This is the concluding post on the topic and theme about our soul. There were earlier posts which were connected with issues of why it is important to know our soul, and that our real identity is that of a soul and hence we should believe in that identity. But before I begin to go in the details of the next obvious question of how to know our soul, I will have to tell you one of the random, beautiful spiritual experiences that I had in the last fortnight.  I just noted it down for the sake of it in my diary because it was so wonderful. I think it will be useful here to tell you about it because it has a lot of grave information encompassed in it. The information provided here is not an ordinary one and it comes to us only as a grace of God sometimes if we are considered by God in some blessed moments. It is a knowledge that we should possesses so that we know who we are and also how we should be careful in what we are creating now in terms of actions that we perform day and night.  We will also understand that we are living in a Universe in which there is a Supreme Power and also there are  many unseen  crucial guidelines laid by it about which we have never known and do not get any opportunity to discover them anyhow. And as this is the wish of Shri Mahavatar Babaji that I should reveal those Truths, I am making it open for you to also know about them and in this way benefit your personal as well as spiritual life after realizing those Truths in your soulful moments.

And if you read the  paragraphs below, you will surely feel that discovering these Truths is so imperative and essential. There is nobody but the Divine Masters who have mercy on us and help us salvage our poor lives in order to make them enriched and most useful. The progression of our soul which is so hidden from us, from buried and sunken to the stage of its manifestation is carried out with the helping hand of the Divine Masters.

Part- A


On 02.01.13 I was trying to be acquainted with the importance of Palani, my latest pilgrimage, in relation to my spiritual growth and how I am impacted by my recent visits to the places that I just toured. In the evening I fell into deep meditation unpredictably and during the concentrated moments, God told me that Shri Babaji is one of the very rare, brilliant gems amongst mankind for the reason that he is so close to God, extremely near. When I enquired God what must be his state of mind most of the times as it is my desire to peep into it out of genuine curiosity and aspiration. The reply was that he is in godly ecstasy most of the times since he is so near to God. As God was still speaking to me, I put up a spontaneous question.  And the question was-“At this moment God, you are speaking to me. Is it that you spoke to Babaji in the same manner as you are speaking to me just now, in a gentle, soft murmur? Is this how you connect  and come  to    us? You had said to Babaji long time ago in Badrinath, “Give me this body……..” as mentioned in ‘The state of Super Consiousness-II’ And has Babaji been living such a long life of penance and service to mankind since then, after listening to your very gentle, satin like Voice erupting from his heart, his soul? Did he make this critical decision relying on this Voice only?

Quoting from that post again to bring home the point.

Babaji again went back to tell me more about himself. He divulged about his tapas and intense spiritual practices done. “After the initiation of the highest level of Kriya, my body became unconquerable and invincible. My senses became extremely acute and I could no longer bear to hear the sound of clatter and any noisy words. Therefore I decided to meditate in a place where there would be no disturbing sounds and I headed for the Himalayas on foot. I found a cave in a place where there was no human soul and I meditated in freezing climate without any cloth over me to test my abilities. Once assured, I offered all my accomplishments to God and asked him to now let me exit the world at the age of just fourteen! God’s answer was, “Give me this body; I shall use it for a purpose that no one has done before. I shall accomplish with it that no one has accomplished before.” I only bowed in front of that Divine Light and uttered, “It is yours.”….

Returning to my reflections.

I  paused quickly at this point to think and wondered how such a faint Voice that erupts from within our soul is so crucial and life altering. How powerful this phenomenon is! Based on this Voice and trusting it blindly, Babaji had yielded everything wholeheartedly and has been living a life of a hermit reclusively in anonymity since eighteen centuries!! This goes on to say and proves that I should also appreciate the power of my soul’s Voice and depend on it without thinking twice. It is a reliable source of dependence and hence should be trusted fully.

After my interpretations and knowing, I have understood that the Voice of my soul  is extremely powerful and I should depend on it instinctively because it shows me the way and tells me what to do. It gives me clarity, wisdom to understand things rightly and after knowing everything without any doubt, I also act judiciously.

My assumptions go on to show that this silent Voice that is in me appears unannounced and converses with me when it wishes to do so. It comes with a definite purpose and vanishes amusingly back to its source as it had emerged impromptu.  At its arrival, it opens the gates of the vast secrets of the unknown sacred cosmic principles!! I am ecstatic and I pour out my passion, secretly hidden emotions and all my unending curiosity at its altar humbly and thankfully!! I want to know and know more. More so because I can tap my resilient source of infinite information and wisdom that explores the concealed and shrouded laws for humanity laid down by God Himself. When the Cosmic Father replies to my queries and irrepressible search for Truth, I am humbled, satiated as well as immensely gratified.

Knowing the Truth with the Divine Father is a very wonderful experience, it is extraordinary…… It is explosive because it fires my imagination and I begin to soar higher. I ascend to the higher realms where the saints and sages rest in interim periods between two lives. I wish and long to stay there as long as I can do. However, the truth remains that the stay is quite short yet the results dynamic and that is why I just said that knowing the Truth is explosive. Even if the stay in the celestial world could be a very short one, the results are going to be very dynamic. Knowing the Truth is an overwhelming experience in itself   and it should be tried sincerely by all of us. It should be taken up seriously!


How to know our soul?

We can only know our soul when we have already accumulated and earned an extremely large numbers of virtuous and pious karmas which take many lives. Some of the actions in this large reservoir would be what you do out of your own good intentions and good nature  naturally and the rest would be as per the guided instructions of the Divine Master given by mere grace from time to time.

What should we not do to know our soul?

Secondly my soul also got to know during my reflections that there are-

Four very serious prohibited karmas. They are-

  • Betrayal by children towards their parents and likewise by  parents towards their children
  • Abandoning of sick persons, more so of our father and mother
  • Misusing Dharma and Spirituality for selfish ends
  • Deceiving our spouse

What should we do to know our soul?

  • Sadhana – they are the daily spirtual practices that an aspirant does in order to make his life more spiritual and pure and pious.
  • Tapasya- done by advanced yogis at the behest of their gurus to attain higher goals. It is decided and depends on the yogi’s  destiny, the capacity of the yogi, and the  guru’s will.
  • Meditation- to cleanse our mind. Concentration of mind to dissuade it from losing its focus and purity of intention.

Knowing the soul stops us from doing prohibited karmas and hence the illumination of the soul is the guideline with which we attain the pure spiritual state of mind. After knowing the soul, the jeeva or individual soul liberates itself from falling in the web of unending suffering caused by itself by performing those unwanted actions.

(Because of shortage of time, I have not been able to do full justice to this post. In the coming days, some additions will be made if necessary)

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