The procedure and progression of knowing our soul-III

February 20, 2013


Brahma akshar hai, Brahma  saakshi hai, Brahma anant hai, Brahma chetna hai, Brahma durlabh hai, Brahma sarvottam hai.

God is indestructible, God is a spectator, God is endless, God is consciousness, God is hard to attain, God is Supreme!

Brahma Eeshwar hai, Brahma paripoorna hai, Brahma shanti hai, Brahma anand hai, Brahma sarvasva hai, Brahma ki shanti, anand ko prapt karo.

Brahma is God, Brahma is complete in itself, Brahma  is peace, Brahma is bliss, Brahma is everything, attain the peace and bliss of Brahma!


Wonderful meditation occurred spontaneously a few hours ago. Words are just flowing out of me, incredible experience of limitless joy and peace. Who would not want this priceless, sublime experience and why should we not request for it?

In the afternoon, silence and peace invaded from the ethereal sky. Very blissful peace! Saw a colossal Lord Shiva covering my whole vision, then the entire gigantic Universe. I prayed to Him submissively to forgive the sins of all humanity as we are so prone to make mistakes every day in every life. Prayer selfless uttered, rewarded most appropriately. Body and mind in perfect repose and inactivity, a state of bliss and perfect peace clambered on me. I rested in a nest so full of homely, snug, warmth and love that nothing in this world can substitute it!

As peaceable was the sleep, so was tranquil returning to wakefulness. In a state of perfect calmness, a soft and gentle voice of God inside spoke, “Whether I speak like a man or a woman, whether I speak in loud or soft words, whether I come as an image or not, does it really matter to you any more? You hear my most soft whispers and the lightest step that I take sneakily as I get invoked in your lovable heart. Hence know for sure that I am housed in you permanently!

In the Himalayas your heart is, the soul in me always, who cares for me in a manner such as you? I speak to you so often in the day; you drop everything that is occurring in the mind and listen attentively as if there has been no world existed ever outside you. With due respect and reverence and pristine love, you seek me, you overhear me as if I am the lover and you the beloved. Should I not return all the honor, love, care and thoughtfulness that was bestowed on me so unselfishly?

In return I give you today, my revelation that I love you as much as anyone can love. I adore you as no one before has, I protect you as no one before has done and I reveal myself through you to all now.  Because this has been your kind prayer on the lips and inner gaze all the way through as nights and days drew to an end!

I love those who love me, I protect those who care for me and do harm to none. I oversee you as clouds over the lands, I illumine you as light at dawn, I water you as sap in the veins of green floras, I feed you as a mother to her child and I watch over you eternally as the protective Father of the tribe……

You took me in and threw up your palms in the skies of the Universe so that these blessings could be shared and people as unknown faces are healed and restored properly.  Did I not see that? My eyes are everywhere, my ears listen to your innermost songs and emotions and I judge you subject to your hidden intentions and yearnings.

Listen to me carefully if you can. If you wish to beget Me, seek Me lovingly! Seek Me day and night! Seek Me in joy, seek Me in disaster! Seek Me when you toil, seek Me when you sleep and Love me as much as you have loved no one ever before in all your lives!!

Dear friends, this article is sublime, chaste and pristine. If subjected to further explanations, its very mild fragrance shall evaporate. So kindly inhale the gentle perfume in the evening air of the lavender incense on my altar at this sacred moment of serene dusk….

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The procedure and progression of knowing our soul-II

February 10, 2013

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam, Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamadaya, Purnameva Vashishyate
Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om……



On the night I finished my last post of 30th January regarding our soul’s progression, when I went to retire in my bed, I saw a huge ball of golden Light that appeared in the centre of my third eye. It was a perfect round ball and pretty dense in yellow colour.

It immediately grew big in size. It grew very immense  after which I rapidly saw Mother Earth in it. The Earth was covered copiously by this Golden Light. Then the Light became bigger, far more bigger than the Earth until the Earth vanished leaving behind just the Golden globe of Light. This sphere of Light became further big and it became so big that it covered the entire ethereal space. It eventually covered the Universe, the whole of Universe. It grew larger still until the Universe disappeared and there was nothing else in this Universe but that dense, pure golden Light!

Pure Golden Light!

Only Light!

Seeing this magnificent Light, I immediately put myself in it willfully; and dived in it until I completely disappeared.  At this stage, I murmured to myself feebly, “Ah! Cosmic Consciousness!”

