Question and answers with God

August 30, 2013



It was with certitude I realized that it was Divine Light entering inside me and I welcomed it with all my heart and soul. The beam was retained there for a while. I rejoiced while I welcomed it. From the place of the third eye, the rays of Light entered my spine and moved round and round the vortexes till it charged all the energy centres very swiftly. Along with its current was robbed all the physical weariness of the daily grind and I could see the burnt dark energy particles dissolving and disintegrating out of me. In no time I felt lighter and renewed.

Unprecedented profound peace began to circumambulate around me and I took a holy bath in it!! I immediately prostrated with veneration in my heart to this divine Light and uttered this holy word with devotion, “ Ishawara”.

By now I  was truly ecstatic at this stage. Moreover this experience left me very humbled to the core because God was so very kind to me that day with his Grace by revealing thyself to me. My inner being was completely soaked in gratitude and thanksgiving towards the Almighty for this pious moment.

After this, a soft murmur originated within me ,“ You did not understand the dream. Let me explain it to you.” The message was loud and clear so I became very attentive and serious at this point ready for the message to come to me.

The dream was quickly replayed in parts in front of my eyes and this word was spoken, “Mirage”. After this I saw an image of two things- a pen and my black spiral register.

I comprehended that the following explanation has something to do with mirage or illusion and I must write the next post on mirage.

The Voice continued, “This place called the sansara is a mirage, mrig trishna. We come in this world and get attracted to its glitter and charm and fall prey to its trap because of illusion or trishna and in  return we get birth after birth and death after death. We must live in this world but involve ourselves only in limited ways and measures. If we indulge ourselves completely, we will drown in it.

During our short tenure here, there are many turning points in our life where because of lack of spiritual and divine knowledge, we take a wrong decision and a wrong turn. The wrong turn stops and fails us from reaching our abode, the Abode of our Divine Father, the Lord.

If we are fortunate, then the Voice of the Divine in our Spiritual Master directs and helps us to take the right turn and the right path to our inner abode where God resides.”

Expand your Consciousness-III


It was a very pleasant morning and as soon as I woke up, I was eagerly desirous to meditate so that I could once again lose myself and be one in the ocean of God’s endless flow of grace. The last few weeks have been full of rapid learning and like a child going to school and enthusiastically waiting for the teacher to arrive in the class, I sat to meditate on that day to have one peek, to sneak a quick look of the infinite which is so, so irresistible and endearing .  Therefore at the beginning of meditation, I requested God and pleaded-“God I want to know more about you, I want to come closer to you, bring me closer to you, more closer to you my Lord.”

Hearing my plea, God responded without delay when the effulgent Light cascaded on me and covered me completely. I basked in the morning sunshine as well as divine Light simultaneously in my room and rejoiced till the most inner core of my being. Such glorious moments of intense joy and ananda, such blissful moments, so much Light! Who would ever wish to come out of such embalming divine showers?!

God’s answer in words also trickled in very quietly, “I accept your sweet request and wish to give you more knowledge, very intense knowledge  prachand gyan (Refer last portion of  Expand your Consciousness-II)

“After Self realization there are three stages.  First there is shanti- peace, after shanti,  there is a stage of Divine sound-Om and after Om there is complete silence –shunya  or void, a complete thoughtless state.”

Improving our Thought Power-II


After my prayers, I slipped into a short spell of comforting peace and savored every moment that followed. I began to speak to God, “God, you are very sweet, you are very loving, very endearing. The more I know you, the more I love you. I get more and more drawn  to you as each day passes as if you are a giant magnet and I a piece of small iron. Your attraction power is irresistible, Lord. Please pull me more and more towards yourself so that I get to know you even more. Shower your Grace over me, my Lord, my humble request to you today. Please give your enchanting love and ecstasy” Speaking out my innermost feelings around that time put me in some other world where there was no gloom or distress……..

After mellifluous joy, arrived effulgent rays of Divine Light entering every pore of my existence thus giving me a shower of divine bath. So soothing, so very comforting… And I am beginning to think that should we not call this Atma santushti?

Peace followed and captivated me for the next few moments.

Next, a communiqué was established between me and God in the form of soliloquy.

A gush of Vedant knowledge was given to me without my even asking for it and I was submerged in its sweet ecstasy!!

S-“Who deserve enlightenment?”

G-“Those who suffer in this Maya, illusion and who after many incarnations take shelter in God. God directs them to their predestined Guru, who is a recipient of God’s incessant Grace.” 

S-“Why does man reincarnate repeatedly?” (Read Why is Atman difficult to know?)

G-“ Because the thinking power of man is abysmal low and he does not improve the power of his thoughts.”

S- “Why does man not improve his thought power?”

G-“Because man’s existing thought power is already so low. Based on his present poor thought power, he creates new karmas which hurl him down further and hence in this way there is no way by which he can be raised. But God is concerned about us. God is always anxious and eager that somehow we must rise in Atman, in Spirit because God cannot see our suffering.”

S-“And how does God help us?”

G-“God helps us indirectly since we are not ready and prepared to connect and deal directly with Him. Those souls who are awake in Spirit, who are called our Spiritual teachers and Masters, God communicates through them. The Masters illustrate the divine path because they are always in unison with God.”( Also refer ‘The power of praying intensely’)

S-“How does the guru help us?”

G-“The thoughts or sanklap of the guru are in agreement and unity with God. They have unlimited force in them. Whenever someone with a clean heart, with a pure feeling sends out a prayer or appeal or a humble request to God, that prayer or request after touching God, first of all reaches the divine guru. The guru after God’s approval sends out divine thought vibrations which travel in the Universe. The thought waves in Cosmic Consciousness are acknowledged by us if we are prepared. So establish a strong bond with the divine guru with your mind and then establish yourself in Atman. Their powers will give you profound peace and you will become very strong in mind and deeds. After this happens, the seeker begins to think on Universal level and does good for the Universe. In this situation, God is too pleased with such souls.

Jan kalyan Vishwa kalyan,  srishti kalyan, vriksha aaropan, Vishwa shanti ki prarthana se Bhagwan bahut prassan hota hai.

With prayers sent out for the world’s welfare, planet’s wellbeing, for peace and happiness for all, acts of doing afforestation, God is extremely delighted. Without even asking for anything in return by us, God gives us everything in abundance, all our desires are nourished and we begin to touch new heights in spiritual growth and improvement.”

Why is peace of mind so hard to achieve?


My heart welled up with emotions when I closed my eyes and remembered the Lord residing within me as I did mental chanting of His holy name-

Hey Prabho, Hey Eeshwar; Hey Prabho, Hey Eeshwar ; Hey Prabho, Hey Eeshwar ……. (synonyms of God)

No sooner did I repeat His name that I saw a drop of gleaming Light emerging from the higher space and then hitting me at the place between my eyebrows.

The Light was fairly square in shape and sparkling rays were emerging out of this drop of Light in outer direction as my eyes could see them distinctly. I promptly absorbed all the rays as I now understand every shred, every speck, every miniscule part of it is so forceful and is a gift from God and should be humbly accepted as a ‘prasad.

I was sliding into absolute tranquility when God’s benevolent words began to trickle in like little drops of golden light over me…

“Why is peace so difficult for man to achieve?” In a continuous flow of words, quickly came in the answer too.

“Because he has never tried to find it, since man is ignorant about it.

And why is he ignorant?

Because he does not know that there exists something so benign, so propitious, so auspicious as peace. And that peace should be attained at all costs the way we know that material prosperity, success and fame should be sought after. We do not know peace because we have long forgotten it. We do not yet know where to look for that peace.

And how to attain that peace?

By purifying yourself of all the inner impurities, being grateful to God and others, being unselfish in all your goals and doing charitable and kind acts. Learn to meditate to calm the disturbed and troubled mind”

Regarding me He said, “You have all your life searched for love and peace and have gone for it fearlessly, so you are an appropriate person to tell others about it. Those who seek it, one day find it if they are centered and one pointed in their goal. Man has created a putrefied mind in today’s world and he is leading an inharmonious, immoral and senseless life. Ask them to alter their present life. Who can help you if you help yourself not! To get a few moment’s pleasures, they are ready to sacrifice their whole day, all energy and their age. Isn’t it ironical that even after dedicating all the years and all their physical and mental energies, one is not at peace with oneself? There is not a moment’s peace in them.

Why is it so?

Because these days  people don’t look within, their sight is reaching outwards. The more you seek inside, the more peaceful you shall become. Dive deep inside, stop the turbulence, stop the constant bickering of your mind.

Go further inside and your mind will come to a complete rest. Progressively, once the mind is quiet, you will find peace, absolute peace. The shadows of restless thoughts, the churning of worldly desires must end as peace awaits you. Go for it, run after everlasting peace of mind. Live for lasting peace and yearn for spreading peace wherever you go. You are the children of God. God is love, God is peace. You are love. You are peace. Live in peace now and forever.”

Silence of the soul-III


God is all pervading and omnipresent and He knows every little thing that we see, do or experience. God began by educating me with this knowledge“Leaving just a few, this whole sansara is full of people who have not controlled their mind. Their mind compels them to make so many horrible errors after errors because of which they fall one after the other in degraded births and there is no way for them to rise up. Their bad karmas bring about bad results and in turn they fall in lower quality of lives and consequently a bad mind compels them to do more bad karmas thus bringing upon them more error, misery, grief and suffering. The never ending cycle goes on.

It all starts with the mind which has the power to drop you from a height to one’s abysmal low. You used to think that meditation is for controlling the mind because the weak and copious thoughts used to bother you. But you did not know that all the men in the world except for a few are all governed by the agitated, insatiable and dirty nature of mind which drops the soul of the individual in hell and such souls cause so much negativity and nonconstructive on the earth. Therefore, the saints and the spiritual Gurus lay so much stress on controlling the mind because there is so much suffering for the soul to go through all this because of so much darkness in them -life after life after life.

And once someone understands that purity of thought and mind is the key to a wholesome, peaceful and balanced life, that individual will practice meditation and will stay away from bad people as much as possible. The interaction with the worldly people cannot be avoided completely but retaining your sanctity, stability and purity of soul is utmost important. Therefore, stay in silence; recover from the impurities of the thoughts of others with the name of God who is the best healer and make your life more divine and peaceful by always remembering God in spite of the extra burden placed on you. It is possible to balance the purity of the Spirit and the contrasting dirt and muddiness that exists outside you by constantly remaining with God and Gurus. Rest a while to recover and get back to your normal spiritual life. Never forget that you are a child of God and those of you who wish to be sheltered and protected in the arms of God must always listen to the counsel and warnings of the Guru. Those people who get lost and drift in this world never realize that they are going on erring and their ignorance about the presence of divinity within themselves is causing so much pain and misery to them.

However, those souls who have worked on themselves since many births and incarnations one day arrive at a point where they are face to face with their pure, unblemished Spirit and they are constantly protected and cleansed by their divine Gurus so that their sanctity is maintained and they in turn rise up further in spite of either karmic load and/or their spiritual aspirations. Such a stage is arrived when the disciple has innumerable good karmas to his/her credit and the good karmas give power and bounce to his/her abundant spiritual growth and evolution. It becomes imperative for the advanced yogi and aspirant to become aware of his duty to keep himself pure and uncontaminated all the time as the Spirit does not favour or oblige any murkiness clouded over it at any time.

