In today’s world where it is important to be a little egoistic, insensitive, to ignore people and be arrogant to become successful in practical life, how does one who wishes to remain humble, need to work around these properties and become successful, not famous but lead a life without violating other’s rights? Because where ever we go there is competition of a wrong sort and with humility it is difficult to win without “hurting” someone. Not everyone can go away from the world and gain spiritual excellence, especially not in today’s world, some have to lead a practical life and yet keep in sync with their spiritual journey.”

This is a question put up by one of the readers whose answer is here on the blog because I am aware that every seeker faces this predicament at some point and wishes to have clarity of thought so that he/she takes a firm stand and the future decisions are taken by them accordingly.

First of all, always remember whatever your destiny, it cannot be taken away by anyone. Be assured that whatever you are supposed to get shall come to you, nobody can block it or snatch it from you. Be contented in that. And whatever is our destiny it should be made our sadhana. Living our destiny is a kind of sacrament, a way in which we learn to live by the will of God and finally it is consecration to God. Knowing this, maintain  poise and serenity in all circumstances. Be at peace with yourself for all time.

If we have chosen a profession or chosen a life that is unconventional, do not be bothered or lose sleep over it. Almost everybody that you find around yourself will be competitive, insecure, will run after success and importance- take it for granted. It is because they do not know any other way of life. One should only compete with oneself just to excel by raising their standards and the bar of excellence. And the time that will be saved by not running after only success, importance and attention should be utilized to worship the omnipresent Guru and use that available extra time for increasing the intensity, duration and depth of your meditation. This is for the spiritual journey.

For the practical side, we as devotees and seekers should always be humble and kind to all, irrespective of their overt hostility, arrogance or any such negative feelings. Slowly, they will recognize and accept your actual good feelings and will go their own ways. In this way, we do not violate their rights because we are assured in ourselves that our share of good things like success and prosperity cannot be stopped from coming to us, no one can hinder that. Sometimes success in jobs and personal life does elude us, but we should be persistent in our endeavours because after our sincere efforts are offered at God’s altar, it is God who will bless us with auspicious results because He knows best. Nothing goes unnoticed in the eyes of God. In this way, we combine and balance the practical life as well as our spiritual life without any inner conflict or tensions of any kind. The result of all our actions should be decided and rewarded by God alone.

If any one of you still feels that the question has not been answered, then please feel free to ask once again.

As mentioned in the last post that the subsequent articles are going to be more like my spiritual diary, here are some of the potential revelations during my meditation periods. The experiences and descriptions are condensed in nature.



It was a very pleasant morning and as soon as I woke up, I was eagerly desirous to meditate so that I could once again lose myself and be one in the ocean of God’s endless flow of grace. The last few weeks have been full of rapid learning and like a child going to school and enthusiastically waiting for the teacher to arrive in the class, I sat to meditate on that day to have one peek, to sneak a quick look of the infinite which is  so irresistible and endearing. Therefore at the beginning of meditation, I requested God and pleaded- “God I want to know more about you, I want to come closer to you, bring me closer to you, more closer to you my Lord.”

Hearing my plea, God responded without delay when the effulgent Light cascaded on me and covered me completely. I basked in the morning sunshine as well as divine Light simultaneously in my room and rejoiced till the most inner core of my being. Such glorious moments of intense joy and ananda, such blissful moments, so much Light! Who would ever wish to come out of such embalming divine showers?!

God’s answer in words also trickled in very quietly, “I accept your sweet request and wish to give you more knowledge, very intense knowledge  prachand gyan (Refer last portion of  Expand your Consciousness-II)

“After Self realization there are three stages.  First there is shanti- peace, after shanti,  there is a stage of Divine sound-Om and after Om there is complete silence –shunya  or void, a complete thoughtless state.

I am going to tell you about one kind of meditation. This technique of meditation is for those who are pure in heart and faithful to God. After your meditation whatever you practice, do this kriya or action in order to attain indescribable peace.

(Meditation technique)

Visualize white Light on top of your head at the crown chakra. Let it remain there for some time or as much as you wish.

