What is Truth?-III

June 30, 2013

Part A


My dear ones, this article is going to be comprehensive, inspirational and thought provoking. Many hours of thinking, deciding, meditating and typing have gone in its making. In normal circumstances, I keep a control over the length and duration of the post in order to keep it short and concise. Well, this one is different. As I began working on it since Friday night, the main question in my mind was how do I begin? From the time when the last post was submitted on 20th June, I have had extensive time periods in meditations during nights as days were preoccupied with many tasks. I wrote my conversations with Shri Mahavatar Babaji for myself in my diary on 23rd May not knowing that today that knowledge would be so exact and valuable. My mental dialogue in transcendental states with Shri Babaji was intended for me but as I began typing Part A, I realized that Part B should include that dialogue also because if you read the whole post from the beginning to end you will understand that everything is related and interlinked.  Moreover, if I add that portion here, we will know more about what is Truth, a topic which we have been discussing since the past many weeks. In this way, after reading the whole truth, we come out with a very clear picture of our path of our spiritual journey and its course of action.  As I read along these paragraphs, I am convinced that this article delves into human being’s spiritual evolution and how we are affected by our environment and surroundings and the inter relation of our spiritual journey’s path, its course of action and our immediate world…..

Spiritinlife blog is committed to preserving our environment and has a complete section called ‘Our lost rich heritage’. In this segment, I have identified and stated many principles and values of the laws of the Universe as I travelled along to many world heritage sites of India. The aim was two pronged- first to travel to world heritage sites and speak about how civilizations rise and fall because they are not preserved well. So much history, knowledge, culture, inscriptions and mental resource is vanished because we are not preserving them. Secondly, a lot of spiritual wisdom goes unnoticed and nowhere to be found in the world because the wisdom of the realized ones was never documented and preserved. The same case would have happened in the case of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Nothing much has been documented about his life, his teachings, his views on world affairs, how the creation of Earth took place, our environment, ecology and the intricate balancing of surviving and sustaining man and the planet Earth. It is a blessing for all of us that through the mental medium of telepathy, he makes me write volumes of ancient, lost spiritual knowledge on this blog. As he is a gigantic spiritual figure and has survived more than eighteen centuries of human existence on this planet, there is nobody in this entire world who is a better authority than him to teach the world community about the worrisome world issues and human conflicts prevalent today in modern world or Kaliyug. Most of our problems today have been created by us in the blinding avarice to make material progress at the cost and price of losing out the sheen and light of our Soul! How tragic! The recent Himalayan environmental disaster in the Kedar Nath valley and other religious shrines stands out from others in its magnitude, shortsightedness and scale. In Part A, I have documented my epilogue and monologue that I had with the voice of God, our minds will find some comfort and many answers to many unanswered and profound questions.

I was very concerned about the after effects of such unholy disasters in the environment and the difficulties that Shri Mahavatar Babaji, our Holy Sadguru Maharaj would face in his daily and future life henceforth. His permanent abode is in the Himalaya Mountain’s caves and make shift homes. When he will descend the Satopanth Lake after the summer months and go towards his winter abode in the middle ranges of the Himalayas will the roads be safe? Will the air, water and food not be contaminated? From where will he arrange a decent living place even if the rebuilding of the state goes on? Although his current abode is perched on a lake, yet the atmosphere and the environment is the same and we all share the same resources.

From the day the climate became gruesome and extremely fatal 16th June onwards, the whole day and night at the back of my mind, I had a lingering worry as to how will this situation affect our dear Babaji and his future course of actions? Will they bring more hardships and difficulties for him and his small group of disciples? I was virtually helpless and felt much incapacitated yet my worry would not wane anytime until in the afternoon of 21.06.13. Mumbai has been witnessing heavy rainfall since the beginning of June and nothing in the weather could make me uplift my spirits. The mind had no respite from my gloom and despair.

After having a light lunch one day, I tried to give myself some rest and dissuade myself from the chronic worrisome state of mind. I strongly felt as if my own relative is suffering in the mountains and I am not able to take off my mind from the gravity of this serious problem.  So I decided to give myself some rest and sleep. In a very deep relaxed state of mind in which I fell after a few minutes, I saw a big beam of Light entering the windowpane next to my bed from the left side. I owed it to a streak of sunshine and tried to bring some peace in my mind seeing this light. When I closed my eyes, I saw the same beam of Light inside my eyes. In it I saw a very old man with fuzzy white hair and a fluffy beard. I presumed that it must be the manifestation of Swami Sri Nityananda of Ganespuri who must have arrived to give me some relief in my meditations which he does so many times when I am in distress.