In fact, a stage comes when the disciple reaches the pinnacle of spiritual progress and it becomes the will of God to keep the aspirant clean and spotless by saving him/her every time abundant unclean energy engulfs him/her. The disciple should also listen to the voice of God for smallest of directive that may come directly from within or from the Sadguru who is constantly guarding his much loved disciple.”

The soul speaks to you!-II


Part A

The dazzling Light entered my upper brain with its sensations tingling up there and along with this there occurred expansion and relaxation in my brain. With so much Light entering my nervous system as you would expect, I felt extremely comfortable and relieved of all day’s weariness. At this point in time, Shri Shri Mahavatar Babaji spoke to me mentally with kindness, “This is not enough. Wait. Let more Light circulate in the rest of the brain so that it can accommodate more new knowledge. You will not need any sleep tonight because one great positive thought has more power to rejuvenate your mind and body than a few hours sleep at night. The power in sankalapa (thought) is immense. If you increase the power of your sankalapa by very positive and potent thoughts then your requirement of sleep will decrease. So increase the power of your thoughts, make powerful sankalapas.

In such moments out of nowhere my soul began to speak to me, “According to Hindu calendar, today is your birthday. Ask for any boon from me, I shall grant it!” I felt a flux of light at my heart centre.

Without any time spent here and there I prayed to my Soul, “My beloved God, my sweetest Lord, give me more insight in yet deeper meditations. May I always, always worship you;  may I always do your bhakti, may I always serve you. That is all I want. The rest of my requirements and cares you shall take care of obviously and I am certain about it.”

After saying this, I was mentally transported again to my infancy stage when I remembered that I had prayed to God in my mother’s lap as a baby. “May I never again sleep in the lap of ignorance”, I had  pleaded to my Soul  and I also recalled the power of praying intensely on our birthday and how I had once prayed and pleaded very intensely to God long time ago  before I was even born to unshackle all my karmic bonds in this life itself.

The soul in me threw open the closed gates of yet another higher door of cryptic knowledge by unfolding this enigmatic awareness by explaining me, “ Although we have light of God in our soul but sometimes our soul is very close to God. This means that in some rare moments, there is excess divine light in us, even though it could be for a very short period of time. If we make an affirmation, a positive affirmation at that moment, it could prove to be monumental and it could be the turning point. It can change the future course of path for anyone. To rise in Spirit, one must make very powerful thoughts irrespective of external detrimental conditions. The power in thought is more powerful than the power of food and sleep put together. Therefore, do not think or grow anxious about not getting due rest or sleep but instead have powerful thoughts and increase the physical stamina and endurance by increasing the attention span on God and depend solely on the sankalpa, thought of God to energize you all the time. And what I have just told you is what you should be writing in your upcoming post once you return. The content of the post is crucial so make the draft now before leaving.”

Part B

With gentle rays of love and peace thrown at the upper skies by me, I sat in blissful peace on my bed and was lost in the unexplored and unknown regions of celestial areas. Just then I saw a beam of thick Light coming beyond the Earth and originating much beyond the Earth and touching me. I wished to know from where the beam of Light was originating. My inner vision saw that the beam was endless and was coming from infinity. I concluded that there is Light beyond the Cosmos that I know of but then where is the beam of Divine light originating from? Who is sending it to me? Why is it coming to me?

At this juncture, my soul began to speak to me, “This whole creation was created with the thought sankalpa of God. First came the thought, then the Cosmos. The thought of God has Light in it. That sankalpa of God is still present in this Universe. It is present even today and cannot be wiped out; it is so powerful. There can be catastrophes on the Earth, but this Universe cannot be wiped out because it is my will and sankalpa that it should be conserved and should continue to exist.

If you connect your thought with this thought of God, you shall be empowered. The Spirit in you is also light of God. Only a pure heart can know and understand all this.

In order to make some spiritual energy hubs on this planet, I had this first thought and it was me who first sent out this positive thought in a Mahatma, a holy Spirit so that these caves could be constructed more than two thousands of years ago. Through this Mahatma, the thought was transferred to some other people and the caves were made. These prayer halls or Chaityas  as they were called, were meant to be places of worship, praying, chanting and holy activities. But later some destructing civilization vandalized it in order to gain supremacy. Wars are mainly fought for supremacy, proving a point because of one’s ego or just plain hate. From time to time, one civilization tries to gain supremacy over other civilization by force but the creation will never be destroyed because it is my will. The defacing and ruining that you have seen and has disturbed you is done by one civilization because of not gaining supremacy but out of hate.

Before the actual outward damage happened, there was something unnoticed that took place. The monks in the beginning were pious and were carrying on their duties well. Later on, after about eight hundred years or so, the civilization peaked and the monks in the Viharas and Chaityas  became immodest and hungry for power thus spoiling the unseen atmosphere, the atmosphere of thoughts and sankalpa. The air became polluted and at this time, another civilization took over this place forcefully and damaged the work and toil put up by so many labourers and other people during the medieval times of Indian history. Whenever the negative thoughts over power the positive thoughts, there is bound to be regression and destruction. Therefore, have very positive thoughts and increase the intensity of positive thoughts in the atmosphere by meditating and positive affirmations. In today’s world also there is a silent war of thoughts going on between two countries and civilizations to gain supremacy. Those civilizations who try to be most powerful by negative means in some time face downfall because God will stop them and not allow excess negative, detrimental vibrations in this Universe. Those nations or people who resort to immoral and unethical means to overpower others shall be overthrown by their own wrong doings in due course of time.

Nevertheless, the bad air is again and again cleared and sanctified by the good deeds and thoughts of good people. There should be more good karmas than bad karmas from everybody to gain lasting peace and happiness and well being. Very sadly, most people are like empty cane baskets- light and hollow. They do not possess profound and spiritual thoughts. To make your life more blissful and joyful, one must learn to meditate on the thought of God and their thoughts should be one with God’s wish. Learn to prolong your mind’s attention on God and go deeper still inside and I shall reveal to you many hidden facts about God’s sinless, pure world. Only a pure mind and heart shall be blessed with such divine revelations!!”

The soul speaks to you!-III


Since morning I have harboured these realizations and when the Grace of God fell on me during 24th afternoon, the Soul- God in me broke the silence and spoke to me, “People are ineffective and show low performance not in one life but in progressive lives because they do not learn to concentrate. It all starts with concentration of mind. To concentrate is an act, an action in itself. Waves of distraction are always coming from all sides but one’s mind should be trained every day to become stronger by not allowing it to banish and disperse.

Another important thing that people do not know is that mind’s concentration improves exorbitantly if one is constantly engaged in some kind of action and activeness called karmas. Performing many kinds of activities enhances our brain power and multi-tasking at varied levels is the real test. So do not shy away from doing multi skilled actions at multi levels to nurture and refine your brain. A high powered brain shall develop with concentration and meditation both. “

As for me God said, “Concentration on God is not only during meditation but throughout the day as well as night. Today in spite of your engrossing in mundane activities, your thought was fixed on me. All throughout you were thinking inside while performing those actions- what will God teach me next? I have learnt that there is more power in our thoughts than food and sleep put together. You have also cancelled the futile thoughts arising out of external life situations. And you have decided to finish your daily lessons and then fulfill the social engagements.

Continued and persisting anchoring of mind on God gives a person very high level of knowledge and people who have high level of spiritual knowledge excel and perform multi tasks at multiple levels. This is because while their mind is enduring and engaged in some way to God, they have no inclination or time in hand to interact with low quality minds. Even if they interact with low quality minds and average people, their sankalpa or thought is always powerful and profound. Their sankalpa gives them more power to do great karmas in future and subsequently they have no time to squander or fritter away in unproductive actions!

Doing unselfish karmas, doing karmas for the welfare and benefit of the society and the planet, helping people silently by praying shall generate highest grade of results thus giving you a very pious, peaceful and divine life.”

Listen to the voice of your soul-II


Thinking of all this I was dipping and slipping further more in the infinite celestial world without any inkling that all along there was a silent spectator who was listening to my extremely feeble thoughts floating in the upper cerebral space. Some moments of extreme silence was experienced which made me understand the importance of shunya or void that is so significant in Pranayam. I am talking of the empty space or void that one gets to observe between one inhalation and one exhalation. It is a moment of silence, peace; a moment of thoughtlessness, a moment of egolessness. It is a moment of graciousness. It is a state of Brahma, a state of nivrati or nirvana. It is during complete silence of one’s mind that God is reached I recognize today. And out of such silence came this unfaltering and unswerving golden voice of God with a ray like streak of glowing white light entering the right side of my upper head.

“First of all bow down reverentially to all your divine Gurus and touch their feet in abstract form in obeisance and gratefulness. They have done for you what nobody ever does for any other human. You were completely devastated and ruined once. They have revived, up surged and levitated you to dazzling spiritual heights. In spite of recurring mental and physical obstacles, you made speedy developments because the Gurus were empowering you silently to overcome all the hurdles on your path. The more you wanted to rise, the more power they supplied you. Gurus help only those who have total faith and endless trust in them. In the entire course of spiritual journey, there are many phases of ebbs and flows because of one’s karmic story, but the Guru is strong and resilient enough to sail you through all along until the day when you arrive safely at the shore. Those who doubt and do not feel or know the hidden godly powers of the Sadguru will not be able to traverse far. So hold on to the mast of the sailing boat even during the rough weather and feel the power of God inherent in the Divine Gurus.

There are two contradictory forces around us. One is the Light of God residing inside and the other is its conflicting force which we can name as Mayic or Asuric force in the form of fear, self-doubt, worry, panic and other low feelings and thoughts coming from the energy-field created outside by the masses. These two forces are in contradiction to each other and opposite in direction thus there is always a conflict between them. This force weakens your Spirit. It also diminishes your concentration and attention span and should be eliminated. Not a vestige of such depleting force should remain anywhere inside you.

Those of you who wish to increase your spiritual powers must understand its importance and during your meditation times, you must submit all the weaknesses to the deputed Gurus. Your power lies in your Spirit and those of you who wish to walk up to end point must expel all the unwanted thoughts in order to make the mind extra ordinarily strong. A strong and robust mind shall sustain and put up with all the worldly and spiritual pursuits. The power to overcome diseases-mental and physical both, to overcome life’s obstacles and self-created mental blockades depends on the quality of the mind one possesses. A strong and bright mind shall withstand all the initial tests taken by the Guru to help you to qualify and deserve Self realizations and Atma Bodh- realization of one’s own real identity.

Therefore, remove all the mental barriers and surrender to God in the form of Guru and enter the kingdom of serene Divine world.”

Live in peace


God is an observer and knows about us as nobody else. He knows everything and is familiar with all our joys and sorrows.

