Solitary repose!

September 24, 2011

All my dear friends,

The last entry on this blog was on 10thSept which was a concluding one after which I had decided to take a short break. No sooner have I stopped writing that I have begun to miss all of you which goes to prove that your constant encouragement and friendship is what I cherish so much. In fact, some of you are already writing to me when I will return with a new post!

Well, the fact is that Shri Mahavatar Babaji is a tough task Master and He made me toil for one whole year to accomplish the last
segment. After extensive labour, I am given compulsory rest and ease now. This period of rest is a diversion and  also a  relief from past mental work and  toil.

I myself was at a loss in the first few days as blogging has become such an intrinsic part of my life now. However, how can anyone just let time pass without some constructive work and future plans? I am presently totally involved in mastering advanced photography for my future use and also do some important household tasks. The sooner I try to achieve my given goals during this interval, the better it will be for me. So please bear with me for the time being and as soon as I am able to return to writing, I shall do that and you please stay in touch.

By the way, I have shared with you some of my latest pictures of my much preferred things and that is God’s wonderful creation called -flowers! These pictures are the ones I took day before yesterday, that is on 22.09.11.

Waiting to hear from you soon. Until then, have a blessed time!



Why is it mandatory to have a Divine Guru?-II

September 10, 2011

These days my city is abuzz with Ganeshotsav, the festival of Lord Ganesha, and every city dweller is willing to be involved in the celebrations enthusiastically. Lord Ganesha is the bestower of buddhi, riddhi and siddhi Buddhi means intelligence, riddhi means prosperity and siddhi means attainment of spiritual powers. In my own modest way, on 1st Sept’11 in the afternoon when the neighbourhood’s clatter and inharmonious sounds waned, I opened the homepage of my blog. I prayed to my very special terracotta Ganpati to bless my blog on that auspicious day as it was him who had also blessed Maharishi Ved Vyasa before the commencement of Mahabharata epic, which is the longest one composed centuries ago. I sought the blessings and grace of Lord Ganesha in a quiet manner that pleasant afternoon. Inwardly I bowed down and touched his tiny feet and also prayed to him on that special day to give me and others intellect -prosperity and  deeper insight when we read the content on these pages and also we should attain inner satisfaction, happiness and joy after we finish reading these pages.

My dear friends, I thank you so much for the overwhelming response that you have shown at the outset of the previous post in the last week. You are going to find many of your answers here in detail. Like you, I too have mulled over and cherished every word that has come straight from the Divine. I had planned to keep the last post brief but when I began to type I was in an unstoppable  flow. I believe and understand that it was the will of God and that I should not just touch upon the points briefly and rather I should explain things in detail. And this time again my situation is impossible to tell apart. As I begin to type on the laptop, there is no stopping, words are just coming in; moreover I shall not constrain myself today given that there is some other Force that is working at present. As I wind up this segment, there is all the more the need to express myself for the reason that normally I restrain myself and do not allow my smaller self to pop out of these words to avoid adulteration. Nonetheless, today I am unable to constrain my brimming heart so full of love, thanksgiving, reverence, awe and vulnerability. So please bear with me!

We begin from where we left last time. Keeping the reminisces and summary of the last post on  the importance and crucial role of a divine spiritual guru, kindly begin  to read now….

At the end of your spiritual journey when the Guru shows you Divine Light, you become maun, silent because how in the world can you express your feelings for his mercy, compassion and kindness showered on you day in and day out unremittingly? So dear readers, allow me to complete this article with a free hand and voice my feelings unreservedly because like a few others earlier, this post is also very close to my heart, it is very special.  I can through this blog repay in a very small measure all the ‘kripa,’  kindness that has been disseminated to me without any limits by my Divine Gurus and the Almighty. And now to begin with, I will take you once again to one of my personal astounding spiritual experiences which left me numb for the few next moments that day….

On the 1st of Sept’11, the weather was very cool and pleasing. The ambience around my house felt silent after morning’s mundane  jobs. The sparrows were dancing and chirping on the thick green branches of the mango trees and the pleasant breeze left me calm and contented. I worshipped Lord Ganesha in my own peculiar way by praying silently for myself and others and I spontaneously took some pictures as you have just seen. I worked on the internet for some time and to take some rest after the tiring activities of steady concentration for a few hours, I retired in my room on the bed gazing at the monsoon’s vast sky from my window. The open extensive sky had a good panorama where at the backdrop were the grey and  blue clouds of rain and a flock of white egrets was flying collectively in an arch with their wings outstretched. Their continuous rhythmic flapping in the infinite space was reminiscent of the rise and fall of a melodious musical note in a symphony in the ethereal world!!

