Messages from the Masters and of God are delivered in this web-space called Spiritinlife. They come in intense meditations in communion with my Param Guru, Shri Mahavatar Babaji and also in unity with God. Meditations are peaceful times- they heal us, they bestow upon us so many blessings which are several times in disguise and are not even ever known to us at all. They are profound moments of Self realizations where the soul gets inundated with particles of electric atoms and big blobs and drops of peace enter our immediate atmosphere. Who can deny that this art of human endeavour and activity should not supply excess celestial energy to revitalize, think in new, unknown areas and shatter the old patterns of our dilapidated mind sets? The crowning glory for any disciple, seeker or a devotee is when God appears to him or her in those beautiful moments of divinity and then breaks and opens the closed doors of barricade or deep slumber of antiquity!


As soon as I woke up this morning a little after 6 or may be 6.30, I heard heavy drops of rain falling on the ground and trees. Dense rainfall and a very lovely weather I stirred up to. It was cool and very pleasant and the first thought that ran in my mind was that I should immerse in this wonderful weather and enjoy being in present moment by dint of throwing out worn-out and hoary thoughts of yesterday. I took my cup of ginger tea in the bed and rested against two white pillows with the thin quilt on my legs to stay warm. I looked out of the window gleefully to see the rain and revel in the water falling from the sky as raindrops besides listening to the music that the drops of rain were making with ecstasy by tumbling and rumbling on leaves of trees as well as on the ground. I heard the dawning music and appreciated nature’s act of giving us immense joy. There are a few birds like the Sunbird, Robin or Bulbul that begin to sing around 6.30, more so at 7 am everyday on treetops in front of my house.  They are not to be heard these days as the weather is cloudy and the trees are all so full of abundant dripping rainwater. They have nowhere to perch and rest on. Whilst I was catching up with the music of the lush rains, one tiny, courageous, baby sparrow came hopping out from somewhere and with its frail, quivering voice began to croon morning raga to serenade me! Moreover, the bird was invisible! In the roaring sound of dense rainfall, this birdy wished to sing and its frail song soon became powerful. It unabashedly sang to its heart’s joy passionately for a long period of time until my own heart soared and soared and I fell into raptures of immense joy and cheer. I enjoyed every moment of listening to the raindrops tapping on the ground, the morning raga of the tiny sparrow and the heavenly taste of every sip of morning tea that I was sipping. Happiness has to be found inside, we cannot depend on others to give us happiness at all times and I found mine in the morning hours………

My days are usually eventful and demanding. Thus far, I have been extremely patient and confident even if that meant that there has come no hint or tip off about what I must say in this post in the preceding days. Never before have I been so quiet inside or this calm irrespective of waves of outer commotion. I owe this to the fact that no matter how hectic my schedule has been in the past few years, everything was accommodated well and nonetheless I was able to meditate and receive my messages from the divine world. I have delivered the messages. These very past experiences have made me so calm and quiet inside. My confidence and faith in my Gurus, and of course God is firm and I believe that no matter what is going inside or outside me, the Silent Spectator is aware, it is always present. It knows. No time is lost and at the right stage, all work is accomplished and everything is done accurately and efficiently to my heart’s delight.

I was sure that today God will respond in some mode and indicate to me what should be our next discourse, our lesson and a message to take delivery of. Hence, after my stage was set by the charismatic singing of the small bird and the melodic rains, it was inevitable that I would gracefully slip into a dynamic meditation. Outside joy plunged my soul into inner joy very sophisticatedly.

In a short while, the outside sounds vanished and I embarked and reached a noiseless world, so full of quietude and tranquility. So very blissful! I wish so hard to be staying longer in this beatific world as there is no other joy which can be measured and compared with this distinct joy–nothing is greater than the blissful moments of God union in this world; my experiences have assured it time and time again.

As I surrendered to God after enjoying Nature’s wonder outside, I immediately saw an image of Shiva temple called the Mahadeva temple in Khajuraho. This was the first temple that was built here and is the only surviving temple where people worship today, the rest have become non-functional and are merely visited and appreciated by tourists.



I saluted to Lord Shiva and started praising him by chanting his several names-“Hey Adi Guru, Hey Sada Shiv, Hey Shiv Shankar, Hey Gauri Shankar, Hey Bhole Nath. Bless me, bless all your children. As you have come to me in this auspicious time, I ask you. Tell me what should I convey to the world, the people? I have experienced profound calmness amidst howling tempests since three days. I see an image of a closed door in front of me which must be undone. It is preventing me to upsurge.  I cannot stretch myself and reach you as I see something holding me back. I see many people’s faces, voices and their power of thoughts binding me. They are remembering me, thinking of me and I am unable to fathom what one should do in such a situation. They are seeking me, urging and asking me and wish to know how they should progress. How do they make further spiritual progress? Oh my Lord, open this door. I want to approach you, I strive for you.  I am not able to hold out or withstand the reflections surrounding me of these people who in their hearts and minds are depending on me for personal guidance, spiritual growth and love and care. In today’s meditation I cannot get into the transcendental state because the silent voices of your children stand in my way and complete immersion of my mind is not possible. I pray, kindly give us sermons, give us Light, and tell us how to reach you and how to know the Truth that you hold and hide in you? You are a Soul, a Spirit. From you I aspire to know the soul of the Truth, my sweet Lord.”

