Keeping in rhythm with the short month of February, this post is short and sweet. There are two parts nonetheless. One is today’s revelation and interpretation of my visions in meditation which took place about a week ago. The latter part is the description. When you co-relate, you will find that whatever I heard or saw in morning meditation of 22.2.11 was explained to me an hour ago. There was a gap between the vision and its decoding or unfolding. Hence there was no preparatory time for this article, it is extempore in nature. In spite of all this, there is a flow of thought and a connection between the two parts. Glimpses of divinity is almost blissful except in some exceptional occasions when the change over from bad to good, wickedness to divinity and from falsehood to truth takes place on this Earth. But after the transformation there is profound peace hidden somewhere and it comes at the appropriate time destined by God. As long as we have complete surrender and faith in God everything is alright, everything is sweet, joyous, beautiful and worth spending our time on!

Part –A

Afternoon meditation 28.02.11

“My dear children, this earth was created out of sheer divine love by Divine Father. In a moment of intense love out of his Thought, this Earth was created. Our Earth has all the elements, all the resources to sustain life for billions of years to come. This Earth also has waves of unlimited thoughts of people living here. These thoughts form a blanket over our planet and can be seen by the astral or divine eyes of the illumined souls in the uppermost regions of the celestial skies.

There are two types of thoughts that comprise this blanket- the good and positive thoughts which act as rays of positive energy and are helpful in sustaining this planet. The others are the contrary thoughts- they are negative and destructive thoughts which are an impediment in building, sustaining and maintaining the Earth. Whenever the negative rays exceed the positive rays, there is divine intervention from the celestial skies from the living divine souls who are ordained by God to maintain the balance of Dharma and Adharma– Truth and falsehood. The golden rays from the celestial skies fall on the Earth which are refracted and received at the spot where it was aimed at. When this happens, very slowly the wheel of dharma begins to rotate and spins till the balance is again restored.

In practical terms it means that when divine light falls in places where there is a lot of adharma, there may be sudden or violent changes which when allowed to happen create positive results in future. Bad elements are removed; new positive drastic changes take place on the earth; and truth, goodness and happiness restored.

We must be an instrument and a participant in such good moves in spite of mental fatigue, physical weariness and lack of vision. God is behind all this drama and we must attempt to achieve success in such endeavours.

Peace and love are two things without which this Earth cannot survive. So spread love and peace in every possible means and methods to create the ever joyous planet.

Mother Earth.

Photo courtesy Nishith


Morning meditation 21.2.11

Practiced concentration at third eye in the morning in spite of incessant noise and clatter in the surroundings. The clouds of unrest, confusion which were dancing in front of me some time ago retracted. With God’s grace, saw a wonderful rainbow and then divine light giving me a new high. The rays of golden light carried me in a trance and soothing joy with profuse peace covered me like a warm blanket. Immediately conversation with God began:

“Give happiness to all. Give joy to all”. I became a silent spectator when-

I saw the Earth in front of my eyes, it was like a globe. Slowly the globe became smaller and smaller and I began to grow in size, I became bigger and bigger till I became a spectator of this small earth. What I saw was quite amazing. I saw there was a dark cloud; grey, dark coloured thick layers kind of things over the globe. There was tension, disturbance and strife below the dark layers. When I looked up I saw the sky through which rays of golden Light were penetrating and were falling on the Earth. The face of many saints meditating in peace in the higher regions emerged in front of me.

As I was watching the galore of wonderful images unfolding before me, to my sweet surprise the golden rays then began to fall over my palms as I sat in a meditative posture. The light rays were coming from the sky and after falling on my palms, they began to fall over the face of the Earth thereby making me a channel. In a few moments on my own, my palms turned upward facing the ground and I could feel the high current flowing in my palms. I could see the rays coming from a very high source up above and in a beautiful moment of right thought and action, I willfully redirected those divine rays towards the Earth.

After doing this, the globe which I was seeing earlier which had dark clouds and dusty layers, became white.  The globe became whiter than before and also had spots of green. Like someone is able to transmit Reiki light from one medium to another, I too was transmuting divine rays on Earth and the positive vibrations created by such thoughts began to give me immense ananda. I saw white coloured waves floating around me like a mist when my lips began to pray out of gratitude and love for our Mother Earth-

“Oh my God! We all are your children and you our Father, our Mother, our Guardian and Protector. This Earth is our home and abode. Please bless all your children, may they all live long, may they all live in peace and joy, may they all live in prosperity and health.. Sarve bhavantu sukhina , sarvesantu nirmaya…..
……..May we all love each other; may we all help each other. Wherever there is darkness, give light, where there is hatred sow love there; where there is unrest plant sustained peace; where there is disease, give health and well being; where there is sorrow, give happiness to all.

May Life always be sustained on this planet Earth; may the Mother Earth yield green harvests year after year; may the rivers always be full of life giving water. God, may the air that we breathe be pure, may your children have a long life, may the trees too have a long life and may all the animals and plants continue to live on this Earth in joy and fearlessness. And may we get timely rains and God may all your children live on this planet in peace and joy.”

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti, shanti Om!”

Friends, you shall find the response to this prayer of mine and its interpretation in Part -A. It was Mother Earth who guided the flow and essence of this post just a while ago. With her immense grace, I was able to publish this post or else I was  at a complete loss until a few hours ago.

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