On 26th night of Feb, the moment I got in the bed to sleep after a long journey, a blinding light hit me in the eyes and forehead and I saw myself leaving the body. My soul, like a lightning transcended from the physical plane and united with the Light of God. All my aches and pains and sorrows melted like iron in a hot furnace. I was no more in the normal world where your soul has problems adjusting with so much wrongs and evils. The realm of God is pure and guiltless. It has only joy and peace and once we connect with that realm we become one with that joy and peace. The limitless comfort and rest that I got then was enough to rejuvenate me completely and I began to drown in that ocean of immense serenity and sublime happiness. There was just golden Light surrounding me…..

Just then God began to enlighten me in that magical moment, “Your heart is wounded. Your soul can connect to the soul of those dolphins and you have felt their sense of alarm and panic as though it was yours. I am touched by your sense of oneness of Spirit and respecting the sacredness of God’s creation.

It was not ignorance of the boatman or of lack of respect for rules of safety for animals. But it is something else. People themselves do not live in peace and do not allow others also to live in peace. And you are disturbed by that. Why should someone disturb the peace of some other creatures? By the law of God, we should not dampen or ruin anyone’s peace. If you learn to live in peace yourself, you shall let others also to live in peace. If all humans understood this law of God’s functioning, all living beings would live without fear. Fear is created on earth by destroying peace.

Tell all this to others by writing one special post by the title Live in peace so that they too know living in peace is abiding by the law of god and breaking this rule is a misdeed. Spread love and peace, spread joy and fearlessness so that all creatures live in freedom and peace.”

Blessing pours as Light


The same Light which sometimes is addressed as God, came as a bolt over me in a few split seconds.  Like a thick panel of light it hit me in the spine and entered inside it. The running of comfy and snug Light was so much longed-for. I was instantly re-energized. A feeling of well being and goodness ascended side by side. Alternately, my mind’s concentration became fixated and the dissipated energies rewound and indeed God spoke to me …

“What is there to be so distressed and demotivated about? For everything there is a good reason. Not all can be explained yet it can be believed by the firm believers. The death and destruction that was happening at the time of your arrival at the Himalayan foothills was not without a reason.

Human mind is very constricted and biased. It mainly thinks about itself irrespective of nature’s laws and people do not abide by the rules laid down by the Spirit or God which creates havoc and disorder. It again falls in the domain of the saints and the realized ones to bring about order, harmony and peace. Babaji is doing just that. Our karmas create our destiny. Collective karmas if done adversely will deprive the people of prosperity, peace and sense of wellness. So send out loving as well as thoughts of regeneration in the environment to re grow the lost good thoughts in the atmosphere. Believe in your destiny and continue doing your daily service or seva of God and leave the result of your good karmas to God to bless you in any way it deems fit. Babaji is watching over you always.

A yogi whose heart is pure and mind stable in all times will find lasting peace and tranquility. Restore yourself from the fatigue accumulated over last many weeks and find solace within. Connect your mind with My presence and you shall obtain bliss. As God is even-handed and generous you shall be rewarded at the right time. Nothing goes unnoticed under the eyes of omnipresent Almighty.

Continue your sadhana with the same zeal and gust as before. Meditate daily and help those who are in need of you and you shall find enduring elated happiness.”

Blessing as words…..


n a little while, I sensed that the unbroken, extra ordinary calmness was calling me and wishes to convey by speaking something to me; I decided that I should go near it. So I sat down to meditate thereby bringing to a halt all the external activities in the house.

No sooner did I settle down on the mattress and closed my eyes, that all the loud noises on the road vanished and the voices of children playing in the open spaces of their buildings eloped. The congeniality in the heart escalated until I was totally drowned in peace and calmness that I saw a big, gentle face of a calm man which disappeared right then, and after which a serene voice began to speak to me touching upon personal and general predictions, “I am God. I will speak to you now, listen. Blessing can come to you as words also. The words that you write here are read all over the world and a horde of people are deriving benefit from it although just a few people write back to you. People are getting illumination, enlightenment and clarity of mind via these words. This is coming back to you as blessing from me in words today.

In the next three years you will travel a lot across the globe and those people who read these words and have assimilated them can come to you to diffuse any doubts when they meet you. Ask them to read each word with care and reverence. It is me who is disseminating these words through you. These words when read with devotion will clear their spiritual path of their ignorance. Help those who come to you with devotion and veneration only. There are a few persons around you who are malicious and selfish and have revulsion towards you. When you get their thoughts wipe them out immediately as such thoughts are an obstruction in your continuous periods of tranquility.

Tranquility and peace of mind is a blessing.

There are some things in this world which are found in very small amounts yet they are extremely essential. Copper and Boron are trace elements and are rare. They are required by the body in extremely small amounts but are very essential for the normal functioning. Boron is found in apples. The fatigue and weariness in your body is due to deficiency of these two trace elements these days, so consume apples and dates. Drink apple and carrot juice and have hot cocoa milk with nuts. You shall recover fast.

People chase and run after so many mundane things in this world but hardly a few recognize that calmness and tranquillity of mind is such a rare thing and it should be acquired. Calmness, quietness and composure are as essential to us as vitality in the body. You cannot live without it. ”

Blessing as illumination


I thanked the Almighty with a heart full of gratitude and thanks.  Merciful God blessed me with a quick recovery and also some great illumination along with it. I needed to know what was bothering the world and what was it that makes people create disequilibrium, chaos and rebellion everywhere they go. The previous night I had also pleaded God to give wisdom to those people who are against God’s laid out benevolent and compassionate plans and create mischief. Therefore, God responded by communicating with me through these merciful words which brought so much relief, cheer and goodness.

“The complete chaos, utter confusion and lack of harmony in the world are due to its own ignorance.  An agitated and vicious mind creates unrest and destruction first inside its own  space and then outside it. Most people have an inner world of hateful, vicious, greedy thoughts.

Hate breeds and spreads violence; jealousy and hatred are the two root causes of outside mayhem, lack of co-operation and peace between men. God did not create hate, humans created hate. God created love, peace and harmony. It is the unrestrained, untaught and wild mind that forces man to do incorrect, immoral and sinful actions which generate endless, sorrowful lives in future for them. Therefore, it is most essential for everybody to learn to meditate to quieten and serene the mind so that we know how to love all. It is only through the practice of meditation that  will help all people to become more understanding, friendly and empathetic.  The mind enlarges and enhances to Super Consciousness through this special mode of tranquilizing and purifying the mind and heart called meditation.

When much mass wrongful acts are earned and deposited in the people, there are catastrophes like floods, land and soil erosion, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, mass deaths and unreasonable fluctuating seasons and  harsh weathers. Nature cleanses the environment through various methods of upheavals to bring back balance, harmony and sanctity.

People suffer in masses and there is poverty, hunger and other causes of intense sorrow everywhere. Mass bad karmas create mass bad effects. However, the virtuous and morally upright men called saatvik suffer unduly in many ways because of the mass bad karmas of so many other people on this planet.

The excessive wrong karmas of masses are enough to bring down the presence of this planet but it is for the high powered innumerable virtuous sacred karmas of the small numbers of the illumined and enlightened souls called Mahatamas and saints that creates balance on this Universe by stopping the world to break apart.

Ignorance about Universal Truths, Oneness of God; lack of knowledge of the Silent Spectator and presence of Omnipresence within and without is the root cause of all miseries.”

The procedure and progression of knowing our soul-II


On the night I finished my last post of 30th January regarding our soul’s progression, when I went to retire in my bed, I saw a huge ball of golden Light that appeared in the centre of my third eye. It was a perfect round ball and pretty dense in yellow colour.

It immediately grew big in size. It grew very immense   after which I rapidly saw Mother Earth in it. The Earth was covered copiously by this Golden Light. Then the Light became bigger, far more bigger than the Earth until the Earth vanished leaving behind just the Golden globe of Light. This sphere of Light became further big and it became so big that it covered the entire ethereal space. It eventually covered the Universe, the whole of Universe. It grew larger still until the Universe disappeared and there was nothing else in this Universe but that dense, pure golden Light!

Pure Golden Light!

Only Light!

Seeing this magnificent Light, I immediately put myself in it willfully; and dived in it until I completely disappeared.  At this stage, I murmured to myself feebly, “Ah! Cosmic Consciousness!”

With my heart so full of gratitude and humbleness, I bowed down reverentially at the Cosmic Light and thanked God for have given me a slight glimpse of its Infinite presence.

Immediately, I heard inside, “Do not wrap up the last post now. From your side it was over. Make two more parts of it. The experience that you have just received is a testimony that you are in Cosmic Consciousness and you will also be during some more spells further in the night or day intermittently.

I got curious and asked, “What type of experience is this? Is this kind of experience higher than the ones I had about a year or two back of Super Consciousness while I was in Delhi? I was referring to the days when I was writing regular articles on Super Consciousness. Were they not supreme experiences?

I raised this question because I did not plunge so effusively in such concentrated Cosmic Light before. Meticulously I distinguished that something in me was still not besieged, like a very thin line something still existed inside me; it was like a very, very thin dark grey hair.  Clearly, the jeeva in me was still outstanding and unresolved, so what if it was as thin as a very slender fine line! It had to go, even this last thin line had to go.

In my meditations, I had communicated and expressed to God my inner feelings of late that whatever I have acquired in my realizations and divine experiences so far itself was so abundant, liberal and generously given that I will never ask anything more henceforth. Never in my dreams and fancy imaginations, had I expected that I would ever get to know God, that too so closely. I was merely trying all my life. I had also prayed to Shri Mahavatar Babaji in prominent meditations, that hence forth I will never keep any craving or initiative to ask God for more revelations since I have nothing to return or repay. I am already so overfull with all the blessings and kindness that I have received in abundance and immeasurable measure that I do not have anything left with me which shall be appropriate to give as a token of adoration, gratitude and thanksgiving. A point has come in my life when I should ask nothing, not even a touch of divinity’s unfolding or a peek into the world of God. I am a recipient of boundless grace, love, joy and limitless peace from my Gurus and God and I have not yet done enough to do anything equivalent in return, so why should I request or ask anything more? Whatever I have received so far is much  more than one can ask or ever  have. All I should do now is only serve God in the most selfless manner and do it unceasingly day and night.

God replied, “Super Consciousness is not the ultimate stage- Cosmic Consciousness is the ultimate one. In Super Consciousness stage , there are dots of remnants of the individuality still lingering although one may have glimpses of divinity. When each and every accumulated karma, of every life that one has lived on this planet has been erased and washed off, one gets a brief vision of Cosmic Consciousness like this one. This is true samadhi, uninterrupted, continued naad ghosh and bliss. The jeeva is finally eroded wholly and there is no curtain between the individual soul and the expansive Spirit of the Universe. This is an irreversible stage. It is a very long drawn out procedure and just a few souls can reach uptil here because it is very tiring and full of fatigue and demands unusual forbearance and patience. A few succeed.

Releasing and exhausting the amassed seeds of past karmas is a mammoth task and can be overwhelming for anybody. Anyhow, tell everybody that nonetheless it should be attempted and tried so that once clean, your life will be stain free, joyous and very, very peaceful. Those who attempt will be blessed for their seriousness and clean heartedness.

Guide each one who is on this path and you will be blessed profusely by your Teachers and Me. Everyone is in darkness, it is with acute difficulty that we get blazing Light and knowledge like this one. Others should be given a helping hand and should be given a fair chance to remove their darkness from their lives.”

