I get a new life, a new light in Badrinath-III

November 10, 2012

Just yesterday, I went to take some rest in the afternoon to get started working on my new post.  By that time, I had not even done any preparatory work for the same. By taking rest, I wished to collect my thoughts and was wondering that although I had enough to say but how do I start this one. I knew what the main theme was but a lot of times I do not know how to begin a new write up. Probably, this was also due to the fact that the splendid festival Diwali, the festival of lights and happiness has surcharged the environment with a buzz of activities. I was not getting the right environment to meditate. With that intention in my mind and to bring to a halt my regular humdrum activities, I decided to devote some time for relaxation and to take a breather and consolidate myself.

During that time, I meditated while I also tried to find answers to some quirky things that happened a few hours ago apart from some lingering personal problems stirring in the past many months. As I relaxed more and more and got respite in a few minutes, slowly my answers began to trickle in. I found some accurate answers from the highest Consciousness and I realized that we need extraordinary patience and persistence if we want to know the cause of the bizarre and inexplicable happenings that occur to us.  Everything has a reason, and that happens because there is a cause somewhere about which we have no clue. Thinking of all this and marvelling at the micro- functioning of the Universal Laws in our Cosmos, I felt very gratified and I became quiet. My eyes were closed approvingly and I was in complete harmony of mind and body. At this point of time, I saw a beautiful Diwali earthen lamp made of dense golden glowing light in the far expanses. It was sparkling and had intense light coming out of it. I was wonder struck at this appeasing sight and took delight in having the rare opportunity to see a blaze of Light in front of me so brilliantly.

A drop of dazzling Light from this lamp came towards me and entered my forehead and it encircled the spot of the Divine eye which we call the third eye. I deliberately allowed it to come in. Just as I recognized that the Divine Light has arrived, the second patch of Light arrived at the same spot. Then the third enforcement and may be another bit of more bright light until the lamp vanished and I started quivering gently. With this accomplishment, I had become totally recharged and ready to begin my work. In a conjuring manner, I found answers to not only the quaint circumstances and the developments that were taking place over the last many days. On the other hand, I also got a reason to begin this post with an appealing anecdote!!

Of late, I have had quite a few experiences of profound revelations since I have returned from Badrinath in September. If I compare my experiences and recent life situations with the Environmentalists or Naturalists, we have something in common. Our experiences teach us to have great patience. The most exquisite experiences and triumphs of an Environmentalist or Naturalists come after a long hiatus, a deep longing and a treacherous wait. To support my statement, take the instance of the Naturalists and Ornithologists who spend days and months even years, in deep forests. They have worked painstakingly, waited endlessly to get a glimpse of the most exquisite birds called the Birds of Paradise in the untouched forests.

So many times success eludes them yet they go again to those forests to watch these exclusive birds. The Birds of Paradise are ethereal, incomparable and most strikingly beautiful because of magnificent colours of their feathers and plumes. Their iridescent plumage and extraordinary, elongated and elaborate feathers combined with their unbelievable enticing dance and astonishing serenading are nature’s most extraordinary wonders on Earth!! These exceptionally beautiful and miraculous birds exist in only one place on Earth and the Environmentalists and the Ornithologists go all the way to those untouched rain forests to do research on them and record documents. And all this requires exceptional painstaking labour and patience. I thought of all this in the bed when I went back to my very fresh experiences in the Himalayas and I remembered my own unimpressive and ineffectual trek to Satopanth. And as I was brooding over all this, I was blessed with an eye opening and prodigious revelation. However, for you to know what those revelations were, we will have to go back and forth in times as I did myself yesterday  afternoon to consolidate my myriad spiritual experiences taking place in the last few months.


Extraordinary experiences demand extraordinary patience.

When I was returning from Badrinath from my failed attempt to meet Shri Mahavatar Babaji personally, I was wilted and lifeless. I was not able to come to terms with the most unexpected turn of events and I could not even understand why all that happened to us. And what was the reason for Babaji to bring me to such high altitudes with so many hardships and then turn down my plea and aspirations? Why did he inspire me so much only to be denied? Why didn’t he meet me? What is going on? All my efforts have borne no fruit and now what in the world will inspire me? I became numb and was too dazed to figure out what was happening to me with the connivance of God and Babaji. In such a state of being insentient and lifeless, I needed mental rest. With all hopes shattered and no energy and life left in me, I wanted to rest in the car as we were driving towards Rishikesh. The time I closed my eyes, I became very still and tranquil and got some rest. Some twenty five kilometres before Karna Prayag, I witnessed that I am no more so anxious and tired. I felt like just shutting my eyes as nothing outside looked any worthwhile; I needed to come closer to my own self. I knew that Babaji had left Badrinath along with me on 22nd Sept and must be in the same vicinity as me somewhere.

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In spite of my composure, the further I travelled down, the sadder I became. There was a reason for it. Mentally I was still so profoundly connected with him because he gave me information of each detail and description of his movement, hour by hour even minute by minute by telepathy.  There was not a single moment when we were apart. I was actually making two trips on two levels. One mentally with him upwards towards his winter abode in middle regions of Himalayas where he had just shifted, and one in physical terms while I was descending from Himalayas towards Rishikesh. I was literally torn apart in every sense. So close yet so far…..I was also aghast at the extent of personal information that he was giving me incessantly as if to compensate for the rough treatment that I was meted out by him because of the bad trek and unforgiving weather and so on.

I don’t know when it happened but I was very settled and composed as some time passed and I touched my inner depths quite smoothly. I was soon lost to the outer physical world and I was at peace with myself. An exclusive peace made me centred and balanced and I did not want to come out of it at all now. I lost consciousness of time and my own body and got drowned in my inner peace. I stayed in that situation to what seemed timeless and eternity.

