Thanksgiving and gratitude towards my beloved, most venerated, holy and Divine Guru

How many of us believe what was once our strongest desire will be fulfilled one day by merciful God?

And if you think you are that somebody who has faith and conviction in what I just said, then I can assure you that your sacred beliefs will also be supported and rewarded by the omnipresent, all pervading silent God someday. God waits silently till eternity for us to come up with some powerful, dynamic and selfless thoughts so that they can be materialized on the physical plane at the appropriate time and season. God is a silent observer, a seer, a spectator and non -doer of any action yet He will always respond to our innermost consecrated desires.

Our mind or manas is everything. If we harbour holy, unselfish thoughts and preserve them long enough, cherish them day and night, never forget what we had desired is imminent to occur and unfold one day. It is true when all the important decisions taken on our spiritual path without ego will bear fruit and blossom with the grace of God. If the devotee’s desires are born out of pure love and thankfulness, then God shall concede and be appeased with His children.

We have no idea or any notion at all as to how indebted we become to our blessed Masters who remove us from the forbidden path and reinstate us progressively with time little by little on the path of purity, love and benevolence-that is the path of God. If you have comprehended what I am trying to get at, then you shall be able to grasp when I tell you that since the past more than nine years or so, I have been constantly musing, dreaming, brooding, ruminating, contemplating and uninterruptedly reinforcing my desire very staunchly to meet Shri Mahavatar Babaji in person in the Himalayas because I want to touch His Lotus Feet as a gesture of profound gratitude for everything that He has done for me since I can reminisce.  I am so very deeply indebted to Him, my heart at all times tells me and my soul confirms that.

My desire emerged and arose like a thick unflagging, undeviating, shiny flame of a lamp since the time I discovered in 2002 in meditation that I have known revered Babaji even before this birth; indeed it has been a very long journey!  When I was born this time, he held me gently in his hands in the hospital with tears rolling down from his eyes on his face.  I saw him sobbing agonizingly when he said to me, “My daughter (beti) why did you plead vehemently with stubbornness to God before you were born to give you salvation in this life. It was due after four incarnations. This life of yours   is bound to be extremely difficult and challenging, how will you bear the heavy load of all your karmas my child?”

Whenever I recall and open this section of my memory, each time my heart swells up with soft, sentimental tears of thankfulness and gratitude. Who can love you so much? So, so much…..? Isn’t this love weighed down with an ocean of compassion? I wonder if I have ever been loved so much in the most unselfish manner  by anyone before, not at least by ordinary human beings. My heart chokes with helplessness because I know I cannot ever return such celestial love in any measure to him; I am too small.   I still don’t know what I can do for our Babaji as he is an embodiment of highest altruistic love for his children. I can only reciprocate in a manner that a true and sincere aspirant and a devotee does. Hence, I decided to meet him in person so that I could tell him that although he has been speaking to me on the cosmological plane via mental communication with telepathy and intuition; and that I have been thanking him all the time, still I want to tell him personally on the physical plane how much I owe him for what he has made me today. I plainly and simply want to thank him and express my gratitude myself by touching his sacred feet once at least in this life!!

Somewhere around this time God has heard me and the mere desire converted into a feverish passion.

In May of 2005, I made an unsuccessful trip to Badrinath.  I had read from “Autobiography of a Yogi’ and from somewhere else also when I came to Mumbai that his abode was in the Himalayas near Badrinath in the caves and so I set out to search him randomly. It was there on the overwhelming glaciers and awesome mountains when I was trekking with fake and untrained  guides and weak porters that I realized that I was totally unfit and unprepared in every sense  to meet Mahavatar Babaji in person. It was just not possible. I returned home completely heartbroken yet I did not let my dream die off in vain, it was still simmering and alive.

If I had to fulfil my dream which God had granted, I had to be physically fit and mentally rock-solid. So I began to rebuild my body with rigorous physical exercises and began to meditate every day with devotion and love. I went to many pilgrimages in these years which were arduous. I gave up all the activities which were not in line with my mission and whenever I found it difficult to steer clear the impediments, physical or mental whatever they were, I reminded myself that if I want to see Mahavatar Babaji one day, I should stand all this with a smile. When I have walked on the treadmill and the body revolted, I have imagined myself that I am trekking in the Himalayas so that I can reach the abode of my Babaji.

