Keeping in rhythm with the short month of February, this post is short and sweet. There are two parts nonetheless. One is today’s revelation and interpretation of my visions in meditation which took place about a week ago. The latter part is the description. When you co-relate, you will find that whatever I heard or saw in morning meditation of 22.2.11 was explained to me an hour ago. There was a gap between the vision and its decoding or unfolding. Hence there was no preparatory time for this article, it is extempore in nature. In spite of all this, there is a flow of thought and a connection between the two parts. Glimpses of divinity is almost blissful except in some exceptional occasions when the change over from bad to good, wickedness to divinity and from falsehood to truth takes place on this Earth. But after the transformation there is profound peace hidden somewhere and it comes at the appropriate time destined by God. As long as we have complete surrender and faith in God everything is alright, everything is sweet, joyous, beautiful and worth spending our time on!

Part –A

Afternoon meditation 28.02.11

“My dear children, this earth was created out of sheer divine love by Divine Father. In a moment of intense love out of his Thought, this Earth was created. Our Earth has all the elements, all the resources to sustain life for billions of years to come. This Earth also has waves of unlimited thoughts of people living here. These thoughts form a blanket over our planet and can be seen by the astral or divine eyes of the illumined souls in the uppermost regions of the celestial skies.

There are two types of thoughts that comprise this blanket- the good and positive thoughts which act as rays of positive energy and are helpful in sustaining this planet. The others are the contrary thoughts- they are negative and destructive thoughts which are an impediment in building, sustaining and maintaining the Earth. Whenever the negative rays exceed the positive rays, there is divine intervention from the celestial skies from the living divine souls who are ordained by God to maintain the balance of Dharma and Adharma– Truth and falsehood. The golden rays from the celestial skies fall on the Earth which are refracted and received at the spot where it was aimed at. When this happens, very slowly the wheel of dharma begins to rotate and spins till the balance is again restored.

In practical terms it means that when divine light falls in places where there is a lot of adharma, there may be sudden or violent changes which when allowed to happen create positive results in future. Bad elements are removed; new positive drastic changes take place on the earth; and truth, goodness and happiness restored.

We must be an instrument and a participant in such good moves in spite of mental fatigue, physical weariness and lack of vision. God is behind all this drama and we must attempt to achieve success in such endeavours.

Peace and love are two things without which this Earth cannot survive. So spread love and peace in every possible means and methods to create the ever joyous planet.

Mother Earth.

Photo courtesy Nishith


Morning meditation 21.2.11

Practiced concentration at third eye in the morning in spite of incessant noise and clatter in the surroundings. The clouds of unrest, confusion which were dancing in front of me some time ago retracted. With God’s grace, saw a wonderful rainbow and then divine light giving me a new high. The rays of golden light carried me in a trance and soothing joy with profuse peace covered me like a warm blanket. Immediately conversation with God began:

“Give happiness to all. Give joy to all”. I became a silent spectator when-

I saw the Earth in front of my eyes, it was like a globe. Slowly the globe became smaller and smaller and I began to grow in size, I became bigger and bigger till I became a spectator of this small earth. What I saw was quite amazing. I saw there was a dark cloud; grey, dark coloured thick layers kind of things over the globe. There was tension, disturbance and strife below the dark layers. When I looked up I saw the sky through which rays of golden Light were penetrating and were falling on the Earth. The face of many saints meditating in peace in the higher regions emerged in front of me.

As I was watching the galore of wonderful images unfolding before me, to my sweet surprise the golden rays then began to fall over my palms as I sat in a meditative posture. The light rays were coming from the sky and after falling on my palms, they began to fall over the face of the Earth thereby making me a channel. In a few moments on my own, my palms turned upward facing the ground and I could feel the high current flowing in my palms. I could see the rays coming from a very high source up above and in a beautiful moment of right thought and action, I willfully redirected those divine rays towards the Earth.

After doing this, the globe which I was seeing earlier which had dark clouds and dusty layers, became white.  The globe became whiter than before and also had spots of green. Like someone is able to transmit Reiki light from one medium to another, I too was transmuting divine rays on Earth and the positive vibrations created by such thoughts began to give me immense ananda. I saw white coloured waves floating around me like a mist when my lips began to pray out of gratitude and love for our Mother Earth-

“Oh my God! We all are your children and you our Father, our Mother, our Guardian and Protector. This Earth is our home and abode. Please bless all your children, may they all live long, may they all live in peace and joy, may they all live in prosperity and health.. Sarve bhavantu sukhina , sarvesantu nirmaya…..
……..May we all love each other; may we all help each other. Wherever there is darkness, give light, where there is hatred sow love there; where there is unrest plant sustained peace; where there is disease, give health and well being; where there is sorrow, give happiness to all.

May Life always be sustained on this planet Earth; may the Mother Earth yield green harvests year after year; may the rivers always be full of life giving water. God, may the air that we breathe be pure, may your children have a long life, may the trees too have a long life and may all the animals and plants continue to live on this Earth in joy and fearlessness. And may we get timely rains and God may all your children live on this planet in peace and joy.”

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti, shanti Om!”

Friends, you shall find the response to this prayer of mine and its interpretation in Part -A. It was Mother Earth who guided the flow and essence of this post just a while ago. With her immense grace, I was able to publish this post or else I was  at a complete loss until a few hours ago.


