Welcome back dear friends,.  If you remember  on 30th Nov,  Shri Mahavatar Babaji had asked us many questions which are reflecting  in the last post Who are you?-I. I suggest it will be good for us if you go back to the previous post to recall what the main theme was in case you can’t get it right away. In any case, it is advised that once you read this post and absorb it well, some time later you should read both posts in line so that there is a continuity in thought and we can hold the philosphy of Vedas firmly in our minds.

We continue from there and will try to bridge the following text with the significance  of previous questions.  Hope you must have contemplated on those grave issues during this period. I agree the questions were tough and getting their complete answers tougher. Many must have abandoned those questions in their minds in the first place because of ambiguity about this deep philosphy. And some may have attempted but may have not been able to crack and untangle the hard questions if they are already familiar with this knowledge.

One blog reader showed interest in self enquiry and had commented on previous post that he has probed within himself to know who he was and what was his purpose here. Yet he was not able to know about himself. My reply was that his query could be the question of a few other good seekers at  present or in future and therefore the reply would come as a new post instead as a reply to his comment. Indeed every sincere thinker, philospher and spiritualist has arrived at a certain stage sometime during his/her journey when these questions boggle him/her. I have tried to satisfy those baffling questions as I too had similar inquiry after I read the story of Nachiketa in Kathopanishada. It was in 1999, that I had got very fascinated by Upanishadas when Nachiketa’s story came up in Swami Viviekananda’s book pertaining to Oriental knowledge. After reading Swami Vivekananda’s reference, I read the summaries of a few Upanishadas by a local author and it was later when I read Yoga Vashishitha again in 1999 that I spent hours trying to analyse my personality and identity with self-examination in afternoons.

This subject is vast, deep and very vital. Yet I am attempting it as it is the wish of God. I  have also tried to make a prècis of what was given to me by my Great Master two days ago. The reason why they are concise is because the posts here are not for our intellectualizing attempts but rather for just self enquiry. So after reading  the post, go over it a few more times, think about it and if there is anything that needs clarification and elaboration, we shall discuss it in this forum. Everybody is welcome to express themselves freely. There can be some shortcomings in describing this post  from  my side because it is a difficult and very subtle  topic. If something is missed out or not discussed in detail, we will carry it forward in the next post.

Please know that the posts that are coming up at this time are going to have minimal embellishments. The Great Master will create  his magic by his mere words!! Master in his elements again is unstoppable and will seek our attention with this high philosphy meant to release souls from their long, long slavery from mental and physical confinements! So meditate and release yourself from the suffering that you have encountered over the years.

The next posts will be brief, grave, investigative and ruminative in nature. So get prepared for more of thinking and side by side many new things will unfold in you automatically.  I anticipate many new horizons  being  touched and many  new insights will be arrived at after groping and speculation by you. Deep learning comes only with churning and thinking.

Unlike earlier posts, the new posts will be instructive in nature and will have some steps to follow apart from self enquiry and investigation within. Therefore,  bring your focus on yourself once again and get started.  Should we start please?  We need some preparation before we read the prepared text. We need to do this…….Relax…. Get light.

 Take a few deep breaths and fill your mind with some fresh air.

 Please calm your mind completely, relax your body by loosening it. The more you relax, the lighter you shall be. And if you are completely calm by now; if your mind dissolves wholly and becomes one with the void sky, then you have to listen to this. Once you have become as light as the sky akashvat, only then you should start listening to what I have to say.

Today introduce yourself to your own self! Know yourself very well today.

And before we begin our enquiry, we should  be taking the blessings of His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji.  And by touching the holy feet of all the other blessed saints, sages and holy souls, we will begin a new chapter and a new lesson whose title will be, who am I?

So here we begin…..

When the cool and light breeze caresses your face, have you ever asked yourself, who likes it? Is it your skin or your mind?

It is your mana or mind.

So are you the mind?

You are able to observe your mind when you are unhappy or unsettled. This means that the mind has no power of itself; there is some other power above it that can watch it. Who is the observer of this duality of joy and grief?  Who is it?  Know that.

You are not this body; it is perishable. The body is composed of five elements*and is acquired as per our destiny. Therefore do not love your body more than you should or else your mind will also become inert. The body is inert and the mind conscious; but then you are unaware of the controlling power that rules both- the body and the mind. What is the controlling power?

Your physical body has five senses**, five karma-indriyas** * or the organs of actions and also five gyan indriyas**** or the senses of knowledge.  You are not the senses or the sense organs.

The food that you intake also has five elements that are present in the Universe-water, earth, space, fire and air. Because  the physical body is made up of food, the five elements are also present in your body because of the food that you eat. Obviously you are not the five elements.