I was most hesitant to share my exclusive spiritual experiences yet I accepted Babaji’s wish as a Grace and blessing from him when he asked me to start a blog and have a space of my own in the web world….. More lessons and divine perceptions were imparted to me by my Great Gurus like Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Nityananda and Swami Dayananda Shaligram of Ganeshpuri, Divine Mother and Sri Aurobindo of Pondicherry and so many more teachers. Babaji sent me to them to be tutored and trained either in their Ashrams or to their holy places or they appeared in my mental space during meditations. So I began to blog taking his command as his ashirwad a blessing, yet having no clue what I can write for the world. I was totally overwhelmed in the first two years or so by the internet’s far flung connectivity and reach and felt abashed exploring and sharing my inner, very reticent spiritual world through my posts which arrived regularly without any long breaks each more direct and revealing than the previous. Prior to this, I had bare minimal knowledge of computer usage, nonetheless I would spend some thirty to sixty minutes every day to get a hang of this modern  technology. I admired myself for the first time for the fact that although I may be a late bloomer, at least I had arrived!!! I took my blog writing as a discipline and sadhana given by my Master so that one day, I could meet him, speak to him and ask him to bless me by putting his divine hand over my shoulder and head if I deserved it and have earned it !!!

I have learnt photography for him. I had never taken any photos before I went to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in 2010 because others in the family were taking mine all the time. I went there alone without any family member and joined a troupe. The pilgrimage was undertaken believing that I will someday  go to Badrinath cave where Babaji lives even today. It took me two years to be confident of taking photographs seriously with an advanced camera. I think the blog has got more interesting since more pictures began to be uploaded. Blogging, travelling and photography are going on side by side now thus improving my artistic skills and satisfying my creative urges.

What is it so special about this pilgrimage?

All the devotees who are worshipping  Shri Mahavatar Babaji, the greatest of all gurus, do not have a picture of him as he is very reclusive. It was only in the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ that Shri Paramhansa Yogananda displayed a sketch made by his brother Sananda Ghosh, who was an artist (Read Mejda authored by him) This is the only authentic sketch or drawing we have of Babaji which we are worshipping today.

I pray to God humbly that Babaji should allow us to have a real picture of his so that we can worship him in his real form.


I had mentioned in ‘The state of Super Consciousness-II’ that Shri Mahavatar Babaji will appear in public life in the year 2053 in the World Congress of Religions. This blog and his real  photo will stand a testimony to his true identity at that time. His worldwide mission will go on, whatever I am doing is not even a tiny drop  in the ocean but I take my sadhana of blogging,  meditation and guiding others who wish to be advised or instructed  as my service and a token of gratitude to my Param Pujya Param Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji.

Babaji’s main mission as I have mentioned a couple of times earlier, is to change the time cycle- from Kaliyug to Satya Yug, from the Age of modernity to the Age of Truth. A new race, a new human mind and a new approach to the age old problems of humanity needs to be undertaken. Keeping these aims in mind, he asked me to write on subjects that dealt with reincarnation, death and how should we  die and reborn. If more and more young expectant parents invoke divine souls and if they lead a morally high and a pious life, then the wheel of time from bad to good should be much easier for the human race.

I humbly request those readers who have been quietly reading this blog from time to time and have not yet made their commitment towards Babaji or me, they should  at least express their thankfulness to  Shri Mahavatarji  so that they do not transgress the God laid norms and rules and suffer in future in many ways.

Spiritinlife blog is not mine; it was initiated by Mahavatar Babaji and has the inspirations, contributions and spiritual wealth of many, many other sages, seers, saints and illumined souls. Please do not understate or underestimate this fact  when I tell you that you are indebted to this blog and all the other higher divine souls for the reason that they have worked on me day and night without a single day and have prepared me for the day when I could be ready for the biggest event of my life- to meet Mahavatar Babaji face to face. They all have groomed me, coached me and have given me a new mind in a new body!!! The blog has become a conduit between them and you. They all deserve your worshipping, adoration, love, goodwill and devotion.

Certainly if someone benefits  tremendously then that person should express and show gratitude by humility, service and thanksgiving in various  ways.

This is a timely advice to all those devotees and aspirants who wish to come across stimulating and inspiring spiritual experiences ahead in future. However, you may act as per your own judgement and individual understanding and the freedom to think and act is yours. Had it not been for the advice given by my revered Master, I would never have made you know even this. It is a difficult job to instruct, teach someone the basics of spiritual education or to change one’s destiny by mutely decoding the spiritual laws and by peeping into their past lives without the disciple’s knowledge at all. But all the good things are possible  provided the disciple yearns for it and obeys the guidelines and directives with reverence and faith given by the spiritual teachers.

And please, also know that if you fail to obey those imparted divine instructions within the stipulated time period, you shall lose out the auspicious and favourable time of your destiny when you shall gain the most. Therefore, be on guard  and abide by the teachings, orders and directives sent out either by your mentor or your Guru, you shall succeed in every endeavour of yours on the spiritual path and someday have Self Realization and your  soul will be one with the Divine.

