What is inside our soul?-III

March 20, 2013

Our soul is quiet. It is composed of pure, abstract silence and tranquillity. It is composed of comforting, depth less peace. Rest in that. Sleep peacefully in that rejuvenating silence and peace.

When we take many incarnations, a layer of mud of ignorance settles on our soul. The mud settles on our soul and covers it. The layers of mud become hard and thick as we grow older in incarnations and the crust in the mind in the form of rocky, stubborn and obstinate nature blocks the Light of the soul. The heap of crooked, curved and obstinate viewpoints refrain the human being from deciding with pure, spiritual wisdom and Light of Truth.

Man suffers incessantly at the hands of its own lack of Truth and Right Reasoning. Incarnations after incarnations are wasted and lost living in obstinacy and ego related issues. Seldom does the human realize and contemplate on where should he/she be looking for Light and Divine Wisdom?

It is difficult for humans to penetrate deeply; only after which he should decide by choosing and picking the right thoughts for doing their daily needs. If we sit down calmly in spare moments to free our souls from its clutches of darkness, this act would liberate us from misery, gloom and downfall.

Calming our non stop, redundant, flowing thoughts and resting profusely in tranquillity and calmness is extremely essential to capture a small glimpse or a fraction of wisdom that lies in our soul. Repeated hours of practice of sitting calmly in one place till the restless thoughts settle down at the base like mud in water is the key to get your right answers and enlightenment of your soul. The body needs a lot of repeated, constant practice to stop its control over the mind and obeying the commands and right instructions of a composed and serene mind. Gather irreversible poise and sanity. Control the fidgety nature of the body as well as the mind till they become the servants of the controlling Master. The five senses rule over the mind and body hence the ‘jeeva’ or individual is like a horse galloping freely without its Master and controlling reins.

So much, so much time and effort as well as patience is used and spent in harvesting surplus crops of material prosperity in each incarnation of human life. If the wise person invests less than half of this effort in bringing under its control the monkey-mind and the restless, galloping horse-senses, the avalanche of unexpected gloom and insurmountable troubles created by one’s own blunders and short-sightedness can be easily averted. Please pay attention to it.

The realized Atmans and  illumined sages hold the lamp of Light for us to see so that we tread on the safe path.


They guide us in times of unforeseen and unexpected crises of life, be they spiritual or personal. Do not let go of such auspicious and good omen divine interventions when the Lord sends us help, solutions and comfort through some agencies.

Seldom do we recognize these subtle transparent assistance and helping hand coming from the Divine. So open your eyes and see the Truth- the Truth of Right Living and sensible judgement. Light your soul. Light the lamp of elucidating, nurturing Light in your soul. With this Light, your darkness will dispel. You will be free from the exerting force of your burdening past of crippling karmas. Unleash the force of Wisdom that is ingrained in your soul. Release yourself from the ill-effects of many past reincarnations and begin a new life so full of right Judgement, Truth and Divine Wisdom.

So what is inside our soul?

Pure Divine wisdom.

An information- With the consent of Shri Mahavatar Babaji and at the request of a promising disciple of Shri Babaji, we have made a video on Youtube of a post from this blog. The post is-The power of praying intensely.  The videos are snapshots of some prominent posts which can be used as summaries for recapitulation.

More such videos are intended in future so that the teachings of Babaji can be spread all over the world easily. You may visit this link to see the first video that has been created for Spiritinlife.


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