The procedure and progression of knowing our soul-I

January 30, 2013



All my dear readers and friends, you are welcome back.

This portion of my write up Part- A is unplanned and spontaneous. Part B came earlier than this. I decided to make two parts of this post like many before, nonetheless in the end both the parts will be interrelated regarding what is being advocated in both. Part A has my interface with Shri Mahavatar Babaji and his advice to me regarding the new post, while Part B is what Swami Nityananda preached us by giving us a lot of wisdom and sagacious advice to everybody here.

Even so, Shri Mahavatar Babaji has given us many good tips. There is something for everybody today. He has addressed all his devotees and disciples alike spread globally. He has urged me to tell the slow walkers of this good path to walk faster now. They should pick up quickly by this time. Those who have kept their pace at medium speed should investigate why they are not taking quicker steps. Where is their mind engaged and what is it that makes them tread at a comfortable pace? And those aspirants who are marching fast on this path should ensure that they keep their mind focused and introverted and maintain their swift pace continuously. They should not allow their mind to be diffused or disoriented for times to come. Apart from these tips of great advice, there was a lot more that was given to me. I had a lengthy conversation two days back with the Spiritual adviser and most humble Guide, my Holy Grand Master Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Moreover, it also becomes obligatory for me to transmit, narrate those important facts as it concerns each of us. This is what transpired and emerged between us one blessed evening currently.

Part A

I had to catch up with sleep on 28th Jan so I slept in the day and I woke up in the evening at 5 p.m with a very pleasant feeling. Even before I woke up fully and with my eyes still shut, I began having a long conversation with Shri Mahavatar Babaji with God’s grace. He keeps a vigil over me all the time like a sweet Divine Father and he waited till I was fully rested and refreshed enough to resume my blogging activities. The last many days were engaged in familial duties and I tried to finish as much as possible so that I could return to my writing table. I was a very sleepy and tired person and so I put aside everything and decided to gain some energy and vitality and be back quickly. Just before I fell in deep sleep around 3 in the afternoon, my mind was delving intensely in the making of the approaching post. I was thinking what should be the content of our next lesson, where do we go from here and what should the devotees do to make progress and march ahead. While I was contemplating on this matter, I felt some calmness and relaxation around me and inadvertently I fell in deep sleep smoothly. I don’t even know when. All the disturbing noises in my area died out and I slept peacefully for continuous two hours in bounteous bliss.

My unending love for awakening and enlightenment and undying love for my Divine father Babaji, supersedes everything. This is the first thing that occurred no sooner had I regained my wakefulness. And so once I woke up very fresh, Shri Babaji was waiting for me. In a deep meditative state when I was awake, he spoke so promptly, “Do you recall what God told you some months ago about me?”

I instantly murmured sweetly like a babe, “Yes, I do. It was said more than on one occasion.”

“Then begin your post with that first. I have given you the highest spiritual knowledge. Your blog is placed highest in the web-world and  all those people who are surfing and have come here incidentally can find all their answers here. Everything is here.  I am dispensing all the wisdom through it. You are my medium.”

The conversation lasted more than an hour and that supplementary energy coming straight from a powerful source of my Guru made me more invigorated, placid and tranquil apart from that of sleep. The tiredness vanished somewhere as if it wasn’t ever there in the first place. There was a lot that came as helpful advice for each one of us out of which whatever can be imparted in one single post shall be given to you.

My dear ones, what was Babaji referring to? What God told me on some days about Shri Mahavatar Babaji?

Extract from ‘How to know our soul?’

“During the concentrated moments, God told me that Shri Babaji is one of the very rare, brilliant gems among mankind for the reason that he is so close to God, extremely near. When I inquired God what must be his state of mind most of the times as it is my desire to peep into it out of genuine curiosity and aspiration. The reply was that he is in godly ecstasy most of the times since he is so near to God.”

Dear blessed readers and devotees, I take so much joy in revealing to you what God has told me on more than a few occasions. God has appeared to me as effulgent, beautiful, shimmery rays of Light on at least three or four occasions and in explicit words just to emphasize the fact that in this whole creation which God has created, Babaji stands just next to God. He is only next to God! This means first comes God understandably.  After which God’s highest realizations and attributes and all elements are reflected maximum in the personage of Shri Mahavatar Babaji in our living, physical world!

Can you comprehend, imagine and visualize how gigantic he is in importance, stature, strength, spiritual abilities as well as in divine powers!

In fact, when I was writing my first article on the personal features of Shri Babaji in 2008, ‘The Light of the world Shri Mahavatar Babaji-I, one day completely bemused and mystified to the hilt, with pure innocence I asked him abruptly, “Who are you, Babaji?”

He chuckled and declared with a bemusing, very gentle, soft and clear voice, “I am the CEO of this world!” I loved it, it was to my heart’s desire.

In a spate of swift moments, I immediately comprehended that he has all the Godly powers entrusted on him to run this entire Universe which he does with utmost humility and fairness. Oh my God! He is only next to God I realized, what a thing to be, what a personality that must be! It took me many days to let this revelation sink in. I felt extremely blessed to have got an opportunity to know him, to be able to come so close to him in this birth. A divine blessing for me, surely.