In today’s world where it is important to be a little egoistic, insensitive, to ignore people and be arrogant to become successful in practical life, how does one who wishes to remain humble, need to work around these properties and become successful, not famous but lead a life without violating other’s rights? Because where ever we go there is competition of a wrong sort and with humility it is difficult to win without “hurting” someone. Not everyone can go away from the world and gain spiritual excellence, especially not in today’s world, some have to lead a practical life and yet keep in sync with their spiritual journey.”

This is a question put up by one of the readers whose answer is here on the blog because I am aware that every seeker faces this predicament at some point and wishes to have clarity of thought so that he/she takes a firm stand and the future decisions are taken by them accordingly.

First of all, always remember whatever your destiny, it cannot be taken away by anyone. Be assured that whatever you are supposed to get shall come to you, nobody can block it or snatch it from you. Be contented in that. And whatever is our destiny it should be made our sadhana. Living our destiny is a kind of sacrament, a way in which we learn to live by the will of God and finally it is consecration to God. Knowing this, maintain  poise and serenity in all circumstances. Be at peace with yourself for all time.

If we have chosen a profession or chosen a life that is unconventional, do not be bothered or lose sleep over it. Almost everybody that you find around yourself will be competitive, insecure, will run after success and importance- take it for granted. It is because they do not know any other way of life. One should only compete with oneself just to excel by raising their standards and the bar of excellence. And the time that will be saved by not running after only success, importance and attention should be utilized to worship the omnipresent Guru and use that available extra time for increasing the intensity, duration and depth of your meditation. This is for the spiritual journey.

For the practical side, we as devotees and seekers should always be humble and kind to all, irrespective of their overt hostility, arrogance or any such negative feelings. Slowly, they will recognize and accept your actual good feelings and will go their own ways. In this way, we do not violate their rights because we are assured in ourselves that our share of good things like success and prosperity cannot be stopped from coming to us, no one can hinder that. Sometimes success in jobs and personal life does elude us, but we should be persistent in our endeavours because after our sincere efforts are offered at God’s altar, it is God who will bless us with auspicious results because He knows best. Nothing goes unnoticed in the eyes of God. In this way, we combine and balance the practical life as well as our spiritual life without any inner conflict or tensions of any kind. The result of all our actions should be decided and rewarded by God alone.

If any one of you still feels that the question has not been answered, then please feel free to ask once again.

As mentioned in the last post that the subsequent articles are going to be more like my spiritual diary, here are some of the potential revelations during my meditation periods. The experiences and descriptions are condensed in nature.



It was a very pleasant morning and as soon as I woke up, I was eagerly desirous to meditate so that I could once again lose myself and be one in the ocean of God’s endless flow of grace. The last few weeks have been full of rapid learning and like a child going to school and enthusiastically waiting for the teacher to arrive in the class, I sat to meditate on that day to have one peek, to sneak a quick look of the infinite which is  so irresistible and endearing. Therefore at the beginning of meditation, I requested God and pleaded- “God I want to know more about you, I want to come closer to you, bring me closer to you, more closer to you my Lord.”

Hearing my plea, God responded without delay when the effulgent Light cascaded on me and covered me completely. I basked in the morning sunshine as well as divine Light simultaneously in my room and rejoiced till the most inner core of my being. Such glorious moments of intense joy and ananda, such blissful moments, so much Light! Who would ever wish to come out of such embalming divine showers?!

God’s answer in words also trickled in very quietly, “I accept your sweet request and wish to give you more knowledge, very intense knowledge  prachand gyan (Refer last portion of  Expand your Consciousness-II)

“After Self realization there are three stages.  First there is shanti- peace, after shanti,  there is a stage of Divine sound-Om and after Om there is complete silence –shunya  or void, a complete thoughtless state.

I am going to tell you about one kind of meditation. This technique of meditation is for those who are pure in heart and faithful to God. After your meditation whatever you practice, do this kriya or action in order to attain indescribable peace.

(Meditation technique)

Visualize white Light on top of your head at the crown chakra. Let it remain there for some time or as much as you wish.

Bring this Light from your head to your shoulders. Feel the white Light on your shoulders, remain still. You will experience peace.

Bring down the Light from your shoulders to your spine and then to your root chakra. Let the Light remain there for some time.

The spine is a hollow tube which starts from the base and ends at the base of the neck. We will pass the divine Light in the hollow tube up and down many times.

(I did as was told to me and I saw the dancing particles of energy in my cerebrum after this exercise and the peace is lasting for days on)

Practice this and experience unalloyed peace within you.


Maharishi Agastya’s idol at Babaji’s temple. Courtesy-Rajeev

Maharishi Agastya’s blessed words of insight and ancient knowledge once more-

“Those souls who have been living in this universe for a very, very long time are a treasure and store house of earth’s as well as man’s history. Just imagine how much we have seen, how much we have known and imagine how many eras, epochs and time cycles we have witnessed.

(Refer last post those of you who have just come in to know more about this ancient sage and its reference here)

The time that was followed after the creation of the Earth, was very heavenly and delightful. There was no insufficiency or deficiency. Slowly, with time the population of humans increased and the trees were felled. The deterioration and destruction on the earth is due to human follies and lack of sight and vision.

