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December 30, 2011

Dear friends,

I am unable to publish the next post today as I was not in town for Christmas and New Year holidays.

I sometimes need to take some time off and go in the wilderness as my city’s pace is quite exerting and simultaneously the next posts are asking me to concentrate and meditate and therefore today’s post cannot be accomplished. Unless I get a bit relaxed and free, unless I meditate deeply, I will not be able to come up with the next article on Silence of the soul…   So please wait till I get some more  free time. And once when I can really get down to read all the emails again, I shall respond; I hope you understand!

In fact, I haven’t rested at all in the holidays and how I wish I could go to a retreat to stay in silence and then write something thought provoking after that! Hopefully, that should happen some time in future. But until that happens, let me  share some nice pictures of my trip to Igatpuri and Nasik for four great days! We went to trek on Kalsubai mountain near Igatpuri and visited Trayambakeshwar temple in Nasik. Some pictures of wonderful memories to go through once again with you and others!

  Before the trek, a scene of a village. Sunlight filtering in!

At the base of the mountain Kalsubai is the village Bari,  the starting point.

  Half way up!

While relaxing in the lap of nature there, saw some beautiful wild grass…

A flock of white birds were kind enough to hover over us in the high skies for some time. Captured them in my camera!


On our way to Nasik, while passing through in between only open sky, rough mountains and a little bit greenery, we stopped to take a glimpse of breathtaking view of this beautiful panorama- river Vaitarna.  Recalled Mansarovar Lake!

Trayambakeshwar temple, Nasik.

On our way home, rugged Sahayadri mountains and the harsh valleys in between with very little vegetation in them .

Found just one single tree of –

“Flame of the Forest’

Silence of the soul-II

December 20, 2011


(Referring and quoting from Kriya Shakti, the power to act-III in segment- C)

Many a times so unexpectedly God’s kind grace is bestowed on me for what reasons I don’t know. Perhaps I may have done a kind act, or in moments of great reverence or devotion must have poured out loving feelings for the beloved God.

Whatever it is, but God’s benevolence should be shared with others so that we, the seekers and lovers of God can apprehend what it is like when one perceives the ecstatic nature of God in some benevolent moments! This article is a conclusion and an outcome of my meditation of 13th June morning. On that day without trying hard or having any expectations, I once again dipped into profound ecstasy, then intense peace and eventually quietude. Out of that brief incumbency of silence emerged this enlightening exposition and piece of knowledge.

But before I begin to tell you more, first let us recall this-

Mahavatar Babaji- “Once the Spirit unfolds in us and you know Atma, there are three levels of aspiration and heights to accomplish after that. In accordance, there are three types of gyan or wisdom – Teevra gyan, Prachand gyan and Prabhutva gyan. When we translate that, it means wisdom that is intense, very intense and most intense respectively. In between these three stages there are other sub -stages of spiritual and God’s wisdom.” (From Expand your consciousness-II)

In connection and reference to the above, further knowledge was given to me on that auspicious day. Shri Mahavatar Babaji explained to me, “After enlightenment, there are three types of experiences that are experienced by the yogi-bliss, peace and silence- Ananda, shanti and shunya respectively.

Ananda is in samadhi’s first stage.

Shanti is in second stage and

Shunya is the third.

And this is not all. Those who are always in tune with God’s will over a very, very long period of time may even cross the third stage swiftly as Brahma is beyond even shunya while those aspirants who are distracted will stop at one of these steps.

For the yogi, attainment of joy and peace are essential to detach from worldly obligations and karmic burden. His karmas produce only ananda and shanti-joy and peace. He gives enlightenment to all those who come in their lives. Most sadhaks are not aware that that there is something more beyond ananda and shanti and that is shunya-silence, silence of mind.”

Dear readers this post is interwoven with many quotes and references of earlier posts and we are picking up from a point from earlier segments because  we are ascending bit by bit on our journey further up the summit. Now that you have read a portion of Kriya Shakti-III, please stop here for a moment to become conscious of the fact that in that post our Param Pujya, His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji was too generous and is still so gracious enough that he is going on opening bit by bit every riddle of the mystic knowledge of mukti liberation of a human soul.  Moreover, He is extremely kind enough to elucidate every fine detail of the path and journey of self realization to me. Before I met Shri Mahavatar Babaji, my mind was blurred and dim although I had read many books and had dwelled for hours and days in self absorbing thoughts of freeing myself from the clutches of the karmic trap,  but I was never able to find the exact door from where my soul could release itself in the infinite skies of eternal freedom!!

