Blessing as illumination……..

August 19, 2012

19th morning meditation

Last night on 18th Aug that is, before sleeping I chanted God’s many names and prayed fervently by calling out distinctly to God in my own peculiar way- ‘Hey Ishwar, Hey Prabhu, Hey Bhagwan, Hey Narayan, Hey Parmatma, Hey Jagannath, Hey Dayanidhe, Hey Kripa Sindhu, Hey Deenbandhu, Hey Deenanath, Hey Sarva Rakshak, Hey Sarvahitkari, Hey Sarva Palankarta, Hey Sarva Shaktimaan, Hey Sarva Vyapak, Hey Bhagwan……..’

(Oh God, Oh Universal Lord, Oh Merciful Lord, Oh Compassionate God, Oh Blessed Lord, Oh Lord of the downtrodden, Oh Protector of all, Oh Benefactor of all, Oh Almighty God, Oh Omnipresent God……)

I did this many times till immense peace descended over me and I became well in body and mind.  Very quickly I turned my chanting into sincere praying when I asked God to bring about peace and harmony on Earth because the unrest and disharmony in my outer environment began to show on my health and mind. It was perturbing to see Divine’s peace being destroyed in a few hours or days in the world that we live in. Seeing the unrest and disturbances on television screen as well as continuous contact with somebody’s very impure inner being further affected the body and by evening the energies of my sacral chakras became delicate and nearly out of balance. As I totally believe in love, kindness, friendship, harmony, and oneness of God, I could no longer help myself until I had to resort to my unfailing source of peace, calmness and inner harmony- prayers and meditation. So with chanting Lord’s infinite names, I went to sleep peacefully.

As I lacked normal vigour and health, God was kind enough not to wake me up early and instead woke me up by arriving as white Light in me in quite late hours of the day. I thanked the Almighty with a heart full of gratitude and thanks.  Merciful God blessed me with a quick recovery and also some great illumination along with it. I needed to know what was bothering the world and what was it that makes people create disequilibrium, chaos and rebellion everywhere they go. The previous night I had also pleaded God to give wisdom to those people who are against God’s laid out benevolent and compassionate plans and create mischief. Therefore, God responded by communicating with me through these merciful words which brought so much relief, cheer and goodness.

“The complete chaos, utter confusion and lack of harmony in the world are due to its own ignorance.  An agitated and vicious mind creates unrest and destruction first inside its own  space and then outside it. Most people have an inner world of hateful, vicious, greedy thoughts.

Hate breeds and spreads violence; jealousy and hatred are the two root causes of outside mayhem, lack of co-operation and peace between men. God did not create hate, humans created hate. God created love, peace and harmony. It is the unrestrained, untaught and wild mind that forces man to do incorrect, immoral and sinful actions which generate endless, sorrowful lives in future for them. Therefore, it is most essential for everybody to learn to meditate to quieten and serene the mind so that we know how to love all. It is only through the practice of meditation that  will help all people to become more understanding, friendly and empathetic.  The mind enlarges and enhances to Super Consciousness through this special mode of tranquilizing and purifying the mind and heart called meditation.

When much mass wrongful acts are earned and deposited in the people, there are catastrophes like floods, land and soil erosion, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, mass deaths and unreasonable fluctuating seasons and  harsh weathers. Nature cleanses the environment through various methods of upheavals to bring back balance, harmony and sanctity.

People suffer in masses and there is poverty, hunger and other causes of intense sorrow everywhere. Mass bad karmas create mass bad effects. However, the virtuous and morally upright men called saatvik suffer unduly in many ways because of the mass bad karmas of so many other people on this planet.

The excessive wrong karmas of masses are enough to bring down the presence of this planet but it is for the high powered innumerable virtuous sacred karmas of the small numbers of the illumined and enlightened souls called Mahatamas and saints that creates balance on this Universe by stopping the world to break apart.

Ignorance about Universal Truths, Oneness of God; lack of knowledge of the Silent Spectator and presence of Omnipresence within and without is the root cause of all miseries.”

My dear friends, many a times in the material world I get to see glimpses of divinity. It happens  when the mind completely ignores the unseen floating negative thought-waves of multitude people hovering around me.

Shri Mahavatar Babaji sends me his clear messages in such elevated states through his mind only. My mind is able to connect with his and I get information of various kinds by his Grace. Now this is purity of mind and heart as they say in Yoga philosphy or Yoga, the Unity of one’s mind with that of Universal Self. When the mind is forever disinterested in accumulating worldly mental attachments, such a mind is able to peep into the benign spiritual world of God. This state is also called asansari mana- unworldly, unassuming mind.

True calmness of mind is achieved when the unreasonable desires and greedy expectations are discarded by us. Unnecessary longing and accumulation of pride, ego, desires and unhealthy mental habits give rise to agitation of the otherwise calm mind. It must be immediately cast off.

Desires can be never-ending and ignorance about its presence in us can be more harmful than we think or recognize.

Those of us who wish to have Divine Illumination within oneself even amidst outside strife and normal householder’s life  must  accept that to realize God in oneself, one only has to go inwards and it is the mind ultimately which will help us to see and realize God in daily meditations and true, honest prayers.

Sadhana of only those is successful who continuously put their mind on one object, thought, theme or Godhead. Uninterrupted concentration is the key to all success in spiritual objectives. An unsteady or unreserved mind, more so in search of God will not reach you to your ultimate destination. Mind is everything. Mind is thought or sankalpa. It is out of the mere thought or sankalpa of God that this Creation was born. Our mind is created out of that Cosmic power.  Such is the power of our thoughts or mind called mana. So pray whenever you can, in times of happiness or gloom, sickness or health; meditate whenever you can snatch some time off from your daily grind and send out loving, peaceful, powerful thoughts of regeneration, rejuvenation and divine love in all directions and corners of our world. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om……

A note Thank you everybody for the overwhelming response and appreciation as comments which are full of encouragement and unconditional love. Please know that I have registered them in my heart but cannot reply individually to all. With God’s blessing and Grace, I shall try to serve you even more.

Thanks once again….