Sunrise at Pondicherry



Sunrise2 (1)


(There is one more detailed photo gallery of Pondicherry published on 5.1.13)

Palani, the centre of great spiritual powers. The shrine of Murugan Swami and also the samadhi place of His Holiness Shri Bogarnatharji, the Guru of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. (Cameras were not allowed inside. Just a few pictures were taken from the middle of the mountain where there is a small city near the river side below.)


The gate with three domes below is the place to enter and begin the climb up the mountain. We started from here.

Palani3 (1)

The small pilgrimage city around the shrine on the mountain


Resting places in between to rest and recharge.





This year there was very strict security and no cameras were allowed inside the temple, so there were just a few pictures that we could take. However, those who have not seen the older pictures can see them now which was published on 8.2.13.

Madurai, the temple city of Meenakshi Amman

Parangipettai, the birth place of Shri Mahavatar Babaji




Chidambaram, the temple of Nataraja, Shiva in a dancing pose in Cosmic Consciousness and Bliss




Except for Parangipettai, all the pictures are contributed by Nishith Patel. As mention in God Within-III, our focus this time on our trip was not on photography and hence the picture gallery is very basic and modest. Last year there was an elaborate picture gallery of Pondicherry and Madurai. Readers who wish to take tips or just like to go through it will find the links above.

Part A


Those readers who are reading the blog for the first time today please note that we are moving with an elaborate thought ‘God Within’ which has been covered over four weeks starting from 14.12.13. In them, there have been two sections A and B. Part A is my conversations with God during a meditation and part B is about my visit to some holy sites in South India toured lately. My recommendation to all readers is that once this post concludes, please read Part A of all three posts God Within I, II and III together so that you have a complete visualization of my inner vision and experience and you know all the conversations that took place at a propitious time. As the matter was very weighty, I broke my experience into three parts so that its constituent is absorbed meticulously and entirely bit by bit by all.

Similarly, read all the three parts of Part B one by one when you are done with reading this whole post and connect the complete story and apprehend all the layers and parts of the knowledge that I have received in a very little time as it came too fast through cosmological rays.

The Divine souls who are not living in body at this moment and communicate only through intuition from the astral skies, are communicating at a very fast speed because the style of their communication is refined and clear of any gross material particles.

Our mind has to be trained and developed through meditation and concentration to be able to absorb such high speed revelations coming straight from another world so full of Divine Light and Purity. Some of the souls are highly developed and hence their tank of knowledge is far larger than any other saint or holy soul that we have known. Our mind has to be very light and free like ether.  In addition also extremely concentrated to enable us to communicate with them. In this way, we accept all the insights they are relaying through their mind power while we are on Earth.

Henceforth, the posts are going to go back far, far in time; millions or thousands of millions of years before in time!!! You will have to orient and re-position your mind as far as time is concerned. Probably, all of us must have never thought of events that occurred so far back in time. Thus, there are two things which you must keep in mind- First is that many saintly, divine souls who are not living currently in a physical form on the Earth are still active in the upper skies and are vigorously involved in social welfare and human race’s evolution. Secondly, their way of working is entirely different from ours. They work in silence and through intuition only and hence their functioning is very rapid and subtle. Therefore, we must attune our minds very finely with theirs so that we are able to communicate with them.

Part B is a description of my own exclusive experience with one such exalted Maharishi of ancient times and it becomes quite a task explaining such a mystic and extraordinary experience by writing each word now as I recall my special moments with none other than Shri Bogarnatharji, the Guru of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Weaving two different time zones as narrated in Part A and B respectively has been an intricate job. The ability to narrate such superfine mystic revelations is something I have very much enjoyed doing and it never appeared to me as a trial. It is my service to those revered Spiritual Teachers and the Almighty God from whom I have received the skill and deftness to do this task. Hence, even before we begin to read on what follows soon, I want to recite this shloka as a mark of respect and infinite devotion for the Holy Teachers.

 Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gururdevo Maheshwara  I

Guru Saakshat ParaBrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha II

I prostrate before my Master, my Teacher who is a Trinity of Lords. He is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He is the Ultimate Truth, I bow humbly to such an auspicious Master……

Before the chronicle begins, please allow me to share some of my imaginings and ideas which I have been carrying with me and they are lying at the bottom most layers of my mind since a lot of years. It has a co-relation with the conversation with God as I am about to retell in Part A.

From the time I came to know about Shri Mahavatar Babaji officially in 2001, I have had this silent desire of writing a biography of him because his personality is so very intriguing and compelling on my subtle psyche. It is as though I found the mission of my life and the purpose of living on Earth. Since 2004 and that makes full ten years, I have been visiting many sites frequently which are associated with Babaji’s life. I have made several failed attempts of meeting him personally in the Himalayas and each visit grew gruesome and hard to get the looked-for results. But this flame of my aspiration that got kindled on seeing the image of Shri Mahavatar Babaji in my friend’s house accidentally in 1998 does not get extinguished with time. It is still kindling like the inextinguishable flame of desire. It is a desire which I will not let extinguish.

