How to manifest our soul?-II

April 10, 2013


Whatever happens from the depth of the soul will be full of wisdom.

Acts done with peace and tranquility have depth.

Acts done from the surface of the mind are frivolous.

The exterior world consists of frivolous activities. It does not have any depth.

The realized and illumined soul of a human being experiences sorrow because he or she has to live in a world of men who live on exterior and superficial levels of existence. The wisdom in the soul has not been explored by them yet.

Then how to manifest that soul within us?

By pursuing silence and purifying the mind by contemplation and giving rest to the tired mind.

Lord Buddha contemplated all his life and we worship and venerate the exterior life of Buddha. The sixth sense of the seeker has to be awakened to go inside the depths of the soul and mind. The sixth sense is for the advancing yogi for special faculties so that the unseen world of the innermost recesses of the mind can be reached. Unless the yogi does not contemplate and meditate deeply, the sixth sense cannot be touched and unlocked. The inner depths of the divine world present inside the mind of the pursing yogi cannot be contacted.

Seek the guidance and counsel of your Guru and mentor to reach this goal. In between this put all your energies in one place- the energy centre at the place between the two eyebrows or kutastha.  By doing so the frittered mind can be controlled wisely and kept in one place. Listen to the voice of your conscience when it speaks to you in moments of tranquility and quietness.  If you continue to listen to the voice of your conscience and voice inside you over a long period of time, you will be able to manifest your soul.

P.S. The photos of Katargama shrine associated with Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s early life have been uploaded as segment C in previous post How to manifest our soul-I. You may visit it to see them. There are videos also which may be uploaded as and when it is possible.