Again when I was in contact with our beloved God as narrated earlier in ‘How to know our soul?’, I was informed that as Shri Mahavatar Babaji is so near to God, he is our Divine Father too, he is everybody’s Divine Father.

My dear everyone, please recognize that Babaji is our Divine Father and we should look up to him for all our welfare-whether worldly or spiritual. It is noteworthy for us to know about this critical information at this juncture. It is at the behest of the wish of God that we have this knowledge at this point of time with us and therefore so much revelation, so much exposure and disclosure. And because our dearest Babaji does not speak anything to us unless he is guided and prompted by the will of God, we must listen to him very attentively. We must think and ponder what is the reason for this disclosure and rendering at this time and juncture of this blog.

If you look back I have written in the last post right in the beginning that it is the concluding post on the topic of soul but as you can see here this post has become an extension of the same title and subject matter in spite of deciding to wrap up the series. As you all are coming back again and again on this blog to search, know and learn, there is an equivalent force behind you that is working without your knowledge. The power and presence of God and the divine souls are at work continuously. They are attentive and aware of our improvement, progress, and also personal needs. Looking at all this and keeping everyone’s capacities and requirements in mind carefully, an astute and perceptive decision has been taken by the omnipresent God which reflects directly in the words spoken by the Masters. At an auspicious moment, it was decided by the Almighty that hence forth, a shift has to be taken on the blog to a new, greater height and pinnacle.

A surge to progress and direct contact and union with God should be undertaken on the blog and so all the readers have to be assured and informed well in advance so that they are  pretty well prepared in every sense. From now onward, more light and information, discussion will take place regarding God, the almighty Power and Force instead of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. To make this more clear let me tell you that if you see carefully, you will come to know that Segments I, II & III were about the stages  of an advancing yogi. In between, the middle section revealed about the personal side of Shri Mahavatar Babaji which was so much welcome by us because so little is either known or written about him in the literary and spiritual world. Posts which have contents related to Banyan Trees and some sages, they all resonate the same objective. They  tell us that they feel so blessed and honored to be serving in some way for Mahavatar Babaji; they all feel extremely happy if our dearest Babaji accepts something from them, more so if it is some sort of service to others.

The truth is that some important aspects of Babaji’s personal life has been provided to me through some other agencies in nature also with the wish of God apart from my meditations. The reason is that Babaji does not like to talk too much about himself, in fact very little. On the contrary, he likes to speak through silence by which he provides us all the solutions and answers, although it may be a different matter that we are not yet so developed in mind to receive the intimations which are sent by him through his mind powers. He likes to meditate most of the time so that he can communicate with us in some method mentally like inspirations, telepathy, intuition or clairvoyance and clairaudience via the astral sky in the higher ranges of the atmosphere.

With the post -A foreword before we take a new turn into our future spiritual training on this website, if you remember we took a major shift by telling you formally that this blog is an internet class and is global in nature where spiritual lessons are imparted.

Please read again the very powerful post, ‘I get a new Life, a new Light in Badrinath-III’. I highlight this portion to emphasize that in Karna Prayag when I was meditating, Shri Mahavatar Babaji pronounced and propounded-

“God is an eternal force. That force is in you, recognize it. This Universe is his creation made of illusion, maya. Separate the maya from Ishwar God. God is infinite and so is his creation- endless. The supreme knowledge with which one knows God is also eternal shashwat. Attain that. Separate the perishable body with the eternal Brahma. You are Brahma. You are Eternal. Thou art That.”

This was preparing us for an elevation in future. Along with his and God’s words, we have been given tremendous amount of Force and Power to recharge ourselves to take a giant step from this particular post onward. And thereafter, we touched subtle topics of our Soul. All the columns and articles which were explaining the idea, concept or the fundamentals about our soul were delivered with some personal experiences and examples to make them easy to understand and believable. Those of you who have not read the previous portions need to peek into them soon to enable yourselves to grasp what we are heading for now onward.

From today another big Force has been added in this site by means of such dynamic revelations by God and Spiritual giants in the league of Shri Mahavatar Babaji and Shri Nityandanda Swami. My humble pranam and eternal gratitude to them. We will always be indebted to them in our lives to come.

After revealing who Babaji is in earlier so many posts, God does not want to reveal in excess about him. A lot has been disclosed about him on this medium called Spirit in life, and as most of his time is spent in relaying dynamic mental forces in meditative hours in day and night for world’s spiritual welfare, he prefers to remain in silence and seclusion.

As a result we now shift our focus from Babaji’s personal attributes to attributes of God. After having come to know so much about Shri Mahavatar Babaji, it should be easier to compare and be acquainted with the Highest Force which is often named God. As they both are so similar, we should not have a great difficulty in knowing the attributes of God that dwells everywhere- in us and in every particle in the Universe.