The mellow Light became thicker and the face vanished. I felt warm and energized in the face and in my brain also as if the energy to be able to absorb divinity was given in the physical in order to be able to receive Light well. Whatever it was, it was so soothing and relaxing and I encouraged it by lightening and easing myself by throwing away my worries at the arrival of the Divine. I was delighted by the sudden influx of the rays of golden Light and was waiting to see what would happen next. The mere presence of one glimpse of God’s ray of Light brings with it immense ray of hope so this was enough to bring about my balance, stability and peace back.

No sooner did I recognize that God has arrived and has also shown me a countenance to establish its valid presence, I bowed at it with all my heart’s feelings as well as extravagant gratitude and soon became numb and quiet. I sensed it that there is some augmentation of auspiciousness around me which will provide me the will and strength to be able to cope up with my gloom because of this Himalayan tragedy and herculean sufferings that which we humans have created for ourselves. It is so difficult to bear so much devastation, grief, loss, affliction, tragedy, bungling, negligence and mass destruction and of course mass ignorance and darkness! I could not also bring myself to accept that there was a pre-decided celebration in the family which was not called off at this very sad time because of which I was seething silently and was accelerating my own protracted grief and despair. Although I did not attend it, I was still in so much simmering pain all this while; it did not even have an escape and my head was hurting most of the day as my nerves were fatigued. For the very reason that I have been to these four holy places in the upper reaches of Himalayas, I am able to comprehend the problems which the pilgrims must be facing even after they might have survived and escaped the wrath of the furious floods. Each day would have been treacherous, horrible and unbearable for them, I understand. My silent, seething cries reached and were heard in the high skies and God arrived at my window to give me a deeper understanding of the reasons why it all happened; and to give answers I believe to so many such heartaches looming large all over the world, more so in India. Even as I narrate this to you, I am unable to control my tears welling up in my eyes as I recount the horror and sadness that we have brought upon ourselves with our own lack of insight and wisdom!

Sensing my underlying helplessness and perpetual thinking about the well being of our holy Shri Mahavatar Babaji, God came to me. I was consoled, I was comforted, I was given answers to the questions rattling my mind since so many days ceaselessly. I count it as my great blessings and will always remember that auspicious day when I was in direct touch with the Supreme. Nothing can be so authentic and promising as well as comforting when one is driven back to infinity and one understands that some of our situations in the world are engraved somewhere else where our eyes cannot penetrate. The extra sensory perceptions and the divine insights are the most reliable answers to knowing what are the ways of the working of the Supreme. With my hands folded in gratitude and in awe of the sacredness of the Divine, I begin to narrate what I happened to experience in the afternoon.


The Supreme- “Your intense grief and worry for Babaji and all others has invoked and besought me. I am not Nityananda but the Creator of this planet. I have come to you as Light. I was there even before the Universe was made. This Earth is very new if compared with my existence. The Himalayas were carved out of my own will so that they can rescue those serious people who wish to atone, redeem and also created for those who wish to advance ahead in their further spiritual pursuits in monasteries and hidden caves here and there. The Himalayas have been polluted and plundered in the last few decades by the greedy cartel of politicians, agents, mafias and the bureaucrats in addition to the police which is at the mercy of the administration.

Squandering and unintelligent mind squatters here and there. It wanders everywhere and makes endless, countless errors which it has to repay in painful measures life after life. To solve this mystery of stopping the human mind to err is to tame it by controlling it and making it your slave. If you err, you reimburse.

Tens of thousands of people have perished in the punishment meted out by the Creator’s design of skillful acts. The ones who have been penalized are those who have in this or previous or more incarnations plundered Nature by cutting and felling trees indiscriminately, poaching, looting the villagers, mining unreasonably, changing the courses of rivers frantically thus destabilizing the entire area’s flora and fauna and ending the lives of plants and animals, wasting water, electricity and other resources without regard to its sanctity, doing unprincipled actions in religious places, mismanaging the funds of religious shrines, grabbing land of others, mercilessly beating children and sometimes the elderly at homes, telling lies to bring dishonor to innocent people, beating pregnant women, keeping the family members hungry when food was available, stealing and pocketing wealth that legally belonged to others and most of all having complete disregard to the environment in which they have been living and sustaining on it for food, water, fodder, cattle, fresh air and livelihood.