One day recently,  Babaji out of his own wish blessed me by cascading  more illuminating knowledge on me which is so essential for a growing yogi  on his path of self realization.

 Mahavatar Babaji answered the following spontaneous questions raised by me when there was a connection between the two minds in meditation in the wee hours of 15.12.11

Me- “What is beyond shunya ?”

Him- Brahma. After silence of the soul you shall reach your Spirit.

First is peace, then joy, and then the soul arrives at silence. After prolonged continuity with the Spirit of the Guru, with his mere kripa if the disciple persists to do intense good karmas, the guru shows the disciple the omnipresent Universal Spirit, Brahma. Brahma is beyond silence.

One must meditate on Brahma, the Universal Spirit. In reinstating, the jeeva or soul of the individual does not return to the normal world of cause and effect, the unending cycle of birth, decay and dying. Rather, the soul lives each life and each day of every  life in dedication to Guru and complete surrender to God. In this way, there is no action that is initialized by his disciple and hence no undesirable effect of that karmas which in return give the highly developed yogi  stable peace of mind and joy. There is so much freedom in such a mind and that is what Bhagwan Buddha at that time was telling all in so many different ways  to free themselves from the impact and result of one’s own karmas and  consequently get rid of all the sufferings of mind, body and soul in innumerable lives. This is what is meant by liberation and moksha of one’s soul.”

Part B

 Date 16.12.11 Time 12.35 am

My endless thanks and gratitude to Shri Mahavatar Babaji for giving me peace, peace and more peace.

A flow of divine enlightenment has arrived at me through telepathic conversation at this moment and I enter one more post with his utmost grace and kindheartedness. The following sermon was conveyed to me which I share with all of you-

“Grace or kripa is attained by those seekers who have an intense desire to serve the holy masters who in turn will shower more and more grace as each day and year progresses.

Blazing Spiritual knowledge is attained by those disciples who have an irresistible desire to serve others with love and devotion. The Spiritual Teacher will uncover the lid of the unlimited sacred box of knowledge and divine wisdom which shall never exhaust. Those of you who wish to acquire such blazing knowledge must know that no matter what happens at this moment in your life-auspicious or inauspicious, if you persist in seeking the lasting happiness and permanent peace of mind, then continue being calm inside. Meditate on the sacred holy sound Om and resign your fate and present life to the Almighty Power who will re-design your present life to a fresh start devoid of fear, worry, malice, revulsion and all other unwanted negative qualities. The future divine life is very promising. It shall be full of freedom of expression,  joyful existence, expanded consciousness and some worthwhile purpose in life.

Resignation to the chalked out life as designed by the Spiritual Masters is for the blessed souls for they shall never regret anything ever.

Silence of the soul-II is for those aspirants who are prepared to renounce all negativeness in their current life. If you trust in yourself and God ordained Guru, then surge ahead.  Don’t  look back ever and keep your eyes firmly fixed on a bright, blissful and spiritually prosperous divine life as planned by Him.

Spiritual Enlightenment means freedom

Spiritual Enlightenment means peace

Spiritual Enlightenment means persisting joy

Spiritual Enlightenment means silence and

Spiritual Enlightenment means expansion of divine consciousness in Spirit deep within.”

Dear friends, ever since these golden words have been bestowed on me, the holy sound Om is resonating inside continuously in spite of tough daily schedule. Whenever I relax or rest, the resonating sound Om seems to be spreading more and more in and around me. There is so much peace embedded in it that the physical or mental tiredness seems to vanish in no time once I hear the peaceful sound.

Just this morning that is 20th of Dec’11, I surrendered to god and was very relaxed during meditation in spite of not being able to sit down calmly to work on this post because of time crunch in the last few days. I had full trust in God and my gurus that I shall be able to enter the continuing post on sacred Om and that it is possible to do service for God and lead a healthy, balanced life in spite of a fast urban life.