Dear friends, you will be delighted to know that some more messages have come to me in the blessed afternoon of 28th Jan while I rested to regain and gather my thoughts for this exquisite post, even if the post will get extended and drawn out.

Babaji whispered further, “Then begin your post with that first……Tell them that you are not a seeker anymore. You are a teacher here. In your spare time, you always tell me about all my disciples and the events on the blog. Not once have you felt that the achievements and success of your blog are yours. Your sense of surrender is very acute. You have been discussing the improvement, progress or regression of all the devotees and seekers who have come to you. You pray for them and ask for their deliverance. You have been taking all approvals from me and have acted upon only those ideas and programs which I have favoured because you rely wholly on my judicious actions and advice. I have given you telepathic powers so that the communication channel is firm and unbroken with God and me. Your deep sense of discipline, commitment and faith is what I expect from all the other aspiring devotees. If they too will keep their Master on top of everything, they too will surge ahead without any delay in their rapid spiritual development. If they can match the sterling quality of obedience which you possess, they will attain victory, glory and uncontainable joy in times to come.”

Part B

Swami Nityananda gave me darshan on 22nd Jan morning during meditation after a long hiatus. At the back of my mind, I was trying to solve something.  He gave me solutions to some of my personal matters and also blessed me with so much more divine knowledge of which he is so capable. I am of firm belief that it is to be shared with others on this platform for everybody’s use because it is my ‘prasad’.

Swami Nityananda threw a question at me so unexpectedly,

“What is the reason that it takes us so long to know our divinity and to unfold it, although it is already present since our inception?”

Translation, original words follow:

“Your weaknesses, flaws, frailties are the cause of your downfall. Flaws are deeds. Every deed has its consequences. The weight of the consequences has to be carried, and to do that time is needed. New births have to be taken in accordance to those deeds and in those new births, which is a capturing snare, the jeeva or individual soul falls into it.

The knowledge of Self releases us from our darkness. Darkness means vanishing of awareness, doing wrong actions and falling on the wrong path. Whenever we do actions of deceit, betrayal or selfishness, we are forbidden gradually from attaining the knowledge of our Spirit or Atma. This is because we have to bear the consequence of our own wrong actions and we bear them on our body and mind.

Those people, who in the name and guise of religion, dharma are not telling the whole Truth to others, will find their knowledge waning slowly.

And those people who are enjoying  good time in the name of religion or God is only because of some good deeds of earlier life. However, because of their wrong deeds of today, the previous lives’ good deeds will be washed away soon. And that’s why I too call Shri Mahavatar Babaji a Banyan Tree and the rest of today’s new age, modern Gurus are like changing weathers, withering seasonal flowers.

We should once and for all attain that knowledge which will annihilate all our ignorance so that we are able to understand a new world, a new life. Those who walk on the Right Path, God will sustain them and their path, and God will give all blessings and give full knowledge.

We must first attain wisdom, knowledge which is so difficult to attain, many lives are required to attain that knowledge. Just like with great efforts we make rose water with roses, so is the hard process of attaining the greatest wisdom.

Once we achieve the highest wisdom and knowledge, we must remain in that state and not err. We must live in that state for a few years after which we will stabilize in it and never come down.”

In his own words:

“Vikar girata hai. Vikar karam hota, karam ka phal hota hai. Karam phal bhogna padta hai, bhogne ke liye hame samay chahiye hota hai kyunki vaisa janam lena padega aur naye janam mei phir ek chakra chal padta hai.

Atma ka gyan humko hamare andhkar se chudata hai. Andhakar matlab chetna ka lupt hona, galat kaam karna and galat raah par padna. Jab jab hum dhokha, jhooth, daga karte hai, swaarth ke karma karte hai, tab tab hum apne aapko Atma gyan se dheere dheere  nishkasit kar dete hai kyunki jo humne vikar, galat kaam kiye hai uska phal hume bhogna padta hai aur use hum shareer aur mana se bhogte hai.

Jo log dharam ke naam par, uski dhal par logon ko pura sach nahi batate, unka gyan dheere  dheere lupt ho jata hai.

Aur jo woh  ab khushi,  aish paa rahe hai woh pichle janam ke achche karam hai, so mila hai. Lekin aajke galat kaam unki sari kamai ko saaf kardenge. Is liye maine Babaji ko Bargad ka Ped kaha aur aaj ke baki sadhuoko,  guruo ko, dharmik guruo ko passing show, aati jaati bahar kaha hai. Woh ek mausam ke phool hai.

Hume ek baar gyan aisa lena chahiye jo hamesha ke liye sari tabahi khatam kar de, nayi duniya, naya jeevan  ko samjhane ke liye. Jo nek raha par chalega, uske raaste ko, aur usko bhagwan banaye rakhega, usko bhagwan poora gyan dega, khoob ashish dega.

Pehle vivek, gyan prapta karna hai jo ke bahut kathin hai, isme bahut janam lagte hai. Jaise desi gulab mei se bahut mehnat se Gulab ka jal banta hai, aise hi kadi mehnat se gyan prarpt hota hai.

