May 30, 2012

Outpourings of my evening meditation of 29.05.12 at 7 p.m.

Some displeasing experience took place just an hour ago.  Unexpected sour words from someone had disturbed my peace of mind and equilibrium.  Nevertheless, the strong will in me to overcome negative situations combined with wisdom superseded and I became an observer of on-going feelings. Just behind my soul that was observing the last passing heartsick sentiment, I found that there was profound peace lying concealed within me. I gathered all that peace deliberately and returned to my original state of restful mind.  I brought my attention at the mid-point, the area where there is concentration, attention and complete control of focus. Centring at the point in the forehead between the two eyebrows helped me to calm down myself completely in no time and I was composed again. Poise   returned. Meditation is therapeutic; it is my medicine, an answer book and my source of undiluted serenity and joyfulness. I rested in composer for a sustained time when out of that imposing peace sprang these divine words….

“About reincarnation or rebirth……People take lives after lives, births after births. They go on living each life without ever wanting to have a desire to accumulate wisdom, spiritual wisdom in true sense. Their mind likes to live in ignorance although it stagnates and eventually putrefies. Each life is a waste of breaths, millions of breaths. In every life the same ignorance is repeated. The layers of darkness, the opaqueness remains intact because of clutching to money, sex, power, material possessions and other Earthly objects. Greed creates new births each degrading than the previous ones. This cycle must stop if you wish to put an end to all the mental and physical sufferings and endless woes and troubles. They will end only if you have spiritual wisdom.

And how does spiritual wisdom come to us?

  • By constantly doing good deeds, high quality, and unselfish deeds. Deeds that give others happiness, that help people who are in real need. Deeds that will save or regenerate our planet and deeds that will spread goodness and peace around you.
  • By having devotion and trust towards God.
  • By serving the Gurus in unconditional manner.

God is very generous, kind and extremely compassionate. We are given life after life. Each life is a chance to reform, to realize, to awaken, to redeem our souls. Our each birth is to enliven the Spirit in us.

We reincarnate so that we gain spiritual wisdom one day, we unfold God’s presence and divinity in us. We reincarnate to sparkle, to dazzle our lives and live our lives with God given acumen, judgement and knowledge. If each human life is lived with God’s grace for the welfare of the humanity, to seek true love of God then reincarnation is a boon, a gift, and a reward from God. If you do so, you are God’s pride, God’s delight!

Reincarnation is useful for those who are pious, merciful, benevolent and free in Spirit. It is bane for those who love darkness, who do deplorable acts, who are naïve and think that actions performed will not be rewarded or punished. And that their actions which are based on arrogance, deceit, hypocrisy, false self-importance, greed, envy and restlessness will give them victory over others. Life is miserable for those who think that the more they possess the desirable objects, the happier they would be.

Reincarnation should be used to flower your soul, to blossom the Spirit, to strengthen the character and be successful in personal empowerment and spiritual growth in every life!

Life is beautiful, human life is precious. Each breath is priceless, each moment expensive. Pray to God to open your eyes, to flood your mind with His wisdom, to give you one lesson each day to know your Spirit and to teach you how to live in pure Love and Light in every incarnation that is bestowed on you as sheer Grace given by God, as mercy from the Almighty Father, the benefactor of Truth, Light and Love.”