It is a hard slap on humanity to know that whenever there is an extreme mishandling and negligence of human morality and values, in such times God will manage the environment with its own will and discretion as well as restore it. God will decide and do things with its own power and decision. When the time becomes suitable and applicable, all the forces in the Nature combine, destroy everything that humans have made if excesses are done beyond acceptable limits. Humans are punished by the five elements – water, fire, wind, earth/land and space. The forests are assigned to the goddesses and deities to preserve its sanctity and honor. They should be submitted to and given due respect. You will not even get fire, wood or land to cremate the dead bodies if you bring collective ire of the Gods in the jungles. If such drastic steps are taken by Nature to punish, remember man has done severe bungling and goof ups in handling the delicate balance of man and Nature.”

I quivered.  As I lay there, I begin to get wondering -why should we not know these hidden facts and why we, as humans are so reckless and negligent? As nothing could have been done now to undo the wrath, I pleaded and prayed for the dead. I implored God to tell us what we should be doing now. What are the right things that we should know in this matter and we would try to emulate these articulated principles and follow them as far as possible.

The answers came as follows-

  • “Nature is like a very gentle lady. She will provide us all our needs provided we do not exploit or harass her.
  • Politicians have selfish interests. The police, who is controlled by the people in power and the politicians are responsible for the mass tragedy. When the decisions to make dams are taken, the politicians should consult and involve the scientists in their meetings and go by their scientific advice. The scientists will give them a sound advice on ecology and sustainable environment.
  • Small dams should be built over rivers for electricity but the course of the rivers should never be changed. The rivers in the Himalayas are flowing even before man walked on the Earth. There is a Force prevalent in water that can become adverse and fierce and destroy in high magnitudes if the natural laws are violated.
  • The rivers should be allowed to flow freely on all sides and its path should not be disrupted or violated.
  • River waters are for posterity. We should not overuse the natural resources just for ourselves but keep in reserve for next generation to come. If we violate this law, we shall be punished severely. We leave behind our wealth for our children so that they are prosperous. The same rule is applied whereas natural resources are concerned. Use only that much which is essential for your use. Leave rest for others.
  • Do not cut mountains drastically, cut marginally to build homes and roads.
  • Continue acts of preservation side by side.
  • Himalayas were made by the will of God to do penance and spiritual research. Do not disregard the sanctity and purity of its reason of inception. The Himalaya Mountains are being used for commercial viability by a section of society. Do not make holy places commercial, impure, noisy and dirty.
  • Do not move mass population from their homes to a new place for development reasons. If you do so, you are changing their destinies drastically. Wrath of Nature can be manifold if equal distribution of natural resources and wealth is not made fairly. Fury of Nature reflects the gross bungling, deprivation and mismanagement of God made resources and natural elements.

Your pure love for the safety and wellness of your sadguru has invoked me and earned you a special interface with me. Now share this soliloquy with everybody so that they too benefit from your blessings.”

Part B

My mental dialogue in my meditations with the Jagadguru Maharaj Shri Mahavatar Babaji coincides with the relevance of today’s topic. It was held sometime during my quiet moments with him in May end and sometime later in early June. My thirst to learn from Him about the eternal Truths remains unquenched. It is again offered at the Holy Lotus Feet of the Great Himalayan Master as a small offering of obeisance and love from me to Him-

(Translation to English follows as soon as Hindi lines finish)


S-Mana sundar kab hota hai?

MB-Sundar! Wah sundar tab banta hai jab usmei Eeshwar jaagta hai.

S-Bhagwan mujhse kya chahta hai?

MB-Bhagwan chahta hai tumhare se prakash failey, Satya ka prakash, woh prakash jo sada se hamare andar hai. Eeshwar chahata hai ki hum unko jane kyunki saaransh sari maya ka Brahma mei hi hai. Brahma ko janane ke bad humko kuch janne ke liye hoga hi nahi.

S- Satya ko janana itna kathin kyun hai?

MB-Apne karmo evam sanskaron ke kaaran. Jeeva ko sanskar ulti disha mei udakar le jaten  hai, Maya mei. Iske banispat, Eeshwar ko janne ke liye humey ek jagrit Atma ki avashakta padti hai jisse hum swayam ko jane. Hamari Atma mei satya hai. Usme gyan hai, bodh hai. Woh gyan sada raheta hai chahe din ho ki raat, jagrit ya nidra, swasthya ho ya rog, harsh ya shok. Satya ka viprit hota hai andhkaar.