Dear readers, I have now lost count of the visits that I have made to the numerous ancient as well recent holy sites in India which were at the behest and direction of my gurus since I was initiated by them in the year 2001 officially. My visits and travelling to the ancient heritage sites starting from Kanhangad in Kerala in Nov 2011 to the last one in March to Khajuraho was planned by them with the idea of giving me total confidence in photography and blogging and making me proficient in these two areas for the biggest event.   And to acclimatize myself and make good arrangements for my visit to Satopanth where Babaji’s caves are located, I visited Shri Badrinath temple and Mana village in the Himalayas in May recently. And as I was travelling, I was blogging as well as shooting pictures. And now the time has come for all these trips to get me ready to meet Babaji in person.

It was on 15th Aug 2008 when I was remembering Sri Aurobindo on his birth anniversary during meditation to bless me when he responded in a rare opportunity. He very explicitly advised me. “Have nerves of steel if you want to realize God.  You will visit the abode of Shri Babaji at the exact time and on 15th August after just a few years you will meet him  in person.” I was quite perplexed when I heard him say this to me because sometimes I would feel that each year is just passing by and Babaji is not calling me yet. Will it really happen? Are my body and mind not yet fit enough? Will they ever become strong enough to brave the strong winds, rough  weather and living in auterity with very basic facilities found in the terrains of the mountains in Himalayas?

15th Aug is a special day for India. It is her Independence day. Sri Aurobindo who was earlier a freedom fighter and then became a spiritual giant, was also born on this day. And the blessing that he has given me four years ago is about to become a reality when on 15th August 2012, I shall at last be in the holy company of Shri Mahavatar Babaji in his cave with the band of all his disciples and Shri Mataji, his divine younger sister.

So all my dear ones, I have shared this piece of information with all of you because it is the will of God that all the disciples, followers and devotees of Shri Babaji  who are seeking his spiritual counsel, love, light, divine essence and blessings should think of him fervently and dedicate that day in his honour and pay homage to him in every possible manner. Put your mind on him throughout that day, pray to him, chant his name, meditate on his holy figure and wherever you are, seek his divine love and bliss. Ask for forgiveness, ask for transformation of your nature, ask for love, kindness and compassion and ask for salvation of your soul from the cycle of unending life and death. Pray to him that you become a channel in his worldwide global mission, ask him to give you the moral and spiritual strength for doing penance to uplift your soul for higher divine consciousness and ask for mercy for all your wrongdoings.

Some of you should plead that he accepts your request to spread his teachings and many of you should request him to use your body, mind and resources to make our planet green.

Those of you who are about to start a family of their own may request him to send you pure souls as your children so that you can do their seva first and in the long run, those pure souls may serve Mother Earth, Gurus and God in manifolds. All the posts that I have written regarding raising our ordinary consciousness to Super Consciousness should be implemented in our lives in some or the other way. By serving our planet, we will be serving God and our Gurus. As I have mentioned several times in my posts what our dearest Babaji insists that the best way to serve God is to serve his children. God is most pleased with us when we serve our fellow brothers unselfishly and dedicate all our karmas at the altar of God.

Friends, I wish to now wrap up my post with a silent prayer at the twilight hour when my room is afloat with the enchanting smell of jasmine essence and  delightful lamp that may God and my Gurus bless you all as they have blessed me so profusely! May they always light up your spiritual path as they have done mine and may they fill your lap with countless blessings and sacred ancient spiritual teachings and insights as they have bestowed upon me so graciously !  And may your mind be sparked with brilliant rays of divine illumination with the grace of Supreme Thee!!

Footnote.– A Meditation technique

Only today morning, that is on 10th July early morning, Shri Babaji asked me to meditate with this technique which gave me tremendous energy and a wide opening in the astral skies of the mind. He also directed me that I should inform everyone that on the coming 15th Aug at 7 a. m, we should meditate in this method and do collective meditation.

  • Sit in a comfortable position after making your body and mind calm.
  • Close your eyes very gently.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply till you feel your breath has calmed down.
  • Focus your attention at the third eye by bringing your gaze gently to the point between the eyebrows.
  • Keep your consciousness steady there.
  • Imagine a picture of Shri Babaji at this place. Concentrate on it.
  • Some may see blazing light either before or after the image of Shri Babaji, concentrate on it. One may also hear or see Om, the first sound created by the Divine . Absorb that.
  • Feel that divine light permeating within you, around you.
  • After some time, revolve and move this light over your spine as many times as you are comfortable with thus recharging yourself by cleansing your mind and body.
  • And finally bring back this light at the point between your eye brows or kutastha.
  • Relax completely and sit in this posture as long as you like.
  • Practise this meditation daily with reverence and love.

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