Once Africa was very prosperous in vegetation and animal life but pride and arrogance combined with greed depleted its resources. There were more sins than virtuous acts committed. The more faith we have in God, the more gladness and happiness generated around. Whenever the sins of man exceed on this earth, God has to send a very luminous soul to re-establish Truth and Dharma called Avatar to remind us of the eternal knowledge and truth that advocates having compassion on all living beings, loving all, doing good to all and helping all men. Where ever there is a surge of wrongful acts, there is disturbance, remorse, unrest and disorder and people are in agony and pain. The luminous souls or Avatars as they are called incarnate and give their punyas or meritorious karmas to Mother Earth and that in return brings back peace, order, cheerfulness and love. Dharma or righteousness and Truth are re-established. If we also add something as our contribution towards this objective and mission of the Avatar or other realized souls and dharmatmas, then their workload shall be eased. The positive rays of Divine Light emitted by them generate peace, happiness, greenery and relaxation to the tensed minds on the Earth.

We must always remember our duties towards our country and to God. Family duties can also be somehow managed; it is not a big issue. When we work for God, our household and family responsibilities are taken care by God itself-

Sarvadharmanparityajaya mamekam sharanam vraja”

 ( These lines are from Bhagwad Geeta which I quote here)

Sarvadharmanparityajaya mamekam sharanam vraja I

Aham tva sarvapapebhoya mokshayishyami ma shuchaha II Ch 18 verse 66 Bhagwad Geeta

Translation-Resigning all your duties to Me, the all powerful and all supporting Lord, take refuge in Me alone, I shall absolve you of all sins, worry not.

At this point, a flash of Divine Light hit me in the third eye and the light spread inside and outside. It percolated in all the different sections of my body. After it spread, it dawned on me that-

Divine knowledge is eternal, it never changes although the world will change, people will come and go but the sacred knowledge will always remain the same. It is hence called Sanatan Dharma or Eternal Religion

(For more description read The Light of the world-Shri Mahavatar Babaji-II) Co-incidently this article was written exactly a year ago and they both are so closely linked!

Maharishi Agastya continued with his flow of divine words after giving me a glimpse of the sacred light and knowledge. He said,

“The human by nature is constricted and restricted; it likes dullness, timidity and obscurity. When he gets light in the form of wisdom, he does not accept it. Knowledge of God and Self is eternal and we must attempt to attain it. Knowledge is Light, with knowledge we get to see God.”


Mahavatar Babaji’s golden drops of divine words in meditation-

Incessant grace of revered His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji once more. He enlightened me by throwing so much light on areas which are out of purview of average human mind and my day became so much richer. He began by saying-

“What you are going to receive from me now is because of the good karmas of your many lives. This is ‘prasad,’ grace from god to you and you must share it with all.

After self-knowledge, a seeker transcends and attains three stages of further development, one by one if he has the will and desire to attain, ichcha shakti that is.

1st stage- After self realization, there is a stable state of sustaining peace. The mind’s agitation stops and one is calm most of the time.

2nd stage- The stage of Om. Continued sound of Om, which is divine sound is heard in meditation or otherwise by the meditator.

3rd stage-During meditation many times the culminating stage is also touched, the stage of thoughtlessness called shunya or void, a state of Pure being.

The meditator passes from one stage to another and after long practice of concentration and meditation and Guru’s grace, he stabilizes in one such stage and then shifts to the higher one. The mind and body have to be prepared and fine tuned for such higher stages. Right diet, enough sleep and regular exercise are of prime importance. Ayurvedic medicines such as Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari are good brain tonics. Foods such as amla, almonds, nuts, milk and milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables play a vital role in nourishing and recharging the nerve cells and channels (Refer Food and breath control)  Head and body massage with a nourishing and rejuvenating oil and aromatherapy are also helpful to a great extent and are supportive in creating a healthy well being.” He went further ahead by saying the what is mentioned in the oldest Vedas-the Rig Veda.

“When the Universe was not born, what was there?

Shunya- void, emptiness, nothing .

When the Universe was created, there was peace, tranquility, coolness and purity. Sound of Om reverberated in the atmosphere as there was so much tranquility. There were dense forests and thick vegetation. In thick vegetation, the sound of Om flows naturally. As excessive deforestation began, gradually the state of Om deteriorated and it came down to the first stage of shanti  or peaceful state. As and as the number of people increased, the forests were cut, rivers shrank or vanished, the ice from the snow mountains melted. Drastic changes took place on the Earth because of adharma or sinful ways of living.

In a world full of people, there is chaos and commotion in the atmosphere. The thoughts that float in the space clash with each other and it becomes harder to meditate upon God in modern world. The relentless noise of traffic, people and machines add to the disturbance in the atmosphere.

The Earth is a unit, one house, it is one. Do not think in terms of country or community, see the  Earth as one planet and think and see the planet as a whole, it is yours. At the moment, our Earth is passing through the lowest level where the rate of unrighteousness, sins, lust for money, greed in on the surge and increasing everyday. This trend should be reversed and we must make our planet greener, more peaceful and pious once again.”


Babaji concluded very beautifully when he took me to greater heights as he told me-

“Those who wish to soar higher and touch new heights should follow this blog and they will realize the power of God. There is road beyond self realization, the latter is a phase, a sojourn in the very long path of the pilgrimage and we need not stop here.

After we get to self realization, the second stage is of Knowledge of Atman which should be attained. The next stage of Cosmic Consciousness or Virat Swaroop is followed after knowing Atman. God is eternal, indestructible, know Him. Expand your thinking, limits and do good to yourself.

There are many depths and levels of peace. Profound peace, intense peace and limitless peace.