Just then, while I was meditating and sitting in a flood of unimaginable peace, I felt complete silence within. I perceived and saw utterly fine and faint blue coloured multiple ethereal rays approaching me from the right side of the body. They first surrounded me from right side, then towards left side and after that they encircled me over and over again. I could sense the extra fine rays entering the various chakras and I heard the holy sound Om and they extended towards my right and left side of the body and then to the nervous system where their presence was more intense. In conjunction with this, the sound Om began to be heard although more softly than before but more intense in nature. Om also spread to more areas of the nervous system and the nearest explanation that I could think of this experience is what is called ‘Naadghosh’, a word that I had read in holy scriptures years ago describing the advanced silenced stage of a yogi ‘s mind that is seeking God! Naad means sound, sound  of Om and ghosh means to resonate. A sacred sound of high wave length that is heard in the upper chakras of the nervous system during meditation upon God.

I also discovered that Om was now spreading to the higher astral skies inside me which are based at the higher chakras, the energy centres on our spine. I was able to comprehend instinctively alongside that after this rich experience, I shall grow more in subtle divine consciousness.. ..the arrival of such high wavelength sacred waves will make my mind reach the wider domains of spiritual awareness and I shall be able to grasp some very subtle divine information,  so vital for a seeker to progress on the never ending arena of divine kingdom.

After the delicate soothing rays entered inside me through the higher fine chakras, the streak of light  penetrated the base chakra called muladhar and glided up the spine and reached the crown chakra- Brahmarandra and the shaft of divine light appeared as though a solid slab of extremely light blue light was holding my spine and nervous system together behind me like the thick roots of the Banyan Tree to the ground; like a glowing rod holding my base and top as one and hence balancing and stabilizing the earth and heaven in me!! Even though this phenomenon lasted for a few moments, it was nonetheless very, very peaceful.  Also a beautiful realization dawned inside at this most divine rendezvous and that was- Om has peace inside it; Om and peace are synonymous.

I dipped in a spell of silence within for a short while and these are the words that came from the silence of my soul-

“Om still reverberates in nature since the inception of the Universe. (Refer last post- The silence of the soul-I) Om has peace in it.  If we have more trees and forests there will be more peace. These days there is so much nerve wreaking noise around us all the time which breaks our attention from our peaceful soul most of the time and because of which we are not able to listen to the silence of our soul. It would be so wonderful if apart from diving inside ourselves to hear the sound Om, we can also hear the sound of Om outside if it reverberates in the green cover of the earth and then resonates in our atmosphere and eventually reach us.”

Om Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu
Sahaveeryam Karavavahai
Tejas Vinavati Tamastuma vidhwishavahai
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

May God protect both of us-the student and the teacher. May He nourish both of us. May we both acquire the capacity to study and understand the scriptures in harmony. May our study and learning be brilliant. May we not argue  or be hostile with each other. Om peace, peace, peace.!

And I also learnt at that peaceful time that prayers and meditations are important. One must do selfless prayers for others and meditate for one’s own peace.

I accepted this sacred experience gently with reverence and utmost gratitude because I know without such beautiful experience I shall never be able to receive and transfer such amazing and blazing spiritual knowledge which is inaccessible in normal circumstances. Therefore, my utmost gratefulness and unending thanks to the Supreme, most Benedict God and Shri Shri Mahavatar Babaji  for helping me to record such a subtle phenomenon otherwise it is not possible to explain bit by bit an abstract experience of this kind and make others comprehend such sublime spiritual experiences.

My prayer today- May we all rise in the unblemished holy Spirit. May we trust God and the God assigned Gurus, our Spiritual Teachers and guardians. May we always be fearless to walk in the garden of God’s beauty, ananda, joy, liberating knowledge and complete renunciation of all anxiety, fear, worry, sadness and get liberated from the unstoppable  cycles of birth and death and the consequent suffering that comes along with those random lives… .

Om shanti, shanti, shanti  Om!!!