In between, I contemplated and whispered to myself, “The Truth has always been there, it always existed. This Earth and the humans are new in comparison to the existence of the Truth. As it has always existed, there should be a means, a path, and a procedure to know this Truth. Some wise men have known this Truth earlier than us in distant past, so how to know this Truth?”

During such intense deliberations, the door that was once closed opened by itself and I could now perceive and grasp as I had arrived at the seventh sky or the seventh level of Divine Consciousness. A very gentle voice, the voice of Lord Shiva started to commune with me and counselled lovingly, “Let me tell you what never has been told before. Your Consciousness is pure. You have done no wrong. Those who love you are seeking you. They look up to you for self-reliance, further guidance and a path to follow. At this time, you have their energies accumulated in your heart chakra, your pranic vital force has been drained. Apply more spiritual powers.

Do as I say to you now. Inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. The divine energy is clearing the contents of their thoughts from your physical body with my command. When the thoughts are inside our body, they have chemical energy. When they are emitted, they become electrical energy. Use the power of your will now to disintegrate people’s thoughts in your heart so that they diffuse and break down. Use my energy in your breath and bring it inside your brain. Slight mental exhaustion has ensued and sufficient supply of fresh air will recharge your body and brain.  Fresh oxygen drawn in with your will power will throw out the carbon dioxide.”

I was gratified and became absolutely comfortable as all sorts of mental, physical or emotional weariness wiped out in an instant with Grace. I wished this state could be prolonged as long as possible and that I should derive maximum in such auspicious duration of stints with God. In intense quietude and calmness of body and mind, Lord Shiva reappeared and continued with his sermon. “There are thirteen people who have fixed their minds on you strongly these days. They are seeking guidance, love and rehabilitation guidance because of which the gush in your mental powers has diminished.”

I said respectfully, “But I already feel so re-energized with your kindness. I can resume my work and would very happily spread your sacred words of liberating wisdom. Please tell me what we should do and know next. I desire that you give us a sermon today. What should become the content in my next post?”

With God’s very great blessings in the holy hour today morning have originated these sanctified words of Lord Shiva which I highlight as sermon. Remember them, treasure them deep in your heart and obey these commandments as the holy words of God.  They will reintegrate and consolidate your future spiritual lives to new heights. Such is my belief!

Part B

Sermon “To know the Truth, one should have earned a colossal amount of auspicious and virtuous acts. If somebody makes many mistakes, then the results of those mistakes as well as their misdeeds show up in old age when the human suffers and grieves. Promising and virtuous acts create and amass a power of their own which propels and pushes you forward. This is what is known as the power of action or Kriya Shakti. Just listening to discourses and sermons will not be sufficient; you must also generate new, virtuous actions for producing the force to make you surge forward. Do very good, pious, noble and charitable deeds unremittingly.  It is our fault if we overlook the disadvantaged, rundown, dispossessed and the meek people. Help the impoverished, poor and needy; those who are in distress, those who are weak in body and mind and also those who are deprived. Reach out and give them whatever you can in your might and capacity.

Good deeds will get you peace of mind. It will bring about stability, a sense of equilibrium. In peace you will find happiness. When you find deep calmness and peace of mind within you, you shall know the Truth.

Om Namah Shivaya is a beej mantra, it is very powerful and has intense power of purification, redemption and doing penance. It should be chanted as many times as is possible to clear the ruggedness of past karmas which act as hurdles on your path.

Now wrap up this segment with two continuing posts on the same topic; How to know the Truth?- part II and III. After this, the last post should be on compilation of meditation techniques, subsequently you should take some rest from thinking and writing to refresh yourself.

The disciples should have a method in reading this segment E- New Life New Light. When you discontinue publishing new posts, they should not discontinue with their studies. They should adopt this method of learning and integrating the sacred knowledge and science of Moksha as shown in this section. Read the last 4 articles. Absorb them.  Go to the first few articles and read and assimilate them. Switch to the later posts again and in this way go back and forth till you have read all the posts and feel that the entire content is wholly assimilated in your mind. Ask questions or report when you are satisfied with what has been told to you. Reinforce your new education and make sure that it is applied in your daily life.

The Truth is extremely difficult to find. Harder still  it is to realize this Truth. Make severe attempts to cleanse, purify and reorganize your present life in order to integrate the precepts of Truth in your daily life. Until then practice daily any meditation technique to your penchant and worship God by doing virtuous deeds every day with devotion.”

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