There are several levels of knowledge too. Move onward.

Reach the thoughtless state, the state of perfect perfection!

If you reach the state of shunya void, you will be able to unfold all the mysteries of nature.

There are several stages of bliss or ananda also. There is no limit or boundary for it.

Human is unable to attain great degree of perfection mainly because of his social commitments and obligations.  Break the barrier of all layers of ego. Free your mind from very old pattern of habits and sanskaras.

And don’t forget to pray and meditate regularly for the good of all- living as well as non- living beings.”

Dear readers, I bow and prostrate humbly at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mahavatar Babaji whose incessant flow of Grace is flowing and benefitting uncountable number of people spiritually and otherwise in so many ways. He is so merciful to have awakened us from deep slumber of so many earthly lives.

Babaji’s sacred feet at his temple. Courtesy Rajeev

           Hari Om Tatsat!    Hari Om Tatsat!   Hari Om Tatsat!


Updated on 07-05-19



Once the Spirit unfolds in us and you know Atma, there are three levels of aspiration and heights to accomplish after that. In accordance, there are three types of gyan or wisdom – Teevra gyan, Prachand gyan and Prabhutva gyan.  When we translate that, it means wisdom that is intense, very intense and most intense respectively.

As we trudge along our long journey, the posts are getting more and more advanced and engrossing. This post will touch upon three time periods- ancient, contemporary and the new age. We will talk about souls who are very ancient and primitive and are showing us Light through their knowledge and wisdom which they acquired millenniums of years ago. They are still around but in far-flung skies, on the uppermost planes and skies and preparing the modern age or Kaliyug to tilt towards Satya Yug by changing the quality of thoughts of masses from narrow to higher, from disillusion to Light, from selfish interests to selfless and philanthropic acts and in this way purifying the planet in a very slow but definite manner. Such highly evolved souls are very much concerned about rapid erosion of our green forests and extinction of animals, putrefaction of water and pollution of our environment. They want the planet green, cool and pure. This post is not aimed at ‘Green Drive’ but religion and spirituality both teach us that everything created by God is sacred and pious and therefore we must respect Nature. It is the impure thoughts and deeds of greedy and selfish people in political and social circles that are degrading our mother Earth at an alarming pace. If we realize that every thought thrown in the environment has an impact on us and our planet simultaneously, we shall be able to contribute in making the planet more peaceful, beautiful, clean and worth living.

I was startled when I heard about these inspiring views from none other than Maharishi Agastya and an ancient Banyan Tree in the Himalayas in the morning meditation on 22nd Jan’ 11. So far I have seen Mahavatar Babaji on a crusade to save our planet from its quick deterioration. But recently Maharishi Agastya also endorsed these valuable and sane views so that we can live in a greener, cooler and purer world. But more of that later.

It has been decided by me that from now onward, the following posts will be more like my personal diary, a journal in which I will have my selected spiritual experiences recorded. The diary is going to be my Guide; whenever I wish to recall and review my insights which I gained during my meditations, they will be available. And once in a while I will address you so that you know that we are at an important juncture during the narration. I recommend that you  please review the last post  where I had mentioned about an ancient Banyan Tree living since the past eight thousand plus years in the Himalayas. Get a larger picture by reading and connecting the previous posts with each other. The first timers please refer posts on Ichcha Shakti, sankalp shakti…in  The state of Super Consciousness-I. 

Part A

On one fine morning, before I was about to wake up, I had a vivid dream which I remember and recall accurately even today. Some dreams are hazy while some just wipe out even before we re-wind them to interpret their meaning. It so happened that a few years ago, we had to undertake some hard decisions to solve some of our problems when we were sailing in difficult waters. In that year 2003, on 16th Feb, I had a dream early morning which makes a lot of sense to me today. During those days, I was completely focused in learning some meditation techniques and was attempting the techniques devised by YSS guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. I was a learner then and found everything quite difficult because I had to orient and rotate my whole day accordingly in order to perform my spiritual aspirations.

I was gratified one morning when in a dream I saw that there was a State Transport bus in which there was a seat for three persons. On the window side was sitting Guruji, Paramhansa Yogananda, in the middle was Swami Shri Yukteshwarji and on the aisle seat I was seated. The bus was moving at a reasonable speed and we were driving on a breezy road which was spacious and had Palm trees on the divider. The road was quite long and we were about to reach a certain point. The scene changed at this juncture and the next part of the dream was that I was driving alone on a two wheeler on the same road and as I got little further ahead, I decide to a take a U- turn instead of going straight. As I take a complete about turn, I see an open ground where Swami Shri Yukteshwarji is teaching a game, something like a volley ball game to a large group of boys. I make up my mind and stop my vehicle and go to Swamiji. I bow to him, say something after which he enrolls me in his class  and I join the boys and begin to play with them.

I presumed at that time, that since I have come to YSS I am having a glimpse of the Swamis but I could never understand at that point the related significance and subsequently the consequences of the vision affecting my life in future.

Had I not taken those hard decisions during my time of severe trials, my life would have been a different story.  I would never have been blogging and telling you about prominent experiences of my spiritual journey undertaken so far. Had I not gone to YSS and learnt to meditate, I would not have been able to masterfully solve my complex problems and could  have never sorted out my life. The U turn in the dream has significance. We all have to take some hard decisions, more so in difficult times, if we have to change our life from what it is to what we want it to be. But just learning the technique is not enough, I discovered soon during my learning process. There are some more conditions applied in creating a new life divine. I put my hundred percent and was faithful to my daily practices and left the result of my sincerity and regularity as an offering to God.