It must have been about 4 p.m. when all this was happening and after gazing out of the window, I closed my eyes to  rest. Within a few minutes, the body was restored to an earlier energized state and I quickly left the realms of the consciousness of the earth and reached the super most levels of consciousness. At this threshold, alighted a long spell of these flute like words of the Divine, “In 1861, Lahiri Mahasaya pleaded Shri Mahavatar Babaji to allow him to initiate householders into Kriya Yoga. Prior to this, it was only given to ardent seekers who gave up household comforts and left for the thick forests to practice Kriya in a secluded and quiet place. Out of compassion, Babaji broke the rule and allowed Lahiri Mahasaya to give Kriya Yoga to householders or anyone who took his refuge in sorrow, grief or plain quest of Truth. The humanity since then has benefitted much from learning the lost divine science of spiritual practice of Kriya Yoga. In today’s world it is not possible for people to find sufficient time and energy for spiritual evolution and personal progress.

So far the secret knowledge of Moksha or liberation was kept a secret and the Guru would first test the disciple and then only pass the secret knowledge through the word of mouth called shruti- that which is attained with hearing. Hence you will find no book or scripture that reveals to us the exact path or roadmap that will lead us directly to God by taking a few, well defined definite steps. Yet again, Babaji has shown extreme conviction and compassion for all humanity so that they are able to help themselves by opening their shackles of bondage by getting the knowledge of Moksha through none other than himself. Today’s spiritual knowledge and its presentation are according to the times, type of era and epoch and directly in collusion and approval with the command of God. Somebody for the first time has revealed publicly the secret science of Moksha through this blog. It is a silent revolution. All the words that emanate from him are words of God. Some gurus in today’s world, if asked how to attain Moksha will inadvertently say these lines, “Serve your Guru.” Others may say, “If only it is in your destiny, will you get it.” Still others might say, “Moksha is very difficult to attain therefore do this…this… or this…”

Sadly, they themselves have neither the experience of Atma nor do they know the intricate and complex problems arising out of the actions or karmas done by an individual or the sum total karmas that are done by humanity as such and the consequences of their karmas on our planet! If only the Guru is himself a great divine soul, will he be able to relieve and free others. There is a memory loss in man and he can neither look back in times in the past nor in future times to solve his problems of multifarious and complex life situations which manifest because of his karmas. Therefore read each word very carefully. The secret science of -Who am I?; What is Karma?; What is liberation of a soul? What is Shakti? How to find peace within? What is life?  and many more are now all made open for you to read in these posts.

To decipher the hidden subtle meanings, to apply the precepts in your life, to solve your current life problems and yet be able to see a definite beautiful pattern of God and Guru’s Grace; you should prostrate yourself with all humility and childlike innocence at the feet of your holy guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Once your plea is accepted at his doorstep, he will convey everything through his mind power or sankalpa. Do not be afraid to follow his counsel and advice which shall come to you as intuition or a hunch; go for it. Listen to your inner Voice and then surrender and the rest shall be taken care of by the Maha Sadguru. Submission with grace and love is the ultimate way to worship the Divine.  Only a pure and clean heart will be able to treat Guru and God as one. The Divine Guru at the start will not give you any explanation; he will only command or suggest to you depending on your nature, frame of mind and stage of evolution. Therefore, do whatever he says, there will be no harm coming your way. This is a test and a pre-condition that a serious seeker has to undergo anyway to establish  firm faith in the unseen Divine guru and a definite method of discarding his or her ego.  After some years when the seekers have established themselves in a mature and irreversible state, they will clearly see that the Guru was building a new divine life for them by asking them to do some karmas and activities that would wipe out their past bad karmas of innumerable lives as though there is an exigency and side by side he was asking them to do those karmas that will slowly shape up a very pious, joyous, simple, peaceful and quiet life for further spiritual transformations.  And all this takes time. Since the road of Higher Consciousness itself is never ending, it only depends on your own will when and how far you wish to go. That new life will have no worries, troubles, doubts, sickness and fears-of death, dying, illness, loss and so on. Listen to him, obey him; there is no time to question, no time to fear and no time to cry.