Gyan milene ke baad usmei bahut kaal tak rahena hai, koi galti nahi karni hai. Kuch saal usi avastha mei rahena hai, uske baad hum sthir ho jayenge aur kabhi bhi neeche nahi ayenge……..”

Om Guru Narayan Narayan Hari Hari; Guru Narayan Narayan Hari Hari; Guru Narayan Narayan Hari Hari…….


How to know our soul?

January 20, 2013

This is the concluding post on the topic and theme about our soul. There were earlier posts which were connected with issues of why it is important to know our soul, and that our real identity is that of a soul and hence we should believe in that identity. But before I begin to go in the details of the next obvious question of how to know our soul, I will have to tell you one of the random, beautiful spiritual experiences that I had in the last fortnight.  I just noted it down for the sake of it in my diary because it was so wonderful. I think it will be useful here to tell you about it because it has a lot of grave information encompassed in it. The information provided here is not an ordinary one and it comes to us only as a grace of God sometimes if we are considered by God in some blessed moments. It is a knowledge that we should possesses so that we know who we are and also how we should be careful in what we are creating now in terms of actions that we perform day and night.  We will also understand that we are living in a Universe in which there is a Supreme Power and also there are  many unseen  crucial guidelines laid by it about which we have never known and do not get any opportunity to discover them anyhow. And as this is the wish of Shri Mahavatar Babaji that I should reveal those Truths, I am making it open for you to also know about them and in this way benefit your personal as well as spiritual life after realizing those Truths in your soulful moments.

And if you read the  paragraphs below, you will surely feel that discovering these Truths is so imperative and essential. There is nobody but the Divine Masters who have mercy on us and help us salvage our poor lives in order to make them enriched and most useful. The progression of our soul which is so hidden from us, from buried and sunken to the stage of its manifestation is carried out with the helping hand of the Divine Masters.

Part- A


On 02.01.13 I was trying to be acquainted with the importance of Palani, my latest pilgrimage, in relation to my spiritual growth and how I am impacted by my recent visits to the places that I just toured. In the evening I fell into deep meditation unpredictably and during the concentrated moments, God told me that Shri Babaji is one of the very rare, brilliant gems amongst mankind for the reason that he is so close to God, extremely near. When I enquired God what must be his state of mind most of the times as it is my desire to peep into it out of genuine curiosity and aspiration. The reply was that he is in godly ecstasy most of the times since he is so near to God. As God was still speaking to me, I put up a spontaneous question.  And the question was-“At this moment God, you are speaking to me. Is it that you spoke to Babaji in the same manner as you are speaking to me just now, in a gentle, soft murmur? Is this how you connect  and come  to    us? You had said to Babaji long time ago in Badrinath, “Give me this body……..” as mentioned in ‘The state of Super Consiousness-II’ And has Babaji been living such a long life of penance and service to mankind since then, after listening to your very gentle, satin like Voice erupting from his heart, his soul? Did he make this critical decision relying on this Voice only?

Quoting from that post again to bring home the point.

Babaji again went back to tell me more about himself. He divulged about his tapas and intense spiritual practices done. “After the initiation of the highest level of Kriya, my body became unconquerable and invincible. My senses became extremely acute and I could no longer bear to hear the sound of clatter and any noisy words. Therefore I decided to meditate in a place where there would be no disturbing sounds and I headed for the Himalayas on foot. I found a cave in a place where there was no human soul and I meditated in freezing climate without any cloth over me to test my abilities. Once assured, I offered all my accomplishments to God and asked him to now let me exit the world at the age of just fourteen! God’s answer was, “Give me this body; I shall use it for a purpose that no one has done before. I shall accomplish with it that no one has accomplished before.” I only bowed in front of that Divine Light and uttered, “It is yours.”….

Returning to my reflections.

I  paused quickly at this point to think and wondered how such a faint Voice that erupts from within our soul is so crucial and life altering. How powerful this phenomenon is! Based on this Voice and trusting it blindly, Babaji had yielded everything wholeheartedly and has been living a life of a hermit reclusively in anonymity since eighteen centuries!! This goes on to say and proves that I should also appreciate the power of my soul’s Voice and depend on it without thinking twice. It is a reliable source of dependence and hence should be trusted fully.

After my interpretations and knowing, I have understood that the Voice of my soul  is extremely powerful and I should depend on it instinctively because it shows me the way and tells me what to do. It gives me clarity, wisdom to understand things rightly and after knowing everything without any doubt, I also act judiciously.

My assumptions go on to show that this silent Voice that is in me appears unannounced and converses with me when it wishes to do so. It comes with a definite purpose and vanishes amusingly back to its source as it had emerged impromptu.  At its arrival, it opens the gates of the vast secrets of the unknown sacred cosmic principles!! I am ecstatic and I pour out my passion, secretly hidden emotions and all my unending curiosity at its altar humbly and thankfully!! I want to know and know more. More so because I can tap my resilient source of infinite information and wisdom that explores the concealed and shrouded laws for humanity laid down by God Himself. When the Cosmic Father replies to my queries and irrepressible search for Truth, I am humbled, satiated as well as immensely gratified.

