you, may I forever worship you, may I never lose your memory in me, and may I never stop praying to you. May my heart always bind with you and may I never get too entangled in this external world and please bless me God so that I forever think of you. May I always do natmastak, bow profoundly to you all the time, even while I am asleep.”

God quickly responded by murmuring these words of disclosure and good counsel, “Babaji is very humble like Gurla Mandhata. Do you recall the mountain Gurla Mandhata, standing majestically opposite sacred mountain Kailash on your pilgrimage?  It is always bowing at Kailash although it is bigger and taller than it. Mahavatar Babaji is like Gurla Mandhata- tall and majestic yet always so humble. Be like him. The spiritual horizon and the perceptions that you have experienced during the preceding days here is from agya chakra or third eye level. You have had experiences of Super Consciousness sometimes but you must stabilize in it. If you wish to go higher, then Babaji’s compassionate Grace will take you to the level of Gurla Mandhata or to the State of Super consciousness and perfect humility.”

Mt. Gurla Mandhata

I recalled my Kailash Mansarovar yatra when I saw Gurla Mandhata mountain. It is positioned right opposite Mt. Kailash and amusingly when I saw the mountain many times, I discovered that it had many moods and changing faces. We were informed by our group leader that the mythological story is that this mountain is a devotee of Mt. Kailash and that it is its desire to always prostrate humbly to holy Mt.Kailash, the holiest of all the mountains.

After knowing this, I prayed to Mahavatar Babaji- “Babaji, it is my most earnest and sincere pray to you in this sacred moment. Hey Prabho! Destroy all my sins and mistakes of all my past lives. May I never ever err, may I always only serve Ishwara, the Holy Lord! May I serve you all my life and in all coming lives too. May I spread your words and teachings. Remove my darkness, all my darkness for forever and forever!!

Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s merciful nature acknowledged and accepted my prayers in no time. A series of beautiful visions began to emerge before my eyes like an appeasing movie as I kept my eyes closed and sat comfortably for the time that flowed. What I saw was so benevolent, so magnificent that I feel I should share with all his devotees, followers and other readers too.

I envisioned Shri Babaji walking with very quick steps and in this way denoting the urgency of his expedition and importance of time’s utility. I was walking next to him and trying to catch up with him on a hilly ground. He looked very happy and enthusiastic that day or else he is somber and serene. He took me to a very beautiful place full of tall, green trees which resembled fir and deodar. The ambiance was of a thin forest with many trees growing on a mountain top. The shade of the trees was cooling and under it was situated a beautiful pond. It had many colorful lotus flowers floating in it. He took me to the divine pond where the atmosphere was saturated with divine purity and serenity and the place resembled and felt like a paradise.

Babaji went ahead and plucked one lotus flower, then another, then some more and then many more from the pond one by one. The petals had tiny drops of  water on them making them look all the more pure and sacred. The bunch of lotus looked so pretty in his arms and I was cheerful by looking at the lovely bouquet and the image of exuberant Babaji both at one place. Just then, while holding the flowers in his divine arms, Babaji took one white lotus and gave it to me. He looked at me as if waiting for me to express something. I didn’t. After a very short pause, he broke in a spell of mystic laughter and divine joy. He pulled out one purple lotus from his bundle and gave it to me in my hand. I held it in bewilderment and at the same time I was overjoyed at his kind gesture. Without waiting, he now gave me a pink lotus, then a yellow one and a few more one after the other. All the flowers from his arms were in mine by now and in utter amazement, I looked at the collection of heavenly lotuses piled up and was absolutely numb because events were occurring  at such rapid and unexpected ways. I stood there totally incomprehensible not knowing what to do or say to him.

He put up a question to me, “Do you know why I gave you the lotuses?” I hurriedly considered a lotus flower in Buddhism, as an emblem in many spiritual organizations, on books and sacred places but I did not know the present connotation and the co-relation. I did not reply.

He had a white lotus in his right hand and with a mysterious smile he said, “White is for purity and peace. Take this.” I now received a white lotus from him.

Babaji had a purple lotus in his hand after this. He asked me, “What is purple for?” I had no answer. “Tranquility”, he replied. “Take this.” I received a deep lavender lotus from his sacred hand.

After all this, he again asked me, “What is pink for?” I stood quietly and wished not to answer.

“Love. Take this lotus also. It is for you.”

“What is yellow for?” Now I gathered some courage and answered in humility. “I don’t know Babaji.” He looked pleased and smiled slightly from the corner of his mouth. He said, “Enlightenment, knowledge. Now take this yellow lotus also.”

