Blessing as words….

August 13, 2012

While returning home from Delhi today morning, I sat next to the window in the flight and enjoyed the whole journey marvelling the varied formations of white cottony clouds. It was for the first time that I experienced and saw three tier multitude cloud formations as we flew higher and higher up in the sky. The aeroplane slowly cut through three levels of beautiful floating clouds one by one and I got pretty much fascinated by it because side by side I was also comparing this scene with my scriptural knowledge- Akash, Chid Akash. and Maha Akash.

I considered the first layer of the clouds as only Akash-space. This was the normal mind of the masses –constricted and selfish, I gathered.

The second tier was the middle one when in comparison is the mind of those who break that barrier of limitation and it becomes a little larger-Chid Akash.

Then there are some who break all the normal barriers of human constriction and think beyond-free and unrestricted- Maha Akash.

 My mind became extremely calm as we approached the higher heights after we went over the last and third layer of the white clouds. It soon dawned upon me that when the usual mind dissolves completely in God, it becomes free of all earthly limitations and ties and floats in limitless ether and inspirations and stimuli from those other unbounded and entirely free minds living in Atma or Spirit in the highest skies can be received from anywhere by such unrestricted minds in the ether…. I  became thoughtless after my realizations and only wondered if the great souls who exist in the beyond realms were somehow sending me these inducements and inspirations because my mind was predominantly calm today!?

Once I landed, the hustle bustle around me was the normal thing but throughout my ride home there was an unbroken spell of quietude. I was calm and hardly any thoughts appeared on my mental screen. I did not speak either until I reached my town.

As I got home, the house felt unusually calm as I opened the doors and windows for freshness after two weeks. The unoccupied house greeted me with cordiality and tranquility as if there was a meditating sage in the house for a very long time in my absence and  must have given this peculiar unusual calm. My attention was repeatedly directed towards this unusual phenomenon and many a times I absorbed the prevailing calmness consciously as a result giving me more and more tranquility in my body and mind. Calmness ushered me wherever I moved in the house and I did everything with a composed mind for more than two hours and a half or so. There was no internal dialoguing either.

In a little while, I sensed that the unbroken, extra ordinary calmness was calling me and wishes to convey by speaking something to me; I decided that I should go near it. So I sat down to meditate thereby bringing to a halt all the external activities in the house.

No sooner did I settle down on the mattress and closed my eyes, that all the loud noises on the road vanished and the voices of children playing in the open spaces of their buildings lost. The congeniality in the heart escalated until I was totally drowned in peace and calmness that I saw a big, gentle face of a calm man which disappeared right then, and after which a serene voice began to speak to me touching upon personal and general predictions, “I am God. I will speak to you now, listen. Blessing can come to you as words also. The words that you write here are read all over the world and a horde of people are deriving benefit from it although just a few people write back to you. People are getting illumination, enlightenment and clarity of mind via these words. This is coming back to you as blessing from me in words today.

In the next three years you will travel a lot across the globe and those people who read these words and have assimilated them can come to you to diffuse any doubts when they meet you. Ask them to read each word with care and reverence. It is me who is disseminating these words through you. These words when read with devotion will clear their spiritual path of their ignorance. Help those who come to you with devotion and veneration only. There are a few persons around you who are malicious and selfish and have revulsion towards you. When you get their thoughts wipe them out immediately as such thoughts are an obstruction in your continuous periods of tranquillity.

Tranquillity and peace of mind is a blessing.

There are some things in this world which are found in very small amounts yet they are extremely essential. Copper and Boron are trace elements and are rare. They are required by the body in extremely small amounts but are very essential for the normal functioning. Boron is found in apples. The fatigue and weariness in your body is due to deficiency of these two trace elements these days, so consume apples and dates. Drink apple and carrot juice and have hot cocoa milk with nuts. You shall recover fast.

People chase and run after so many mundane things in this world but hardly a few recognize that calmness and tranquillity of mind is such a rare thing and it should be acquired. Calmness, quietness and composure are as essential to us as vitality in the body. You cannot live without it. ”

Dear friends, from the time when I sat in the plane in the morning of 13.08.12 until much after I reached home in late afternoon, I was undergoing a beautiful spiritual experience which I have just narrated to you briefly in this post. Hope these words will prove useful to you in some way or the other. I wish to thank all of you humbly  who are devoting their time and energy in reading these words that I receive, think, compose and write for you on my weblog as I am move along on my ongoing long, beautiful, evergreen spiritual journey.


Blessing pours as Light….

August 13, 2012

 Although I am not the one to crack under pressure easily but my well of continuous energy got fizzled out because of extreme activity in the last two months and to take some rest after a spell of brief illness, on 9th Aug afternoon I placed my tired body in the bed and felt a little stress-free. The senses became relaxed and the limbs were feeling de-stressed soon after. Not even before I could completely let go of myself wholly, in a micro second I perceived thick yellow Cosmic Light scattering in my room. The soothing Light was spreading close to my body and it was a sheer delight to see, feel and sense the same Light in my closed eyes. The comforting warmth that it gave me also generated a sense of deep escalating bliss because the Light was a forecast of auspiciousness and celestial joy. The lingering woes began to wane and the energy as sap in my body began to rise up in the entire body upwards. I was aware that I was rising upwards and that my consciousness would soon reach the highest skies. This thought made me a bundle of intense buoyant joy from a sack of heavy tired energies in no time.

I lounged in it as long as I could. There was Light outside me and there was so much Divine Light within me! My heart soared and then danced in joy as I recognized the fact that with mercy of God that divine moment had at last arrived because of which I would be now floating in the supreme skies of ananda, divine bliss  for the next few days….

The same Light which sometimes is addressed as God, came as a bolt over me in a few split secondss.  Like a thick panel of light it hit me in the spine and entered inside it. The running of comfy and snug Light was so much longed-for. I was instantly re-energized. A feeling of wellbeing and goodness ascended side by side. Alternately, my mind’s concentration became fixated and the dissipated energies rewound and indeed God spoke to me …

“What is there to be so distressed and demotivated about? For everything there is a good reason. Not all can be explained yet it can be believed by the firm believers. The death and destruction that was happening at the time of your arrival at the Himalayan foothills was not without a reason.

Human mind is very constricted and biased. It mainly thinks about itself irrespective of nature’s laws and people do not abide by the rules laid down by the Spirit or God which creates havoc and disorder. It again falls in the domain of the saints and the realized ones to bring about order, harmony and peace. Babaji is doing just that. Our karmas create our destiny. Collective karmas if done adversely will deprive the people of prosperity, peace and sense of wellness. So send out loving as well as thoughts of regeneration in the environment to re grow the lost good thoughts in the atmosphere. Believe in your destiny and continue doing your daily service or seva of God and leave the result of your good karmas to God to bless you in any way it deems fit. Babaji is watching over you always.

 A yogi whose heart is pure and mind stable in all times will find lasting peace and tranquillity. Restore yourself from the fatigue accumulated over last many weeks and find solace within. Connect your mind with My presence and you shall obtain bliss. As God is even-handed and generous you shall be rewarded at the right time. Nothing goes unnoticed under the eyes of omnipresent Almighty.

Continue your sadhana with the same zeal and gust as before. Meditate daily and help those who are in need of you and you shall find enduring elated happiness.”