What is inside our soul-I?

March 2, 2013

Experiences unique in childhood, deciphered at a much later stage. Ecstasy unknown to ordinary men experienced at a tender age but had no individual with whom to share or reveal this unique one. Until a few weeks ago, when in most blessed moments, my sweet Guru, the Highest Master took me back into some solitaire, ecstatic experiences of childhood when this human being may not be more than four.

The paternal big house was a play den. Near the river from where cool breeze blew day in and in night too, soothing my heart and mind alike with delight. Behind the palatial house were green pastures where the cattle grazed and we cousins, would run after the flying crows, humming birds or chase the herd of cattle all in a row. Sometimes the open sky so vast, the breeze so gentle and the limitless space of the pastures had a compelling effect on my tender soul. When brothers were running ahead of me, I would get lost in that wonder land and world unknown to others around me. The eyes would become heavy, the body quiet and the mind completely still when with the soft touch of the cool wind and the vast space and sky, the consciousness would unite with the All Omnipresent pervading in the space and sky. Feet could run no more. Playing would halt and seriousness would tread softly in. The siblings were as if asked to run after the cattle with bells jingling in their necks far away so that I would be able to disassociate with them and have enough space and isolation to connect to the Divine inside me. That was the play of Krishna indeed for all you know!

The soul’s penchant for re-connection with the Divine grew fonder but I not knowing what was happening exactly. The pull was strong enough that indeed many a times, I have gone to those spots again in holidays to revive those ecstatic times while at play. Whenever in youth I thought of good times, these memories would pop up several times again and soothed and appeased was my soul many times more when I reminisced about those green pastures to and fro. I thought it was the nature’s magic or just the childhood spectrum of naughty, playful activities.

“No, said the Grand Master. Not once was it ever a child’s play! It was an act of an advanced yogi who had experienced this exclusive interplay of magic and God’s display; not just in the childhood of this incarnation but prior to this stage and previous human plays. Go back to it again now and you will once again fall in deep ecstasy because the yogi gets this gift from God for the priceless deeds done in times of unselfish heart and mind’s performances. It was achieved before you were born now and got carried with you as your wealth of last days. Prior to this also, you have spent hours in isolation and solitude with nature and God and have asked for boons beyond palaces, rubies and gold. The yogin realized that nothing is permanent in this constantly changing world; what comes now must go. Why not go after something that would go with me as and where I go? So you have inside you glimpses of spiritual bliss earned in last incarnations and that which you were blessed with even at the tender age of four!”

I said, “Who knows if this was spiritual bliss or merely the magical play of the soothing elements in the surroundings that nature gifts as cool breeze over waters of a river or the plentiful drifting clouds and sky in blue?”
“If this was merely the tender heart’s fancy, you would not have fallen so easily into deep ecstasy so naturally at this ripening age too. The Master can only give you the environment but the soul must have the seed and the soil ready to bloom so beautifully! In many incarnations you have tried to bloom in soul. Many lives have gone in perfecting your soul but not in vain.”

I became a child again at the Holy Feet of my most beloved and graceful Divine Spiritual Master. The child’s curiosity again forced me to know from the All knowing Master’s Vast Ocean of memory during my exclusive moments with Him a few days ago at the sacred morning hour of four when the world was in deep drowse and I arose. I penetrated and looked deep inside me and wished to know.

“What is inside the soul?”  I asked
“Joy, pure sublime Joy! It possesses innocent, lingering and never ending pure Joy.

The garden is blooming and the soul is full of perfume of pristine joy and deep ecstasy. If you will share this with others, they shall get a glance of the soul that they possess if they will peep in.”