In the next moment, an unanticipated development took place. Babaji burst out laughing loudly like an ecstatic yogi and began to dance throwing his hands up in the air, turned his neck round and round and sang with merriment and ecstasy. He then said, “I have given you peace, love, joy, ananda, tranquility and transcendental knowledge to give to this world. I am spreading these virtues through your web log on the net in modern times in this world. From now onward, more and more people will read and receive these gifts of God from you. My idea of spreading God’s love and peace is successful, is successful, is successful. Then he circled round and round like an intoxicated saint singing and chanting God’s holy name. He resembled Chaitanya Mahaprabhu singing and chanting God’s holy name while diving in celestial bliss.

Understanding by now that it was an auspicious moment granted by God, I did not want to lose the golden opportunity of a very sacred hour. I realized that I would be obliged and my prayers would be surely answered. Therefore I pleaded, “Holy Babaji, I pray to you at this moment and hour, please bless me that I never ever make any mistakes in my present and forthcoming lives. May I always remember God. May my memory of God forever be revitalized and it should never be erased or corrupted. May I always do God’s service, may I always do your work and may I always spread your divine fragrance through your words and teachings.”

Babaji smiled at me softly and with overflowing love said very sweetly, “My sweet child, Babaji becomes pleased with devotion, with love, with sacrifice, with service.   I am pleased with those devotees who have a keen desire for seeking God and serving Him. I fulfill all such desires. And those people who do not have this desire yet, they should instill purity, devotion and love in their hearts. One day, they will also attain God. Once and for all purify your inner being, inner heart. And after cleaning, forever keep yourself in a pure state so that your future lives are pure, beautiful, worthy and for service of humanity. I love those who love God. Today, who so ever will wish for this desire, I shall grant and fulfill it.”

I chanted and thanked God throughout the days that followed for this wonderful blessing and love.

                                 Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

                                 Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

                                 Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya…

Since I have discovered Babaji, I have always wanted to know something about his personal life. It is because whatever little information that is available to public now through Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda or other books, the focus has always been on Babaji’s interaction with his devotees. Random communications, his counsel, advice to devotees are present in the books. Nothing is documented about his birth, birthplace or early child hood, personal life etc. Everything is mysterious about him because he leads a very secluded life and is extremely reclusive by nature. Ever since Babaji has come in my life, it has been my lingering desire to get to know him personally and to have an intimate bond and connection with him internally. I have longed to know what was his state of mind when he was born, what did he perceive as a child, what was his state and stage of enlightenment, how could he acquire the highest state in such a tender age and similar things. My compelling desire has made me visit Shri Badrinath temple many times and I have also visited a few places associated with Babaji’s life out of mere devotion and unshakeable faith in him. So many times, he has told me to visit some special place without my fully understanding its meaning and significance affecting my life-both personal and spiritual. It is only now that all the pilgrimages and visits to holy places undertaken in the past few years are bearing fruit and I can see a clear picture with his kind grace emerging out of all that.

Dear friends, today is 9th January and it is late evening. I have not yet compiled my article completely. I have been anxious in the last three to four days wondering about how the post should turn out to be, how should I wrap up since I only had the narration of my vision with me which you have just read. As the date of my submission of this post was nearing and I was completely blank, throughout the day I have prayed to God to tell me what should I write about Mahavatar Babaji.  It is not easy to discover or know much about him as he is very humble, shy and reclusive. I surrendered to God absolutely.  I meditated, prayed and pleaded. I sat on the sofa just below Babaji’s photo some time back and closed my eyes and remembered him with intensity and I expressed my desire, “Babaji, you are playing hide and seek with me. Until you relent, how can I tell the world who you were, where you were born, why did you incarnate and what was your mission in life at that time? My very dearest, my beloved Master, reveal thyself, reveal thyself, please reveal thyself… It is my very humble request to you please tell me something about your past and present lives so that my life’s mission is accomplished. If I am able to bring your devotees and your dear ones closer to you; if I can tell this world that there exists a great soul like you hidden from the public gaze and if I can help you in some minuscule measure in your worldwide mission of uplifting the humanity at large, then the purpose of my life is met. I wish for nothing, I want to know just about you.”

As I said these words, my body did not move or stir a bit. There were a few fleeting moments of absolute quietude. There was complete silence after I prayed to God and waited till Babaji responded to my earnest request. As I was sitting still, I saw an image of my own body in a meditative lotus posture in front of my shut eyes.  I saw a big white lotus flower with a yellow centre. The lotus flower was placed at the spot between my eyebrows and its white petals were in full bloom and spreading over my entire upper head. Its stem was placed on my spinal cord and coincided with it. Staring at the lotus flower I became all the more still and I immediately became peaceful like never before.

I gazed at this flower for a short while and basked in exclusive peaceful times. I don’t know how much time had lapsed but after that I perceived a medium-sized pink lotus placed on my heart chakra. The flower was open and I could feel my heart throbbing faintly as it remained there. By now I could see myself explicitly sitting in a perfect lotus posture with the white lotus on my head and the pink one on my heart. Two words flashed before me and I uttered, “Love and peace, I love divinity, I love God.”