The procedure and progression of knowing our soul-III


As peaceable was the sleep, so was tranquil returning to wakefulness. In a state of perfect calmness, a soft and gentle voice of God inside spoke, “Whether I speak like a man or a woman, whether I speak in loud or soft words, whether I come as an image or not, does it really matter to you any more? You hear my most soft whispers and the lightest step that I take sneakily as I get invoked in your lovable heart. Hence know for sure that I am housed in you permanently!

In the Himalayas your heart is, the soul in me always, who cares for me in a manner such as you? I speak to you so often in the day; you drop everything that is occurring in the mind and listen attentively as if there has been no world existed ever outside you. With due respect and reverence and pristine love, you seek me, you overhear me as if I am the lover and you the beloved. Should I not return all the honor, love, care and thoughtfulness that was bestowed on me so unselfishly?

In return I give you today, my revelation that I love you as much as anyone can love. I adore you as no one before has, I protect you as no one before has done and I reveal myself through you to all now.  Because this has been your kind prayer on the lips and inner gaze all the way through as nights and days drew to an end!

I love those who love me, I protect those who care for me and do harm to none. I oversee you as clouds over the lands, I illumine you as light at dawn, I water you as sap in the veins of green floras, I feed you as a mother to her child and I watch over you eternally as the protective Father of the tribe……

You took me in and threw up your palms in the skies of the Universe so that these blessings could be shared and people as unknown faces are healed and restored properly.  Did I not see that? My eyes are everywhere, my ears listen to your innermost songs and emotions and I judge you subject to your hidden intentions and yearnings.

Listen to me carefully if you can. If you wish to beget Me, seek Me lovingly! Seek Me day and night! Seek Me in joy, seek Me in disaster! Seek Me when you toil, seek Me when you sleep and Love me as much as you have loved no one ever before in all your lives!!


Why does it take a prolonged time for our soul to manifest?-II


Of late when I was in Sri Lanka travelling in the flat plains of its interior land between beautiful low ranged mountains and flat agricultural land after we left behind Katargama, I heard some stories from the driver relating to past ethnic strife and how peace has been resolved in that small island after a conflict of more than three decades.
The landscape of the area, sparse population and intense quietude in the air had a profound impact on my sensibilities. I did not welcome his conversation as I had experienced so much tranquility in Katargama and there was an uncomfortable calm prevailing in our atmosphere, more so inside me because of this sudden, unwanted dribble with political discussion. I was not prepared for this topic and completely avoided it. I did not participate in this discussion and had withdrawn myself downright. But after sometime, the ongoing discussion was creating a sort of disturbance in my enchanting peace of mind. My state was similar to somebody who was very drowsy and was not allowed to sleep peacefully in bed at night. And as though, I was forced to get involved in the regular outer world’s activities instead of living in my Paradise. But then I was helpless and also in between the conversation of others, I dipped into a state of deep relaxation and with great force I got in connection with the presence of God. I slipped into a short and deep state of transcendental state and could not hear anything. It was a state of pure ecstasy and sublime peace. The fixing of my mind with that of Supreme Consciousness was spontaneous and I thought that may be it is the peaceful atmosphere casting its magic over me. But today I attribute it to nobody but the graciousness of God. My constant, irresistible yearning to be able to hear that Voice just once in between the fast pace and hectic activities of our daily life is similar to seeing the face of our sweet beloved; such is the delight and ecstasy of touching the soul inside us. It has so much joy and peace both mingled as one that I would barter anything that I have for a few, short flashes of this exclusive communion! Anytime!
After a while, I became dead to the conversation that was taking place in the car as I don’t know when I had already plunged and touched the very base of my Spirit.
The Universal Father or Parmeshwar is hyper sensitive and has innumerable feelers to sense our inner most feelings. Responses from God to those silent, innocent feelings come naturally to some blessed recipients if the intentions are pure.
Simultaneously, my intellect on another level of cranium had grasped the ongoing conversations flanked by the connection and disconnection of my God communion and I speculated vaguely.
Side by side I wondered why peace can’t be enduring in our lives and on this Earth. I lamented, grieved and prayed to God to bring about more trust, love and peace amongst the citizens of the place so that we all have prosperity, longevity, wellbeing and happiness. As you know we all end up our discomforts and sorrows with this last word -Why? I was unknowingly silently telling God-Why do we fight? Why do we have distrust? Why do we kill each other? Why should we resolve political issues by killing humans? God’s world is so beautiful, so full of blessedness and graciousness while the world outside is nowhere near it. If only we learn to be more thoughtful, more caring and more generous towards others. May be we as humans, still have to know that peace is of utmost importance in our lives than a few yards of land or some more political rights…….I was pensive and lamenting in my heart. Who is right and who is wrong? Who will decide? God, why do we have ethnic strife? Why do we humans take so much time to discover our own Pure Soul which has all the right guidance, wisdom, precise living ideals and values and that which frees us from all miseries and human sufferings? I was thinking about various dimensions amidst the commentary and reporting of the island’s political status in the car.
Obviously, I was there and no-one else when numerous kinds of reflections crisscrossed my mind. But there was a silent Spectator who heard all this. I have realized that the most bewildering, sudden events occur in case of an interchange with our soul. It arrives unexpectedly, it responds to things which we never expected and above all it is capable of answering to all our questions and curiosity. They may be familial, environmental, political, spiritual or personal. Before long I plunged further inside when the revelations from the divine world began to pour in.
God justified my pleas by giving me some very accurate answers which cannot be sourced from other places and are certainly true because the knowledge gained through our sixth sense is reliable. Knowledge acquired by intuition is resourceful, undiluted and well-intentioned. It is unfailing. Answers from God are trustworthy and since then many meditations have been blessed with acute and in-depth information about the ways and mechanisms of the power of God. I have reaffirmed to myself that we are always under its constant supervision and shelter.
In the car, the echoing, painful observations did not go unnoticed from the very presence of God and in an instant the mercy of God began pouring inside my heart as Grace, as knowledge, as discovery and as awesome insights. I began seeing a wonderful movie in front of my eyes after I had closed them and sat quietly near the window to muse and ponder deeply because by now I had no control over my eyes or my mind either. They were dull and sleepy. I was already transported to a sacred world where God and I as if, sat side by side closely on a bench in the Paradise and the outside world ended! I soon perceived what probably a handful can peep into- wondrous spiritual realizations which I attribute to my sacred Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji. I realize that these revelations are much beyond any human comprehension and that he wished to reveal to me and to the world through me with this blog’s platform. And he wished to teach us the highest precepts through my multiple, benign spiritual experiences and hence these wondrous revelations……
Millions of years ago, India was pure Heaven; a clean and beautiful sub-continent full of all nature’s gifts. Abundant water, natural resources and people with high morals were all there. Animals would roam freely and birds, animals and humans coexisted peacefully. The forests were lavish and copious and there was enough to feed all. The rivers were held sacred and worshipped. People were generous and greed was unknown. Nature was worshiped as God and reverence to all living creatures was held high.
The intelligence of God conceived even then that India’s population would explode in times to come during an era of modern age of machines and the environment would be in great threat because of that. The divine plan was to save, preserve and retain the natural ecosystem from destruction permanently by man’s wrath. As it was the will of God to save and preserve the endangered species, an island was carved out. With the help of natural geographical major changes, the curvature of the Indus land was naturally broken apart with the force of nature of earthquakes and climatic changes. The breaking up of India into two parts happened with the Will and Initiative of God.
At this juncture I became numb. I thought to myself if God knows so much and with his bidding and command major earthquakes take place and a large nation is broken into two pieces to save the living beings’ future, I should in every minute of my life live by the command or wish of God!!! Everything happens with the power of God so where is the problem of submission and why do we have to discover and find it hard to go by the natural flow of things that happen to us in our lives. Why we as humans not realize this? What is it that our eyes can’t see and what is it that we cannot bring ourselves to understand the mechanisms of this enigmatic world? All throughout we are advised by the learned men to surrender to the will of God and accept his decision and not be ruled by our unruly mind. It is so evident to me at this moment that God is in charge of this Universe and He will make the place alive by its bountiful life force and the very ignorance of this great fact shuts my eyes to its everlasting Presence!
And those phenomenal realizations could have come only in a peaceful place like this cut off interior village of Sri Lanka because the wavelength coming in my brain from the astral world was extra fine and needed so much quietude, peacefulness and privacy. I assumed the reason very well for Babaji for sending me so far off from home to get this blessed, unique understanding. My humble prostration to the Holy soul and the Greatest Master residing in the hidden caves of the Himalayas at this sacred hour of twilight! Though so secretive in nature yet like God so visible through intriguing workings and mysterious protective hand at my back!
I was also exposed to one more very fascinating fact during those holy times of God communion. It was this-At that time Sri Lanka was an integral part of India and was geographically one piece of unbroken land. In those times the locals of today’s Sri Lanka were the people working on the agricultural land and the people of the tip of South India in Tamil Nadu were the owners of the fields. Today the situation is reverse. The strife between two communities dates back to a few thousand millenniums back and still seems to simmer and there has been a conflict because of this fact! Some of the people who are born today and are involved in the conflict as victims or perpetrators are those ones who have lived their lives when Sri Lanka and India were one nation!! Their sub consciousness resonates those memories and motivates their actions.
I said to myself- “Does it take us so long to realize the Truth of God in us? Do we fight over land issues, have enmity, jealousy, create violence and sleep over millenniums?? Oh my God!! What is this?
And how did God calculate and predict the time of population explosion of India thousands of years back??? Extremely mind-blowing thoughts were floating inside my tiny head about to be exploded though the outside conversation hadn’t died out and even as the excitement of the driver was consistent! I was craving for a space where there would be no humans and just me and God and the mystifying revelations…….
I learnt that the predictions were based on a few theories out of which the law of karma outsmarts everything else. Maharishi Boganathar, Agastya Maharishi and Shri Mahavatar Babaji are those divine souls who can trace back their steps and rewind memory by the power of visualization back in eternity when the Earth was created and founded. Agastya Maharishi has therefore been applauded and commended for writing people’s future on palm leaves thousands of years ago even before those souls were born to exact precision in times to come. Even today we have astrologers who have our life predictions carved by Agastya Maharishi on old leaves in remote villages of Tamil Nadu written more than some thousands of years ago. Such perfect is their science of reading the future of individuals with the insight given by God and other deities that one is dumbfounded. I have been to a few such people where the accurate names of my present family, relatives and a few life incidents have been inscribed on dried palm leaves by none other than Maharishi Agastya!!!! And I don’t even know how many years back it was inscribed.
God explained to me that this science of predicting people’s lives before thousands of years was to help them in taking charge of their lives and having accountability of their deeds. It also ensures them that there is someone who is invincible and we should surrender our existence and ego to it. Such sciences are given by God to a selected few pious souls in order to harmonize the people of this world and bring lasting peace in all continents. Here I mean to say that Shri Boganatharji, Shri Mahavatar Babaji and Agastya Mahrishi are those sacred souls who have been given the rare gift of Godly Science of reverting steps back in eternity and peeping into great, elongated periods of time and space so that the planet can be preserved and God’s establishment on this Earth cannot be revoked by mass human misdeeds! World harmony and peace has to be maintained and erring human nature should be checked. As long as the sacred goal of establishing worldwide peace is established, it does not matter which occult science has been used because the enlightened souls go only by the will of God and have no personal choice in selection of their intentions.
Similarly, Himalayas were created through titanic movements of plates inside the Earth by the Will of God to have a definite place which would be cut off from the noise and senseless uproar and chaos of urban, modern world for sages, thinkers, yogis, writers and ascetics to meditate and work in purity of nature. Endangered Nature can have the possibility of avoiding the reversal of degeneration of natural eco systems too with this purpose.
I earnestly bow to these greatly illumined Masters for casting their graciousness at me and having revealed such unique and never before revelations to mankind. My humble prostration with folded palms and head bowing down with thankfulness for allowing us to get a glimpse into their ocean of limitless knowledge of the secrets of the sciences of the Divine and its wonderful functioning….

