Welcome back dear readers, there has been no addition as a new post from my side since 21.03.12 and I guess some of you were eagerly waiting for me to say something during this time. Well, as you know I took an extensive tour of many heritage and spiritual sites of India in the last five months and I needed to rest and rejuvenate myself after that. I enjoyed this break and have savoured nature; I experienced with joy the melodious chirping and singing of sweet birds on tender branches and smelled mild yet intoxicating fragrant flowers on large blooming trees on wide roads and lush gardens while I was in Delhi during this break. I let myself free of any compulsion or impulse and have allowed myself to let time flow until any inspiration flowed in me and there was something really worthwhile to narrate in words.

Please note that I am still to make yet another pilgrimages to the Himalayas and beyond in the coming few months. From this time on therefore, I am preoccupied with its preparation like physical fitness, overhauling the body, supply of good nutrition, and generating good mental stamina because  I shall also meditate in my room at night and if God wills may be in some caves carved out by yogis in those snowy mountains in the Himalayas!  And so I shall be writing sporadically unlike the pattern of fixed dates that I was following so far.

Now please recall the conclusion of the last post in segment C which was titled “Why is it mandatory to have a Divine Guru?-II 

“In due course of time, Divine Mother of Pondicherry taught me occultism or the hidden psychic powers in a human”………

Segment D called the ‘Our lost rich heritage’ has been divided at this juncture in two parts-Part I and Part II. Part I dealt with topics concerned with our past rich heritage and my own spiritual experiences after I visited some of them.

Part II will deal with occult science and topics like reincarnation, death and dying, life after death and beyond and related subjects. Though these entries are going to be intermittent, yet they shall be very fascinating for both you and me. For me it shall be very exciting because no matter how much I have been bestowed with this knowledge by my revered holy Gurus, I am forever restless to know and experience further more because of this never ending search and boundless thirst of mine.

Those of who are following this blog will understand it well when I say that in my meditation so many times great spiritual and divine beings like Agastya Maharishi, Shri Aurobindo, Divine Mother of Pondicherry, Paramhansa Yoganada, Swami Nityananda and some others have appeared and disseminated unknown truths and spiritual facts to me which I have absorbed internally. In quite a few posts there are references about them though in a subdued way.I have not mentioned about all this   in a very explicit way  prior to this because of a valid reason.

God, who is hidden from the eyes of all its creatures and never ever wishes to tell us that He himself is the doer, the reason of our existence and the cause of this Universe. Similarly, so many divine and holy beings in the celestial beings who are forever working to make this universe loving and beautiful are unknown and unidentified by us. Knowing and realizing this fact silences my mind completely and creates a sense of littleness in my heart because one’s identity crumbles and disintegrates when one realizes that it is not I  but God, who is the provider, the preserver and giver of everything to each one of us.

During similar tranquil moments as I was gazing in the unknown recently, I got an opportunity to come in contact with Annie Besant- the reformer, revivalist, and  active member of  The Theosophical Society. She promised me that she will help me in writing my articles on occult Science on the blog. Obviously I was so delighted and thanked her with my grateful heart .  Now please know that the future articles are bound to be full of substantial knowledge of the unseen and unknown worlds. Prior to this incident also, I have had the good blessing of receiving vital information on occultism on a number of occasions, particularly  when I was staying in Pondicherry.

Some years back, may be around 1999, someone gave me an old preserved book on Occult Science by Annie Besant. I devoured the book and also experienced many things written in it and automatically began believing that indeed there were fairies, elves and gentle beings and the evil entities alongside in the surrounding atmosphere.

Today I have shared this piece of information with everybody because I want you to thank all the blessed and sacred Masters and teachers who are constantly working day and night salvaging souls, teaching and guiding the elevated souls without their knowledge of this fact thus making one’s spiritual journey enriched and easy. How can we not bow down mentally in heart and soul at their sacred feet ? It is because of them that we are much  closer to God today  because  God’s nature  is very secretive!

Knowing the nature of God is impossible without the constant assistance and grace of all the realized masters who may or may not be in their physical encasement yet their presence is there in our lives. So prostrating ourselves humbly with our love and devotion let us once again embark on a voyage and passage beyond the realm of the  known world that our eyes cannot see and the intellect cannot comprise!!

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