Part A

Updates-Welcome back my revered readers, sorry to have been away for so long. I completely agree that a new post is very much overdue. The blog was organized in many separate sections like posts of sermons, teachings and verses from Bhagwad Geeta, photos, videos, poems and so on in September before I took a long break for the sake of convenience of every reader. I hope everyone benefited from it as much as it was intended to be.

The reason for extended non-appearance from the blog-world is that I was comprehensively involved with my daughter’s marriage that took place in the last week of November in Delhi. I have tried to resolve everything as fast as I could and am very much settled in my usual routine. Meditations are back, calmness restored and the mind totally infused with God’s benign touch and what’s more- I feel like composing a significant post before I go to Pondicherry to rest as well as learn intensively!

God Within

This will be the name of our blog’s next segment F. So far the last five segments A, B, C, D and E got over and they started quickly in the past with a trifling gap of some repose but this time the gap has been too wide but for a good reason. Let’s begin with my sharing something very distinctive with you which I experienced in one of my meditations randomly while I was not writing in those days.

I pleaded God to speak to me directly in deep contact and in mind’s total silence. I told God,”Kindly tell me something very unusual, unknown and hidden, something which is like a secret from humanity’s knowledge ever since God made man! What is it that this world does not know and God knows since eternity? Which knowledge is precarious and not written in books and only God knows and that will enlighten man far more than any other superior knowledge known to humanity so far? Like the treasures in the womb of the Earth, surely my Heavenly Father you are holding this secretive knowledge to which our eyes have been closed forever. What is it? Please bless me and reveal Thyself in your illuminating words and break the enclosures in which I have tied myself in eternal incarnations. Free me with your sacred words and empower me with that sacred knowledge which will help my Spirit to soar in moments of my consecrated silence! Tell me something unique that all humans do not know. Convey me that sacred knowledge which will lift my Spirit to the highest heavenly skies and soundless ether where I can meet you in pure silence!!”

This question was sparked off unplanned and incidentally because I see all men sleeping in a very deep slumber. Wherever I go, I see them in some kind of delusion and charmed sleep. In spite of so much exterior material progress which is any way made by just a few great men in the world, I have realized that apart from a few enlightened people, all of us are either in a dreaming state of mind or people are sleeping in some kind of darkness and they have no sense of awakening in them at all even if best and appropriate environments are given time to time. They are so, so so far from the realization that God exists within and that they should listen to the whispers of God residing inside and then carry out their actions. Living in spiritual darkness is far more regressive and hard if compared with all the hardships put together that a human suffers for achieving spiritual enlightenment! But God’s deluding power is so overwhelming that everyone is suffering in that delusion.

God’s reply which came instantaneously to me was, “Out of millions of people barring a handful who are alive, they do not know and recognize that there are three hidden powers of God in them that are governing their spiritual evolution and progress. God has created these three powers in this Cosmos. This information is not stored in any scripture or holy books either but is concealed in the Soul of beings.

They are Sankalpa Shakti, Ichcha Shakti and Kriya Shakti- The powers of thought, will and action respectively. These powers are hidden inside the core being of any human like Kundalini Shakti and are only activated by the illumined Master if and when God desires as sheer Grace. The previous sections of the blog were written highlighting the essence of these subtle primordial energies in a compact form. More knowledge shall be discussed in the new segment aptly titled ‘God Within’ by you in forthcoming posts”………(to be continued)

This post is only the introduction of the new segment and more will follow soon. As it is evening and we have lit our evening lamps and are saying our prayers, I leave this page with one beautiful evening mantra which I just heard a while back.

Shubham Karoti Kalyanam Arogya dhansampadam I

Shatrubuddhi Vinashaya Sandhyadeepam Namosutute II

May the light of the lamp bring us auspiciousness, good health and prosperity. Let it destroy the evil mind of the enemies. I bow and salute to the evening lamp.


Part B

Dear readers, it is travel time again.

Apart from blogging, more touring of holy sites are pending in the next coming months of the new year because of which the posts will be delivered intermittently.  As a result, the usual dates of 10th, 20th and 30th cannot be followed. Posts will be sporadic without any fixed time and date.