After some years when the heavy baggage gets lighter, the pace of spiritual evolution is much faster. Still hold on your Guru; do not drift or sway here and there. There are many unexpected dangers, traps and agencies of swindling in the name of spirituality and you will not be able to differentiate between the real and false. Therefore, even if the going is hard, keep a happy disposition, stay established in resolute faith and recall all those words and divine messages as well as teachings that He has bestowed on you from time to time so that you always have a light that kindles you all the time, in all weathers of life and for you to continue walking on your path steadfastly.”

 Oh my God, what a revelation! What clear instructions and what mercy.…that too straight from the Divine itself!!

Now listen to this counsel my dear friends-

-The path of God may be long; the light of the divine words will give you strength.

-There may be trials and difficulties to face every day; the Guru will give you a lamp post in these posts that emerge here.

-The Guru will ask you to become a lotus in this muddy world; believe in his words and counsel.

-Your doubting mind will tell you otherwise, other than what the speech of Divine Guru has advocated. Listen to the Guru and not the doubting mind.

-Sing the praises of Guru; they will reach God up in the celestial skies and heavens.

-God will be pleased with those whose hearts pain at the misery of the suffering world. God will bless you and will give you the knowledge of Moksha through the Guru to you.

(There is a wonderful  poem Grace in Solitude in the end of- The Light of the world- Shri Mahavatar Babaji-I about how God becomes pleased with us)

My dear sweet co-travellers pray! pray ! pray! Pray every day; pray every time you sleep; pray when you wake up in the morning; pray to God to give you devotion; pray whenever you see the sky; pray when you see the flowers bloom; pray when you listen to a melodious tune of lovely music; pray when you see raindrops falling on your windows; pray when you are sick; pray when you are healed; pray when you have questions in your mind; pray when you find answers to your quest; pray when you fall; pray when you rise; pray when you lose something;  pray when God gives you something;  pray when your eyes are open; pray when your eyes are closed. And when you pray all this many times, the sweet Lord will one day start to answer you and it will be just one of those days when his Voice is audible in you in a splendid way!

Our prayer is the language of our heart and our inner soul. Each sentence, each word, each syllable and sound of every word is gently received by God with insurmountable love and compassion even though He may never say it. But if we keep on sending our messages of unfaltering love every time, every day without fail and delay, He will begin to show response in a direct or indirect way. View His kind act as benevolence, as grace, as unending love and hold it close to your heart which will surely soften and melt you away. His purest love will give you a holy bath. His compassionate words will heal you and show you the path in the darkest days. His Grace will melt you to conjoin him in unity plunging in boundless Joy, Peace and divine Bliss in hundreds of ways! Soaking and dipping in these God Gifts, gratitude will show first not on your lips but in your eyes as tiny pearls of tears!!

His undemanding heart and silent unconditional love to salvage you from the miseries created by you, year after year, day after day may turn the tear drops to erupt from not eyes but your heart; for you will know that it is only God’s purest, pristine, selfless love that reflects in the Divine Guru who has given you salvation anyway!!! Not flowers of devotion but drops of tears, no words ever born will fill in the void as there will be no word left with you to thank Him ever enough!!!

May our souls rest in peace now; not later, may we experience that bliss and ananda which our Divine Father is so eager to gift us and may we ever and forever serve our Divine Master by first possessing his Grace and then spreading his Divine words far and wide to make his dream come true that we as one planet are one family Vasudeva Kutumbakam which means that this whole planet is one family of Vasudeva, also Krishna. Krishna is the all pervading Spirit residing in all.

 And now we go back to the main question that is before us-Why is it mandatory to have a Divine Guru?

