(From – The state of Super Consciousness-I)

How do the yogis achieve the highest levels of Consciousness?

Each man possesses a mental body of his own. It is the energy of the kind of thoughts that dwell and are nurtured in the mind. His intellectual property, his process of thinking and the kind of thoughts nurtured are all included in the mental body. Each thought that we send out, each thought that we receive and the cumulative power of it all makes a man what he is and it this thought power to which we are attracted in some people or repelled depending on the quality of thought.

Every thought has its own vibration and wave length. The nearer it is to Super Consciousness, the higher its power.  The lower the thought, the denser the wave. The higher the consciousness of the person, the subtler the thought. Our thought waves float in the ether like sound waves. One’s mind is able to catch the wavelength of a similar thought. We should be careful in mixing with people, spiritual aspirants should try to mingle with strong, healthy and positive minds.

There are three types of power that a man possesses in his consciousness.

Ichcha Shakti or the power of one’s desire

Sankalp Shakti or thought power and

Kriya Shakti or the power to do actions.


Dear friends, we have already discussed 3 posts each on Ichcha Shakti titled ‘The role of power of will in a seeker’s life’, and 3 posts on ‘Sankalp Shakti’ titled ‘Thought Power’ and now we are embarking on the last  one called ‘Kriya Shakti’ titled ‘Kriya Shakti- the power to act’ with this post.

These days the word ‘Kriya’ is generally used for the ancient type of breathing technique or pranayam in Kriya Yoga system that is intended to accelerate spiritual development.

‘Kriya’ also means to do or actions performed.  From the word ‘Kriya’ here, we are going to deal with typically those actions which are performed in order to attain God in this life.


‘Kriya’ performed as an act of respiration and pranayam is to purify the body and the breath i.e ‘prana’  in order to achieve divine illumination.

Acts performed as  ‘dhyana’ or meditation are for purifying and stilling the mind. It is the act in which the mind or thought is disconnected from the outer world and is fixed on the waves of God vibrations.

But all actions or kriyas performed with sincerity in worshipping God purify the soul! They are termed ‘devik kriyas.’  


Christianity preaches mankind to give love and service.

Buddhism teaches us to remain calm, be non-violent and to live life with kindness. It however, does not teach us how to deal with recurring life challenges or difficulties of a human life.

Hinduism or Vedantic knowledge which is condensed in the eternal holy scripture Bhagwat Geeta, teaches us to face difficult life situations and unexpected challenges thrown at various stages of life apart from revealing us what is Brahma or the eternal, undying Spirit and guiding Light present in all of us. It teaches us to rise to the occasion and remain calm even in the face of difficulties. And also whatever we do, we must do with all our sincerity and honesty.

Those men who perform their present karmas or life situations with sincerity, calmness and honesty get connected to their Higher Self  and receive inspiration and guidance in terms of answers and solutions to their problems.

Therefore the seeker must know and remember that we have been bestowed with the power with which we either choose to act or choose not to act. We have also been given the power to choose what kind of actions to perform.

(To be continued)


He said to me, “The power of will or Ichcha shakti is the driving force, the initiative force present in all of us. In normal world it is useful to start and initiate a goal, a purpose, a mission or any other task.

But for a seeker, the role of will power or ichcha shakti is much higher than one can understand or acknowledge. The bondage of recurring cycles of birth and death can never be broken by any soul unless he or she has a will to do it. Even God’s help or grace comes to us  when we create and initiate that will in us to free ourselves. The soul spends lives after lives reincarnating groping in the dark without any spiritual wisdom and growth if he does not initiate and use his latent power of will.

And those seekers who are already traversing now will reach a stage when they do not make substantial growth. Those seekers if they search for answers within, will recognize that they have yet not had the desire or the will to move up and step up their spiritual efforts and hence they are where they were times ago. Therefore, if they now kindle a desire, a blazing will not to dwindle or languish, they must in moments of stillness and calmness express their will to Omnipresent God.”

( from post – The role of ‘ power of will’ in a seeker’s life-I)

The time taken by any seeker or learner to accomplish and complete his spiritual duties and obligations is entirely dependent on the extent of will power possessed by him or the will generated by him within himself. It takes as much time as he decides to free himself.

(from post- The role of power of will in a seeker’s life-II)

After reading this, some of you may think, “How can I cultivate a strong will power to liberate myself? Is it possible, can I do it?”

The answer is- Yes, it is possible for those who want it.