What is Truth?-III



The Supreme- “Your intense grief and worry for Babaji and all others has invoked and besought me. I am not Nityananda but the Creator of this planet. I have come to you as Light. I was there even before the Universe was made. This Earth is very new if compared with my existence. The Himalayas were carved out of my own will so that they can rescue those serious people who wish to atone, redeem and also created for those who wish to advance ahead in their further spiritual pursuits in monasteries and hidden caves here and there. The Himalayas have been polluted and plundered in the last few decades by the greedy cartel of politicians, agents, mafias and the bureaucrats in addition to the police which is at the mercy of the administration.

Squandering and unintelligent mind squatters here and there. It wanders everywhere and makes endless, countless errors which it has to repay in painful measures life after life. To solve this mystery of stopping the human mind to err is to tame it by controlling it and making it your slave. If you err, you reimburse.

Tens of thousands of people have perished in the punishment meted out by the Creator’s design of skillful acts. The ones who have been penalized are those who have in this or previous or more incarnations plundered Nature by cutting and felling trees indiscriminately, poaching, looting the villagers, mining unreasonably, changing the courses of rivers frantically thus destabilizing the entire area’s flora and fauna and ending the lives of plants and animals, wasting water, electricity and other resources without regard to its sanctity, doing unprincipled actions in religious places, mismanaging the funds of religious shrines, grabbing land of others, mercilessly beating children and sometimes the elderly at homes, telling lies to bring dishonor to innocent people, beating pregnant women, keeping the family members hungry when food was available, stealing and pocketing wealth that legally belonged to others and most of all having complete disregard to the environment in which they have been living and sustaining on it for food, water, fodder, cattle, fresh air and livelihood.

It is a hard slap on humanity to know that whenever there is an extreme mishandling and negligence of human morality and values, in such times God will manage the environment with its own will and discretion as well as restore it. God will decide and do things with its own power and decision. When the time becomes suitable and applicable, all the forces in the Nature combine, destroy everything that humans have made if excesses are done beyond acceptable limits. Humans are punished by the five elements – water, fire, wind, earth/land or space. The forests are assigned to the goddesses and deities to preserve its sanctity and honor. They should be submitted to and given due respect. You will not even get fire, wood or land to cremate the dead bodies if you bring collective ire of the Gods in the jungles. If such drastic steps are taken by Nature to punish, remember man has done severe bungling and goof ups in handling the delicate balance of man and Nature.”

I quivered.  As I lay there, I begin to get wondering -why should we not know these hidden facts and why we, as humans are so reckless and negligent? As nothing could have been done now to undo the wrath, I pleaded and prayed for the dead. I implored God to tell us what we should be doing now. What are the right things that we should know in this matter and we would try to emulate these articulated principles and follow them as far as possible.

The answers came as follows-

  • “Nature is like a very gentle lady. She will provide us all our needs provided we do not exploit or harass her.
  • Politicians have selfish interests. The police, who is controlled by the people in power and the politicians are responsible for the mass tragedy. When the decisions to make dams are taken, the politicians should consult and involve the scientists in their meetings and go by their scientific advice. The scientists will give them a sound advice on ecology and sustainable environment.
  • Small dams should be built over rivers for electricity but the course of the rivers should never be changed. The rivers in the Himalayas are flowing even before man walked on the Earth. There is a Force prevalent in water that can become adverse and fierce and destroy in high magnitudes if the natural laws are violated.
  • The rivers should be allowed to flow freely on all sides and its path should not be disrupted or violated.
  • River waters are for posterity. We should not overuse the natural resources just for ourselves but keep in reserve for next generation to come. If we violate this law, we shall be punished severely. We leave behind our wealth for our children so that they are prosperous. The same rule is applied whereas natural resources are concerned. Use only that much which is essential for your use. Leave rest for others.
  • Do not cut mountains drastically, cut marginally to build homes and roads.
  • Continue acts of preservation side by side.
  • Himalayas were made by the will of God to do penance and spiritual research. Do not disregard the sanctity and purity of its reason of inception. The Himalaya Mountains are being used for commercial viability by a section of society. Do not make holy places commercial, impure, noisy and dirty.
  • Do not move mass population from their homes to a new place for development reasons. If you do so, you are changing their destinies drastically. Wrath of Nature can be manifold if equal distribution of natural resources and wealth is not made fairly. Fury of Nature reflects the gross bungling, deprivation and mismanagement of God made resources and natural elements.

Your pure love for the safety and wellness of your sadguru has invoked me and earned you a special interface with me. Now share this soliloquy with everybody so that they too benefit from your blessings.”

Question and answers with Shri Mahavatar Babaji

August 30, 2013



Cryptic questions and answers that took place between  Shri Mahavatar Babaji and me mentally at the airport while I waited to catch the plane.

Q-Who gets enlightenment?

A- Those whose heart is pure.

Q-When and how can one clean and purify the heart?

A-When the intellect is pure. The intellect should be purified of ego, ignorance, jealousy, fear and all other insecurities.

Q-What is delusion?

A-Doubt, scepticism and confusion. When they cover the mind, the soul is in delusion.

Q-How do we eradicate delusion?

A-By cleaning the heart.

Q-How can the heart and mind/buddhi be purified?

A-By awareness, meditation, selfless activities, kindness and charitable actions.

Q-Why must we eradicate/remove delusion?

A-Because it gives us chains and recycles of birth and death.

Q-What happens in delusion?

A-When we are in delusion, a sort of mirage is created in the mind which in reality is a reflection of the true self-that is yatharth or reality. There is distortion of the vision. When we are covered with distorted perceptions, our actions are distorted. Our judgment goes wrong, we create wrong actions. The consequences of our actions are ours and hence we suffer adversely.

Q-How does one know that he or she is in delusion?

A-There will be bouts of confusion, temptations, frustration for having lack of control over things and most of all, one is uncertain.

Q-What are the correctional methods?

A-Introspection, reflection, contemplation, study of scriptures, listening to the ancient wisdom of the sages and realized entities. And most important of all- correcting your present actions to redesign the future life.

Q-How does one know that he or she is getting the wisdom from the right person?

A-If what you read or hear can be identified with and are convinced, if your mind accepts the mentor or guru’s wisdom and advice and counsel. If your mind does not oppose or contradict his or her knowledge and if you are applying the spiritual philosophy with positive results, then you have found your mentor or spiritual advisor.

Q-If there is a contradiction in mind, what does it apply?

A-It applies that it is the ego which is acting as a wall between the teacher and the learner.

The state of Super Consciousness-II


I envisioned Shri Babaji walking with very quick steps and in this way denoting the urgency of his expedition and importance of time’s utility. I was walking next to him and trying to catch up with him on a hilly ground. He looked very happy and enthusiastic that day or else he is somber and serene. He took me to a very beautiful place full of tall, green trees which resembled fir and deodar. The ambiance was of a thin forest with many trees growing on a mountain top. The shade of the trees was cooling and under it was situated a beautiful pond. It had many colorful lotus flowers floating in it. He took me to the divine pond where the atmosphere was saturated with divine purity and serenity and the place resembled and felt like a paradise.

Babaji went ahead and plucked one lotus flower, then another, then some more and then many more from the pond one by one. The petals had tiny drops of  water on them making them look all the more pure and sacred. The bunch of lotus looked so pretty in his arms and I was cheerful by looking at the lovely bouquet and the image of exuberant Babaji both at one place. Just then, while holding the flowers in his divine arms, Babaji took one white lotus and gave it to me. He looked at me as if waiting for me to express something. I didn’t. After a very short pause, he broke in a spell of mystic laughter and divine joy. He pulled out one purple lotus from his bundle and gave it to me in my hand. I held it in bewilderment and at the same time I was overjoyed at his kind gesture. Without waiting, he now gave me a pink lotus, then a yellow one and a few more one after the other. All the flowers from his arms were in mine by now and in utter amazement I looked at the collection of heavenly lotuses piled up and was absolutely numb because events were occurring  at such rapid and unexpected ways. I stood there totally incomprehensible not knowing what to do or say to him.

He put up a question to me, “Do you know why I gave you the lotuses?” I hurriedly considered a lotus flower in Buddhism, as an emblem in many spiritual organizations, on books and sacred places but I did not know the present connotation and the co-relation. I did not reply.

He had a white lotus in his right hand and with a mysterious smile he said, “White is for purity and peace. Take this.” I now received a white lotus from him.

Babaji had a purple lotus in his hand after this. He asked me, “What is purple for?” I had no answer. “Tranquility”, he replied. “Take this.” I received a deep lavender lotus from his sacred hand.

After all this, he again asked me, “What is pink for?” I stood quietly and wished not to answer.

“Love. Take this lotus also. It is for you.”

“What is yellow for?” Now I gathered some courage and answered in humility. “I don’t know Babaji.” He looked pleased and smiled slightly from the corner of his mouth. He said, “Enlightenment, knowledge. Now take this yellow lotus also.”

In the next moment, an unanticipated development took place. Babaji burst out laughing loudly like an ecstatic yogi and began to dance throwing his hands up in the air, turned his neck round and round and sang with merriment and ecstasy. He then said, “I have given you peace, love, joy, ananda, tranquility and transcendental knowledge to give to this world. I am spreading these virtues through your web log on the net in modern times in this world. From now onwards, more and more people will read and receive these gifts of God from you. My idea of spreading God’s love and peace is successful, is successful, is successful. Then he circled round and round like an intoxicated saint singing and chanting God’s holy name. He resembled Chaitanya Mahaprabhu singing and chanting God’s holy name while diving in celestial bliss.

Understanding by now that it was an auspicious moment granted by God, I did not want to lose the golden opportunity of a very sacred hour. I realized that I would be obliged and my prayers would be surely answered. Therefore I pleaded, “Holy Babaji, I pray to you at this moment and hour, please bless me that I never ever make any mistakes in my present and forthcoming lives. May I always remember God. May my memory of God forever be revitalized and it should never be erased or corrupted. May I always do God’s service, may I always do your work and may I always spread your divine fragrance through your words and teachings.”