Side by side interestingly, I was perceiving and envisioned that the next post has something to do with this experience and that I must retain this exclusive experience until I give final shape to it due shortly. I likewise got a hunch that the next few days are going to be frantic and therefore, this experience has come very well in advance and I must go back to it every time I undergo some erratic or unusual experience hereafter. There has to be some connection between this particular, uncommon spiritual experience and the events in days to come. There should be a purpose for God to give me this experience and even if the coming days become very demanding and full of activity, I must not disremember this exotic experience. I should not allow it to fade away in oblivion; I reminded myself many times while things rolled out slowly as days flew.

I was in deep thought and floated in some extraordinary times, so exclusive and mystifying; it is always so hard to define those moments and express as words here. I realized that there is some concealed message that I cannot see right away but the Light is the messenger and is here to indicate something that is very crucial and note taking. This realization and information I saved and registered it very well in my mental impression and space carefully.

With my heart so full of gratitude and humbleness, I bowed down reverentially at the Cosmic Light and thanked God for have given me a slight glimpse of its Infinite presence.

Immediately, I heard inside, “Do not wrap up the last post now. From your side it was over. Make two more parts of it. The experience that you have just received is a testimony that you are in Cosmic Consciousness and you will also be during some more spells further in the night or day intermittently.

I got curious and asked, “What type of experience is this? Is this kind of experience higher than the ones I had about a year or two back of Super Consciousness while I was in Delhi? I was referring to the days when I was writing regular articles on Super Consciousness. Were they not supreme experiences?

I raised this question because I did not plunge so effusively in such concentrated Cosmic Light before. Meticulously I distinguished that something in me was still not besieged, like a very thin line something still existed inside me; it was like a very, very thin dark grey hair.  Clearly, the jeeva in me was still outstanding and unresolved, so what if it was as thin as a very slender fine line! It had to go, even this last thin line had to go.

In my meditations, I had communicated and expressed to God my inner feelings of late that whatever I have acquired in my realizations and divine experiences so far itself was so abundant, liberal and generously given that I will never ask anything more henceforth. Never in my dreams and fancy imaginations, had I expected that I would ever get to know God, that too so closely. I was merely trying all my life. I had also prayed to Shri Mahavatar Babaji in prominent meditations, that hence forth I will never keep any craving or initiative to ask God for more revelations since I have nothing to return or repay. I am already so overfull with all the blessings and kindness that I have received in abundance and immeasurable measure that I do not have anything left with me which shall be appropriate to give as a token of adoration, gratitude and thanksgiving. A point has come in my life when I should ask nothing, not even a touch of divinity’s unfolding or a peek into the world of God. I am a recipient of boundless grace, love, joy and limitless peace from my Gurus and God and I have not yet done enough to do anything equivalent in return, so why should I request or ask anything more? Whatever I have received so far is much  more than one can ask or ever  have. All I should do now is only serve God in the most selfless manner and do it unceasingly day and night.

God replied,

“Super Consciousness is not the ultimate stage- Cosmic Consciousness is the ultimate one.

In Super Consciousness stage, there are dots of remnants of the individuality still lingering although one may have glimpses of divinity. When each and every accumulated karma, of every life that one has lived on this planet has been erased and washed off, one gets a brief vision of Cosmic Consciousness like this one. This is true samadhi, uninterrupted, continued naad ghosh and bliss.

The jeeva is finally eroded wholly and there is no curtain between the individual soul and the expansive Spirit of the Universe. This is an irreversible stage. It is a very long drawn out procedure and just a few souls can reach uptil here because it is very tiring and full of fatigue and demands unusual forbearance and patience. A few succeed.

Releasing and exhausting the amassed seeds of past karmas is a mammoth task and can be overwhelming for anybody. Anyhow, tell everybody that nonetheless it should be attempted and tried so that once clean, your life will be stain free, joyous and very, very peaceful. Those who attempt will be blessed for their seriousness and clean heart.

Guide each one who is on this path and you will be blessed profusely by your Teachers and Me. Everyone is in darkness, it is with acute difficulty that we get blazing Light and knowledge like this one. Others should be given a helping hand and should be given a fair chance to remove their darkness from their lives.”

