Improving our Thought Power-III

April 20, 2011

Very strong and positive mind will create a new ‘shrishti,’ a new world for you. If more and more people do pious and generous actions, the collective Thought Power of the world will increase many times. The mission of all the saints is to increase the collective power of masses in all nations and it begins at individual level.

You initiate this act from today. As one’s sanchit karmas (accumulated karmas) are extinguished with the grace of God and the gurus, the power of thoughts increases manifold. All the shakti, power of the manas or mind should be oriented and focused in doing only selfless actions- nishkam karmas. The power of nishkami purush is so much higher and has more potential than others. The results of our actions are in God’s hands. When we decide and dedicate all our pious actions to God, God and our Gurus are extremely pleased and give us more shakti, their power to do nishkami karmas. Thus each good action is born with a good thought. Increase such good thoughts and also increase the power of each thought by meditation daily.

Meditation leads to contemplation. Contemplation leads to Self-Inquiry which in turn leads to Self Realization and Self Transformation.

Strike a balance between meditation that is- self transformation and practical life that is -actions. To increase your thought power you must do both, both are essential for your inner growth and progress. ‘Swami Nityananda’  (From Thought Power-III)

Dear readers, this is the concluding post on the topic of thought power; there were three parts on thought power and three parts on ways to improve that power. May we all try to gain insight into these six posts and may we all as spiritual seekers  attempt to move ahead by transforming our thoughts by our daily efforts.

In my own small effort, I am posting this new article and pray for all the aspirants who are striving. May God give them success in their efforts and peace in their hearts and minds. We begin with an explanation about how our subconscious mind should be purified with negative elements and how we must make it dynamic and powerful by doing unselfish and humble actions. Regular practice of meditating and compassionate praying for our loved ones and others too will cleanse the mind very quickly.

The last portion is an offering of a beautiful mantra to the Lord of the Universe. I am sure you must have heard it many times. It can be sung often anytime during the day as it should penetrate inside the deepest levels of our minds…

When the seeker purifies himself during his sadhana or spiritual practices, he must be aware and attentive regarding himself. At any cost, he must not allow negative thoughts to arise in himself for others. He should only think well of others and must have love and compassion for them, even for those persons who behave imperfectly, spitefully or unkindly.

The whole purification process takes a long time to complete so he must be alert all the while. Divine bliss and ecstasy come much later in his meditations by the grace of God and hard penance.

Towards the peak of many incarnations, the human soul when ready for God realizations has to undergo many hard tests and personal trials for the victory of Spirit over matter. In that life time, all the left over karmas of uncountable lives are ready to fructify, all at once  in frequent intervals. The sadhak must be aware of this and must not be overwhelmed by this natural phenomenon. When the harvesting of karmas occur, there are incidences of loss of honour, depletion in health and money, mistrust, deceit from people and so on. The gyani  or the accomplished seeker comprehends that this is a temporary phenomenon and after the gloom and doom, there will be change and relief eventually. Knowing this, the sadhak turns his mind towards God, and only God. He makes sure that his mind is completely held fast with divine thoughts and spiritual practices. Along with this act, the sadhak carries out only selfless actions towards all relentlessly. While doing all this after some time, there comes a turning point where his life once again looks up and there is a marked alteration and positive transformation in every sense.

He attains peace and there is peace at home as well. Health improves gradually, there is sufficient prosperity and the heart and mind of the seeker is now all the more involved and absorbed in God day and night uncompromisingly. Therefore he must not stop or put a stop in his spiritual efforts and must believe in God’s mercy and caring love.

At last, finally there comes a time in the seeker’s life, when God is very pleased with him because in spite of such rough times he was doing only unselfish actions and was showering only affection and kindness to all God’s children. This is the turning point for which a true sadhak must hold on to and should wait for this glorious phase. He becomes unusually empowered in every sense since he cuts through his thorny destiny with blazing knowledge and wisdom and pious actions and creates a dazzling new sacred divine life full of joy, happiness, well being and permanent peace.

Solutions to all life problems, prosperity in all areas, love flowing easily for every soul, tranquility in all times and fearlessness in every situation-this is the kind of life that is created for the sadhak, by his own will.

And how does this happen?

The unpurified mind has negative tendencies in the subconscious level. After purification, the subconscious mind becomes completely positive and gains extraordinary spiritual powers which translates the mortal, ordinary consciousness and existence to divine consciousness and good living.

The thoughts thrown out from the purified subconscious mind attracts happiness, wealth, success, creativity, prosperity, peace, friendship and health.

The powerful thoughts lie in the subconscious mind. Whatever we think or act at the conscious level, gradually becomes permanent as it moves in the subconscious mind. Therefore the seeker must be vigilant all the time.

What should he be doing?

The seeker must make his subconscious mind powerful.


By playing out the role assigned to him and while carrying out his duties, at the back of his mind he must constantly remember God in any form.  In free time  he should practice meditation, contemplate, introspect and maintain a diary to record the important lessons and review them at regular intervals.

Those around you, who are unwell, unhappy or sad, be of some assistance or support to them. Kindle love, sympathy and kindness and give solution and remedies to people in problem or distress. Inspire them to lead a sacred and spiritual life by your own actions and thoughts. Be good to all and think well for all. Speak well of others and encourage and motivate them in all their efforts. Comfort and support them when they are in need.

Mentally bless all the creatures and send out loving peaceful vibrations to god’s creation, pray for harmony and well being of Mother Earth.

By doing this, not only will the subconscious mind be purified, the inner recesses of the subconscious mind will become powerful by positive divine vibrations. The power of such a mind never gets depleted of energy and is never exhausted because the power of God will constantly flow in it and in return he shall be able to care for all and do good actions for everyone.

On this auspicious evening of 20th April, at the time of dusk, I humbly offer a sacred chant of tranquility, peace and auspiciousness at the feet of the Supreme, the Lord of the Universe. May we all be blessed and in return give love, peace and tranquility to all.

Bhumi Mangalam, Udak Mangalam     

Agni Mangalam, Vayu Mangalam

Gagan Mangalam, Surya Mangalam

Chandra Mangalam, Jagat Mangalam

Jiva Mangalam, Deha Mangalam

Mano Mangalam, Atma Mangalam

Sarva Mangalam  Bhavatu Bhavatu Bhavatu

Sarva Mangalam Bhavatu Bhavatu Bhavatu

Sarva Mangalam Bhavatu Bhavatu Bhavatu

Om Shanti,  Shanti, Shanti   Om .

Translation :         

 May there be auspiciousness and tranquility on earth, in water, in fire, in the wind, in the sky, in the sun, on the moon, on our planet, in all living beings, in the body, in the mind and in the spirit.

May that tranquility be everywhere and in everyone.

Om shanti, shanti shanti Om.