By being dedicated in your pursuits relentlessly. God is pleased with those disciples and seekers who are totally one-pointed and committed in their spiritual pursuits after which they are granted all types of assistance and aid- both spiritual and material, that are required to liberate themselves while performing their worldly duties. Therefore perform your worldly and spiritual duties with one-pointed dedication and sincerity in order to Grace of God fall on you.

The stronger the will to free oneself from the shackles of unending birth and death, the faster the work of emancipation. If the will to free oneself is extremely urgent and unbroken, if aspiration urge is blazing,  liberation is hasty with the will and grace of merciful God. Life is altered, life-situations change and the work completed in minimum possible time for such seekers.

Determination is also required to pursue this long path of salvation and it should be possessed by the serious seeker. And lastly, as mentioned before, one pointed concentration in achieving  the goal is essential.


                                 Om Sahana Vavatu

                                 Sahanau Bhunaktu

                                 Sahaveeryam Karavavahai

                                 Tejas Vinavadhi Tamastu

                                 Maa vidhvishavahai

                                 Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!



 Om! May God protect us both, the teacher and the student,

May God nourish us both,

 May we both acquire the capacity to study and understand the scriptures well.

May we work together with energy and vigour,

May our study be enlightening, not giving rise to hostility,

Om, Peace, Peace and  Peace!

This is peace mantra from Taittariya Upanishada of Yajurveda and invokes peace for both- the teacher and the learner. It also advocates a sense of oneness amongst fellow-beings. It should be sung whenever collective learning takes place by the student or the Master.

Foot Note- The first picture is of Karla Caves, ancient Buddhist rock cut monasteries and caves about 2000 years old. They are 120 kms from Mumbai in the Western Ghats on a mountain. In the complex is also one more worth seeing thing and that is the temple of Ekveera Devi, revered mostly  by  the Kolis or the fishermen. This temple is said to be made by the Pandavas when they were in exile some 5000 years ago.

The last photo is significant in the sense that to find a ficus tree in a desert is not common. This particular tree has enormous roots and looks determined to hold on to the ground with those roots in order to live in spite of opposing harsh climate. Just to see how strong is its determination, have a look at this yet another picture!

 Also read ‘The power of praying intensely’ to know more about how it is we who decide whether we wish to free ourselves or not. Without our will and consent, God does not initiate the whole process of liberation.

Today is 6th of May, the Akshaya Tritiya festival in India being celebrated all over India. It is one of the most auspicious days for Hindus and celebrated in various ways in different parts of the country and has many legends and stories woven around it. As per the Hindu traditions and culture, this festival is considered as the most significant day to perform sacred deeds, punya karyas. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the giver of bounty, prosperity, bliss, peace and liberation. Worshipping of Lord Vishnu on this day eradicates and removes one’s sins and makes free from all sorrows and one attains salvation, moksha.

During this whole morning there was intense calmness within me and in spite of doing many tasks, I just could not disconnect my mind from the unbroken serenity lingering since I woke up. After all the daily cares were performed, I therefore sat down to meditate again. The irrepressible calmness held on to me firmly after which I plunged deep inside and became one with my Soul. The intense calling of my Soul quickly took me back again to one of my previous visions which I had on January the 21st, when I first saw Lord Vishnu in a white temple. You may find the complete narration of this occurrence in my earlier post titled Expand your consciousness-I.

For some unknown reasons, on every Akshaya Tritiya day I in one way or another, keep in mind Shri Mahavatar Babaji more than other days and that too quite naturally.  The ancient Badri Narayan temple in the Himalayas reopen today for all the devotees after winter.  Before the fall of winter and heavy snow, the idol of Lord Vishnu in Badri Narayan temple is taken down in Joshimath and brought back today every year with much fanfare and colourful procession. As Mahavatar Babaji lives close to the temple in the caves, my mind always remembers him as if Lord Vishnu and revered Babaji are one and the same. Spontaneously, Vishnu Sahastranaam is churning in the back of my mind today as though the chants are being sung there and I hear the rhythmic chanting travelling from the mountains of Himalayas here. Perhaps some of you may find it queer, but that is what is happening to me today.

I have decided to spend this auspicious day in compiling and finishing a new post as a mark of respect and devotion to Mahavatar Babaji and I dedicate this post on ‘the role of power of will in a seeker’s life-II’ at his sacred Lotus feet.  I call upon Him to bless and help all seekers today so that they cultivate and increase their will and their minds get unclamped from the grip of worldly attachments. In addition to this, they may instill a desire in themselves to liberate their bonded souls from the gripping attachments of their smaller self.