Knowing the Truth with the Divine Father is a very wonderful experience, it is extraordinary…… It is explosive because it fires my imagination and I begin to soar higher. I ascend to the higher realms where the saints and sages rest in interim periods between two lives. I wish and long to stay there as long as I can do. However, the truth remains that the stay is quite short yet the results dynamic and that is why I just said that knowing the Truth is explosive. Even if the stay in the celestial world could be a very short one, the results are going to be very dynamic. Knowing the Truth is an overwhelming experience in itself   and it should be tried sincerely by all of us. It should be taken up seriously!


How to know our soul?

We can only know our soul when we have already accumulated and earned an extremely large numbers of virtuous and pious karmas which take many lives. Some of the actions in this large reservoir would be what you do out of your own good intentions and good nature  naturally and the rest would be as per the guided instructions of the Divine Master given by mere grace from time to time.

What should we not do to know our soul?

Secondly my soul also got to know during my reflections that there are-

Four very serious prohibited karmas. They are-

  • Betrayal by children towards their parents and likewise by  parents towards their children
  • Abandoning of sick persons, more so of our father and mother
  • Misusing Dharma and Spirituality for selfish ends
  • Deceiving our spouse

What should we do to know our soul?

  • Sadhana – they are the daily spirtual practices that an aspirant does in order to make his life more spiritual and pure and pious.
  • Tapasya- done by advanced yogis at the behest of their gurus to attain higher goals. It is decided and depends on the yogi’s  destiny, the capacity of the yogi, and the  guru’s will.
  • Meditation- to cleanse our mind. Concentration of mind to dissuade it from losing its focus and purity of intention.

Knowing the soul stops us from doing prohibited karmas and hence the illumination of the soul is the guideline with which we attain the pure spiritual state of mind. After knowing the soul, the jeeva or individual soul liberates itself from falling in the web of unending suffering caused by itself by performing those unwanted actions.

(Because of shortage of time, I have not been able to do full justice to this post. In the coming days, some additions will be made if necessary)

Why is it important to know our soul?-II

January 10, 2013

IMG_1625 - Closeup


Spiritinlife blog is for those who are desirous of gaining right spiritual knowledge and seeking moksha or liberation in modern age from the bondage and slavery of the results of past deeds and actions effected in many past lives by one’s soul.

The source and origination of the sacred liberating knowledge has to be from an erudite and wise soul who has himself/herself experienced all the metaphysical aspects related to the whole process of the liberation of the bonded soul. It takes years and innumerable lives to perfect the soul. Until the knotted and tangled soul untangles itself from its own catching and web mire , it is never possible to experience the Truth about God!

The background

From ‘Thanjuvar, panorama of Brihadeeshwar temple’.

“This much for the back ground of the temple. However, there had to be a larger cause to visit this extraordinary place, one of the oldest Shiva temples in India. Shri Mahavatar Babaji tells me that as a special gesture and out of kind-heartedness towards his devotee, he sent me to this holy place so that the sins of our lineage would be cleansed and peace would return to some of our forefathers who are in a turmoil even now in some other world because of their past misgivings…..I am speechless at the volume and intensity of graciousness showered at us by the holiest and most sacred Guru, Shri Babaji. I prostrate before him humbly and thank him abundantly for being so kind to our past generations whom I don’t even know, yet have made a contact in my meditations and in return earned their profuse blessings……. This one is dedicated to Lord Shiva for relieving the pain of so many unknown faces and giving them deep peace after ages of turmoil……! May God give all of us peace and more lasting peace, where ever we are”…….!!

The Question “Thanks for blessing us all with photos of one of the oldest Shiva temples of India. And it is so wonderful to know our beloved Babaji’s purpose to send you there! How kind, caring and loving he is! And how sacred that temple is! Can u please tell in detail, how the divine vibes of such place works for our forefathers in cleansing their sins and getting peace?”

The explanation  Our mind, manas  perceives God.

On the other hand, when this mind gets attracted and induced in the illusion, Maya of God, the soul remains enmeshed in that attraction for many, many lives. It is for this reason that the mind cannot perceive God. With holy company, concentration, meditation and one- pointedness, the mind has to be brought back in focus and made concentrated. The objective of the sadhana or spiritual efforts is this very reason. And to attain success in this endeavour is involved many lives, only after which the mind becomes perfectly ready for God realization. God is perceived and seen in the temple of the  mind.

However, prior to this stage, the mind drifts pointlessly to the extent of being senseless and performs serious misgivings and wrongdoings. The net result is that the forthcoming lives are hard, harsh, filled with all types of sorrows and problems. Happiness eludes and peace dodges the man all the time. Real happiness is never easy to attain.

