What is Truth?-I

June 10, 2013

Part A

All my dear readers and well-wishers,

It has been quite a while since I blogged passionately. You all however, have been on my mind and I have been thinking about you irrespective of my exterior silence. I like to revert promptly in all situations as a matter of an old habit and I also think that we all like to receive quick responses and updates for we wish to stay connected in some manner or the other amongst ourselves. And I accept as true that the same relation should be built between the devotee and the Supreme beloved God. We should always have a union or connection with the Supreme in us no matter where we are placed or what we are doing currently.  Even if there is a storm or tempest in our lives, we should not allow our mind to disassociate with the thought of God.

The last post of 20th May was focussed on my personal accomplishment of being able to sustain the mental strain and testing of my fortitude in my attempt to persist blogging uninterruptedly for five years. And just after that as if God was teaching me that there can be no particular fixations for a yogi, did not allow me any scope of time and mental energy to even scramble a few words although I did type a brief post and a short poem with pertinent lines for 30th May but I could not manage to deliver it on the appointed date of May, the 30th. Nevertheless, God’s will persisted and I am at peace with myself now. The reason is that whether I am blogging or not, whether I am travelling or not travelling, whether I am meditating or not, the Presence of Almighty God is always prevalent inside. In spite of extremely frenzied or rough life situations, in the end I see that there is always something that God is indicating very minutely and subtly which we have to understand and imbibe silently on our own. They are our further classes, lessons, teachings and spiritual insights through abstract guidance from the Supreme continually. God has put us in those fixed situations because they are teaching us new lessons with the acknowledgement and askance of our Param Guru and other associated spiritual teachers.

When the storm outside dies out and there is lasting peace inside, we should once again bring about calmness inside ourselves, maintain silence and meditate in order to gain access to the suppressed subtle understandings that we should/must have gained during the feverish state of affairs in the preceding days. What are they? Bring them out and disclose them in front of you as they are very important guidelines for future mindfulness and increasing awareness and our being proficient in stabilizing our Divine Consciousness. We should devote time to ourselves and disconnect physically and mentally with people living around us to focus sharply and be attentive to grasp the new and fresh insights from time to time. When facing tough circumstances, once you realize that a big lesson has been prepared and is being given out to you for your own betterment, maintain inner and outer silence. Speak less with others. Understand more and have an inner vision of being able to see the unseen silent hand of God helping you to climb the next step upwards and making you more and more stable in your resolutions to reach greater heights in enduring eternal Divine Consciousness……

Part B

Wonderful words that came flowing from the celestial world about ‘The Truth’ in my meditation of 23.05.13 morning.

Satya prakash hai.  

Satya jagata hai

 Satya mei svatantrata hai.

 Satya mei gaharai hai

 Satya mei maun hai.

 Satya mei pravesh karo  

Satya ka palan karo

Satya ko jano

Satya par nirbhar karo

Satya ko janne ke liye parishram karo


Truth is Light

Truth wakes us

Truth has freedom

Truth has depth

Truth has silence

Enter the Truth

Live in Truth

Know the Truth

Rely on Truth

To know the Truth, toil hard.


Truth is known in silence

Truth is known in peace

Truth is known in meditation

(To be continued…………)