Here I recall and re-connect to this spiritual experience as documented earlier from-

I get a new life, a new light in Badrinath-II

“During such times, look inside your eyes, you will see light. That light will come from me. Your mind is completely immersed in me in every sense and whenever you will remember me, you will see light. That light will give you the knowledge of Brahma which is very hard to achieve. The knowledge of Brahma is attained with the releasing of uncountable pious actions accumulated over many lives lived before this birth.

Brahma is Light. Brahma is spiritual wisdom. Brahma is Consciousness. Always keep the flame of that consciousness alive in you. Brahma is a cluster of Light, Prakash Punj. Brahma will always protect you. May that Brahma always keep your consciousness ablaze, have such a yearning this evening.”


The progression and knowing of our soul is a tedious business and demands hard toil, exceptional patience and endurance. But the Great Masters are aware of it and for them it is never too late. They have been deployed by the Almighty Master, the Universal Spirit to lead us from our darkness to the Cosmic Light.

When the Teachers explain, illuminate us by citing various examples, we should embed those lessons with love and gratitude in our hearts. We must go back to those revelations and learning as many times as possible in order to etch them in our memory forever even if the learning or learning methods are very subtle and indirect. Make your memory so fine and sharp with regular meditation practice and mental repetitions that everything gets embedded easily always.

Conclusion- Have faith and limitless patience. Endure. Keep up with your regular sadhana, enjoy your meditations and mental chanting and open your heart to receive God’s beautiful and wondrous revelations lovingly.


Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

Madurai, the temple city of Meenakshi Amman

February 8, 2013

Madurai is a temple city about 2,500 years old in Tamil Nadu, India. It is famous for its Meenakshi  Amman temple and enchanting Jasmine flowers.


It is also called Meenakshi Sundereshwarar temple. It is dedicated to Mother Goddess Parvati, known also as Meeenakshi, the consort of Lord Shiva. Meenakshi means ‘fish-eyed,’ the one whose eyes are extremely beautiful in the shape of a fish. This is the only temple where the Goddess Meenakshi is the principal deity of the temple and not Shiva or Sundereshwarar although there is a temple of Shiva just next to that of Meenakshi Devi. Devotees from all parts of India and  other countries come to pay their obeisance and reverance to Mother Goddess.

It is a Shakti peeth, an energy centre. There are some special places like this one where the Divine infuses a great amount of spiritual energies so that people get some power to progress on their spiritual path and the long journey that it demands.

The most prominent structures of the temple are the Gopurams or towers which are visible from every part of the city wherever you go. They are exceptionally high and very beautifully decorated. They are painted brightly with figures of deities, gods, goddesses and semi gods. The city is based and thrives on river Vagai since a long time. There is a mini city inside the temple and people all over the year come in large numbers out of their devotion and love for the mother goddess. It is not at all possible to see the entire temple in just one day; it requires a few visits. This time, we concentrated on the outer side and left out the inner area comprising of a huge water tank. Photography is allowed in some inner parts and chambers and we obviosly could not resisit the idea of taking many pictures on our visits.

An overview of whatever little we could see in two days……

Outside Madurai



Large fields of growing yellow Chrysanthemum flowers for the  garlands of the Gods and Goddesses residing in many temples in the temple city. Very refreshing site and experience. So very different!

The temple as seen from outside







The entity warding off evil beings at the tower top in all corners


Before we go inside the main chamber, there is a wide corridor buzzing with various activities. Constant repairs and improvements were seen being undertaken by the temple authorities. People also take some rest in this place  to enable them to see the remaining of the temple premises. I was told by our driver that the entire temple premises is spread in 15 acres area! I don’t have the exact figure, it may be right also looking at the gigantic size of the structures everywhere.

A lot of walking, a lot of seeing and a lot of overwhelming feeling initially and followed later by that of devotion, calmness, admiration and reverance came…. .

Inside the temple, Ashta Shakti Mandapam






Devi Bhadrakali


Many hands igniting their lamps of devotion

One thousand pillars hall or mandapam

The hall in the Northern side of Sundereshwar temple has 1000 pillars mostly carved. Built at a later stage by the Prime Minister of the Nayak dynasty dedicated to Lord Shiva as Nataraja and Mother Parvati or Meenakshi. It also has an art and architecture’s museum now .





Nataraja and Parvati in the hall, Shiva in bliss, in a dancing pose.


