What is Truth?-II

June 20, 2013



My dear everybody, this post is dedicated in the memory of all the pilgrims and devotees who have lost their lives unexpectedly in the Himalayas while doing the pilgrimage of chardham in Uttarakhand and to also those who died in other neighbouring regions. Nothing could be more frightening than seeing Nature’s unrelenting fury. I have been distressed at nights to see the horror and dismay on TV screen. What God has made so beautiful and in so many years is being destroyed by human beings’ short-sightedness and apathy. The ignorance of we the people, for our environment, the unchecked heavy construction on the mountains, the unrestrained vehicular movements, senseless making of dams and hydel projects without researching the consequential, detrimental, prolonged aftereffects have caused so much human misery, sadness and loss. It is quite possible that some effects may turn out to be irreversible. For more than ten thousand years, pilgrims have been going to these holy places but they were in tune with Nature. As we become a developing nation, in the name of progress and human needs, we are trying to conquer Nature by changing the course of rivers permanently. There is only so much that God will allow us to tamper with His creation after which we are bound to suffer and grieve manifold if we continue to disregard the norms and unsaid rules of the maker of this Universe.

I do not intend to say more than this on this topic because as mature adults we understand very well the current state of affairs. My aim is only to bring harmony and peace in our distraught minds and share with you my meditations by throwing some light on what the sacred Masters think about what is going on in our environment and how we should deal with the disturbing news that we get to hear from time to time. Is there any lesson for us in all this? I was also very concerned about the condition and well-being of our revered Mahavatar Babaji who does not have a safe house like us and has been living in rough conditions since many centuries in the Himalayas. Though I know that God will always protect him, yet I have prayed in the day and at night for him and his group of disciples for his safety and for him and others getting the basic needs of living till normalcy returns.

In my meditation at 5 pm today, I was able to connect to Swami Nityananda and Swami Dayananda Shaligram of Ganeshpuri and found out that all is well with Mahavatar Babaji and his mandali  of chelas at Satopanth Lake. It is after meditating deeply and getting some news of our beloved Babaji that I have been able to blog as the day is getting over. But nonetheless, we will continue to reflect on what is Truth and how to know it in this continuing article.

Part B

Quoting from Why does it take a prolonged time for our soul to manifest?-I

To manifest our soul, to recover from the hardships and miseries of the impelling tricky destiny, the following procedure needs to be followed in the increasing order and the Yoga or Union with God attained.

Nadi shuddhi The purification of the energy and nerve channels.

They are spread profusely in the body and can be cleaned and energized by Yogasana and other simple ancient and Oriental mild physical exercises.

Shwas shuddhi The purification of the breath. It is achieved by doing one of the various types of breathing techniques call Pranayam. Even watching the breath is one easy technique for the beginners.

Karma shuddhi Improving the quality of our actions from woeful to gleaming ones. Being ever vigilant and cautious at every moment on each day and watching our actions and forcing them to be always clean, good, selfless and pious. This is of extreme importance for any seeker because any wrong deed can push anybody from a great height in a ditch. Merely doing Yogasana or Pranayam will not suffice. Utmost care and vigilance should be paid by the sadhak in improving the quality of actions in body and mind both.

Mana Shuddhi Purifying the muddy mind by daily meditation, chanting and watchful awareness. It is only after this final stage is arrived that the seeker can attain ‘Atma sakshatkar’ or God realization.

We shall need this reference later. But before that I have to tell you something here which will take us further on in our discussion.

A mail I received on 13th evening by a casual visitor on my blog.

Dear Madam,

You articles are very interesting. Could you please let me know as to where and how often have you met Babaji?

What line of Sadhana do you pursue-is it Kriya Yoga or Shri Ravi Shankar’s ?

Thanking You,

My reply-

Dear X,

I am pleased to know that you have found the articles on Spiritinlife interesting. Hope they were also illuminating and helpful in seeking at least a few answers in your search for God and Self Realization.

I am yet to meet Shri Mahavatar Babaji though I made three unsuccessful attempts. Please read- I get a new life, a new Light in Badrinath-I to know more about my experiences regarding it.

I have done many types of disciplines prior to becoming the direct disciple of Babaji in 2001. Over the years, I have discontinued them involuntarily as Babaji has given me a lot of seva of helping others in their spiritual journey with my blog. This is my sadhana now. Apart from this, I do ‘sahaj yoga’. This is to say that meditation happens on its own with God’s Grace, I don’t try to do it with my efforts. Rest of the times, I serve others everyday with no holiday or break unrelentingly.

