Life is beautiful; it is made up of many twists and turns.

My much, much awaited journey to Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s Ashram in Badrinath met with an unexpected termination when the weather in the mountains got very hostile and I had to return to Delhi after waiting for four days in Rishikesh assuming that it would become fair and conducive in a few days. The region in the Himalayas, more so in Uttarkashi district became unsafe because of flash floods and landslides in no time in the beginning of the first week of August. Observing all this, I had to resign to my fate ultimately. I retreated and have returned home. At this moment I don’t know what God has in store for me but I have learnt a few new things while I was wedged between Delhi and Badrinath during those four days.

First of all, God has his own plans no matter what we propose or want. And we do not fully understand the mysteries behind his acts or dispensations, at least not immediately. All we can do is to accept his will and believe in the heart that God is not unreasonable subsequently we should go by his judgement and treatment meted out to us. During such disappointing times, the love and reverence for God and Gurus should not fluctuate or wither. The mind should be calmer than ever before and the thoughts should not race in all directions randomly in anticipation or apprehensions. I am thankful to my Gurus and the kind God for putting me in such difficult situations and yet giving me the Grace to understand his workings and not let me dribble away my fortitude and sincerity. I only said to Shri Mahavatar Babaji, ” Maharaj, your will and wish is my destiny,” before I accepted the sudden turn of sad events.

My overall planning and preparations for this special trip was exhaustive and exhausting. I do not know at this juncture whether I will blog intermittently or not at all for the time being because I need some solitude and quietude after prevalent weariness in me. I also wish to gather my distributed energies and wish to delight in many moments of touching my inner depths where I find tranquillity and inner solace. Therefore,  I request you all please not to exchange emails or phone calls, at least for the coming subsequent weeks with me so that I can benefit from my daily meditations and contemplations which will recharge me mentally as well as spiritually….However you can express yourself with your comments on the blog, that space is yours.

In the end, I wish to express my sympathy and comfort to all those who have lost their people and possessions in the catastrophe that nature meted out recently in the Himalayas. May God give them the strength, courage and wisdom to rebuild their lives to gain happiness and prosperity in future.

I would still love to meditate on 15th August at 7 a.m. with Mahavatarji and you all are invited too.

( I have taken both these pictures from Mandira. Thanks Mandira)

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  1. miracleshappeneveryminute
    miracleshappeneveryminute says:

    Dear Aunty,

    How are you? At first I was shocked to see you writing here at this point of time. After experiencing such an adverse situtation your are back with a positive zeal, which shows that God really loves you and no matter what circumstances block your way , your trust can never be shaken. I respect your decision to be in solitude for a while now. God does have so much hidden surprises for us which we can never expect. Rejuvenate yourself.



  2. Vijayalakshmi Ravichandran
    Vijayalakshmi Ravichandran says:

    Dear Spirit in life, I was always mentally tuned with you and your wonderful journey to the upper remote reaches of Badrinath, but I am saddened that you could not make it this time. I am sure there will be some other time for you to make this cherished journey. Enjoy your solitude as much as you need. We are always with you and will definitely be with you at 7 am on 15th August.With lots of love.

  3. Meena
    Meena says:

    Dear Sarikaji, you have already shown us that Babaji is with us every moment….please take care of yourself for you have been through a lot. My condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones in the Himalayas. Best wishes for you always….I will be with you on August 15 at 7am….


  4. ~letTheColorsRumble
    ~letTheColorsRumble says:

    Beautiful Images!

    Yes, life is beautiful because it is made up of many twists and turns!


  5. guy peace
    guy peace says:

    It still never occurred to me that you would abandon your visit or you were caught in the chaos. I was still waiting for that day and had half a mind to send you a message for babaji. But I got a reply without sending a message. I wanted you to ask him to help me find the divine. I got the reply today morning that I should just leave it to the divine to reveal itself. Since I have left much else to him and he takes care.