I went to Vrindavan and Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna in May 2003 with my daughter after her graduation.  I had little time but had planned to see as much as possible in the available time. On the first day before we started our rounds to the main temple and spots linked to Krishna’s life, I sat down to meditate in the hotel room for just ten minutes. I used to find it difficult to follow my daily schedule in those days and was wondering if I was doing meditation correctly.  As I was talking to myself during meditation, I saw Paramhansa Yogananda’s very pleasant face as though he was really standing there and has heard me. He smiled at me thus making me comfortable and instructed  me what to do next. He retorted categorically and gave a specific instruction, “Increase the depth and duration of your meditation”. What he said to me years ago I have not forgotten. Rather, on the contrary his one line has made me ponder repeatedly and I am still trying to increase the depth and duration of my meditations as each day passes. Although I tried to obey those lines, there were many road blocks and other physical inabilities which I tried to overcome. In fact, I used to get so serious about making that line a reality that on many occasions I was also told by the Masters that I should not be tensed or worried about it as it takes quite some time to master the mind and make it behave properly! The mind’s wandering and agitation of the senses takes quite some time to diminish and be brought under control.

The problem is that in any case a lot of our time just flies away doing our normal survival activities.  Some of you may probably have the same dilemma because meditation is one such activity in which results are not in our hands and also one can’t evaluate oneself. It is only the guru who can assess and judge us. So do not give up hope and stay in your spiritual practices with dedication and patience. One day, the positive results shall blossom in incredible ways!!

In previous post, dated 30th Jan, 2011, there is one line in the very beginning in Part B section where I had mentioned that my meditation was dynamic on that day. I called it dynamic because something so very unusual happened during its course. As God was explaining to me the 1st verse of Bhagwad Geeta chapter 15, I was completely immersed in it and was drinking every drop of the celestial nectar of timeless wisdom. As the long meditation just got over on that unusual day, I wanted to take some rest to assimilate the wisdom; I was still reeling under its colossal impact. Hence, I rested on my bed on my right side with my right arm stretching out of the bed and my face facing the door. It was 4.22 pm when I looked at the time and I closed my eyes to rest a bit. In just a few seconds, I felt an unusual aura of peace in my vicinity and just after that the presence of Mahavatar Babaji on the threshold of my door. Initially I did not believe myself when I sensed his presence. I was elated but confused too. To have rest, I was relaxing my body when I heard him say inwardly, “Can you not see that I have come to you?” I did not still believe myself and presumed that because I have been so engaged with Babaji and the making of the post, that it must just be figment of my imagination. So I began to talk to myself and said, “No, no, it can’t be. I am too tired to concentrate again and focus my mind to connect with Babaji’s exceptional high wavelength. Anyway, why would Babaji come to me of all the people? I have a very long way to go. And in case he has really come, then he must just tell me what he intends to say even though I cannot fix my mind very sharply at this moment and I can’t see him with my eyes open.”

Now, at this instance, I saw two bright bands of colour- bright orange and yellow in front of my shut eyes. Babaji spoke the same thing twice further, “I am standing at your threshold, can you not see me?” Now I was on the alert and ready to act at this moment as it was not my misapprehension anymore I realized. I answered, “It must be  true that you are standing there but I cannot see you although my extended right hand is sensing your presence and divine energy. I guess you are standing at the threshold. Please hold my hand  Babaji, so that my arm absorbs your given message of your arrival and presence which I shall translate and interpret after I am fresh and energized. How can I ever lose this rarest opportunity? But I am too tired now because I have barely finished my last postand intense meditations.”

Ignoring my words, once again he quipped, “Do you remember the instance of Yukteshwar on the Ganga’s  Rai ghat when I went to visit him in Srirampur after he completed his book Holy Science?”  (Consult AOY chapter 36)

I could easily recollect the episode but I still could not fathom why all this was being reminded to me. I saw no connection at all. Finally he lay all my doubts at rest when he said, “You need more practice of concentration, fix your eyes on the central point between the eyebrows and remain like that as long as you can. You should concentrate at the third eye to control the wavering prana, the life force. Random thoughts keep pulling your mind from concentrating at one single point. To go higher up, one should be able to prolong the attention at kutastha, the spot between the two eyebrows which is the door to Heaven or the realms of Super Consciousness.

Next to the banyan tree at Rai ghat, Srirampur near Kolkatta where Mahavatar Babaji met Swami Sri Yukteshwaji

You cannot see me in my astral body because I am at a very high wave length of energy. To be able to commune with me for a longer duration, you should practice meditation in depth and duration.” I got my answer. He went on,

“The Banyan Tree in Lumbini will teach you more how to have strong will power and to be absolutely selfless in nature. If you have a very dynamic will power, you shall be able to expand your consciousness with each passing day. So practice meditation with a dynamic will and desire.”

At this time, I again saw a spectrum of colours- orange and yellow. Later, I came to know that on top of orange was a white band which I was unable to see. The significance of the spectrum was clarified by Maharishi Agastya after just a few days.mYou will find the interpretation of this spectrum of colours in the following text.