S- Satya kya hai?

MB-Eeshwar, Brahma, Satya ek hi hai. Woh sada se hamare paas tha, humko uska saath nahi mila kyonki maya daayan jaisi humko pahele lubhati hai, phir bhulati hai phir rulati hai. Is Satya ko samjho aur jaano. Sansara nashwar hai. Prakriti mei vinash aur rachana dono hote rahete hai hamesha.

Mana ki maya shanti bhang karti hai. Mana ki gehri maun mei Satya ko jaano. Param shanti Brahma mei hai, usey mahsoos karo apne mana ke andar. Usko dhyan se payo, man mei tatolo, wahin us tahey ke andar, Satya ka nivas hota hai.

Eeshwar ko prem se mana ke andar pukaro, avahan karo, woh prem ki bhasha bahut jaldi samajhta hai. Usey sab bodh hai, usey mana ki bhasha sabki saralta se samajh aati hai. Yadi mana ke andar Eeshwar ke liye prem nirmal ho, to tumhare andar Eeshwar tumhare saamne aajeayega, tum usey pyaar se pukaro apna samajh kar. Mana ko dheela chod kar pure aaram mei aakar Eeshwar ka avahan karo, wo avashya tumhari mana ki sachchi baat ko pura karega.

S- Samadhi kya hai?

MB- Shaant antarman se phuta hua Eeshwariya ananda, ya Eeshwar se gahera avirodh yoga ke akasmaat avsar, jismei kewal Satya ka anubhav ho. Yah mana ki ati shaant awastha hoti hai. Kabhi kabhar shwas Atma ki gaheri shanti mei parivartit ho jati hai. Sadhak ko is awastha ke liye ghor prayatna karna chahiye, usey apne kalyan ke liye samay nikalna hoga.

Samadhi hamari sahaj awastha hai. Is awastha mei sansara ka beej lupt ho jata hai. Isliye paripakva saadhak ko sansari baton se mana ko door rakhna chahiye and mana ke aakhri taheh tak jana hoga apni Atma ko choone ke liye. Samadhi Atma ki swabhik awastaha hai.”


S-“When is the mind beautiful?”

MB-“Beautiful! It becomes beautiful when God awakens in it.”

S-“What does God want from me?”

MB-“God wants you to spread Light, the Light of the Truth. That Light which is in us since the beginning. God wants us to know Him because the essence of all Maya, the delusion is embedded in it. After we know Brahma, there will be nothing left for us to know.”

S- “Why is it very hard and difficult to know the Truth?”

MB-“Because of our own karmas, and the sanskaras.”

The embedded sanskaras (hidden tendencies) take the ‘jeeva’ (soul) in Maya in the opposite direction altogether. While to know our self, we need a direct contact with a Divine soul who is already awakened. The soul in us is the Truth. It has knowledge, a sense of knowing irrespective of day or night, sleep or wakefulness, sickness or health, joy or gloom. The opposite of Truth is darkness.”

S-“What is Truth?”

MB-“God, Brahma, Truth is all the same. It was with us throughout but we could not associate with it because of the enchantress Maya. It initially bewitches us, and then makes us deluded and forgetful and later makes us cry. Understand this Truth and know this Truth. This world is impermanent. Creation and destruction both go on in Nature all the time.

The delusion or Maya spoils the peace of your mind. Know the Truth in the silence of the mind. The ultimate peace is in Brahma, feel that in your heart. Attain that deep peace with meditation; search inside, after that deep layer beyond the mind you will find Brahma.

Invoke God with love in your heart, call Him, He understands the language of love very swiftly. He comprehends everything; He understands every one’s language of the heart effortlessly. If you have pure  love for God inside, God will appear inside you, in front of you; invoke Him as your own beloved. Relax your mind and call upon God; He will truly respond to your sincere calling.”

S-“What is Samadhi?”

MB- “The spell of raptures of euphoria, Divine’s pure bliss, or spells of direct uninterrupted deep connection and union with the Universal Divine Spirit where only Truth exists is samadhi. It is a state of very profound silence. Sometimes breath concludes into silence of the Spirit. It is our natural state and should be pursued by the seeker when he spares time for his own good and welfare.