His holiness Mahavatar Babaji who has unlimited compassion and mercy on all         humans and every creature alike, responded to my prayers in no time during my meditation and telepathically transmitted this liberating education or Moksha Vidya on this fortunate day. He thus began with a question and gave answers in the form of cryptic solutions to the crippling ignorance of humanity-

“How did Arjun get spiritual knowledge?”

“Because of detachment, vairagya.” He continued-

“When there is detachment or vairagya in life, there is desire or will to know God. But before those situations which give you detachment come, concede and kindle a yearning and a will within you for liberating yourself so that your future is laden with bliss, happiness and absolute peace. It is you who has to develop this will after which I shall help you.

The power of will is a gift to us from God with which we accomplish all our undertakings and tasks. First comes the will to do something; God comes to our rescue later, he sends us help to accomplish all that we wish to attain. But prior to all this it is you who should have the initiative in your heart to do something grand, something new, something huge.

Similarly, only if and when the human being is ready to get rid of his dimness and unawareness, only after such a will is awakened in him, only after he possesses a will to liberate himself that such an  aim is accomplished at an appropriate time.”

 Acquainting about himself, Shri Mahavatar Babaji disclosed,

“Before my present incarnation, I had a burning desire to help mankind, to salvage them from ignorance and do good to all in the world. So when I was born this time I was born with the same power. Therefore, the spot at which I was born still radiates powerful rays of my power of will. There is a yantra or geometrical figure at this spot which till this date radiates powerful rays of my power of will. You must benefit from it by focusing your mind on this spot in your meditations and the power of will be ignited in you and you shall be gratified.”

And about me he informed, “You were born with a burning desire to free yourself from the bondage of the fruit of your actions. Therefore when the right time arrived, I quickly sent you to Yogananda(YSS),  Nityananda and Shaligram (Ganeshpuri) and to The Mother (Pondicherry) for your spiritual education. They all are your gurus, Masters and I am your Param Guru, Highest Master. The will to cover up and complete your karmic obligations was so intense that you fulfilled it in the minimum time possible.

The time taken by any seeker or learner to accomplish and complete his spiritual duties and obligations is entirely dependent on the extent of will power possessed by him or the will generated by him within himself. It takes as much time as he decides to free himself. God is very merciful; God will not initiate or stop the help and cooperation that he sends through nature unless you want it. Therefore reduce that time and meditate on God and pray to Him right now.”

Oh my Lord!  Please accept my prayers lovingly. Clear the darkness and gloom of my infinite incarnations, bring my darkness to an end. Free me from the binding forces of my actions. Please reveal thyself, give me your glimpse because of whose power my darkness will fly away. Show me Light, my Lord! Show me your divine nature not by miracles but by your spiritual light. Light the flame of your Light, Jyot inside me. Lead me from darkness to Light by holding my hand, my Lord, I am your ignorant child!

May love, peace and brotherhood be my attributes and may I always serve all your children untiringly. Expand my heart so much that I include all your sons. Appear before me, my Lord, show me your attributes, reveal thyself, my Lord, reveal thyself, please!

Oh God! From this day on  my attention and mind will be always fixed on you. May I always bow at your pious  feet.

May your children live long at all times, may there be life on earth eternally, may there be greenery always everywhere and may your children spread the message of universal love, immortality and peace in all corners of the world. God, I shall also be a part of this sacred work and I wish for the well being, auspiciousness and goodness for all your children. I shall be your obedient child and serve you always. This is my wish, my will, please accept my wish on this auspicious day my Lord!!”

      Asatoma sadgamaya

Tamsoma jyotirgamaya

Mrityorma amritamgamaya

Om shanti, shanti, shanti, Om!



Oh Lord! Lead us from ignorance to Truth

From darkness to Light and

From death to immortality

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti Om!!

This is a Shanti Mantra, a hym of peace from ancient Rig Veda.

Foot note- For beginners: In Bhagwat Geeta, the holy scripture of Hindus, Lord Krishna imparts the knowledge of Self and immortality in the battle field to Arjun, one of the Pandava brothers . In a state of complete remorse and detachment, Arjun wishes to renounce everything for the sake of peace and brotherhood. So it is implied that even before such a drastic stage appears in our life, we must kindle a will to liberate ourselves from the bondage of karmic compulsions so that we  know God.

(picture of rangoli-courtesy google image)

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