Part B        

On 2nd Feb 2011, after a while as I sat to meditate in the morning, I saw Rudra Prayag in the Himalayan Mountains and a small cave. It was here where we had halted twice on our forward and backward journey to Shri Badrinath on Char Dham Yatra in 2009 with a large group of pilgrims. The hotel where we were put up was very close to Agastya Muni temple and I was quite  interested to go there but it didn’t come to pass as the schedule was too tight. Nevertheless, I was very fascinated to discover that Agastya Muni perhaps came up till here probably to do penance. The same image emerged in meditation on that day of the the Agastya  temple from outside. And I had a glimpse of Agastya Muni. Though I could understand that Maharishi Agastya’s soul is close by but it was a puzzling state because normally I begin my meditation with a short prayer or words and thoughts of gratitude and I had not yet done that but  the revelations began so hastily. To tell you the truth, I was least prepared for his auspicious arrival.

Maharishi Agastya was dark in complexion, short, had long hair tied in a big knot over his back and had a bunch of ancient manuscripts on palm leaves in his right hand. This face matched with the other astral view I had of him in Rameshwar temple, most probably in 2004. After we had offered our offerings and prayers in the Shiva temple at Rameshwar, I sat down in the hall against a pillar away from people, almost hiding and I did japa on my rudraksh mala. I closed my eyes to avoid seeing anything and with intensity repeated the holy name in a vibrant and pious atmosphere. I wanted to repeat the name of God as much as possible as my stay in Rameshwar was short. With this thought and intention, I picked up my rosary and began chanting Om Namaha Shivaya mantra. After little bit of chanting, I soon saw a short and stout figure with white dhoti draped around his waist and pot belly, a sacred thread over his left shoulder, and hair tied in a big knot on the back. He came in the hall, folded his hands with devotion and bowed his head in obeisance to Lord Shiva and turned around and came and stood next to me. I was astounded because I had not invoked any sage whatsoever. But with this incidence, I only gathered that the souls of the great sages must be coming here in the early hours to take a darshan of Lord Shiva which is true about all holy places. But why I got to see him and what could be the intention, rather what good I must have done in the past to get a splendid moment like this, I wondered. I was incredibly baffled at his unexpected arrival. As if this was not enough, he came and sat next to me on the floor. When I felt the warmth and very faint sensation of his auric energy, I began to thank my good luck and good karmas for an occurrence like this.

Inwardly, I did pranam to him with awe and reverence. He blessed me by saying these words, “Yes, I am Agastya. I come here every day to pay my obeisance to Shankar Bhagwan, I am his devotee. Swami Nityananda (of Ganeshpuri) has sent you here to do penance. I knew you will come. Your prayashchit redemption is over. You are now clean. Now do tapasya, tapasya of body, mind and soul. Draupadi had full faith in Lord Krishna and he salvaged her honour and rescued her out of love. Out of sheer divine love between the two, Lord Krishna called Draupadi- Krishne. He gave his own name to her. You are asadharan  stree, a remarkable woman. You will attain success faster than others. Your devotion to Krishna is exemplary, others will follow you. Your success is due to your devotion and faith in Krishna. You have worshipped him in many incarnations. He will do your udhdhar, he will rescue you, give you salvation. And now let me clear your mystification. Bhagwan Rama came up till here and then crossed over the ocean to Lanka. I helped him in his penance and in winning the battle with the asura Ravana. Ramayan is not a myth but it is all true. Faithless people doubt in God’s presence. After you go from here, continue your sadhana without a break with full devotion and faith in God, you will succeed.”

This is one incident and…

About less than a year ago in Mumbai, I went to my sister’s house to pick her up as we had to go somewhere. She was in her room and asked me to wait in the sitting room as she was not ready yet. As I sat on the sofa with no one else in the house, I had nothing particular in my mind. I was only waiting to leave that place and complete my work. While I sat there, my mind was calm and there was no stirring what so ever.  On the sofa in front of me I had a quaint sight. I saw a dark complexioned, very small built Brahmin with knotted hair sitting in front of me quietly. He did not move or say anything to me. I immediately recognized him as Agastya Muni and  his demeanor was calm and quiet. I looked at him with awe and before anything happened, he vanished in thin air. I was quite surprised at this unusual sight and purposely kept quiet about it and in my heart I decided at that moment that I will revisit my unusual day and my astral meeting with a great sage of primitive India only once I reach my house!

Just then my sister came out of her room and sat on the side sofa and asked me,

“You know X is conducting hypnosis and past life regression in large groups these days. Yesterday he came to my house and he has told me that the energies of my house have changed from good to inferior and I should do something about it. And that Agastya Muni was my guru in one of my previous lives. Now who is this Agastya Muni? Have you heard about him?” All I said to her was that “He is a prominent rishi of the South and when I go to South India I see his photo many times. He is the same rishi who has predicted our future on palm leaves thousands of years back through nadi shastra, and you have visited one such astrologer many times.”

She was actually quite clueless and confused and we left it at that!

I had no problem in recognizing this great sage about whom I had mentioned if you can recall, in the post –How does one  know Atman? that Maharishi Agastya along with Mahavatar Babaji and Boganathar took Saurabh Samadhi after intense tapas in the forests and caves. When he came to me in his astral body to impart higher than usual spiritual wisdom during meditation in the morning of 2.2.11 this time, I at once offered my pranam in my heart without moving the body as it would have broken my communion with him. Very fluently and losing no time, he began to converse with me telepathically,

“I am Maharishi Agastya. I am not a muni. Muni is the one who does manan, thinking on the mind level. I am a Maharishi because I did shodhan, research on medicine, astrology, chemistry and spiritual sciences. I like to help those meditators who are trying sincerely. When one tries to salvage his soul, he is met by many unexpected trials and tribulations. Only the daunting souls can march ahead. The weak and anxious souls decide to either stagger or stop their journey. The trials of life should be taken as tapasya. I am doing tapas since the past seventy five thousand years.