There is also one more thing that was my desire. I have been telling God residing within ever since to please give me at least the basic insight and some spiritual accomplishment that will make me entitled to see in person the towering figure, almost Godlike personality that Shri Mahavatar Babaji is. Whenever I am able to meet him in future with your consent, my meeting should not go in vain. I am aware that there have been saints and some laymen and people who have met Babaji personally because of their good fortune but I remain calm inside because I have a very different reason to meet him. In my opinion, I wish to see a human soul who over millions of years has been improving each state of God Realization of that human life to next still greater Spiritual Achievement!!!The comparison between him and me when done is too stark so I had decided that I will go on improving my own state of Consciousness to higher and higher state by doing intensive tapas or penance so that I can someday meet him at a point where  I can do justice to his stature, accomplishments and persona. If he has done unprecedented tapas by bearing all the hardships, then I should at least purify myself enough to meet him midway somewhere. And then do justice to his Purity and Divinity that has been bestowed on him by God as he has done countless good deeds since zillions of years!!! So whenever I am destined with the wish of God to meet Babaji, I should have done the minimum required atonement, amendments and good deeds so that I can write about him for the world to listen and see such an exalted soul that has taken birth on this Earth!!

Therefore, my subconscious mind is still alive with these thoughts even though my daily life is full of activity and life keeps throwing its challenges at me. After many years, recently God did reply to my hidden, subdued question which was pestering me in the past. However, it was not Shri Babaji who answered my question, he is an epitome of pretentiousness and humbleness. When I became ready to have direct conversations with God with the help of many saints including Shri Mahavatar Babaji himself, so much information has been revealed about his inner sacred life. I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to become a recipient of this sanctified knowledge.  I am optimistic that the day when I am totally ready to fulfill the purpose of my life to write the biography of Shri Babaji with face to face dialogues, it shall be done. I am waiting for God to decide how and when.

Nevertheless God, Babaji himself, many saints and other sacred souls like a few very old Banyan Trees have told me a lot about him in my visions, dreams and meditations through telepathy. With God’s Grace I have been able to write about all of it on my blog which in turn does reflect a portion of Babaji’s inner views on Dharma, Karma, Enlightenment, Consciousness, Purity, Meditation, Salvation and so many other pious topics which are rare to find in one place. I consider myself very blessed these days when it sinks in that merciful God chose me to carry out His mission and documenting a very small part of Babaji’s life history and teachings through my blog…….Thank you God!

Now keeping this overview in mind, please see the next question that came up spontaneously in my mind which I put up to God in my meditation many weeks back.

Me- “How Babaji became Mahavatar from Avatar? What takes any soul to reach those dizzying, unprecedented heights?”

God- “Only because of his unmatched Ichcha Shakti or will power. He has done unparalleled tapas.

Me- “What is the difference between Ichcha Shakti and Sankalpa Shakti?”

God-“The birth of an idea, a thought or an impulse or sensation is sankalpa. Once the idea is born, it begins to have a shape, a complete picture then takes place in the mind of the jeevatama or soul. The re-occurrence of the following ideas and the desire to participate in completion of its formation is Ichcha Shakti or will power.

Actions performed to accomplish those ideas, the power to act and complete those desires is termed as Kriya Shakti.

God- “Tere par kripa kyun hui? Why did you get the Grace of God? Because you had the undying will or Ichcha Shakti to remove your remaining embedded ignorance of countless human incarnations in one life time. You drew power from Shri Mahavatar Babaji and were relentless in pursuing your targeted spiritual goals. Whoever has never-ending desire to overcome the hidden Maya or the deluding power of God can easily do so with their graceful deeds of devotion and tapas of mind, body and Spirit.”

 Part B

13.01.14. It is 6 a.m.

Likewise my dear friends, in the past when I came to know through some sources that Shri Bogarnatharji was Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s Guru and he gave him Kriya Deeksha in the dense forests, I became intrigued and restless. I wondered if I could ever get to communicate with him in this life time, if so I should feel grateful. It would be so wonderful to get in touch with a soul which was so early in existence. It was not happening in a very defining manner although two or three short messages did come as a grace sometime in 2004 or later than that.. Nonetheless my fascination to get in touch with such antique and graceful souls remained intact, I was still wishing very quietly. I used to ponder how did Babaji take Kriya Deeksha from Bogarnatharji who was not even alive at that time. The pictures shown in books present in such a way that it appears that they both were in a physical form. How did Agastya Maharishi initiate Shri Mahavatar Babaji when he is not living? How did they communicate?