Babaji smiled at me softly and with overflowing love said very sweetly, “My sweet child, Babaji becomes pleased with devotion, with love, with sacrifice, with service.   I am pleased with those devotees who have a keen desire for seeking God and serving Him. I fulfill all such desires. And those people who do not have this desire yet, they should instill purity, devotion and love in their hearts. One day, they will also attain God. Once and for all purify your inner being, inner heart. And after cleaning, forever keep yourself in a pure state so that your future lives are pure, beautiful, worthy and for service of humanity. I love those who love God. Today, who so ever will wish for this desire, I shall grant and fulfill it.”

Expand your consciousness-II


It was 4.22 pm when I looked at the time and I closed my eyes to rest a bit. In just a few seconds, I felt an unusual aura of peace in my vicinity and just after that the presence of Mahavatar Babaji on the threshold of my door. Initially I did not believe myself when I sensed his presence. I was elated but confused too. To have  rest, I was relaxing my body when I heard him say inwardly, “Can you not see that I have come to you?” I did not still believe myself and presumed that because I have been so engaged with Babaji and the making of the post, that it must just be a figment of my imagination. So I began to talk to myself and said, “No, no, it can’t be.  I am too tired to concentrate again and focus my mind to connect with Babaji’s exceptional high wavelength. Anyway, why would Babaji come to me of all the people? I have a very long way to go. And in case he has really come, then he must just tell me what he intends to say even though I cannot fix my mind very sharply at this moment and I can’t see him with my eyes open.”

Now, at this instance, I saw two bright bands of colour- bright orange and yellow in front of my shut eyes. Babaji spoke the same thing twice further, “I am standing at your threshold, can you not see me?” Now I was on the alert and ready to act at this moment as it was not my misapprehension anymore I realized. I answered, “It must be  true that you are standing there but I cannot see you although my extended right hand is sensing your presence and divine energy.   I guess you are standing at the threshold. Please hold my hand  Babaji, so that my arm absorbs your given message of your arrival and presence which I shall translate and interpret after I am fresh and energized. How can I ever lose this rarest opportunity? But I am too tired now.”

Once again he quipped, “Do you remember the instance of Yukteshwar on the Ganga’s  Rai ghat when I went to visit him in Srirampur after he completed  his book Holy Science?”  (Consult AOY chapter 36)

I could easily recollect the episode but I still could not fathom why all this was being reminded to me. I saw no connection at all. Finally he said, “You need more practice of concentration, fix your eyes on the central point between the eyebrows and remain like that as long as you can. You should concentrate at the third eye to control the wavering prana, the life force. Random thoughts keep pulling your mind from concentrating at one single point. To go higher up, one should be able to prolong the attention at kutastha, the spot between the two eyebrows which is the door to Heaven or the realms of Super Consciousness.

You cannot see me in my astral body because I am at a very high wave length of energy. To be able to commune with me for a longer duration, you should practice meditation in depth and duration. The Banyan Tree in Lumbini will teach you more how to have strong will power and to be absolutely selfless in nature. If you have a very dynamic will power, you shall be able to expand your consciousness with each passing day. So practice meditation with a dynamic will and desire.”

The role of ‘power of will’ in a seeker’s life-II


His holiness Mahavatar Babaji who has unlimited compassion and mercy on all  humans and every creature alike, responded to my prayers in no time during my meditation and telepathically transmitted this liberating education or Moksha Vidya on this fortunate day. He thus began with a question and gave answers in the form of cryptic solutions to the crippling ignorance of humanity-

“How did Arjun get spiritual knowledge?

Because of detachment, vairagya .

When there is detachment or vairagya in life, there is desire or will to know God. But before those situations which give you detachment come, concede and kindle a yearning and a will within you for liberating yourself so that your future is laden with bliss, happiness and absolute peace. It is you who has to develop this will after which I shall help you.

The power of will is a gift to us from God with which we accomplish all our undertakings and tasks. First comes the will to do something; God comes to our rescue later, he sends us help to accomplish all that we wish to attain. But prior to all this it is you who should have the initiative in your heart to do something grand, something new, something huge.

Similarly, only if and when the human being is ready to get rid of his dimness and unawareness, only after such a will is awakened in him, only after he possesses a will to liberate himself that such an  aim is accomplished at an appropriate time.”

Acquainting about himself, Shri Mahavatar Babaji disclosed,

“Before my present incarnation, I had a burning desire to help mankind, to salvage them from ignorance and do good to all in the world. So when I was born this time I was born with the same power. Therefore, the spot at which I was born still radiates powerful rays of my power of will. There is a yantra or geometrical figure at this spot which till this date radiates powerful rays of my power of will . You must benefit from it by focusing your mind on this spot in your meditations and the power of will be ignited in you and you shall be gratified.”

And about me he informed, “You were born with a burning desire to free yourself from the bondage of the fruit of your actions. Therefore when the right time arrived, I quickly sent you to Yogananda(YSS),  Nityananda and Shaligram (Ganeshpuri) and to The Mother (Pondicherry) for your spiritual education. They all are your gurus, Masters and I am your Param Guru, Highest Master. The will to cover up and complete your karmic obligations was so intense that you fulfilled it in the minimum time possible.

The time taken by any seeker or learner to accomplish and complete his spiritual duties and obligations is entirely dependent on the extent of will power possessed by him or the will generated by him within himself. It takes as much time as he decides to free himself. God is very merciful; God will not initiate or stop the help and cooperation that he sends through nature unless you want it. Therefore reduce that time and meditate on God and pray to Him right now.”

Why is peace so essential for a seeker?-III


All these days while I was thinking about what and how should I blog during such times of commotion and complete uncertainty, I waited all along and had complete faith in my param Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji who has never failed me and he is the one who guides this blog. I maintained my calmness and was positive that I will publish my new post before midnight of 10th August.

Surely enough I woke up very fresh and energized today after I had a short dream in which I saw Babaji, who was in meditation as he sat under a massive Banyan Tree.  Incidently this time he did not sit at the trunk of the tree but between the pillar-like numerous thick roots of the tree.

I wondered about the symbolic meaning of this atypical view. Before I could even decipher it, He spoke to me in a very soft whisper, “I can see that you are mixing with all kinds of people and are suffering because you have to mix with people of very low mentality. This has caused depletion of energy yet you are firm and stable in your goal to enter a post without skipping the fixed date. The Banyan Tree here has already blessed you as you are serving me but since you had no time to devote to concentration, let me tell you that you will complete this assignment without any delay. Write another post on the importance of peace for a seeker because a seeker faces similar problems like any other person in the world but his approach to the problem is different.

A good seeker will maintain his peace of mind because he is certain that no matter what sort of difficulty he is facing, his guru will always be by his side, no matter what. Although in special cases and particular times, the guru will remain silent because he will set aside some time for you when the karmic pattern of the concerned person is such that he must suffer for the past misdeeds. The guru allows his disciple to suffer little bit because he is teaching him silently to learn from his past mistakes. As soon as the disciple accepts his mistakes and regrets his bad deeds, the guru will send you the message that from now onwards, lead a pious and peaceful life. That is what I do to my children when I have to teach them an important lesson but very silently! Having said that, please know that I never leave my children, no matter what sins they have committed. It is up to you how soon you want to realize and which next lesson you wish to take from me. Therefore, do not feel disappointed, wake up and get on the next important lesson. Do not give up hope and maintain your peace and calmness. My spiritual guidance and help will reach you through this blog, I speak to you and the readers can connect with me through the regular  entries here. All the answers will be received by them through this medium and they should hasten up their recovery and speed as fast as they can.

Now about the roots that you saw in your dream. Today in the early hours you saw me meditating under the numerous thick roots of a Banyan Tree. Roots hold the tree to the ground and supply food. Similarly, I am those strong roots by which you should hold tightly in order for me to nourish you.”

About me he said- “Increase your Kriya Shakti. You are undergoing states where you are swinging between two extreme mentalities- the highest and the lowest. Yet it is possible to cope up with the current state wherein you increase your working capacity by altering your food, holding on the lingering peace and maintaining silence for brief periods whenever possible.”

He continued, “Those of you who have firm faith in me will realize that permanent peace and sustainable bliss is only possible when we clear our past baggage of bad karmas. Once the cleaning process is over, you shall attain permanent peace and wondrous joy which permeates your Soul. Until then, stay connected to Sarika, tell her about your dilemmas she will answer to all your personal as well as family problems and help you to withstand the difficult period. Difficult times are good as they teach us the most and once you are clean and pure you shall find peace within. Endure and clear up whatever you have accumulated as karmic baggage and receive divine peace and bliss from me. I shall never let you down.

Once you reach the state of sustainable tranquility and peace you shall reach the state of bliss. Peace and bliss are in Atman. Our Atma has complete happiness, peace and bliss. Attempt to reach a state of divine communication where in you can access to these attributes at ease. My blessings are with one and all and I hear even the most faint whisper of my devotee; I send immediate respite to them. Receive me well with all your attention and I shall never dishearten you. Pray to God day and night to alleviate you from the sorrowful state to the state of enduring peace. Peace, peace, peace to all. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!!”

Our lost rich heritage-II


After being in bliss some moments flew by and I began hearing these ragas played in flute like words in my inner ear as though there is someone who is talking to me mentally sitting far away. The mental transference began from the remotest cave in the Himalayas to the island city on the Arabian Sea here in Mumbai, the overcrowded commercial capital of India. I could see a silver string originating from Shri Mahavatar Babaji in that cave and running all along the way and terminating on me. A silver coloured string, which was actually a telecommunication  path, was seen between the two of us-me and His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji. As soon as I comprehended that a communication channel has been established between both of us, I heard these gracious words coming to me from the caves near the mountainous region near river Alaknanda in the Himalayas-

“Whenever your mind is so impeccably united and connected with me, there is a bond, a telepathic conveyor, a telecommunication path built between us in the astral space. At this moment I am in deep meditation and I am speaking to you through mental communication or telepathy.”

I could again see Shri Mahavatar Babaji sitting in a perfect lotus posture with my inner vision.

“When two people have strong love and understanding for each other, this phenomenon occurs on the subtle astral plane. Just a few know and appreciate this means of communication.”

I was absorbing wholly what was being given to me with my heart so full of gratefulness.

“Now tell me, what is the cause of man’s pathetic living condition on this Earth today?” an unexpected question was thrown at me.

“Ignorance”, I replied to him without losing any time for thinking.

“Ignorance and lack of foresight,” he said. “Man has been living on this planet since millions of years. It has taken him millions of years to evolve and make this Earth fit for living.Many civilizations with their glorious cultures, race and heritage have risen and fallen back in dust. Awesome structures and cities were built and have been razed to the ground, so many men have come and so many have gone. They have left behind some of their essence, their essential core being behind for us to know how developed they were in terms of creativity, sculpture, literature, knowledge and realizations. The essence of man’s spiritual awakening as well as knowledge is embedded in the Holy Scriptures now.

However, because man lacks foresight, he has not been able to preserve the past inheritance and legacy so richly endowed with their experiences, knowledge and hindsight. Because of lack of foresight in humans, they do not acknowledge and preserve the inherent knowledge stored in scriptures, realized souls as well as in the illumined Masters. Sacred knowledge is passed on by the realized Masters to their chosen devoted disciples who have faith and devotion in their Masters and is in this way stored and preserved through ages, eras and civilizations.