A footnote   On Sunday, 18th of Dec, I made a personal site visit to two places of Green Umbrella Organisation with Vikram and his team members. We all also went to Ganeshpuri to seek the blessings of Swami Nityananda and Swami Dayananda Shaligram at their samadhis respectively. I would love to share with you  some of those pictures.

At the nursery in the morning

Although I have been to Vajreshwari temple so many times, I was not in the know that there is this sacred Rudraksha tree around which a small temple has been made. Thanks to the curiosity of Vikram and his other friend, I made a great discovery on that day. Rudraksha emits exception peaceful subtle vibrations in the atmosphere.

Showing you two pictures- one of the Rudraksha tree as seen growing within the temple and the other a closer look at its canopy.

A beautiful way to end the day’s work by getting to see a beautiful sunset in the tribal village where a ‘nakshatra vana’ is in infancy.

Silence of the soul-I

December 10, 2011

View from the hill top on the way to the caves.

My dear revered readers, the last three posts were the preface of the new segment called ‘Our lost rich heritage. Swami Nityananda caves, Kanhangad, Kerala’ and were the introductory and basic posts to start with. This segment is not purely dedicated to our lost rich heritage or heritage sites or environment for that matter. The posts are about seeing our past rich heritage in a new mirror with a new sight-with that of spiritual eyes called the divine eyes. And nevertheless we shall pick up environmental issues also and then interweave all these issues and thoughts in one post as there is a co-relation amongst all these subjects because they concern us and our lives.

Ekvira temple adjacent to Karla caves about 60 kms from Mumbai.

As per the wishes of His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji, in the forth coming posts which will involve a lot of travelling for me, I will cover many world heritage sites of India with a new light and perspective which has been undertaken by none before. It is only with the gifted spiritual eyes and divine wisdom that he again and again bestows on me because of which I can go back in time effortlessly and get to know how richly our human race was endowed even at that time in realms of development- physical and spiritual both. So many mindboggling and surprising revelations as grace have come over me in my meditations because of only him. To give you  an example I found out that the Karla caves  near Mumbai, which are of Buddhist genre were carved out at the site of Ekvira Temple. This devi temple was constructed by the Pandavas in exile about five thousand years ago.  Hence the caves which have come up later  around two to two and a half thousand years ago have been constructed just next door to this temple in order to derive the shakti or power for enhancing the spiritual practices of the bhikshus or the monks.

It is for all the readers to know that this post with a mystical title is a mere record and documentation of my recent exquisite spiritual experience which I would like to revert to from time to time. However, others are also most welcome to read it even if it may take some time for them to appreciate its content, depth and quality. At present, in case you find it a bit heavy and grave, you are free to call on me or write to me and I am sure you shall be able to comprehend and appreciate the content much better in due course of time…So then…

About ten days ago, Shri Mahavatar Babaji advised me to do meditation on Om. He said, “Go inside. There is Om inside you, meditate on it.”

And then he once again repeated what he had told me earlier, “There was a time when there was nothing in this Universe –shunya. Only Brahma existed, it was only silence that existed. And then out of the shunya, came the  sankalpa  or thought of God. Out of this thought of God, in peace and silence the srishti,  the Brahmaand or the Universe was created. After the creation of the Universe, the very first sound that originated at that time in this Universe was Om.”

It was after Mahavatar Babaji told me to mediate on Om I saw a miracle.

Om sound heard and reverberates in my body and whole being

Since then I have been hearing the sacred sound of Om in my ears when I have doing my regular work of the day in spite of nonstop irritating, ear-piercing honking of vehicles on the streets and roads, sharp sounds of drilling and tile cutting machines all around my house and banging and clatter of vessels and deafening gurgling of water from the taps in the kitchen when the domestic helper is at her daily job. The sound of Om was so audible and prominent that it became impossible for me to bear the aforesaid noises any more as it was hurting my head and I could bear it no longer.

So with the same sacred sound of Om still reverberating in my ears,  when I went to sleep on 7th  Dec night I had put my finger tips tightly in the ears to refuse entry to those agonizing sounds of snarling  traffic in order to prolong this mystical sound and manage to get hold of some extensive  peaceful moments.