So after knowing all this, you must have by now understood that you are the seer and non-doer of these five elements. All the five elements on their own work outside and inside you. Our job is to balance these elements which are inside our body and outside in the Universe by eating right foods and striking a balance by leading a regulated life.

Therefore your mana or mind is above the five elements, five senses and five sense organs.

The intelligence in humans help them to decide, judge or reason. So many times, the intelligence in humans fails or lacks full strength because it is covered by his ego, lust or desire.

But there is a force that governs the intelligence and illumines us. Which force is that? With which force does man’s vast intelligence gets sharper and brighter? Reflect on this.

Are you the ego? No, surely not. Then what are you?

The mind is a fragment or a part of God’s Light which is present in humans and other living beings.

 Ripples are formed in the mind; from ripples are born currents or waves and with  those currents, thoughts are formed. Thoughts make up the mind.

The mind does not possess the power to control itself. In the beginning, it needs the power of the Guru and the power of God to stop its senseless running and rampaging. When for a very long duration, the mind’s consciousness goes on aligning and fraternizing with the divine consciousness, it then forsakes its old nature and become one with the Almighty Universal God. Example-when the iron rod is thrown in the hot furnace, it melts completely and becomes one with fire. In the end there is only fire and no iron as it melts fully.

The aim and purpose of Yoga becomes to calm and liquefy the mind. This goes to prove that you are not the mind but you possess the mind. If you possess the mind and are not the mind then who are you?

You are bright Light. You are everlasting ananda, joy. You are the utmost peace. You are an indestructible element. You are the ever present power which the Vedas have called Atma. You are that. Only remove the dust that covers your mind over many lives. You are that blazing Light which permeates everywhere but is silent. The calm and silent Force that governs the universe is present inside you. All we have to do is to acquire that…..


 *Five elements -water, earth, fire, sky and space

**Five senses – *** speech, smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch

***Karma-indriyas hands, legs, mouth or tongue and the organs of reproduction and excretion

****Gyan- indriyas or sense organs eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin

A note-

As I have been engaged in the last two days with the formation of this enlightening post, a beautiful chant has been playing non stop at the back of my mind on its own. It is Chidananda rupah, Shivoham Shivoham…. by Adi Shankaracharya. When I  first accidently heard this soulful rendition  by Purushottam Jalota in 1984 or so, I liked it immensely. The voice  of the singer made a deep impact and much, much deeper impact was made by the words of those verses.  It has never me left me ever since; it is so powerful. What Shri Mahavatar Babaji has taught us in a precise form today has been described at length by Adi Shankaracharya in Shivoham Chant called Atma Shatakam or Nirvana Shatakam.  The great Adi Shankaracharya of eighth century summarized the Advaita philosphy in six stanzas. When he was wandering in the Himalayas as a boy of only eight years in search of a guru, he encountered a wise sage who asked him, “Who are you?”. The young boy answered in those six stanzas which are called Atma Shatakam or Nirvana Shatakama. The sage was Swami Govindapada Acharya.

In his introduction, Adi Shankaracharya repeatedly says that he is eternal non- dying Consciousness which is bliss and not mind, body or senses. He is not even the five elements or five sheaths of bodies or five types of air that are present in one’s body. He is not even the five vices.  Neither will he  ever die as he was never born. He is Chidananda, he is bliss,  he is  mere pure Consciousness, pure Consciousness……..

This post is dedicted to Adi Shankaracharya from my side and I seek his blessings for all of us so that who ever reads this post is helped by him in pursuing self enquiry leading to self realization. I can mentally visualize his  grace and kindness helping us in our tough endeavours; so compassionate are the realized Masters.

An after thought

I just heard the shlokas of Chidananda rupah again just now. It was so calming and soothing. I travelled back in my past and began to cry out of gratitude. How far Babaji has got me! Today I understand these words and can identify with them, earlier they were just very close to my heart and I only dreamt of understanding them; if only I could understand them one day I thought…..As I heard the soulful words, I prayed to Babaji to kindly hide me and  instead he should come in front in the world because I am too small and young in soul in comparison to him. He is the best person to give us Advait knowledge. Why did he ask me to even attempt what Adi Shankaracharya has said at the age of eight? Imagine how aplogetic I feel when in the presence of these spiritual giants, Mahavatar Babaji asks me to write on who are you? Imagine who am I to write about Atma or Parmatma? How can we ever describe God in words? Or for that matter a state of Divine Consciousness of a very highly realized Guru or Jagadguru? These tears are my flowers of devotion, my offering for my Holy Shri Mahavatar Babaji, who was even Adi Shankaracharya’s master in the Himalayas.  I offer my  flowers of devotion along with all these words at his most sacred feet, my most humble Jagadguru, Jagat pita with all the gratitude that I have…….

Om shanti, shanti, shanti, Om.

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