Our past builds our future.

Those who wish to have the sacred knowledge must know their Spirit. The Spirit has the hindsight and all the knowledge is endowed in it. The Spirit has the foresight that will prevent you from regressing in your soul.

Practicing meditation alone will not help. One must plan his future, plan the coming events well, plan his life thoroughly and should have a vision, a sight for himself/herself.

To materialize those goals, one has to do karmas, actions accordingly. Correspondingly, your karmas have the ability to shape your future. They have the potential, the power, the shakti endowed in them. Unleash that energy that is stored in the karmas, unleash that power of manifestation that is stored in your karmas!”

Silence of the soul-I


About ten days ago, Shri Mahavatar Babaji advised me to do meditation on Om. He said, “Go inside. There is Om inside you, meditate on it.”

And then he once again repeated what he had told me earlier, “There was a time when there was nothing in this Universe –shunya. Only Brahma existed, it was only silence that existed. And then out of the shunya, came the  sankalpa  or thought of God. Out of this thought of God, in peace and silence the srishti,  the Brahmaand or the Universe was created. After the creation of the Universe, the very first sound that originated at that time in this Universe was Om.”……………………….

Once this was achieved, I only heard nonstop Om first in my head and then in my whole body. There was not a speck or decibel of any sound inside me apart from Om and the continuity of this mystical sound was awesome and the phenomenon breathtaking. Nothing compares this experience to any experience of the world that we live in and I made sure that my mind is anchored firmly at one centre to be able to lengthen this magical experience. And just as I was able to get enough of it, I entered  shunya , the silence. Ah! At last the silence of my soul was touched. It was a thoughtless state where nothing happened, no sound and no thought-pure Brahma, the purest Brahma. It was as if at last I was able to lay a hand on the last level of the infinite ocean.

All along very gently I was reaffirming to myself that I am this, I am Om; this is what I am truly, this is my real identity.

Babaji again showed me the creation of Universe and presence of Brahma and the similarity of the two experiences- one now and here and the other at the point of eternity.

I envisioned after this a complete movie like vision in my inner eyes of our planet rotating continuously tilting at its axis after which the planet vanished and I saw nothing. This state of nothingness endured for a short while as I travelled back in eternity to fathom the state of affairs even before the Universe was created. Once I reached at that time, I experienced in me that there was only silence that existed before the planets were created and it is the same silence or shunya that I have just experienced now at this moment after I heard Om in my body. This goes to prove that the same Om which existed as the first sound in this Universe and the shunya or silence that existed before Om  are the same two things which still exist in this Universe and they are the same two things that are present in me too. In other words pure Brahma is in me and the sacred sound Om is present in me even now. It is the same thing and I just rediscovered them during those most auspicious moments of my life!!! Never before could I get so close to it!!

Pujya Babaji has told me that there was only nishabdi brahma  and silence before the earth was formed billions of years ago. Once the earth was created and formed, the first sound that was born and emanated was that of Om. The same sound still reverberates and is heard in the silence of nature, forests, oceans and seas even now.”

Silence of the soul-II


One day recently,  Babaji out of his own wish blessed me by cascading  more illuminating knowledge on me which is so essential for a growing yogi  on his path of self realization.

Mahavatar Babaji answered the following spontaneous questions raised by me when there was a connection between the two minds in meditation in the wee hours of 15.12.11

Me- “What is beyond shunya ?”

Him- Brahma. After silence of the soul you shall reach your Spirit.

First is peace, then joy, and then the soul arrives at silence. After prolonged continuity with the Spirit of the Guru, with his mere kripa if the disciple persists to do intense good karmas, the guru shows the disciple the omnipresent Universal Spirit, Brahma. Brahma is beyond silence.

One must meditate on Brahma, the Universal Spirit. In reinstating, the jeeva or soul of the individual does not return to the normal world of cause and effect, the unending cycle of birth, decay and dying. Rather, the soul lives each life and each day of every  life in dedication to Guru and complete surrender to God. In this way, there is no action that is initialized by his disciple and hence no undesirable effect of that karmas which in return give the highly developed yogi  stable peace of mind and joy. There is so much freedom in such a mind and that is what Bhagwan Buddha at that time was telling all in so many different ways  to free themselves from the impact and result of one’s own karmas and  consequently get rid of all the sufferings of mind, body and soul in innumerable lives. This is what is meant by liberation and moksha of one’s soul.”

Why was I sent to so many heritage sites by my Param Guru??


Since I returned from Khajuraho Mahavatar Babaji has given me many new spiritual lessons and insights, some of which can be shared with all of you. They are-

“Liberation or Moksha is a very long journey. It takes many lives to conclude the futility of one’s ego and desire and material clinginess. Just a few are successful in this long marathon full of births and deaths. Those who succeed are blessed by God as they nullify all their bad karmas and afterwards regenerate innumerable virtuous karmas because of which they never fall again in the web and maze of repeated life cycles.

The Maha Guru after enlightening you will again send you to those main landmarks in your soul journey so that you can recall how much hard you have strived to reach a stage of complete purity or nirvikaar, the stage of Brahma, a stage of perfection. The uppermost chakra called the Brahmarandra is the most difficult to open and recharge and happens only with the blessedness and grace of the gurus and God.”

I get a new life, a new Light in Badrinath-II


My silent conversation with Shri Mahavatar Babaji during meditation-

Shree Babaji-“Regarding the depth and duration of your meditation, the duration has increased but further depth needs to be acquired, go further inside.”

Me- “How?”

Shri Babaji­-“By relenting  the thoughts that inhabit your persona or aura. Become aware of them. You are very serious inside but cheerful from outside. Your sensitive heart should not be allowed to harbour or cling to the anxieties or concerns of other people’s wrongful living. You should not feel sorry for them because they are misled by their own shortcomings. Clear this now in meditation and in future do not hold on to these wavelengths. Just do the right actions towards them all, do good to all and once the good acts are done, do not contemplate or brood over it. Do not think of them at all. Free yourself of those thoughts because they are from lower consciousness and your saatvik energies will drop. The removal of such thoughts will create some empty mental space. Fill that space with Brahma”

He initiated me by pronouncing, “Anahat tak jana hai jo shunya ke baad aata hai. Shunya ke bad naadghosh hota hai jahan par yogi  ke mana mei  akasmaat Om sunaee deta hai ya phir sundar ghantiyon ya ghanti ki awaaz. Shunya se pahele shanti aur ananda aata hai.

Mana jab shunya mei hota hai tab shabdaheen, vicharheen hota hai. Yah mana ki gaharaee se hota hai isliye kaha jata hai mana ko aur gahara le jao. Is awastha mei jitni der raha paogee, utna eeshwariya sukh milega. Yah guru kripa se milta hai. Jisko sansari aadmi kalpana yogya bhi nahin hai, yeh woh sukh hai. Isliye dhyan mei baithne ke liye merudand ko aur majboot banao jisse tum aur der tak sukhasana mei baith pao.

Aise samay mei apni aakhon mei dekho, tumhe prakash aata dikhaee dega. Woh mere mei se aa raha hai. Tumhara mana har tarah se  mujh mei doob chukka hai aur jab- jab tum mera smaran karogi, tumhe prakash dikhayee dega. Vah jyoti tumhe Brahma ka gyan degi jo ati durlabh hai. Vah anek janmo mei ekatrit punya uday hone par prapt hota hai.

Brahma prakash hai, Brahma gyan hai, Brahma chetna hai. Is chetna ko apne andar sada  jagay rakho. Brahma prakash punj hai, apne andar usey sada prajvalit rakho. Brahma sada tumhari raksha karta rahega. Brahma tumhari chetna ko prajvalit  karta rahe  is sandhya aisi manokamna karo….”

English translation.

“Go upto   Anahat  which comes after shunya. After shunya comes naadghosh , a state where the yogi suddenly hears the sounds of Om or of melodious bells or a bell. Before shunya comes peace shanti and bliss ananda .

When the mind is in void or shunya, it becomes speechless and thoughtless. This state comes with the depth of the meditative mind therefore it is advised that you take your mind further deep. The longer you prolong your stay in the deeper levels of your mind, the more you shall attain happiness originating from God. Such a state of mind is achieved with the blessing of Guru. That which is incomprehensible to the worldly man, it is that very joy and bliss. Therefore make your spinal cord stronger to enable you to sit for longer hours in meditation in sukhasana, a comfortable yogic pose.

During such times, look inside your eyes, you will see light. That light will come from me. Your mind is completely immersed in me in every sense and whenever you will remember me, you will see light. That light will give you the knowledge of Brahma which is very hard to achieve. The knowledge of Brahma is attained with the releasing of uncountable pious actions accumulated over many lives lived before this birth.

 Brahma is Light. Brahma is spiritual wisdom. Brahma is Consciousness. Always keep the flame of that consciousness kindled in you. Brahma is a cluster of Light, Prakash Punj. Brahma will always protect you. May that Brahma always keep your consciousness ablaze, have such a yearning this evening….”

What is inside our soul-I


The soul’s penchant for re-connection with the Divine grew fonder but I not knowing what was happening exactly. The pull was strong enough that indeed many a times, I have gone to those spots again in holidays to revive those ecstatic times while at play. Whenever in youth I thought of good times, these memories would pop up several times again and soothed and appeased was my soul many times more when I reminisced about those green pastures to and fro. I thought it was the nature’s magic or just the childhood spectrum of naughty, playful activities.

“No, said the Grand Master. Not once was it ever a child’s play! It was an act of an advanced yogi who had experienced this exclusive interplay of magic and God’s display; not just in the childhood of this incarnation but prior to this stage and previous human plays. Go back to it again now and you will once again fall in deep ecstasy because the yogi gets this gift from God for the priceless deeds done in times of unselfish heart and mind’s performances. It was achieved before you were born now and got carried with you as your wealth of last days. Prior to this also, you have spent hours in isolation and solitude with nature and God and have asked for boons beyond palaces, rubies and gold. The yogin realized that nothing is permanent in this constantly changing world; what comes now must go. Why not go after something that would go with me as and where I go? So you have inside you glimpses of spiritual bliss earned in last incarnations and that which you were blessed with even at the tender age of four!”

I said, “Who knows if this was spiritual bliss or merely the magical play of the soothing elements in the surroundings that nature gifts as cool breeze over waters of a river or the plentiful drifting clouds and sky in blue?”
“If this was merely the tender heart’s fancy, you would not have fallen so easily into deep ecstasy so naturally at this ripening age too. The Master can only give you the environment but the soul must have the seed and the soil ready to bloom so beautifully! In many incarnations you have tried to bloom in soul. Many lives have gone in perfecting your soul but not in vain.”

I became a child again at the Holy Feet of my most beloved and graceful Divine Spiritual Master. The child’s curiosity again forced me to know from the All knowing Master’s Vast Ocean of memory during my exclusive moments with Him a few days ago at the sacred morning hour of four when the world was in deep drowse and I arose. I penetrated and looked deep inside me and wished to know.