A little later, the image and sound of Babaji’s divine words resonated when he made a prophesy, “In 2053, I will no longer remain in seclusion and shall come out in public in a world forum.” Lifting a book in his right arm he said, “This book will be a proof for the world to see what I tell you now.”

In an instant, the face of Shri Mahavatar Babaji emerged in me and he thus began to speak to me, “I was always born in India and in future also I shall take birth in India. It is a sacred and pious land. Since thousands of years, the sages and saints have done tapasya here whose positive rays are still imbued in the atmosphere. My last birth was one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-seven years ago.

I was born of a humble Brahmin priest in India in a fishermen’s village in today’s Tamilnadu’s coastal area. I was born in an enlightened state and I came for a specific purpose and mission. I brought along with me ** yoga, tapa, dharma, satya- unity with God, spiritual penance, righteousness and truth respectively.   You should also follow these virtues.

My father was a learned man and I heard the Vedic mantras being chanted when I was in my mother’s womb. I knew most of them by heart and wished to revive their lost meaning once I was born soon. The noise and clutter emanating out of the spiritual ignorance of people disturbed me and I had vowed in my mother’s womb that I shall try to eradicate that and awake people from deep slumber. I was aware of my time and place of birth and I had already chalked out my future plans to work for God. So I started very early and was already meditating in the womb! I was born with prayers on my lips and a mission as big as the earth in my mind. Therefore, I maintained silence all the time and hardly ever spoke!! Words are very confusing and create so much trouble. Speech is only good if used with humility and kindness. I hated wars because they create more problems than before and if peace is lost on earth, the proof of God as peace and love is lost. All human problems can be solved only through peace and love. Hatred culminates in ignorant hearts and should be shunned at all costs.

As it was not destined that I lead a life of a householder, I was kidnapped by a man from Kabul and sold for a pittance thus separating from my mother and father. The trader to whom I was sold in Kalkatta was a kindhearted man and he freed me. God directed me on a path that would forever change my life thenceforth. I saw a band of monks travelling and I discreetly joined them. As I was observing maun or silence even at the age of six, they did not think it fit to ask me any questions. I joined the band and reached Kashi, today’s Banaras. I visited Bodh Gaya and Lumbini during my very short stay there. As I was so attuned to the Vedic hyms and chants, I did not have to memorize them. Instead I saved a lot of time and used it for contemplation. Soon I began to give sermons and people came from far and wide to listen to me at a very young age of ten. One night, I decided to leave the place quietly as giving sermons to people was never my goal.

I took a boat from the shores of Kanya Kumari and reached Sri Lanka. The forests were very thick and the number of people much less then. I wanted to maintain uninterrupted silence for a few years so I hid myself in the thick forests of Katargama in Sri Lanka away from the noise and found an old Banyan Tree. I sat under it to meditate and did not move for days. Swami Kartikeyan blessed me. I sat near his place of samadhi and tapas.

Rishi Boganathar saw me in tapasya and gave me initiation in Sudarshan Kriya. The Sudarshan Kriya practiced now a days is a very simplified form of the original. Earlier Kriya was not practiced by the homemakers as its sanctity cannot be maintained by them. By practicing Kriya uninterruptedly, the need for food for the body became unnecessary. I mastered the art of living without food, sunshine, air and water for incessant days. The glory of divinity and victory over nature shone in the glow that was emanating out of me. The radiance and glow was many kilometers wide and could be seen by the rishis and munis in that area and those sitting in meditation in caves and hills. Maharishi Agastya was sent to me on the behest of God to give me more powers and siddhis as my workload in future would require me to use them as my tools in my endeavours to do the service of God.

Mahavatar Babaji meditating under a Banyan tree in Katargama. Behind him is Swami Kartikeyan.

I attained the highest state of acute enlightenment after mastering the highest kriya which I learnt from rishi Boganathar and Maharishi Agastya and since then I am engaged in carrying out the work of God. Though my body has become immortal, I shall shed it once my mission is accomplished.

With yogatapa, penance done with yoga, I have made my body incorruptible so that there are no hurdles of sickness and decay. The body degenerates in normal circumstances and as my mission is the spiritual evolution of humans and the progress in humans is very slow, I have accomplished a state where the body cannot decay or degenerate. All this was possible because of my intense Ichcha shakti.

Those people who are devoted to me, who pray to me with keen interest in serving others, to uplift themselves, I grant them boons. Their hurdles and struggles in life steadily vain, the family life becomes congenial, their health improves drastically and their mind begins to engage and gets occupied in spiritual practices and yoga with much interest. It is only and only the one with devotion who can attain me. Mei keval aur keval, keval sharaddha se prapt hota hun!!