The Divine Guru symbolizes Trinity- trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or Shiva. Like Lord Brahmaa, he gives us a new birth, a new life. Like Lord Vishnu, he nourishes us and like Lord Shiva, he annihilates our sins and vices. But the Divine Guru’s own nature is

Brahmanandam Param Sukhdam Kevalam Gyanmurtim

Dwandateetam Gagansadrisham Tatvamasyadi Lakshyam

Ekam Nityam Vimalam Achalam Sarvadi Sakshi Bhootam

Bhavateetam Trigunarahitam, Sadgurum Tvam Namami

Sadgurum Tvam Namami,Sadgurum Tvam NamamiI

The Guru’s state of being is Ananda, divine bliss and ultimate happiness. Brahmananda, an ecstasy that results from the experience of Oneness… that bliss transcends form, attributes or gunas. He is an embodiment of knowledge. He is beyond dualities. He is like a sky or space. He is in a state of continued oneness with the One and the only Brahma, the immutable. He is pure, he is steady in Brahma and always in a state of non duality and an Eternal witness. Salutations to the one who is an embodiment of all the qualities of the eternal, infinite Universal Self named as Brahma. Thou Art That!

The Divine Guru nourishes and holds us like the roots of a tree In ‘Why is peace so essential-III’ an analogy between the Banyan Tree and Shri Mahavatar Babaji was drawn to compare how similar they are. Like the strong and mighty roots of an old Banyan Tree, Mahavatar Babaji also holds us tightly and does not let us go astray in this world of  illusive ‘maya.

The Guru will wipe out the illusory world that has been created inside called ‘maya’

He will reveal to you the secret of life and death

He gives the spiritual knowledge or the secret science of Moksha to deserving disciples.

A new divine life full of purity, virtues,  stability, happiness and tranquility is bestowed by the Divine Guru to the seekers.

He awakens the memory of the disciple’s many lives in order to establish resolute faith in himself after which so many questions are automatically answered and the disciple eventually attains constant peace of mind

At a point of time, when the last impressions of the karmas done in uncountable lives are wiped out in the inner most recesses, the disciple awakens wholly and he attains Atma Bodh or Self Awareness The last impressions of karmasact like a veil which prevents the light rays of Parmatma, God  to penetrate in the inner being of an individual.

But when the veil is erased completely, one is free from the inevitable negative and positive outcome, more so of negative chain reactions for future to unfold and harvest. And the Atma or pure Light of God shines forth-that is what we call mukti or moksha in the yogic language; breaking free from inevitable effects of the past negative and positive karmas and thus stopping random wandering of incessant meaningless lives on earth. The Divine Guru will only rest after this because there are always possibilities for the vulnerable disciple to awaken his quiescent ego and he may again get misled and lost in the sansara or this world. That is why it is compulsory to have a Divine Guru or else there can never be an interface between the disciple and God. Therefore, stay steady in your daily spiritual practices, worship the Divine Guru and you shall surely know God one day. This very famous couplet or ‘doha’ of saint Kabir of Bhakti period is appropriate and falls so well in this context and meaning at this point.

Guru Gobind dou khade, kake lagoo paye I

Balihari jaon guru ki jinha Gobind diyo dikhaye II

Meaning- Says Kabir- I am in a dilemma as I stand today between my Guru and God. And I don’t know whom to prostrate first. I decide to salute my Guru first because it was him who showed me God.

So, my salutations to my great Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji, the bestower of all happiness, the remover of all sins and miseries and the giver of salvation and sweet nectar of ever flowing divine bliss.

Duties of a seeker

If we gain in boundless measure from the Divine Guru, it goes without saying that some duties rest on the aspirant and seeker also. In a nutshell, there are two types of duties laid on the seeker from God- the moral duties and the spiritual duties. It is the moral duty of the disciple to lead a noble, virtuous, pure, harmonious and peaceful life. He should be charitable, help the poor, people in real need and those who are in distress thus helping the society in some way or the other. As we receive, so must we give!

The spiritual duties are – the disciple should meditate deeply at least once a day and carry on whatever his or her other spiritual practices are, depending on their state of spiritual evolution and aspiration. They must serve the Divine and the  Guru not as redemption but out of sheer love, dedication and devotion.

Wrapping up My dear ones, this journey of segment- C with the title ‘Life Sacred’ has been a long one- from 16.08.10 to 10.09.11, longer than a year and I suppose I must take a short spell of break from writing and take it easy.

During my retreat, I wish to re-read some posts which have come directly from Shri Mahavatar Babaji cascading gently in my meditations a few months ago and I feel they need some more visits. My favourites are the ones touching upon topics of Super Consciousness and Thought Power. I want to relish them once again, and cherish every little drop of nectar of the spiritual awareness that has been gifted to me by my Param Guru. Those of you who wish to keep in touch with me may do so either on the blog or through emails, depending on your preference.  Sometime I may take little more time than usual to reply, kindly bear with me and know that I could be little tied up and would reply to you as soon as I am relieved. Every reader is important to me because they have all come here with a purpose and they are my Guru’s devotees and disciples as well. I thank all of you for giving so much of your valuable time in reading these posts and writing to me on a personal level also through regular emails.