“When you concentrate on the agya chakra, do not give attention to any sound or loud noise coming from outside and reverberating in your head. Stay fixed. Fix your gaze at that point as long as you can. The thoughts and images that are coming in your mind are not generated inside you. They are of the people who are either thinking of you or talking about you somewhere; discard them, they are absolutely unimportant.

Depth in meditation raises the level of Consciousness and duration widens the Consciousness.

For depth, one needs practice. With practice, concentration and meditation becomes deeper. By depth is meant reaching the highest realms of the celestial skies of ether and space. Connect your mind to the highest skies. There are seven skies, seven loks or worlds, seven chakras, seven colours in a rainbow, seven days in a week and seven levels of aspiration. Touch the seventh level of highest realization where one learns to identify himself with the Spirit and not the body!

Our soul is entrapped in the body. It is like a bird caught inside the cage where the soul is tormented and flutters in anguish to free itself to fly in the sky of freedom to meet its beloved, the Highest Consciousness or Supreme Self called Chetna Shakti.

Stone idol of Maharishi Agastya in the temple of Babaji at Peraingaipettai

The guru comes in our life to open the door of the cage so that we can escape the cringe and constriction of the imprisoned soul. The limit and boundary till we fly in the sky is decided by us. We can fly to either low, medium or the highest skies. All that depends on your Ichcha Shakti, your will to aspire and attain. Your vision with Babaji narrated in the preceding section denotes this. Your will to take leaps and strides was not in your destiny but you are taking because of your Ichcha Shakti. When Ichcha Shakti is prabal, that is intense, our own Atma helps us and catalysts the whole process of aspiring higher. You can be unstoppable if you wish to and cover distances which you couldn’t even comprehend let alone achieve them. If once your Consciousness is awakened, there is no stopping. So help yourself and others too. And I am protecting the birth place in Parangaipettai from nature’s calamities so that it does not get destroyed”.

Now strangely, Babaji had told me to visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha before I embarked on Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in July last year. I had planned my trip accordingly. But there were changes in the last hour and because of time crunch  Lumbini was cancelled. While posting the last many articles, I realized that all the recommended places which I have visited have some great significance in my life. Just try to recall the great Banyan Tree that is more than 8,000 plus years old about which I have mentioned in my last post? This is the huge religious Banyan Tree in Lumbini * with whom I connected on the same day after Maharishi Agastya illumined me. The day was 2.2.11. It was the same Tree that has explained to me many undisclosed spiritual laws. With God’s great mercy, the benevolent tree divulged his past background and history also. Here is his story in his own words –

“About 9,500 years back, I was a rishi, a sage in Nepal in the Himalayan Mountains. For many years, I did intensive physical, mental and spiritual tapasya penance to realize God. After I realized God I meditated and thought why did I not ask anything for others with the clout of my tapas? I wish I had asked something for others instead of myself !

As God is very quick in listening to sincere and unselfish prayers, I was  heard  instantly and God said to me with his caressing words, “Hey Munivar, I accept your heartfelt and sincere prayer. After about 7,000 years a very pious soul is going to incarnate on the Earth for the salvation of people. An extremely sacred place is required for deep realizations for this exclusive and extremely pious soul. Think and tell me about one such appropriate place which will be befitting for that soul. Where ever there is penance done should be appropriate.”*

I told God, “Kindly give me such a later life so that I can serve that pure and pious soul.”

With my will so very strong and the desire so uncompromising to do intense penance because of which I chose to be born as a Banyan Tree since it is only the Banyan Tree whose longevity is thousands of years!

I lived a long life of 100 years as a rishi and when the environment was conducive, my spirit entered a banyan tree in Lumbini. I waited for a very long time for Bhagwan Buddha to arrive. I made my long wait and hiatus my tapasya and sadhana. When Bhagwan Buddha was born, there was bright light on the land and I understood that my tapasya will soon yield result. One day I saw Gautam Buddha, he had a divine insight. While walking here, he himself came and sat under the banyan tree. When God’s dazzling Light fell on him, some of it fell on me too by which I got the consideration and returns of my intense tapas.

Gautam Buddha lived a long life of 93 years. He suffered a lot in mind and body so that even if not many, but just a few could be awakened in Spirit. There are only a handful people who truly love God. Typically, people come to God only to mitigate their sorrows and meet their needs and then they return to their lives and homes.

Mahavatar Babaji is also working selflessly and serving the humans so that their progress in Spirit is possible.

The evolution of human race is at an extremely slow pace. The reason of the slackened pace is their lack of desire. Only if the human being has an intense desire to free himself that it is possible to carry out such a vivid change. Nobody can stop us from unfolding our full potential. When satguru reveals us the Truth, we must follow it and practice every teaching with sincerity. Practice with regularity. Practice any technique or method but your goal must be the highest. Detect your aberrations, weakness and vices and relinquish them permanently.

One life is not enough for our progress. So complete the unfinished task in this life itself and create your next life so that your future life has only God, human service and love, peace and joy.