Babaji began to explain to me in detail at this juncture about the pitfalls during evolution and progress of a human soul. He simplified and said- Poorva gyan  and vartmaan gyan.  When translated it means -Previous knowledge and Present Knowledge.

When born, every individual brings with him wisdom acquired by him from his previous lives. That is Previous knowledge or Purva Gyan. And Present knowledge or Vartaman gyan is the wisdom that we are acquiring in our present life.

The wisdom that we have carried forward in this life gets corrupted in the company of worldly, unwise, evil and lethargic people. By coming in constant companionship and interaction, we imbibe obtuseness, vices and impurities. So keep away from evil, vicious, greedy and immoral people. Benefit from the company of learned and wise. Enjoy silence and solitude.

Divulging about my soul he informed me – “When you were not born, you made such intense and compassionate prayers to God to free you from the bondage of your karmas from past life that God heard you after all, although it was not at all possible to even out or burn the effects of your humongous karmas in just one life. Because of your very intense Ichcha shakti to free yourself, there was so much power in your prayers that God gave you one chance to liberate yourself in this life. Although there were innumerable troubles, hardships and problems in the guise of hurdles, you did not relent and you overcame them. To be able to overcome so many hurdles, one must have strong sankalpa shakti and kriya shakti both. The force of the sanchit karmas is so much that it is comparable to the gushing and flooding of dam water. We must possess enough inner powers of ichcha shakti, sankalp shakti and kriya shakti to contain and cancel the force of our sanchit karmas. You have an irresistible desire to make use of your present life to serve others and therefore I have given you the seva or service of seekers and aspirants through  this weblog.

When all the sanchit karmas are exhausted and burnt, then one attains the state of Super Consciousness or Atma. It is the state of Brahma, the eternal truth, peace, harmony and bliss. Most of the sages and saints of today have themselves not reached the stage of third eye or agya chakra and they are advocating and teaching yoga to their disciples. But that is also alright, we must try to learn from everyone and move on.

Gurus who do not teach you dhyana,  dharana,  meditation and concentration respectively, they can never be able to take you to the state of samadhi and permanent bliss. Seekers who wish to reach and attain the highest must have a Param Gyani Guru or great master who shall liberate you from the consequences of karmas of all your past lives lived so far. And who has the potential of giving you a new lease of life full of happiness and serenity and a life of knowledge of Supreme Truth so that you never again create karmas of ignorance. Therefore, give up all unproductive activities and perform only valuable and positive activities, do not waste your time and make your life worthy and commendable. Add value to your life.”

Babaji again went back to tell me more about himself. He divulged about his tapas and intense spiritual practices done. “After the initiation of the highest level of Kriya, my body became unconquerable and invincible. My senses became extremely acute and I could no longer bear to hear the sound of clatter and any noisy words. Therefore, I decided to meditate in a place where there would be no disturbing sounds and I headed for the Himalayas on foot. I found a cave in a place where there was no human soul and I meditated in freezing climate without any cloth over me to test my abilities. Once assured, I offered all my accomplishments to God and asked him to now let me exit the world at the age of just fourteen! God’s answer was, “Give me this body; I shall use it for a purpose that no one has done before. I shall accomplish with it that no one has accomplished before.” I only bowed in front of that Divine Light and uttered, “It is yours.”

The samadhi state that I am in today is continuing for years and I shall relinquish this body once the cycle or kaal chakra of the kalyug changes to sat yuga- from the present age of machines to the age of truth and peace.

My dear child, you have never questioned me and have followed all my instructions and requests with full conviction and faith. I have sent you to many places about which you knew nothing but you took my words as words of God. I have sent you to my birth place and the places where I have meditated. The yantra made at my birth place is very sacred and you have seen it. It is the spot where I was born and the spot still emits great vibrations of ichcha shakti or the power of will. I had a very persistent and strong desire to help and salvage human beings. If you can concentrate on that spot, you will develop that same power within you.

And the two huge Banyan trees that you saw on the edge of the compound wall , they possess very great powers of sankalp shakti. To emancipate your soul, you must inculcate these special powers or else tamas or darkness envelops us and we bury ourselves in sunken depths of spiritual ignorance.”

Dear friends, Shri Mahavatar Babaji has inspired and encouraged all of us by saying these memorable words of eternal wisdom which I leave in the end, “So my dear children, awake, have mercy on yourself and enlighten yourself with the help of those souls who are never reluctant to salvage you and redeem your Spirits in Truth and eternity.   Hari Om Tatsat !

                    Hari Om  Tatsat!

                     Hari Om Tatsat!!”…

Forever in reverent thankfulness and gratitude for this blessed gift.  I gently bow once again with reverence to God, Shri Mahavatar Babaji and all my gurus for their kindness, compassion and love bestowed on me and you on this very sacred day.

Please note-This blog is structured as and stands on 4 pillars-** Yoga, Tapa, Dharma and Satya.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     (To be concluded)

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