I am eternally grateful to Shri  Mahavatar Babaji and all my other gurus whom I have never met on the physical plane but they have been my spiritual guides and teachers since I have known them. Then there are many highly advanced sadhus and yogis who are alive doing their advanced sadhana, secretly in the caves or on trees of the mountains of the Himalayas. Many a times, they have appeared before me in my meditations at home to further elaborate to me the nuances of yogic practices and have given me tips to enhance and speed up my spiritual journey. My sincere heartfelt thanks to them at this juncture of blogging. You might wonder as I did in the past, pray why do they come to me of all the people? The answer to that question is that they all want to contribute in some way in Babaji’s mission of mass human liberation and emancipation on this planet!

Then there are the Holy Spiritual Trees who do the same. I bow to them in thanks for making my blog so entrancing and adding a touch of mysticism to it apart from enriching my bank of spiritual knowledge. I am so much richer today!! I once wanted to know what is occultism and why do people use it to harm others as I myself was a victim of this malpractice many a times in the past. I can never forget the invaluable counsel of Shri Mahavatar in 2002 when He told me this one morning, “Occult Science is also a Yogic Science used since eternity even by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati but if the science is used for petty personal gains, selfish goals or plain greed, then you are punished by God severely. Any force of God if misused creates a very negative impact in one’s life at some point.”

 In due course of time, Divine Mother of Pondicherry taught me occultism or the hidden psychic powers in a human to counteract the unrelenting attacks on me and my family. She also educated me on this science and I am briefly sharing with you the condensed form of that knowledge for your satisfaction here. She said, “Occult Science is all about mind power. Human mind can connect to the unrevealed Forces in nature for its healing properties, to bring about balancing the panch tatvas or five natural elements like air, space, fire, earth and water in our self. It is good because one can connect with other minds for a good righteous cause also and we can benefit by it by transference of shakti or knowledge or both from one agency to another. There are two types of Forces in Nature- constructive and destructive. If this knowledge of Forces in Nature is applied to gain something by harming  somebody living far away by sending out negative thoughts and will, then one day the same Force will harm you in higher magnitude in long or short duration of time. One should use the Universal Forces only at the behest of God with a definite higher purpose otherwise all is in vain.”

For more than three years, The Divine Mother gave me lessons in occultism to first improve my health and my own life situation as I was targeted by many evil minded people (There is a hint about it in an autobiographical post titled ‘The way to surmount obstacles-I. The Mother gave me shakti little by little along with the knowledge of the dark world, the dark Forces and Good Forces in Nature. (To know what is Shakti read Shakti-I, and who was Divine Mother of Pondicherry read Shakti-III). I soon became proficient in sensing the arrival of those negative vibrations and alongside, I enhanced my sadhana to a much greater heights. In due course of time, the bad energies around me began to dissipate and wane and I observe that those people who had harmed me then are now in pain and stuck in various, thick  life problems where as my life today is so full of contentment, fullness, prosperity, abundance, serenity and happiness and joy. So lesson learnt was this-

Conclusion-Treat everything in this Universe as Divine; everything is sacred. Our lives are sacred, our breath is sacred, our body and limbs are sacred; use them for a good and higher cause. Our senses as well as the mind are sacred; they assist us in sensing and perceiving God and its unblemished beauty spread everywhere in nature. Love God, love Life. Love everyone, everything is beautiful and Divine. Love this life that is given to you by God; consecrate it to the beautiful Lord. This life is beautiful, celebrate it. This life is sacred, live in divinity. Life Sacred is Life Divine!!!

(Reference Autobiography of a Yogi by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda – life incidents of Shri Mahavatar Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya  to be found in chapter: 35- The Christlike Life of Shri Lahiri Mahasaya

Picture of Divine Mother of Pondicherry- meditation hall in Delhi Ashram. If you can possibly make it, then please visit this Ashram and dynamic hall to meditate and enhance your sadhana time and again

The picture of roses has three colours- lavender representing Grace, white for  purity and pink  for love and devotion)