Pay attention to every word that is uttered by Mahavatar Babaji  who speaks in favour of your highest welfare and concern for the whole world. Co-operate and help him in making this earth peaceful, joyous, clean, green and prosperous in all natural resources. For it to materialize, have pure thoughts, do unselfish acts and dedicate this life for the sake of God. I bless you all, my children. Do good to others, do yagya of love. Babaji is a very, very pure soul. Help him in his global vision.”

This extraordinary spiritual experience made me very calm and totally satisfied and I was immersed in the enlightening words for the next few days that followed. My heart was inundated with gratitude for God because He has been so kind and merciful in revealing the hidden mysteries and laws of Spirit to us.

Stone idol of Mahavatar Babaji in the temple of his birth place depicting Babaji doing penance under a banyan tree in Katargama, Sri Lanka as a young lad.

Dear readers, on the next day, Babaji was as usual benevolent to decipher the vision of the spectrum of three colours- yellow, orange and white which I had seen and could not interpret. The compassionate Master admitted that indeed Maharishi Agastya was an ancient soul and has been doing tapas for more than 75,000 years. He then unfolded a greater mystery which left me contented and enriched for the next several days. He revealed that-

**”Light comes to us in the form of wisdom and knowledge. Try and attempt to have more and more of that. Expand your Consciousness and widen your spiritual knowledge. Give Light and wisdom to others.

Once the Spirit unfolds in us and you know Atma, there are three levels of aspiration and heights to accomplish after that. In accordance, there are three types of gyan or wisdom – Teevra gyan, Prachand gyan and Prabhutva gyan.  When we translate that, it means wisdom that is intense, very intense and most intense respectively.In between these three stages there are other sub -stages of spiritual and God’s wisdom. 

Now let’s look at the age of the Banyan Tree in Lumbini. It is very ancient and 8,500 years old. The wisdom given to us by this sacred and ancient tree is intense. It is called teevra gyan, intense wisdom as we call it.

Maharishi Agastya has done tapas for 75,000 years. He has wisdom and knowledge that is very intense- prachand gyan. What he has kindly bestowed on you all is prachand gyan.

My existence since my first birth and origin is some lakh years old. Hence my wisdom and spiritual knowledge is Prabhutva gyan which means extremely intense or blazing knowledge. Prabhutva gyan is rarest of rare and is attained with lakhs of years of tapas and is extremely exclusive.”

After this explanation, I was able to finally understand the meaning of the spectrum which I saw. It had yellow colour for Teevra gyan, orange colour  for Prachand gyan and white colour which was invisible to my eyes for Prabhutva gyan. As I could not see the white band Mahavatar Babaji therefore advised me to practice concentration and meditation even more now for increasing its depth and duration.


  •  The trials of life should be treated as tapasya, penance.
  • Do tapasya and offer the results to God.
  • Increase the depth and duration of your meditation
  • Depth in meditation raises the level of Consciousness and duration widens the Consciousness. 

Conclusion Knowledge coming from such ancient and timeless Seers and souls is proven and tested. Their ties with God is unbreakable because they have practiced the communion over thousands of years and hence their knowledge is flawless, reliable and worth trying and emulating. The other supposed mentors, saviors and saints are newly born ‘modern souls’ whose vasanas to earthly ties and enjoying the earthly pleasures are satisfied in the garb of spirituality. If you are a true seeker, then differentiate between real and imitation and focus only on your salvation, freedom and emancipation with the support and help from an immortal, timeless and eternal Spirit that resides in Shri Mahavatar Babaji. He knows the innermost feeling of every devotee and fulfills them on time. Since the time I came in contact with Babaji, I have been mesmerized by his personage and wondered time and time again as to how could a human being bring about such massive transformations in himself while living on earth? The very thought was mind boggling that someone has been living for almost two millennium just to serve others? Why would anyone do this I was baffled, and I used to think that if I could connect my mind with his Super Mind by Yoga, then all the riddles of metaphysical matters would be solved. I have considered this many a times in solitude and today with God’s immense grace and love for his children, some mysteries have been solved which were embedded in  my subconscious mind since several years.

With so much Light given to us, I now realize that  that there is no force anywhere in this universe that can dampen our spirits or stop our progression and ascent in unfolding our limitless hidden powers and realizations. The helping hand is always available, it is we who have to comprise the blazing desire to metamorphose and expand our mortal consciousness to Consciousness Supreme.

My dear friends, let’s pledge today that may we all contribute in our own ways  to help the great seers and enlightened Spirits in their  world wide mission of making our Universe more peaceful, holy and prosperous.

Hari Om Tatsat!  Hari Om Tatsat!  Hari Om Tatsat!


Updated on 04-05-19


It was much later when I was writing my autobiography in the month of May of 2018 that I knew the real meaning of the dream that I had with Swami Yukteshwarji. I learnt from Maharishi Markandey that it was Swami Sri Yukteshwar who put me under rigorous training and discipline the way he did to his foremost disciple Paramhansa Yogananda, but astrally.




*“Whenever some soul tries very hard to gain access into Spiritual depths with acute efforts first time on any part of Earth initially, that part is made sure of not getting defiled as God protects that place. On the same spot, some more aspirants are attracted and directed by God over a period of time and in the process the place becomes highly charged with spiritual energies. On such spots sparkling with pious energies, God someday inspires someone to make a temple of great importance.” Kashyap Maharishi


**And for all the other people, tell them this- Wherever there is light, there is Truth.



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