At this stage, I saw a very thick shaft of Light penetrating from a big opening up in the higher spaces. The Light had arrived from the divine Heavens onto the Earth and was cutting across the many layers of the skies and had reached the ground. Before it touched the ground, it was sprinkling from that opening in all areas. Some rays were falling on the left side, some in the centre and some on the right side of the opening. The space was filled with innumerable shimmery, beautiful rays of golden Light. The thick beam of Light rays were falling gently from above and they resembled the falling of very light snowflakes sprinkling all the way down on the ground. Soon my whole canvas was filled entirely with ample rays of Divine Light producing unprecedented deep silence and depth less stillness. I stayed with it until in the profusion of Light, I saw a solid trunk of a Banyan tree. In the space between my vision and that tree trunk was the presence of that copious golden Light!

The Banyan tree was situated inside a spacious cave cut out of a mountain piece. Its strong and thick roots were holding to the ground tightly and were distributed in all ways. In front of the tree trunk amidst the drizzle of golden rays was a seat which had a grey woolen blanket. On the blanket someone was seated.  My eyes were keen to know who it was. It was a yogi. I watched this yogi in a mesmerizing spell and awe. I was captivated by his presence and aura. First I saw just the right half of the yogi in meditation whose hair was unusually long and was dropping down freely much below his seat like the hanging roots of the Banyan tree behind him.

Slowly, I saw the full face; it had a radiant golden glow. The body was also brilliant as rays of golden yellow light were coming out of him. He wore an ochre cloth over his body and was meditating with a still body. Now I could see the whole figure and recognized the identity without any doubt or skepticism. I saw myself bending towards him in gratitude and reverence and I had no sense of time or space while I sat there wonder struck. The vision was now complete. I was in a big cave in a mountain where there was an old Banyan tree. There was a lot of divinity present there and the rays of Golden Light from God, of peace and knowledge were coming towards the cave. I sat there on the ground at his feet with poise, peace and patience. We both sat there in the cave under a big Banyan tree amidst the atmosphere of golden light. Much time lapsed and I was having a glorious time during those wonderful moments.

The yogi began to give me a sermon-

“God is an eternal force. That force is in you, recognize it. This Universe is his creation made of illusion, Maya. Separate the Maya from Ishwar God. God is infinite and so is his creation- endless. The supreme knowledge with which one knows God is also eternal shashwat. Attain that. Separate the perishable body from the eternal Brahma. You are Brahma. You are Eternal. Thou art That.”

I heard each word with rapt attention and after listening to these sacred words of eternal knowledge, I underwent another supernatural phenomenon. I saw myself enclosed in a case and I was immediately passing through this case which was like a long, deep passageway. I travelled in it very swiftly and inside the passage also, there was abundant light. I was crossing over this passage amidst a lot of light with ecstasy and after travelling quite a long passage I came out of it as it ended. The moment I came out of this passage, I felt the expansion. There was limitless dazzling Light outside it which was much, much greater and expansive than inside. In an enrapturing bliss, I began to jump up with my right hand raised in the air and my index finger pointing towards the sky and I said, “I am That, I am That, I am That……”

Dear readers, this is a very exact and rare description of Shakti paat or transference of divine energies that took place in my personal spiritual journey when Shri Shri Mahavatar Babaji transferred the realization of that Eternal Force called Brahma from his cave in the Himalayas during the time I was sitting in a car and returning home without meeting him in Badrinath on 22nd of September before Karna Prayag. He gave me a direct experience of that Cosmic Consciousness as grace and compassion. Such experiences require very perfect conditions of mind, body and outer environment.

He was aware that I could not have been able to withstand the acute cold conditions of the place where he spends his summers- the cave close to the Satopanth Lake at 14,000 ft above sea level. It was not the right place for me for this revelation. So he never met me personally at that spot though he was calling me since years. Today I understand that nevertheless, the bungled and unsuccessful trek up to Chamtoli at the height of 12,000 ft was necessary for me and my daughter to be able to undergo some special and specific experiences in order to be ready for this exquisite and very extraordinary spiritual experience which I have just recounted. He was aware since the very beginning that I would not be able to make it to the top yet he made me undergo many extreme near death, physical, mental hardships in various geographical conditions since years as preparations in order to make me complete for the realization and experience of Brahma.

Please refer older post-(A Voyage to Eternity- a pilgrimage to Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s Ashram at Badrinath those readers who do not know the past and backgound of events on which this post is based on)

I am just realizing that Shri Mahavatar Babaji is such a splendid Spiritual Master. I am still discovering him day by day. His expertise lies in working on us endlessly with tremendous patience and waiting infinitely for the results to manifest. He works on us without any rest and like an excellent teacher, he gives us some tasks to accomplish as our spiritual training or sadhana. Many uncountable small tasks when accomplished, combine in the end to achieve something very extraordinary. And for that very extraordinary achievement and triumph is taught the inculcating of extraordinary patience to us.

My very beloved Mahavatar Babaji, I thank you with all my heart, soul and mind for being so patient with me as you have chiseled and sculpted an idol out of a waste piece of rock in the wilderness!!!The craftsmanship, labour, art, sweat, patience and love is yours, I am only the receiver, the beneficiary. You are like the blazing Sun in the sky that lights up this Universe and hides itself at night. The Sun has been lighting up this Earth since I don’t know when and it never ever asks for acknowledgement and  any  credit. Shri  Babaji, you are the Light of this world! You have brought so much Light into my life and through me to other people’s lives. May we be your obedient children and always follow the radiant path of knowledge, humility, consecration, purity and virtuousness as shown by you. This is still too small in return for all the countless blessings that you have been pouring on us endlessly…..

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