To start with, at the moment I shall go to South India. Pondicherry is the first destination. Parangipettai is very close by to Pondicherry and it is obvious and obligatory to be visiting Babaji’s holy birth site. Madurai is on the cards after Pondicherry in the last week of Dec. From Madurai, I shall go to Palani, the samadhi place of Shri Boganatharji, the great guru of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. I can’t wait to meditate and resume Kriya fervently at this significant holy place. There have been many breaks in doing Kriya and hopefully there would be no serious lapses henceforth. This is  the blessing that I seek from Shri Boganatharji at his resting place.

A few days are going to be spent in isolation in Pondicherry while the rest in teaching and imparting further instructions to some disciples of our sweet Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji at his behest.

In January, I shall go to YSS Dakshineshwar hermitage in Kolkatta for a week. It is in the Eastern Part of India. There will be some free time for me apart from regular intensive meditations and Kriya in the quiet hermitage.

In February I shall be touring the Western most part of India- Somnath, Dwarka followed by Nathdwara and ending with Mt. Abu again with some deserving disciples. This trip will be my first ever step in Western direction where going to do sadhana in holy sites is concerned.

March is reserved for Varanasi, Sarnath and Bodh Gaya, it falls in upper regions of India and is quite central in position. Shri Lahiri Mahashayaji lived most part of his life in Kashi or Varanasi. I will be visiting this holy site for the first time. It has been my silent desire for many years to visit the house in which Shri Lahiri Mahasaya lived all his life frugally and did high grade  tapasya at the directives of his most revered guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji by being a house holder, meeting his disciples and spreading the obscure and long lost Kriya far and wide through them. My long cherished request has been answered by God at last and I surely look forward to it with great zeal.

Rest of the programme of touring of the year 2014 is yet to be finalized. The blog will surely reflect the same as the time comes as you shall either see the pictures or the posts will convey something about them. These pilgrimages are meant for my own solitude and reflection apart from imparting lessons personally to some chosen devotees.

One drastic shift in ideology and belief of mine has taken place recently. I was always undetermined and cautious and wished to keep a low profile in the internet world of social networking for a lot of reasons. But then finally I have accepted and agreed to go public with my blog with Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s proposal. His wish has to be mine; they cannot be varying and different at any point of time.

As is well known Spiritinlife blog has never been used to express personal views or revealing individual matters for that matter. It has certainly not been used for social networking either. Its aims have been just to disseminate spiritual ideas and lessons far and wide in the world as is evident to you, and it has been a resourceful medium to spread the teachings of Shri Mahavatar Babaji particularly to his old and new disciples spreading across the globe. It is indeed a new source of spiritual wisdom which is easily obtainable sitting at home and at any convenient time for the genuine people. For some reason Shri Mahavatar Babaji now wants me to showcase or have a display cabinet by which some more people can be connected through Facebook to Spiritinlife blog.

My ‘The life-journey so far’……will be in Facebook pages very soon and I wish and pray for those disciples and devotees of Babaji to get connected with him through one more medium other than this blog. The groundwork for this work is on and will take a few weeks. I am already envisioning how well I can do this given job by my great Teacher so that the virtuous aims of dear God and him are fulfilled proportionately. Surely, there are many crying souls who are looking out for some spiritual assistance, guidance and strength to go on in life or fulfilling their spiritual dreams of Self Realization. May they all meet their Gurus here through these two sources of inter-connectivity  and may they all get to see God within themselves one day……….

P.S. Would like to bring to your notice that on this auspicious day, this is the 200th post that has got published today. I sincerely thank God and all my gurus and the saints for giving me the courage to speak my inner mind and the strength to go on writing in spite of many obstacles.

I humbly thank every reader who is reading the blog-posts, they are invoking the creative energy in me by being diligent and regular and responding systematically at regular intervals.

A big thank you to those readers who invest their time piercing the nooks and corners of the blog and thus doing justice to the intensive work done here. If the same zeal is shown throughout, I wonder what all shall God and Shri Mahavatar Babaji and others saints reveal to us……May we always show our dedication, reverence and devotion at every step of our evolution. May we all love God and the holy saints in our every breath in this and all our lives to come……..

Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om…...

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