Samadhi is our natural state. It is a state of lack of worldly thoughts born out of the bubble of the mind’s samsara. So the layers of worldly tendencies should be curbed by the senior advancing sadhak  and attempts to touch the base of the Spirit touched to gain Divine’s Truth. Samadhi is Atma’s most natural state of being.”

MB- “One Useful Kriya for all the aspiring yogis. Practice this many times to make your mind calm and composed”


“Inhale deeply many times a day. Leave the breath very slowly. After doing this many times, do involuntary breathing. When the mind becomes very calm, repeat the same exercise. Lie down after the mind has become extremely calm like Lord Vishnu.  Recall from Why does it take a prolonged time for our soul to manifest?-III  ( Last portion-It can be achieved by maintaining your peace of mind. All of you worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha in the reclining position without ever finding out the exact denotation of this symbol. Lord Vishnu is shown with either a pink or a blue Lotus in his navel in this special position. Pink is for love and blue represents tranquility………)

Maintain silence in different times of the day. Silence gives you a glimpse of your soul. Truth is known in silence. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om……….”

A Postscript

After reading What is Truth?-II Manju said on June 21, 2013 in the comment section

“Pranams at the lotus feet of our Param Guru Sri Mahavatar Babaji and pranams to you too for all the wisdom that we are getting through the blogs. Why did the divine Babaji not prevent this great damage and loss of human lives? May he in his kindness and love for mankind bless all human beings with more wisdom to take care of our mountainous regions and bless all those who have lost their lives to carry on their onward journey in the astral world with the peace of God and the light of God. What is the Truth behind such grave mass tragedy?”

Dear Manju and all other readers, hope you have found your answers in this blog-post where the base of current ecological and environmental tragedy in Indian Himalayas was probed not mainly from the exterior and physical level, but an insight was extracted in meditation for the elusive, unseen and secreted reasons for great human suffering on a mammoth scale like this. I comprehend the helplessness, grief and impact these tragedies have on our subtle minds. I have shared with you my pain, my grief, my concerns as well as my insights and findings in my spiritual pursuits during my dialogues or monologues with Shri Mahavatar Babaji and the omnipresent Spirit in myself respectively. The views are purely mine and should be shared with people with like-mindedness. The focus is again on us for the underlying stress is that we should become more and more pure and spiritual for our own betterment and evolution.

This post was on knowing about the Truth. As this blog is directed by His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji, who not merely guides us with dynamic spiritual ideas and principles, he has always been cautioning and advising us about the urgent need to preserve our planet in its best form so that we grow, prosper, be healthy and by doing so we can enhance all the possibilities of being ever more spiritual, pious, kind and blessed.

Death is a natural phenomenon but when thousands perish, homes drop like a pack of cards and lives disappear in front of our eyes like twigs floating helplessly in rain water and vanishing in the mouth of Lord Yama and we are in no way able to stop the fury of the gods in the catastrophe, it is time we searched deeper, much, much deeper inside ourselves to know the truth.

I wrap up this post with a poignant heart as I pay my tribute to every bleeding heart, every person and other creatures that perished and all the brave hearts who laid down their lives to rescue others so that they could live more. May God give strength to all the surviving relatives and friends who have to bear this unbearable loss. May God give those people rest of mind, an enormous heart to bear the permanent loss and ample solace, hope and courage in reconstructing their lives again.

I offer a small and humble gesture of offering some flowers of peace at the altar of God as my modest tribute to my fellowmen who are no more.

Ashram nature pics 030

My two humble requests to the readers today – I request you to share this article with as many people as you can, more so if you know some influential people like journalists, conservationists, environmentalists, geologists, bureaucrats, policy makers, NGO’s, businessmen, professionals and even laymen. There should be a change in our mind arrangements and in policy making at the highest administrative levels. If we have the correct vision, massive corrective measures regarding conservation of the Himalayas can be made possible in future.

On the spiritual side, the biggest change that is required today is that each one of us should make an optimum positive change in ourselves so that the collective karmas of this world can be sacred, wholesome and positive in gargantuan numbers. Mass negative karmas of the world should be averted at all costs and the first step in the world change should be your own one step forward……..

Secondly, I request some of you  to compile all the meditation techniques or Kriyas that I have been giving here since its inception and please send it to me on spiritinlife@gmail.com. I wish to end this segment in the coming weeks with last  post comprising of all the meditation techniques in order to refer to them easily by any one of us. Many new readers shall be availing those techniques if they want to start learning meditation.

A big thank you in advance!