“What is inside the soul?”  I asked
“Joy, pure sublime Joy! It possesses innocent, lingering and never ending pure Joy.

The garden is blooming and the soul is full of perfume of pristine joy and deep ecstasy. If you will share this with others, they shall get a glance of the soul that they possess if they will peep in.”

How to manifest our soul?-I


There are two places or spots which are most sacred, although the entire area is calm, peaceful and holy. More than 1800 years ago, Babaji came here from Kashi, India and meditated in a very dense forest where no one could even penetrate. Babaji was free of every particle of Maya, yet he did intense penance for others and our Earth. He meditated for many days under a Banyan Tree without food and water and wished not to be disturbed. Unfortunately, one wood cutter who was filled with the raging desire of cutting this very Banyan Tree could not be stopped by anyone and in spite of being warned repeatedly of the alarming dangers, he went ahead and cut the same tree under which Babaji had meditated intensely. After a few days, the woodcutter was so full of guilt and shame that he took away his own life by hanging from a tree.

The office bearer whom I met this morning, told me disappointedly that they have been trying to plant a Banyan Tree again at the same spot where there is a modest temple of Babaji today, but all their efforts have failed. The new Banyan Tree that they plant, die and do not survive. This piece of information intrigued me and I was very curious to know the reason behind the dying of the Banyan Trees at the holy spot where Babaji once did intense penance and meditation.

During my meditation a while ago, our dearest Babaji told me, “The wood cutter was already cursed even before he cut my Banyan Tree and the curse lingered. The curse was because of his acts of deep ignorance. But there is another Peepal tree or Bodhi Tree in this precinct where I had also meditated which is alive with my energies today. I used to meditate under it after the Banyan Tree was cut. You have already written about it (The state of Super Consciousness-I) that it has tremendous Sankalp Shakti and therefore you have come to this holy spot again to make an intense and strong resolution and to meditate with that resolution under the Bodhi Tree. It shall be fulfilled.

Seekers who have unconditional love, complete faith in their Holy Master, shall be blessed with more courage and physical and mental strength to pursue further learning by dynamic meditations. So utilize this time and go very deep inside until you know the inner most depth of your soul. Inhale my presence in this holy place through your mind and breath. Instil peace and calmness that will not break continuity of your mind with me. Distribute this Divine knowledge to those who surrender to you and who please me. Do not extend help to those who are densely ignorant and covered with mud of darkness because the sacred knowledge of the Divine is given at the mercy and the will of God to those who have surrendered their individual self at the lotus feet of their holy Gurus. Invoke love and gratitude in those hearts that are willing to serve others and refrain from those actions in which you lose your precious time.

I bless all of you if you will make special efforts to go deep within yourself and contemplate. Remove all the remaining portions of your ignorance by doing daily meditations, praying and maintaining silence. These actions will purify you and make you peaceful. The manifestation of soul is due to prolonged peace of mind. Manifest your soul with the lingering peace of the Divine within you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om.”

Why does it take a prolonged time for our soul to manifest?-II


Dear readers, we were discussing the reason why does it take the human soul to manifest so exceedingly late before the description of the exclusive experience was narrated. Why does it take so, so long to manifest our soul?
One of the main reasons what Shri Mahavatar Babaji explained to me was that we human beings are drowned in our ignorance and do not have the realizations of the eternal Truths. We do not know that there is God’s presence on this Earth, around us and even inside us. We do not surrender to that all pervading Force and we go on doing endless, erring karmas which are detrimental and harmful to us. If we once understand that our life is sacred, temporarily given by God to only manifest that divinity in us, we shall be blessed.
There is a certain order, a definite mechanism governed by God which we are unable to see because of the dark covering of our weaknesses of evil thoughts, greed, immorality, falsehood, lust, anger and many other human shortcomings and flaws. The aim of pursuing spirituality should be living each day and each moment surrendering to the sweet will of God, the Supreme. If we are not driven by our weaknesses, we can slowly bit by bit uncover the pure, joyous incredible soul in us. Living with the brightness and beauty of our soul shall remove all our miseries, illness, misfortunes, ill luck, unhappiness and mental depression. Divine Will or the initiative of God is not known to humans and we begin to live by our own ideas and egocentric habits.
Today lack of morality, no faith in God and greed to consume has forced the humanity to come to a point of no return and create a sick society.
The entire world worships Lord Krishna in various glorious forms of life roles that he had donned when he was alive. Krishna means Universal Spirit. But who meditates with Krishna’s Presence inside to get AtmaSakshatkar?
So learn to meditate to stop the disturbed, agitated and avaricious mind to anchor to the divine presence in you. The Divine is present in us but we cannot access it because we are already preoccupied with incessant senseless direction of our life because of desires, egocentric activities and engrossed in worthless possessions. You will know God’s will if you meditate with pious intentions with a sincere and earnest mind. Bring yourself more closer to God in times of God communication and say your prayers with all your love and devotion.

Maam Ekam Sharnam Vraj…….
Sarvadharmaanparityajaya mamekam sharanam vraj I
Aham tyaam sarvapapebhyo mokshyishyami ma shuch II

Resigning all your duties to Me, the all powerful and all pervading Lord, take refuge in Me alone. I shall absolve you of all sins, worry not.
From Bhagwad Gita chapter 18, verse 66.

What is Truth?-III


My mental dialogue in my meditations with the Jagadguru Maharaj Shri Mahavatar Babaji coincides with the relevance of today’s topic. It was held sometime during my quiet moments with him in May end and sometime later in early June. My thirst to learn from Him about the eternal Truths remains unquenched. It is again offered at the Holy Lotus Feet of the Great Himalayan Master as a small offering of obeisance and love from me to Him-

(Translation to English follows as soon as Hindi lines finish)


S-Mana sundar kab hota hai?

MB-Sundar! Wah sundar tab banta hai jab usmei Eeshwar jaagta hai.

S-Bhagwan mujhse kya chahta hai?

MB-Bhagwan chahta hai tumhare se prakash failey, Satya ka prakash, woh prakash jo sada se hamare andar hai. Eeshwar chahata hai ki hum unko jane kyunki saaransh sari maya ka Brahma mei hi hai. Brahma ko janane ke bad humko kuch janne ke liye hoga hi nahi.

S- Satya ko janana itna kathin kyun hai?

MB-Apne karmo evam sanskaron ke kaaran. Jeeva ko sanskar ulti disha mei udakar le jaten  hai, Maya mei. Iske banispat, Eeshwar ko janne ke liye humey ek jagrit Atma ki avashakta padti hai jisse hum swayam ko jane. Hamari Atma mei satya hai. Usme gyan hai, bodh hai. Woh gyan sada raheta hai chahe din ho ki raat, jagrit ya nidra, swasthya ho ya rog, harsh ya shok. Satya ka viprit hota hai andhkaar.

S- Satya kya hai?

MB-Eeshwar, Brahma, Satya ek hi hai. Woh sada se hamare paas tha, humko uska saath nahi mila kyonki maya daayan jaisi humko pahele lubhati hai, phir bhulati hai phir rulati hai. Is Satya ko samjho aur jaano. Sansara nashwar hai. Prakriti mei vinash aur rachana dono hote rahete hai hamesha.

Mana ki maya shanti bhang karti hai. Mana ki gehri maun mei Satya ko jaano. Param shanti Brahma mei hai, usey mahsoos karo apne mana ke andar. Usko dhyan se payo, man mei tatolo, wahin us tahey ke andar, Satya ka nivas hota hai.

Eeshwar ko prem se mana ke andar pukaro, avahan karo, woh prem ki bhasha bahut jaldi samajhta hai. Usey sab bodh hai, usey mana ki bhasha sabki saralta se samajh aati hai. Yadi mana ke andar Eeshwar ke liye prem nirmal ho, to tumhare andar Eeshwar tumhare saamne aajeayega, tum usey pyaar se pukaro apna samajh kar. Mana ko dheela chod kar pure aaram mei aakar Eeshwar ka avahan karo, wo avashya tumhari mana ki sachchi baat ko pura karega.

S- Samadhi kya hai?

MB- Shaant antarman se phuta hua Eeshwariya ananda, ya Eeshwar se gahera avirodh yoga ke akasmaat avsar, jismei kewal Satya ka anubhav ho. Yah mana ki ati shaant awastha hoti hai. Kabhi kabhar shwas Atma ki gaheri shanti mei parivartit ho jati hai. Sadhak ko is awastha ke liye ghor prayatna karna chahiye, usey apne kalyan ke liye samay nikalna hoga.

Samadhi hamari sahaj awastha hai. Is awastha mei sansara ka beej lupt ho jata hai. Isliye paripakva saadhak ko sansari baton se mana ko door rakhna chahiye and mana ke aakhri taheh tak jana hoga apni Atma ko choone ke liye. Samadhi Atma ki swabhik awastaha hai.”


S-“When is the mind beautiful?”

MB-“Beautiful! It becomes beautiful when God awakens in it.”

S-“What does God want from me?”

MB-“God wants you to spread Light, the Light of the Truth. That Light which is in us since the beginning. God wants us to know Him because the essence of all Maya, the delusion is embedded in it. After we know Brahma, there will be nothing left for us to know.”

S- “Why is it very hard and difficult to know the Truth?”

MB-“Because of our own karmas, and the sanskaras.”

The embedded sanskaras (hidden tendencies) take the ‘jeeva’ (soul) in Maya in the opposite direction altogether. While to know our self, we need a direct contact with a Divine soul who is already awakened. The soul in us is the Truth. It has knowledge, a sense of knowing irrespective of day or night, sleep or wakefulness, sickness or health, joy or gloom. The opposite of Truth is darkness.”

S-“What is Truth?”

MB-“God, Brahma, Truth is all the same. It was with us throughout but we could not associate with it because of the enchantress Maya. It initially bewitches us, and then makes us deluded and forgetful and later makes us cry. Understand this Truth and know this Truth. This world is impermanent. Creation and destruction both go on in Nature all the time.

The delusion or Maya spoils the peace of your mind. Know the Truth in the silence of the mind. The ultimate peace is in Brahma, feel that in your heart. Attain that deep peace with meditation; search inside, after that deep layer beyond the mind you will find Brahma.

Invoke God with love in your heart, call Him, He understands the language of love very swiftly. He comprehends everything; He understands every one’s language of the heart effortlessly. If you have pure  love for God inside, God will appear inside you, in front of you; invoke Him as your own beloved. Relax your mind and call upon God; He will truly respond to your sincere calling.”

S-“What is Samadhi?”

MB- “The spell of raptures of euphoria, Divine’s pure bliss, or spells of direct uninterrupted deep connection and union with the Universal Divine Spirit where only Truth exists is samadhi. It is a state of very profound silence. Sometimes breath concludes into silence of the Spirit. It is our natural state and should be pursued by the seeker when he spares time for his own good and welfare.

Samadhi is our natural state. It is a state of lack of worldly thoughts born out of the bubble of the mind’s samsara. So the layers of worldly tendencies should be curbed by the senior advancing sadhak  and attempts to touch the base of the Spirit touched to gain Divine’s Truth. Samadhi is Atma’s most natural state of being.”