This post is offered with my gratefulness, admiration and veneration at the sacred feet of Swami Shri Nityananda of Ganeshpuri whose birth anniversary falls today on 30th Nov.  These two photos were taken in the temple of Swami Nityananda which is above the multiple caves in Kanhangad in Kerala during my visit in Nov lately.

It so happened that just two days back in the middle of night instead of falling asleep, I fell into a deep state of transcendence. I don’t know how long I stayed in that state of super consciousness, but the outcome of that glorious meditation is the concluding post of the preface of this new segment. These three posts at the beginning are easy to understand but hard to follow because they ask for our participation and contribution towards restoration and revival of our precious planet. I suppose I have told you earlier that the last segment-C contained many articles which had Holy Trees as a protagonist. They gave me prolific knowledge and enlightened me on the current state of affairs on our globe and that we should start restoring it with our serious efforts. In fact, if you notice and go to the first page of this weblog you will observe that I have explicitly dedicated this particular portion segment-D of the blog for a specific cause and a definite mission. A mission and a cause that is very close to Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s heart today because his mantra is

“Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu,  Maa Kaschit Dukha Bhagh Bhavet”

“May we all be happy, may we all be disease free, may we all have well being, may none have misery or sorrow of any kind.”

Though these posts may be condensed in form but nonetheless they have one portion either in the middle or in the end where I have shared with you all the enlightening words bestowed on me by the holy sages, saints, holy Spirits, Trees and the other greatly illumined Masters in the celestial world at the moment. It is my humble proposition to you that kindly focus on that particular highlighted portion, contemplate on it and apply those words in your practical life also.

Meditation alone won’t help; service towards mankind and the society at large is required and is indispensable for moksha or liberation. Gyan, karma and bhakti all go hand in hand. That means that knowledge, action and devotion are inseparable and all go hand in hand.

After reading these thought provoking lines, focus your mind on where it should be-always inwards. After finishing the God given seva or service in the day bring your attention to the heart repeatedly, the centre where the Lord dwells. If you practice this, the mind in spite of doing various activities in the day or at night will be in a reposed state, calmness shall prevail throughout the day and you shall remain in equilibrium and symmetry of mind.

However, if you have already brought yourself in a state of tranquility at this moment by turning your mind inwards by reading these above written words, then kindly read on…there is one more important message of God for all of us.

In the middle of 27th Nov night, I unexpectedly fell in a transcendental state and I saw dense Divine Light in my third eye. To remove my doubts if that was normal light from somewhere, I stayed in a quiet state. The Light became larger and denser and I became absolutely motionless to be able to absorb it as much as I could at that fortunate time. Seldom do I see such intense Light and to my good fate it lingered for time enough for me to recognize its purity and quality.  After this sight, I saw a cave on a small mountain. The cave soon showed the same intense Divine Light which I had seen a moment ago and soon the picture became very obvious.

(Hidden cave in Guruvannam, Kerala close to the Kanhangad caves where Nityananda Swami first did penace and later made the multiple caves for meditating with his own hands and labour)

The cave that I had seen at Guruvannam at Kanhangad (please refer post ‘Our lost rich heritage-I ) was blazing with Light of God and I immediately thanked Swami Nityananda for gifting me this benevolent sight on an auspicious day like his birthday which was just two days away. I also thanked him in my heart for unfolding this magical mystery about his cave where he had meditated decades ago. I concluded that there is still Divine Light present at that spot which is almost lying abandoned and obscure and thanked him once again for illuminating this secrecy to me. I bowed at the holy place again with new sense of veneration and gratefulness and felt privileged to have got access to this hidden information.

Just as I got over seeing the sacred Divine Light, I saw a big Banyan Tree. The tree was big enough to elucidate that it was old in age and was surely familiar to me. It was the same Banyan Tree which welcomed us at the gate of Guruvannam. Seeing my penchant for photography on that day, the driver stopped the car for me to take some good shots in spite of time restrain. I loved the tree at the first sight but did not foresee that one day it will communicate with me like some other auspicious trees earlier.

(Banyan tree at the entrance of Guruvannam)

I consider it my good luck to have seen and known such holy Spirits which reside in these sacred trees and I bow to them once again with my full adoration and reverence.

That night, first I saw a Banyan Tree which was copious in form and sturdy in its built. In a flash of a moment, it left the ground on which it was standing and stood firmly on my abdomen. In no time, I felt a lot of energy around me and I was completely revitalized as though I had a walk in a thick forest so full of fresh revitalizing air. Though I recognized the tree, I still wanted to clear my doubt and I questioned it. “Are you the same Banyan Tree that I saw at the entrance at Guruvannam?” It said yes to me and in an instance it began to acquaint me about the spirit world. It said, “I am guarding this place and am about 326 years old in age. Our ecosystem is in danger because we have no reverence for nature and we have disregard for the sanctity of our own planet. Everyone must contribute in physical form, be it physical activity or monetary help for the reason that we owe our life to Mother Earth. Therefore, appreciation and gratitude towards forests, birds, animals and all living beings must be maintained.

People think that just because trees, animals and birds are mute, they can be meted out with any bad attitude and behavior by humans. All trees, animals and birds have their own Spirit. When you cut down a tree, you are taking away a life. Nature is made to serve everybody and serve the utility purpose of humans. Even if you have to cut down a tree you must only do so when it is extremely essential and with prior permission of God as well as the Spirit of the tree itself. Trees also bless you. And they curse you if you loot the Earth mercilessly for greed and avarice. The poor quality of man on this Earth today is due to greed and avarice of majority of people. But there are some who are doing commendable job of restoring the Earth by bringing about harmony, stability and afforestation by restoring the ecosystem and biodiversity in nature.

The tree then began to speak to me with a clear message, “Degradation of the planet is because of greed of millions of people and restoration is by very few individuals. Those who have regard and faith in their spiritual masters will repay them through some service to the Earth by educating those who are dirtying the environment, by greening it, by reducing the carbon levels, increasing oxygen content and correspondingly reducing pollution levels. Reduce non biodegradable things in the atmosphere. Be a spiritual man and not a materialistic person. Finally, send out prayers and meditation vibrations for preserving our planet. If the planet survives, we continue to survive.”

A Note. An endangered species of ficus named ‘Krishne Vat’ was saved from the Byculla Zoo in Mumbai by Vikram Yende of Green Umbrella Organization. It is believed that Lord Krishna as a baby used to eat white butter in it because the shape of the leaves when fully grown resemble a cone.

I have adopted this rare tree and kept it at home and will transplant it when I get an open area for it to grow. It is such a lovely plant and has brought so much joy in my home since its auspicious arrival…

These pictures taken today morning when the sun rays fell on them after I watered my Krishne Vat .

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