To attain Moksha or liberation means that we should perform noble, glorious and sacred deeds consciously now and the leftover negative deeds should be nullified with grace, patience and being sombre. This amounts to suggest that we shall allow the leftover deeds or sanchit karmas to manifest and appear with consent, endurance and grace. We are good at facing the positive responses of the positive past deeds but tackling unsavoury and disagreeable ones is not everyone’s cup of tea! And it is during such times, most of the people are prone to recreate some more erroneous, sweet and sour actions, whatever type they may be. But we must not do this. We should anyhow clear our past baggage and debt with practical wisdom, grace and patience.

In some specific life when we have acute realizations, we wish to start all over again and we begin afresh. For this we require spiritual guidance which only a realized Master can provide since he is the one who can look into your past and present lives both. The Master  will impart divine instructions as per your devotion and dedication from time to time, which you must follow sincerely. When you do this, the old script is erased and gradually a new script is inscribed and emblazoned. This demands your extreme patience and testing endurance. At its completion as a final point, we get repose and peacefulness. We also obtain great moments of divine ecstasy and resounding peace. God rewards us and blesses us with his own wonderful secrets’ insights! That is why it is important to know our soul.

Conclusion If we do not turn our lives and steer it in a new direction, the soul wanders and strays in various places by reincarnating in those places and connects with sometimes good and sometimes bad souls.   In this process, the soul wanders off and lives indiscriminately for thousands and multiple of thousand years. To stop this senseless meandering and long-winded journey, it is quintessential to know our soul.

Now let’s return to the question why I was sent to Thanjuvar by Shri Babaji as asked by one reader of lately.

Part-I  The reply is that when you clear all your old and long-drawn-out debts called the sanchit karmas with patience and endurance, in the end what remains inside you is only love, compassion and mercy. Your prayers express and ask for only salvation and peace for everybody. God listens to your invocations and you do those deeds by which the people around you are relieved of their miseries, agonies and woes. Sometimes, there are chronic family and personal problems which refuse to extinguish and the problems overwhelm you. Not only this, the chronic problems stand as hindrances and the cause is unknown. In such a peculiar situation, what happens is that this shadow which is cast over your life has its source in the other world where our forefathers are residing temporarily. If they had exploited others or inflicted people or  subjugated the weaker sections or any such serious negatives when they were alive, they are at this time suffering mentally in the next world as a punishment from God. They are in a prison. Their collective karmas affect you even now, more so if the living generations are not living a life of Dharma or righteousness. Just a few have an inclination out of so many to lead a moral and righteous life; most of the people in all families live an average or very mundane life. We are influenced by the collective karmas of the present family and the generations of the past even now, to a large extent although we may be unaware.

If the negative strength coming from that source  is quite awesome, the Guru intervenes mercifully in some rare cases. To protect his disciple from the negative effects of the previous negative deeds of their generations gone by, the dark shadow is removed masterfully.  The Master wants his subdued disciples to earn more good karmas as a prize and reward for their unselfishness and boundless love for their own Guru in order to make their future more happy and prosperous. The Guru also has compassion for the dead, crying souls and makes sure their agonies are relieved and therefore the disciple is asked to perform highly meritorious deeds in some specific places. With those good intentions, if the pilgrimage is made, the results are far more than one can imagine. Not only is the disciple blessed by the previous generations and the hindrances removed, the dead souls in this whole process are absolved of many sins because the noble deeds of the disciple bring them a sense of freedom, restfulness and redemption. The disciple thereafter has more smoothness, calmness and abundance in every sphere of life. And all this is only possible when the Teacher and the student both are totally one with the will of God!

Part II of the question

Can u please tell in detail, how the divine vibes of such place works for our forefathers in cleansing their sins and getting peace?

There are many holy places on this Earth, more so in India for being so ancient in age that were built with the will of God. They all have a purpose of which we are not aware. People go to temples if they have a problem or  if they wish for a child or want a lot of  wealth and even power. But God has a different theory in establishing holy places. Many holy places in India were built with specific role to play in our lives. Mostly Shiva temples were made to dissolve the evil karmas or sins of mankind as Shiva is the destroyer. The Shiva Linga is the pyramid in which divine energies keep entering from time to time from the sacred source of God.

When we go in the inner sanctums, the work of purification begins at the holy site. The  bad energy from our bodies and minds are burnt, dissolves and rises up to the shikhar or the dome of the holy structure. From there the burnt energies are disseminated in the atmosphere and erazed. We also absorb some good energies which turn into good thoughts and later into good karmas at some stage in the exchange. Hence we have the potential of doing good things some time in future.

The silent work of God is always on in this manner in the subtle world so as to free us from the negative influences generated by us at some point of time. If this is not done, the Earth will be overloaded with so much negativity that we will not be able to live here. Our materialistic wishes that we believe are fulfilled in the temples occur and materialize only if some pending good karmas in us are due to materialize! But as God is very charitable and generous, He still obligates our desires so that we have faith in God and one day will turn to God and say that I have had enough of your small gifts and toys, now I want You! After this the aim of going to temples and other holy places is for a higher, sometime very high purposes. They are meant for only spiritual obligations and holy intentions.

