How are we born-I?

June 15, 2012

It has been quite some days since I sat down peacefully and talked to God. The house needed repairs and I got fully involved in it and this post has got delayed. Nevertheless, in spite of hyperactivity and the house still not functional, at the back of my mind I have been murmuring to God and in return the response has come in whispers. So even though I could not meditate, the communion was lingering and I have been waiting anxiously like a child to take my next lesson on topics that concern me, my present life and the next life yet to come. I have been extremely fascinated since my youth to know how one is born, on what basis does one get a new birth and how did I feel when I was in an embryonic state and a lot more apart from this. Basically I was very curious to find what about how the state of consciousness of a soul affects his/her quality and type of new life about to come in due course of time. How is one reborn? Do we remember something in the womb?  Do we have control over our state of mind in the womb irrespective of negative external environment? Can we control our state of mind by being completely unaffected by mother’s negative mental qualities?

Many of these questions have been answered earlier and some of them have got answered while I am getting the house done in moments of tranquillity. It has been my heartfelt desire to remain awake in every reincarnation in the mother’s womb as I understand that if my consciousness is high during that time and infancy, I shall get a head start at the outset. Never again do I want to sleep in ignorance no matter when or where I am reborn.  Spiritual awakening, so difficult to attain cannot be disregarded at any cost. It is inestimable wealth that I have earned with great difficulty by leading an arduous life that I wish to carry it forward with me in my next life.

This post is quite different in approach than the rest because it is for me, just for me. This lesson has come for me and I shall read it again whenever I wish to go back to it. I can recall my lessons from this diary so that I can rewind essential chapters and lessons of my spiritual awakening whenever I need to in times to come.

I have learnt that we are reborn in a state of mind that we died in! Reborn is not the time of birth when one is free of mother’s body. It is that time when the soul comes from the astral plane and enters like a light in the collusion of both the partners. The lower the state of mind, the faster the speed and urgency to come back to Earth. If the dying state has been of great calamity, hatred, repulsion, extreme greed, hunger to taste the smacks or tastes of the worldly sensual things, the faster the urgency to return at lightning speed. While the awakened will wait till it is right to return and only if the Lord wants it!

Our karmas decide how well our stay in the mother’s womb will be! The better the karmas done earlier, the more pleasant the stay! Our mind will do exactly what we did when we were alive, no matter how small the physical frame is because it is the mind or manas that is reincarnated. The dimmer the mind, the dimmer the light that one carries before birth and during the tenure in the womb. The state of mind of the soul in the womb is solely depended on the actions performed before one’s death and the state of the mind at the time of death is what one has done during one’s life time, except in rare cases of unexpected or violent deaths. So there is a continuity of series of circumstances created by oneself in one’s life that will help him or her to have a good stay in next life in the womb.

The souls who have had led a peaceful, pious and meaningful worthy lives will have a flourishing, peaceful, joyful stay in the mother’s womb and those who led wicked or unmeritorious lives will not be blessed with peaceful existence even before they come in the physical world.

Our sanskaras or hidden tendencies shape to a large extent the physical contour, fitness, mental makeup of our personality.

We mostly remember the very unpleasant and pleasant circumstances; more so if they occurred just before death.

Yet everything is not depended entirely on the past deeds. If we pray to God, meditate on the Almighty Force in the developing state, our future course of life can be altered to a large extent and moulded in  positive and forceful ways. Some good souls plead, pray, chant or thank God and their future course of life gets re-worked on the right path with the grace of God.

All this possible if we lead our current life sacredly dedicated to a noble cause. Purity of thoughts, deeds and words should be followed earnestly until a day comes when communion with God never breaks or fails. This translates as that there will be a continuity of peaceful and joyful existence no matter where we stay, what the external conditions are if we continue to lead a highly spiritual and devout life in true sense now.

(Wax statue of Mother Mary bought from Mount Mary Church, Bandra, Mumbai)