  6. Vanita
    Vanita says:

    Dear Sarika,

    I know how much this trip meant to you and how much more it meant to all of us who are connected in so many ways with your journey. After meeting you so unexpectedly…I have been giddy and feeling so blessed. Reading your blog has been just a small step…( I am still relishing each post ) but my resolve to try harder, my seriousness about my seeking and my gratitude to the Universe has only increased since. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Strange are the ways of the Lord and we cannot fathom the reasons. So as you rightly put it, the ‘interlude’ will only provide opportunity for gathering your strength and contemplation. I wish you the very best always and look forward to your enlightening posts. May Babaji’s love shine through to you as it has done in the past.

    Lots of love,


    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Vanita, I felt your words in the heart. Thank you so much for your loving concern. First of all our meeting most unexpectedly recently after so many years shows the invisible hand of God and I am sure there is a benign reason for it. Nothing would give me more joy but to see you soaring high in the sky of spiritual wisdom, and may God give you infinite amount of that wisdom. As fellow co-travellers, we must draw strength from each other and seeing each other rise higher and higher should be our aim. So make your resolve firmer than ever before, draw inner strength and grit like never before and march ahead and there is no stopping for you. God realization is for the brave ones; who never give up. And wisdom without gratitude is like a pretty flower without any fragrance!!Have loads and loads of it always and then who can stop you?
      With unconditional love always

      • Vanita
        Vanita says:

        Thank you dear Sarika, for your encouraging words- they mean so much to me! and the path that you have outlined so subtly, I am so grateful for that. We may have the most noble wish in our heart but if we do not take action, the wish remains concealed. After reading your blog and assimilating your posts, I feel more brave and more sure about my path. All your struggles, hard work and your focussed dedication and above all your unquestioned devotion has not only brought you to such an exalted place but also given hope to the many who read your blog and the beautiful path that you have spread in front of us making it so easy to just follow it. I bow to the great teachings and the compassion in your heart and wish that I may someday travel with you on your pilgrimages… 🙂
        Thank you for being there for us!
        Lots of love,

  7. spiritinlife
    spiritinlife says:

    Vanita, the abode of God is very blissful, nothing in this changeable world compares with it. If we believe this, one would sacrifice everything easily because in the end we receive such priceless bounties that all the hard toil, deprivations and tiredness is worth it. Keeping this in mind, get on to the job- of self recovery by knowing that you can make it, never mind how much time it takes.
    Start with knowing that no sadhana or tapasya will ripen and give results unless we have unconditional devotion for the God assigned Gurus and God. Love for God and path showers Gurus cleanses the impurities in the heart and mind thoroughly after which we are able to see pure Light, get divine illumination and pure bliss. So purify them.
    Prepare the body for the sadhana so that it gives you support in all your endeavours and pursuits- worldly as well as spiritual.
    And lastly learn to meditate to calm the mind even if it roars or rebels inside. One day it will be your slave. Success in meditation comes with shraddha -devotion and committment to your pursuits. Bring this in your regular daily schedule and you will one day get addicted to it!
    And if God wills, who knows your wish of travelling to pilgrimages may come true one day?!!
    Please stay cheered and be a happy monk!!

    • Mohan
      Mohan says:

      Sarika jee
      I truly enjoyed reading this post. Thanks a lot for such great words that has inspired me in my pursuit !

  8. 369rajeev
    369rajeev says:


    After reading the post, I felt very disappointed that you are not able to make it to Babaji’s abode this month, but knowing you from close quarter’s about your determination and persistence, I am very sure it is only a matter of time for things to work out in your favor. I will not be surprised if you would still make it this year because Badrinath Area would be open till the end of October.

    It was such a planned trip from your end and lots of vigorous effort behind this trip of yours for close to 8 months trying to stay fit, hitting the gym, doing the tread mill almost everyday to face the steep treks and following a proper diet and doing what not every thing to make this a landmark and a superb event in your life.

    I don’t have the intellectual capacity nor the understand to map the hidden meaning behind this, but Shri Mahavatar Babaji could have made it simpler for You, Right? by making this a smooth ride for you? It is difficult to understand why the Guru tests a lot.

    Hat’s off to you for being still very optimistic and taking this in your stride.

    You will make one day for sure, Amma.



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