The divine vibrations emanating at this Shiva temple burnt the looming depression, mental torture and affliction in the astral world where the souls of those dead people are at present residing. They in turn got rid of their sad mental state because the Master and the disciple with the consent of God, carried out some specific deeds that would fulfil those aims- that of mass healing of the collective karmas of those people belonging to our previous generations. Such is the power of the worshipped places which were made by the wish and consent of God!

My dear ones, hope you have now understood the reason for  which the recent pilgrimage was made. I am sure you will be delighted to understand the  theory of the  unknown science behind the rituals of our religion performed at holy places. Behind every religious ritual is a sacred science about which the ancient man had knowledge and today we follow blindly for the sake of material goals!!

 The state of Super Consciousness-II. This article is partly on pitra dosha or the ill effects on our current lives caused by the forefathers. It is important to remove the unknown negative effects and thus hastening our spiritual progress in a seeker’s life.

So what should we do? Remember God. Recall God. By remembering God the mind becomes pure.

How? The mind is a spark of God or Parmatma  in us. It is covered  with unseen  darkness and ambiguity which comes from the absence of knowledge of God’s presence in us. In fact, every living being in this Universe has a spark of God embedded in it. We do not know this yet.

When we remember God with pure devotion with or without any spiritual technique, the spark in us gets connected with the limitless white Light of the Omnipresence Power and we begin to see things in the right Light as it should be. By doing so, we are at peace and in calmess. Karmas or deeds originating from such a state of Consciousness lead us to do noble acts which are in favour of all. As the soul is devoid of any negative qualities and full of compassion and selfless love, the fruits of such acts are abundantly rewarded as per the laws of the Universal Spirit. The soul experiences freedom, unalloyed joy and no slavery of any type. Good actions bring with them true happiness, ananda and unexplored and limitless love from God to us!! This is liberation or Moksha in real sense!


Our soul is omnipresent. It is connected with other souls in the Universe by our mind, which is a streak of God.

When I was heading towards Kanya Kumari from Madurai on 28.12.12 afternoon, on a highway I caught a fleeting sight which grabbed my attention. For the first time I saw a Banyan Tree without any obstructions covering it in a vast agriculture field. I have been in search for a clear photo of a Banyan tree for a very long time for  future reference for the purpose of using it in a book when the blog will be published.

Nobody knew about  this undisclosed thought. So when we were returning to Madurai on 29.12.12 morning, I requested the driver to stop at the same place where I had spotted this catchy tree. The driver slowed down the car in anticipation for it to be visible quite early to avoid missing it. As we slowed down, I heard my soul’s voice in between the search activity. It told me that Shri Mahavatar Babaji knew it for a long time that  I have been persistently searching and finding a Banyan tree which would be totally free from any other structure or other trees overcasting it.   I wanted to take its pictures. Shri Babaji informed the soul of this tree well in advance that I would be coming to Kanya Kumari one day and that  I should be given its pictures for my future needs.

The Banyan Tree told me  that similarly he too was waiting for me to arrive at that spot  and it was his privilege to serve Shri Mahavatar Babaji. His was a soul of a rishi or sage who wanted to serve God and mankind by becoming a Banyan Tree which is blessed with longevity. The more the duration of its life span, the longer it would be able to serve God. I believed in him because Shri Mahavatar Babaji is very capable of working on the Super Consciousness level through his mind power and this time I was not at all surprised. Rather, I quickly got down from the car, walked in the field half way and took some good shots of my favourite Banyan Tree for my blog and blog-book in spite of limited time available.

I end this post at this blessed and sacred moment by dedicating it to this phenomenal Banyan Tree whose soul is so kind and gracious and has been serving Mother Earth and God anonymously for more than 200 years. My humble prostrations to Shri Mahavatar Babaji and the Banyan Tree for its co-operation and also imparting us such useful insights of  unseen and unknown deeper realms of our Universe.


Many articles have been written in previous segments where the protagonist is a Banyan Tree. The state of Super Consciouness-I, Expand your Consciousness-I and Expand your Consciousness-II are some of them. You may like to visit them to know more at your convenience.


Thanjavur, panoroma of Brihadeeshwar temple…….

January 7, 2013

When I went to Pondicherry, God also fulfilled my wish to go to Thanjavur. I had wanted to go earlier and tried also but there was no right opportunity that came my way. This time, I had included it in my circuit and we started early in the day on 17.12.12 so that we could return around dusk.

My experience at Thanjuvar Shiva temple was far more than I had ever imagined. The temple’s grandeour was unbelievable. It stands unparalleled  in size and splendour and is visible from any side of Thanjuvar. And the mere size of the temple astonished me. The courtyard has sprawling open space and the wide sky is so clearly visible from all sides. We stand on the earth and we are in direct contact with the sky, there is nothing in between. The parapet has small bulls representing  Nandi,  all facing the same directions and look very pretty, although many are now falling unfortunately.