Hope I have answered satisfactorily to your query.


His reply on 14th very early morning as I was in deep meditation-

Thanks for your reply. Does it mean there is no yogi who can help and guide? I don’t believe in cult figures at all. I would like to meet one true advanced yogi which probably is not possible today.



It is only after Shri Mahavatar Babaji told me to reply to him on the blog in this specific way in order to benefit all of us that I write here. My response to him is only my experience which I had in my meditation a few days ago. As I share some of my spiritual experiences with everybody, it is up to the readers to draw conclusions. If they wish, they may continue taking help from me and pursue this path created by Babaji himself through Spiritinlife. Please know that my role is only to guide you after you have realized that this is the path you wish to follow. You may or may not like to seek my advice is solely your discretion.

In my meditation…..

Just as I hit the bed little before midnight with soreness and pain in the limbs after a hectic day, I became absolutely fresh and pain vanished in a few minutes. I remembered God as is my daily practice and put forth the query of one devotee from USA before the Param Pita, Sadguru Maharaj Mahavatar Babaji.  A huge beam of White Light came towards me like a thick lightning and struck my face and I heard-‘Apps’.

I got my answer.

Feeling light after getting an answer for that devotee straight from Mahavatar Babaji, I visualized myself as if Light is still falling on my  face and I am lying in the milky Light and surreal Joy, I fell asleep in it. I slept with that Light falling on my face.

At 4 in the morning I woke up very fresh although I had slept at midnight. I washed my face and went back to the bed. There was so much silence and quietude that I savoured it intensely. In that soothing solitude and tranquillity, the sound of Om began to ring in my left ear and I went back to the time of the beam of White Light entering my face and I broke into a spell of divine ecstasy. I had no sense of living in my physical body and my soul swayed effortlessly in space and vacuum where the naadghosh of Om was ringing. In that Om, I slipped again to catch some sleep and lost consciousness of external surroundings. Someone put me to sleep after filling me up with divinity and then woke me up at sharp 6 again.

I fell in a transcendental state once more. This body was here in the city with some vehicular noises beginning to make their ugly presence felt by this time while He was in the cave quiet and motionless near the triangular, turquoise lake with humans absent. The two bodies were lost and erased in the earthly space and only their souls and minds connected. The minds of two became single. What He was thinking I was receiving simultaneously comparable to two transmitters that are connected and relay signals to each other. My mind was reading what he was thinking and speaking mutely in faint whispers.

His words were coming. They are treated always as holy words, Holy sacrament they are for me; the words of good Lord they are. He speaks the words of God; I receive the holy mantras as I, his dedicated servant, eagerly and patiently waiting for every drop of sweet elixir.

Shri Mahavatar Babaji said this to me, “ Nadi shuddhi and Shwas Shuddhi is done with Pranayam  by the majority of people through Yoga. Just a few people reach the stage of Karma Shuddhi, the third stage. The first two stages are sadhana and the next two are tapas. The seekers do not reach the stage where all their actions are done with selfless motives, nishkaam karmas at Karma Shuddhi stage. Fewer still and rare are those who reach the last and final stage where the Mana Shuddhi stage is reached. To purify the mind is absolutely important yet most difficult. The mind cannot be made pure without the kripa and Grace of your enlightened Guru. Only when the mind has become as pure as gold that the seeker is be able to communicate effortlessly on the abstract level where the thoughts of the disciple and the Master are relayed in the air and immediately accepted and comprehended in the silenced mind; not a trace is lost. The reflection of the mind- state of one is found in the other at the highest level; they become single. If one is able to connect through God as Light in the inner core, the mind-communication is flawless at this level. All  the God’s knowledge comes through this medium of unhindered mental communication between the seeker and the Sought.

Mana Shuddhi -After mana shuddhi stage, we reach a stage where the Truth of God begins to manifest.

God is Truth. Truth is Light. Truth is knowledge. Truth is Peace. Truth is Silence of God.

To know the Truth, one must rely on Self.

Go deep within. Most of you will find darkness and muck. Remove that. Remove the primitive ignorance under which lies the Truth of God. The sankaras or hidden tendencies are tarnishing the Light of the God inside you. Remove that with the Light of knowledge, Truth and merit of Self. Shine like a star on a dark night. Blaze like the Sun in the day and shimmer like rays of twinkling stars on moonless night.”