Bring this Light from your head to your shoulders. Feel the white Light on your shoulders, remain still. You will experience peace.

Bring down the Light from your shoulders to your spine and then to your root chakra. Let the Light remain there for some time.

The spine is a hollow tube which starts from the base and ends at the base of the neck. We will pass the divine Light in the hollow tube up and down many times.

(I did as was told to me and I saw the dancing particles of energy in my cerebrum after this exercise and the peace is lasting for days on)

Practice this and experience unalloyed peace within you.


Maharishi Agastya’s idol at Babaji’s temple. Courtesy-Rajeev

Maharishi Agastya’s blessed words of insight and ancient knowledge once more-

“Those souls who have been living in this universe for a very, very long time are a treasure and store house of earth’s as well as man’s history. Just imagine how much we have seen, how much we have known and imagine how many eras, epochs and time cycles we have witnessed.

(Refer last post those of you who have just come in to know more about this ancient sage and its reference here)

The time that was followed after the creation of the Earth, was very heavenly and delightful. There was no insufficiency or deficiency. Slowly, with time the population of humans increased and the trees were felled. The deterioration and destruction on the earth is due to human follies and lack of sight and vision.

Once Africa was very prosperous in vegetation and animal life but pride and arrogance combined with greed depleted its resources. There were more sins than virtuous acts committed. The more faith we have in God, the more gladness and happiness generated around. Whenever the sins of man exceed on this earth, God has to send a very luminous soul to re-establish Truth and Dharma called Avatar to remind us of the eternal knowledge and truth that advocates having compassion on all living beings, loving all, doing good to all and helping all men. Where ever there is a surge of wrongful acts, there is disturbance, remorse, unrest and disorder and people are in agony and pain. The luminous souls or Avatars as they are called incarnate and give their punyas or meritorious karmas to Mother Earth and that in return brings back peace, order, cheerfulness and love. Dharma or righteousness and Truth are re-established. If we also add something as our contribution towards this objective and mission of the Avatar or other realized souls and dharmatmas, then their workload shall be eased. The positive rays of Divine Light emitted by them generate peace, happiness, greenery and relaxation to the tensed minds on the Earth.

We must always remember our duties towards our country and to God. Family duties can also be somehow managed; it is not a big issue. When we work for God, our household and family responsibilities are taken care by God itself-

Sarvadharmanparityajaya mamekam sharanam vraja”

 ( These lines are from Bhagwad Geeta which I quote here)

Sarvadharmanparityajaya mamekam sharanam vraja I

Aham tva sarvapapebhoya mokshayishyami ma shuchaha II Ch 18 verse 66 Bhagwad Geeta

Translation-Resigning all your duties to Me, the all powerful and all supporting Lord, take refuge in Me alone, I shall absolve you of all sins, worry not.

At this point, a flash of Divine Light hit me in the third eye and the light spread inside and outside. It percolated in all the different sections of my body. After it spread, it dawned on me that-

Divine knowledge is eternal, it never changes although the world will change, people will come and go but the sacred knowledge will always remain the same. It is hence called Sanatan Dharma or Eternal Religion

(For more description read The Light of the world-Shri Mahavatar Babaji-II) Co-incidently this article was written exactly a year ago and they both are so closely linked!

Maharishi Agastya continued with his flow of divine words after giving me a glimpse of the sacred light and knowledge. He said,

“The human by nature is constricted and restricted; it likes dullness, timidity and obscurity. When he gets light in the form of wisdom, he does not accept it. Knowledge of God and Self is eternal and we must attempt to attain it. Knowledge is Light, with knowledge we get to see God.”


Mahavatar Babaji’s golden drops of divine words in meditation-

Incessant grace of revered His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji once more. He enlightened me by throwing so much light on areas which are out of purview of average human mind and my day became so much richer. He began by saying-

“What you are going to receive from me now is because of the good karmas of your many lives. This is ‘prasad,’ grace from god to you and you must share it with all.

After self-knowledge, a seeker transcends and attains three stages of further development, one by one if he has the will and desire to attain, ichcha shakti that is.