How could the people of India build such collosal temples without machines one thousand years ago?  Their engineering skills and knowledge of geometry must have been examplary or else how can we build such magnificent religious structures with the most basic tools? And unlike other temples, this one stands out because it is made of hard granite to avoid  fast deterioration and hence the king’s idea was to preserve it as long as it is possible for many generations.

The magnificent temple of Brihadeeshwar was made by the Chola king Raja Raja Chola. He wanted to build such a temple that was never built before by anyone. He had a vision in a dream of its inception and he invited the temple experts to design a temple that would have the tallest tower, almost touching the sky!!

And so Brihadeeshwar temple has the tallest  temple tower in the world. The kalash or the top bulbous structure is carved out of a single stone. Even the Nandi bull sitting in front of the Shiva temple is cut out of a single black stone. The entire temple is made of yellow granite. It rests on the bank of a river and has a moat and fortified walls around it. It is believed that the fortified walls were made by the later kings to ward off enemies.

The main temple houses a very large Shiv Lingam in the inner sanctum and the ceilings have rare paintings or frescoes of Shiva and Parvati, possibly from Shiva Purana. This one thousand old monument is still standing tall and is the main attraction of Thanjuvar.

This much for the back ground of the temple. However, there had to be a larger cause to visit this extraordinary place, one of the oldest Shiva temples in India. Shri Mahavatar Babaji tells me that as a special gesture and out of kindheartedness towards his devotee, he sent me to this holy place so that the sins of our lineage would be cleansed and peace would return to some of  our forefathers who are in a turmoil even now in some other world because of their past misgivings…..I am speechless at the volume and intensity of graciousness showered at us by the holiest and most sacred Guru, Shri Babaji. I prostrate before him humbly and thank him abundantly for being so kind to our past generations whom I don’t even know, yet have made a contact in my meditations and in return earned their profuse blessings……. This one is dedicated to Lord Shiva for relieving the pain of so many unknown faces and giving them deep peace after ages of turmoil……! May God give all of us peace and more lasting peace, where ever we are…….!!













IMG_0798 - Copy



IMG_0842 (2)














Pondicherry revisited….. photo gallery

January 5, 2013

Pondicherry, a place of awakening and rising

Dear ones, Pondicherry is an ancient place in South India where the sages and ascetics have done penance, meditated, done research on metaphysical topics and the rishis had their gurukuls or spiritual schools. On such a kind of place, with the divine will was the Aurobindo Ashram made by Shri Aurobindo and The Mother. The Ashram, it is popularly called, is a place of Force to reckon with. Immense peace pervades this place. Seekers who are stuck with obstructions or require more force to push their way up in their spiritual journey should make the effort to visit the samadhi of Shri Aurobindo and the Mother to seek their blessings for success. They will be assisted with love and compassion. Positive difference in one’s level is fast to see and will be very much appreciated by them.

I took a break from my work and visited Pondicherry with a friend of mine with these intentions between 13th and 18th of Deccember’12. There was no plan of showcasing many photos in this segment, but the people’s thoughts have reached the Omnipresent Universal Mind of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. It is the wish of many devotees that they see the place visually on the net since many can’t go there, it is quite far and in one corner of South India. Keeping the wishes of all of you who have interest in their spiritual development, I have weaved a theme around my pictures and you can also read my thoughts which were behind my mind while I took them. They all tell a story, a story of human evolution…..of awakening, of our blooming and rising.

The awakening….







The  rising and falling of our thoughts waves ……




The guest house


The blooming of our tranquil souls!……






Pondicherry- the place, the streets and its homes near Ashram in ex-French Colony…..








The Ashram, just a few aspects of it….




The last picture also has a story to tell. It has a white plain building where out of concrete structure, a red hibuscus flower dares to face the Sun and smile at it beautifully!! It pushes as though, all the obstructions trying to stop it and it rises up to tower its presence and look directly at the bright Sun.

I took that picture after the sunrise while we were strolling on the pavement of a promenade. There is more symbolism in this  picture as I perceive. The red blooming  flower shouted for my attention and said, ” Look at my background, it is all white and I am red in color. In Pondicherry in the ashram, the samadhi of The Mother beams dynamic Force for which I represent here.The red colour is for Shakti or Force. And Shri Aurobindo’s samadhi beams immense peace and tranquility. My white background portrays that. So Pondicherry is a centre of Force and Peace…..


I thought it would be a nice idea to share a few inspiring lines from ‘The Prophet’ Khalil Gibran where according to me, Love spoken here is about the penance of the seeker and the reward is the Love of God in return……

‘Then said Almitra, Speak to us of Love.

And he raised his head and looked upon the people, and there fell a stillness upon them. And with a great voice he said:

When love beckons to you, follow him,

Though his ways are hard and steep.

And when his wings enfold you yield to him,

Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.

And when he speaks to you believe in him

Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.

For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you.

Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.

Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,

So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.

Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.

He thrashes you to make you naked.

He sifts you to free you from your husks.

He grinds you to whiteness.

He kneads you until you are pliant:

And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God’s sacred feast.’

Much love