Once this was achieved, I only heard nonstop Om first in my head and then in my whole body. There was not a speck or decibel of any sound inside me apart from Om and the continuity of this mystical sound was awesome and the phenomenon breathtaking. Nothing compares this experience to any experience of the world that we live in and I made sure that my mind is anchored firmly at one centre to be able to lengthen this magical experience. And just as I was able to get enough of it, I entered  shunya , the silence. Ah! At last the silence of my soul was touched. It was a thoughtless state where nothing happened, no sound and no thought-pure Brahma, the purest Brahma. It was as if at last I was able to lay a hand on the last level of the infinite ocean.

 All along very gently I was reaffirming to myself that I am this, I am Om; this is what I am truly, this is my real identity.

Babaji again showed me the creation of Universe and presence of Brahma and the similarity of the two experiences- one now and here and the other at the point of eternity.

I envisioned after this a complete movie like vision in my inner eyes of our planet rotating continuously tilting at its axis after which the planet vanished and I saw nothing. This state of nothingness endured for a short while as I travelled back in eternity to fathom the state of affairs even before the Universe was created. Once I reached at that time, I experienced in me that there was only silence that existed before the planets were created and it is the same silence or shunya that I have just experienced now at this moment after I heard Om in my body. This goes to prove that the same Om which existed as the first sound in this Universe and the shunya or silence that existed before Om  are the same two things which still exist in this Universe and they are the same two things that are present in me too. In other words pure Brahma is in me and the sacred sound Om is present in me even now. It is the same thing and I just rediscovered them during those most auspicious moments of my life!!! Never before could I get so close to it!! Thanks to my great, great Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji who is the most generous soul in this whole Universe who granted me such momentous time in the last few days in spite of the nervewracking, inharmonious sounds and crazy speed of my life!! Thanking enough will not do, I must repay this kindest gesture by doing more manav seva– serving humanity for sure.

Pujya Babaji has told me that there was only nishabdi brahma  and silence before the earth was formed billions of years ago. Once the earth was created and formed, the first sound that was born and emanated was that of Om. The same sound still reverberates and is heard in the silence of nature, forests, oceans and seas even now.

And in the next flash of a moment I recalled that as a child when we went for summer holidays, the same sound of Om was heard in my ears at night in nearby forests in Rishikesh, Dehradoon or while going to Himalayas in childhood.

(To understand this interweaving and complex concept of our environment, Spirit and our thoughts read on  three interrelated posts Thought Power I, II & III where in sankalpa or thought is elaborated in quite a detail.

Thought power I was a gift from Mother Earth in meditation

Thought Power II was a reminiscence and emphasized the importance of consideration of the well being of all the inhabitants of this planet and

Thought Power III was a blessing of Swami Nityananda because he enlightened me about how peace is attained by our good actions which are based on our thought power)

Knowledge for all

Now many of you would like to have the same spiritual experience some day and some of you would probably like to know when, at which stage and how do these experiences come about in a real seeker. For the curious ones the phenomenon of soul’s ascension and unity with that of the Universal Spirit present in the Divine Guru is as follows-

Soul & Spirit

The soul of the disciple surrenders to the Spirit of the Divine Teacher. Out of sheer love, the Teacher blesses the obedient disciple. The blessing in turn enhances the growth of the disciple by initializing the purification of the mind and body. The disciple in due course of time surrenders more and the Spiritual Teacher endows more grace, kindness and blessings on the loving disciple. This goes on for a few years until the disciple is completely washed of all his sins and shortcomings and the soul of the disciple mingles wholly with the pure, blazing Spirit of the Divine Teacher and they become one in Spirit. This whole process is a wonderful experience for both- the disciple as well as the guardian Teacher because the growth and progress of the disciple is entirely dependent on the will of the disciple. The more the disciple wants to grow, the more the Teacher helps him/her to grow large in Spirit.

A tribute -This post is my tribute to our Mother Nature and it emphasizes the importance of regaining and re-growing our lost forests because apart from the million benefits that they offer, there is one more great reason for us to contribute towards afforestation.  The more green cover we have on our planet, the more sacred Om sound shall prevail on it!     Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om!

Karla caves revisited on 5.12.11