1st stage- After self realization, there is a stable state of sustaining peace. The mind’s agitation stops and one is calm most of the time.

2nd stage- The stage of Om. Continued sound of Om, which is divine sound is heard in meditation or otherwise by the meditator.

3rd stage-During meditation many times the culminating stage is also touched, the stage of thoughtlessness called shunya or void, a state of Pure being.

The meditator passes from one stage to another and after long practice of concentration and meditation and Guru’s grace, he stabilizes in one such stage and then shifts to the higher one. The mind and body have to be prepared and fine tuned for such higher stages. Right diet, enough sleep and regular exercise are of prime importance. Ayurvedic medicines such as Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari are good brain tonics. Foods such as amla, almonds, nuts, milk and milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables play a vital role in nourishing and recharging the nerve cells and channels (Refer Food and breath control)  Head and body massage with a nourishing and rejuvenating oil and aromatherapy are also helpful to a great extent and are supportive in creating a healthy well being.” He went further ahead by saying the what is mentioned in the oldest Vedas-the Rig Veda.

“When the Universe was not born, what was there?

Shunya- void, emptiness, nothing .

When the Universe was created, there was peace, tranquility, coolness and purity. Sound of Om reverberated in the atmosphere as there was so much tranquility. There were dense forests and thick vegetation. In thick vegetation, the sound of Om flows naturally. As excessive deforestation began, gradually the state of Om deteriorated and it came down to the first stage of shanti  or peaceful state. As and as the number of people increased, the forests were cut, rivers shrank or vanished, the ice from the snow mountains melted. Drastic changes took place on the Earth because of adharma or sinful ways of living.

In a world full of people, there is chaos and commotion in the atmosphere. The thoughts that float in the space clash with each other and it becomes harder to meditate upon God in modern world. The relentless noise of traffic, people and machines add to the disturbance in the atmosphere.

The Earth is a unit, one house, it is one. Do not think in terms of country or community, see the  Earth as one planet and think and see the planet as a whole, it is yours. At the moment, our Earth is passing through the lowest level where the rate of unrighteousness, sins, lust for money, greed in on the surge and increasing everyday. This trend should be reversed and we must make our planet greener, more peaceful and pious once again.”


Babaji concluded very beautifully when he took me to greater heights as he told me-

“Those who wish to soar higher and touch new heights should follow this blog and they will realize the power of God. There is road beyond self realization, the latter is a phase, a sojourn in the very long path of the pilgrimage and we need not stop here.

After we get to self realization, the second stage is of Knowledge of Atman which should be attained. The next stage of Cosmic Consciousness or Virat Swaroop is followed after knowing Atman. God is eternal, indestructible, know Him. Expand your thinking, limits and do good to yourself.

There are many depths and levels of peace. Profound peace, intense peace and limitless peace.

There are several levels of knowledge too. Move onward.

Reach the thoughtless state, the state of perfect perfection!

If you reach the state of shunya void, you will be able to unfold all the mysteries of nature.

There are several stages of bliss or ananda also. There is no limit or boundary for it.

Human is unable to attain great degree of perfection mainly because of his social commitments and obligations.  Break the barrier of all layers of ego. Free your mind from very old pattern of habits and sanskaras.

And don’t forget to pray and meditate regularly for the good of all- living as well as non- living beings.”

Dear readers, I bow and prostrate humbly at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mahavatar Babaji whose incessant flow of Grace is flowing and benefitting uncountable number of people spiritually and otherwise in so many ways. He is so merciful to have awakened us from deep slumber of so many earthly lives.

Babaji’s sacred feet at his temple. Courtesy Rajeev

           Hari Om Tatsat!    Hari Om Tatsat!   Hari Om Tatsat!


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Once the Spirit unfolds in us and you know Atma, there are three levels of aspiration and heights to accomplish after that. In accordance, there are three types of gyan or wisdom – Teevra gyan, Prachand gyan and Prabhutva gyan.  When we translate that, it means wisdom that is intense, very intense and most intense respectively.

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