Pillars in a diagonal row

Dravidian architecture on pillars





A model of Meenakshi Amman and the temple she resides in. Found a nice way to get closer, a nice moment, shall cherish it for long. Thanked Mother by whispering to her and bowed down in humility and gratitude mentally…..

Our gifts in return


A generous, big lump of sandalwood paste


Rose petals


A sari with Mother’s Temple’s Gopuram, a souvenir…….

The most famous weave and pattern of Madurai was coveted.

Dear readers, with this short post and a photo gallery, we come to an end with the exhibition of pictures of the several pilgrimages that I made in the end of Dec’12 to South India. Hope you have enjoyed seeing them as much as I have taken delight in composing short posts and photo gallery with them.

Each visit to the holy place is a divine experience and so many new revelations are given by the Almighty and my Guru during those times. Sometimes there are inconveniences and lack of good food and hygeine, but it is overccomed and ignored. I share my experiences with you as posts and add pictures in the posts to collaborate what I have seen or realised. The pictures are most of the time used to convey many subtle things and so many times to say something visually instead of using words and sentences.

When you conjoin the words with the pictures, your canvas will become larger. That is the purpose served by my pictures. They are here to enhance your spiritual imagination, strengthen your visualization powers and in future use the powers of imagination and visualization to expand your Spiritual Consciousness……

P.S Pardon me if I have not been able to reply to your comments and emails in the last few days. Shall revert to you when blogging activities diminish. Some other things crop up and are equally important to attend to. But remember you are always on my mind and I will communicate with you shortly. You should always stay in touch.

Regards and thanks.


A quick visit to ancient site of South India-Mahabalipuram, today’s Mammalapuram

February 6, 2013

Dear friends, this is a surprise post!

As you know I had taken a long round of pilgrimages to South India in the month of Dec’12 between 13th and 18th. Blogging did not stop in those days inspite of travelling.

 I also went to Madurai and KanyaKumari between 26th and 29th Dec’12.

Photos were shared with you of Pondicherry, Thanjuvar and Kanya Kumari. However, after that a lot of activities of the blog have kept me preoccupied since then. But that does not mean that we leave our task undone. Today I showcase some of my Mammalapuram pictures, which was visited on our way back to Chennai from Pondicherry.

Pictures of Madurai are still pending and shall be shared with you soon.

Mammalapuram was not our pilgrimage site, it was rather from the perspective of seeing India’s glorious past and appreciate its culture, architecture and art. It is a World Heritage Site.

This place falls in between Pondicherry and Chennai and can be seen with four to five hours in hand.  We had less time than this yet we managed to see 5 Rathas and Arjuna’s penance site. The other sites were left out.  If only we knew beforehand that we could  manage the Shore Temple also, we would never have missed it. But the driver was panicking and hurried us and bundled us to the airport as soon as he could in haste!

Anyhow, whatever was seen was breathtaking and marvelous. The Dravidian architecture carved out of hard rocks and granite are worth at least one visit if we are near Chennai or Pondicherry. The Pallava dynasty built it around 5th century. Mahabalipuram as it was called earlier,  was once a prominent port of South India and it still reflects very strongly the dignified and prosperous past of rich Dravidian history of Southern part of India.

One suggestion for the would be travellers to this place. Please keep in mind when you visit this place that Mammalapuram is very sunny and hot all the year round. In summer the heat is blistering and can take its toll. So it is better to see this wonderful place during winter times between November and February or else take all precautions to beat the heat.

Steps back into history…..


Five Rathas





















Arjuna’s penance



IMG_1093 (2)




My favourite place, Arjuna’s penance

The local life and flavour



Mammalapuram is still the best place for stone idols and carvings. Temples from far and wide in the world place orders for idols in this city. Stones of mainly black or gray color are used for making idols. There are so many good shops that exhibit local fine sculpting artistic skills. We stepped in a shop only to appreciate the crafsmanship and please the shopkeeper. We soon discovered that all the items in the shop were made by the father of the shopkeeper. Out of respect for the unknown face, we bought some superbly carved things.

His girls came back running from school after it got over to be with their mother. It was a very sweet sight to see the younger one, who was brimming over with love and happiness for her mother as she came storming in the shop to embrace her tightly.

I was very happy to see this momentous event and felt good that the girls were being sent to school for education for their better lives in future. The younger one was  irresistible and deserves a place on my blog to show us what ecstasy is. Her smile was truly infectious….




Pure Delight and Loveliness……