Live in peace

March 9, 2012

My dear readers, it has been quite some time since I wrote an article with my profound insights and revelations. You must have noticed that the last few entries have gallery of photos which is quite different from my style of blogging. This has happened because I have been travelling a lot and as I had informed you right at the inception of this segment that I will be travelling widely to many world heritage sites as well as to a few pilgrimages of India during this year.

Apart from meditation, travelling far and wide also has given me a lot of new understanding and regular learning but I could not devote much time to do serious writing. I have missed my writing sessions very much and the constant interaction with you. Arranging my serious thoughts and then composing a new post is like meditation for me. And this process is also therapeutic in nature sometimes. In short, let me confess that I have really missed my meditations and the outcomes of those beautiful divine moments and sharing some of those exclusive moments with you my revered reader. I always experience a higher happiness and joy if I connect to my inner divine being during meditation and after that describing about it in a page or two as a new post on this blog. It is a moment of great joy for me whenever I get to discover a new divine law or a shrouded secret about an old heritage site or about some more intricate ways of functioning of God. It is very energizing for my whole being to be constantly in touch with the highest power and it is only because of this reason that I could travel so extensively in spite of many inconveniences and some physical hardships here and there. Nevertheless I am enjoying every second of this experience endowed on me by my Holy Spiritual Master Shri Mahavatar Babaji and I look forward eagerly to visit the last of this heritage site series to Khajuraho temples which is just a day away.

I returned from Orissa on 26th Feb evening with some very beautiful and memorable experiences. If you are following this blog you will know that I also went to see Chilika Lake and saw some dolphins. That was an awesome experience as it is not a common experience to be catching a glimpse of dolphins and then capturing some difficult shots. In fact, I could hardly see them because they were frisky. And once I got to see them, one boatman disobeyed all the rules of watching the dolphins and in the process he upset me a lot. The rule is that in that protected area when one goes to see dolphins, one is supposed to switch off the motorboats as they make a lot of noise. More than five boats are prohibited to come near the dolphins and people sitting in the boats are supposed to see the dolphins from behind and we are not to bring the boats in front of the swimming dolphins. All these measures are to avoid scaring or hurting them.

Just when a pair of joyful dolphins came near our boat and we were ecstatic about it, one senseless boatman in a fit of stupidity or ignorance or both, brought his boat so close to those dolphins that they immediately dived in the waters out of fear and the pair separated in two different directions and the immense joy of seeing nature’s such beautiful creatures vanished in a moment. I could not overlook or ignore this experience and it saddened me for the next few days and it was also bothering me whenever I sat down to rest or at times just when I was about to sleep. In short, I could not forsake or forget the sight of that boatman obstructing the path of two dancing innocent dolphins and the unnecessary fear he created in this whole process. All the time I talked to myself-Why did he do it?

God is an observer and knows about us as nobody else. He knows everything and is familiar with all our joys and sorrows. On 26th night of Feb, the moment I got in the bed to sleep after a long journey, a blinding light hit me in the eyes and forehead and I saw myself leaving the body. My soul, like a lightning transcended from the physical plane and united with the Light of God. All my aches and pains and sorrows melted like iron in a hot furnace. I was no more in the normal world where your soul has problems adjusting with so much wrongs and evils. The realm of God is pure and guiltless. It has only joy and peace and once we connect with that realm we become one with that joy and peace. The limitless comfort and rest that I got then was enough to rejuvenate me completely and I began to drown in that ocean of immense serenity and sublime happiness. There was just golden Light surrounding me…..

Just then God began to enlighten me in that magical moment, “Your heart is wounded. Your soul can connect to the soul of those dolphins and you have felt their sense of alarm and panic as though it was yours. I am touched by your sense of oneness of Spirit and respecting the sacredness of God’s creation.

It was not ignorance of the boatman or of lack of respect for rules of safety for animals. But it is something else. People themselves do not live in peace and do not allow others also to live in peace. And you are disturbed by that. Why should someone disturb the peace of some other creatures? By the law of God, we should not dampen or ruin anyone’s peace. If you learn to live in peace yourself, you shall let others also to live in peace. If all humans understood this law of God’s functioning, all living beings would live without fear. Fear is created on earth by destroying peace.

Tell all this to others by writing one special post by the title Live in peace so that they too know living in peace is abiding by the law of god and breaking this rule is a misdeed. Spread love and peace, spread joy and fearlessness so that all creatures live in freedom and peace.”

Happy Dolphins at Chilika lake

Suddenly their path being obstructed by this boatman