Our lost rich heritage-II. Kailashnathar temple Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

November 20, 2011

Today eighteenth of November, twenty eleven is the year. As the day began to conclude and close, out of nowhere there were peaceful vibrations slowly spreading in my house. First I felt the soft rays over my head, the crown chakra, which my mind absorbed smoothly and a sense of comfort arrived along with those vibrations. The rays after falling over the top of my head entered my body along the path of the spine and rejuvenated me absolutely. The running over of gentle vibrations on the spine calmed all the body parts in no time. They were the healing rays. The energy that penetrated from the head moved from the spine to other parts of the body making me recharged and fit enough to concentrate for a good amount of time. The celestial energy waves were removing the layers of accumulated worn out energies in the body and positive healthy energy was coming through. This was a soothing event and the mind and body were in complete unison and a sense of wellness was setting in. During the last week my health was dull due to excess dust in the environment causing it to slow down.

Along with what was happening inside me, side by side my heart was also thanking God for the benevolence being cascaded over me. I expressed my heartfelt thanks to God as I could sense that the dead and worn out energies were fading away and fresh, energy filled waves of divine rays were encircling me. The vibrations apart from rejuvenating me also had some portions in them which were making me quieter and introverted. They were the calming rays. By now I could sense that I should comply accordingly and not have some will of my own as the situation was so very amicable for me to meditate. That implied that I should stop doing the current activity and sit quietly in my sacred space! And while I was contemplating about wrapping up everything, the waves of genteel rays brushed me tenderly once more on the left side of the body like the soft touch of gentle evening breeze as though it was cajoling me to obey its command in a very supple and sweet manner.

Alongside this extremely pleasant occurrence, the room began to smell lightly of fresh roses although there were none in the room. A waft of rose scent was prevailing near me. The pervading benevolent vibrations and the mild fragrance of sweet pink roses in my astral mind not only obliged me but compelled me enough to disengage myself immediately from what I was doing. There was enough evidence of a prelude of the arrival of a heavenly being at that hour at my doorstep and therefore I quietly sat myself on my bed with two white pillows to support my tired back without losing any valuable time.

Outside my window, I saw the bright daylight receding and the lavender and pink sky taking over the bright colours of the day thus setting for me the perfect mood and ambience for turning my mind inward gently. Quickly the mind settled down in deep peace and was in its natural state-devoid of any thoughts or any of its usual mental activity. My mind fell complete vacant and everything was quiet inside. Silence sheer silence!

As I was floating in divine peace and tranquility, at my third eye I began to see a fair hand coming from my left side and passing over my right arm and then holding my hand. I had a silver pen between my thumb and index finger. That hand made me write on and on; moreover it would not stop. After this vision, I saw His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji meditating in a cave made of small round grayish stones in the Himalayas. Seeing this glorious image made my breath and body perfectly still. I began to focus on my incoming and outgoing breath and in a few seconds the breath paused and a sense of complete liberation from the body was attained. There was more peace and if you ask me to summarize this wonderful experience all I can say is that it was pure bliss.

After being in bliss some moments flew by and I began hearing these ragas played in flute like words in my inner ear as though there is someone who is talking to me mentally sitting far away. The mental transference began from the remotest cave in the Himalayas to the island city on the Arabian Sea here in Mumbai, the overcrowded commercial capital of India. I could see a silver string originating from Shri Mahavatar Babaji in that cave and running all along the way and terminating on me. A silver coloured string, which was actually a telecommunication  path, was seen between the two of us-me and His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji. As soon as I comprehended that a communication channel has been established between both of us, I heard these gracious words coming to me from the caves near the mountainous region near river Alaknanda in the Himalayas-

“Whenever your mind is so impeccably united and connected with me, there is a bond, a telepathic conveyor, a telecommunication path built between us in the astral space. At this moment I am in deep meditation and I am speaking to you through mental communication or telepathy.”

I could again see Shri Mahavatar Babaji sitting in a perfect lotus posture with my inner vision.

“When two people have strong love and understanding for each other, this phenomenon occurs on the subtle astral plane. Just a few know and appreciate this means of communication.”

I was absorbing wholly what was being given to me with my heart so full of gratefulness.

“Now tell me, what is the cause of man’s pathetic living condition on this Earth today?” an unexpected question was thrown at me.

“Ignorance”, I replied to him without losing any time for thinking.

“Ignorance and lack of foresight,” he said. “Man has been living on this planet since millions of years. It has taken him millions of years to evolve and make this Earth fit for living.Many civilizations with their glorious cultures, race and heritage have risen and fallen back in dust. Awesome structures and cities were built and have been razed to the ground, so many men have come and so many have gone. They have left behind some of their essence, their essential core being behind for us to know how developed they were in terms of creativity, sculpture, literature, knowledge and realizations. The essence of man’s spiritual awakening as well as knowledge is embedded in the Holy Scriptures now.

However, because man lacks foresight, he has not been able to preserve the past inheritance and legacy so richly endowed with their experiences, knowledge and hindsight. Because of lack of foresight in humans, they do not acknowledge and preserve the inherent knowledge stored in scriptures, realized souls as well as in the illumined Masters. Sacred knowledge is passed on by the realized Masters to their chosen devoted disciples who have faith and devotion in their Masters and is in this way stored and preserved through ages, eras and civilizations.

Our past builds our future.

Those who wish to have the sacred knowledge must know their Spirit. The Spirit has the hindsight and all the knowledge is endowed in it. The Spirit has the foresight that will prevent you from regressing in your soul.

Practicing meditation alone will not help. One must plan his future, plan the coming events well, plan his life thoroughly and should have a vision, a sight for himself/herself.

To materialize those goals, one has to do karmas, actions accordingly. Correspondingly, your karmas have the ability to shape your future. They have the potential, the power, the shakti endowed in them. Unleash that energy that is stored in the karmas, unleash that power of manifestation that is stored in your karmas!”

Hari Om Tat Sat!! Hari Om Tat Sat!! Hari Om Tat Sat!!

A note-The following pictures are of Kailashnathar temple situated outside the outskirts of modern day Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. It is one of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu and is said to be constructed by the Pallava king Rajasimha. No other edifice has been so elaborately filled with the 64 aspects of Lord Shiva than this one. The temple is unique in its architecture and is viewed more as an architectural wonder than a holy place. Hence it is never crowded with the locals.

Visited this place in 2007 from Pondicherry. The temple was freshly restored with funds from a world heritage organization if I can recall well.

Kanchipuram is one of the most ancient towns of India. It is a city of temples and saris where weavers and crafstmen from Telugu speaking areas settled down here to make silk saris for the Goddess Mother Kanchi in Kanchi temple about eight hundred years ago.During the times of the rule of Pallavas, the ‘town of thousand temples’ was an an epicentre of learning of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jain  learning.  Adi Shankaracharya established his first ‘math‘   or seat of learning out of the all four that he established in India to revive the eroding Vedic knowledge. Lord Buddha is also believed to have visited this holy city. Since then its glory has declined due to apathy of the following rulers.

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