My desire to converse with Shri Boganatharji and receive some knowledge was fulfilled most unexpectedly, it happened in Madurai recently. I was elated!

He appeared to me in a transcendental state in the hotel after a exhausting day in Madurai. It happened most unexpectedly when I was wondering what I would receive this time in Palani, the resting place or resting abode of Shri Bogarnatharji. The next day we were to go to Palani. I had a very strong yearning to hear something from him since I came to know that he initiated Babaji in Kriya Yoga in Katargama which I had visited twice.

The most surreal conversation began as I hit the pillow around 5 or 6 pm when we arrived from Pondicherry and wanted to take a short nap or at least some rest since we had set out  so early that day.

He told me about himself- “Yes it is true that I took Kriya Deeksha from Kartikeya, the second son of Lord Shiva. I was third in line. Shiva initiated Kartik in this sacred Yoga who in turn taught me the sacred science. Mahavatar Babaji took Deeksha from me in Katargama. This is the lineage of Babaji. It ends at Lord Shiva. Shiva lived thousands of million years ago.

All the factual and accurate Science of Yoga and God Realization are received by intuition in meditative state of mind in a Trans. I gave Babaji Kriya Deeksha and advance teachings only through intuition in a Super Conscious state and not by direct body contact.

Whatever you have also received, which is accurate and genuine, has been acquired by telepathic conversation and in future also you will know the secrets of God’s creation and hidden powers in mental communications only. True realizations and getting to peep into God’s world and its creation is achieved only through the astral path and Cosmological rays. This is the only mode of imparting insight by the Almighty to us. The other normally accepted methods of acquiring God Realizations are not fool proof and are prone to wither.

At my time the Earth was full of greenery and there was so much peace and tranquility. The Earth was very peaceful because there were very few people and the atmosphere had very less thoughts floating in the atmosphere.”

He gave me clarity to my haziness about the Yugas or the four Eras on which time of Earth has been divided. On what basis do we divide the time apart from deciding on the increasing or decreasing of Dharma on Earth? I have been wondering since quite a long time. They say it is Kaliyuga because there is decadence and decreasing of Dharma. Apart from this what are the deciding factors on which we call a certain Yuga a certain name? I have thought to myself many times. Knowing my inner natural inquisitiveness and thirst of knowledge, he told me-

“Today the Earth is deprived of trees and plantation in the ecology system as never before. Era or Yuga is based on the number of trees and the condition of the environment. At present, the Earth has minimum trees that it has ever witnessed and based on the present poor condition of the environment, we are in Kaliyuga. There is too much noise and peace is deprived to people. The population is booming unlike before and the atmosphere is congested with human thoughts floating and disturbing the tranquility in the atmosphere.”

About himself he said, “If you wish to know how much I know about God as I am an ancient soul, I will tell you this also. Imagine a small boy sitting at the window which has horizontal bars as grills looking out in the blue sky. How much can the boy see? He can see very little sky. The boy is me and God is the unlimited sky. I know so little, I have achieved so very little.”

At this delicate moment I very rapidly pleaded to God to rub out all the ego that I have now and to please, please bless me so that I never have any dash or drop of ego in any forthcoming lives that I may live again. I sought a boon from God in presence of His Holiness Shri Bogarnatharji that I should never be proud of my knowledge and achievements because I know nothing really!!! I am too, too small always. Imagine how big God is and we so small yet the ego, our biggest ignorance is too big to handle. I felt very ashamed of my limitations and decided to never allow any thought or wave of pride to come near me leave alone touch me. I mentally surrendered once more all my personality, my knowledge, my faith, my abilities and my divine perceptions at the humblest feet of Shri Bogarnatharji. I felt light and good by my act of submission after it.

Morning Illumination date not noted but happened since I returned from Madurai. It must have happened on 29th Dec’13 I suppose.

After my sincere submission to Shri Bogarnatharji in Madurai on 24th Dec evening, to my ultimate astonishment Shri Kalingartharji, the  other Guru of Shri Boganatharji taught me something briefly when I came back home. He along with Shri Mahavatar Babaji, Shri Bogarnatharji, Maharishi Agastya and a few others are considered the deathless Gurus and are Siddhas of South India. They are worshiped very reverentially in villages as well as in cities even today. I have even seen their pictures in state transport and local buses plying between various cities and villages also.

He taught me in morning meditation that two things are required for knowing your Self or to know God Within- Mind Control and Breath Control.

Since I have come home from South India tour, I am more regular with doing my Kriya and meditations. I do them whenever I get time if I miss my morning sessions. Two meditations in a day are vital. I understand that Shri Bogarnatharji has blessed me when I went up to him in the shrine on the mountain in Palani. I consider Shri Kalingarnatharji’s blessed arrival as an auspicious omen and he must have come because Shri Bogarnatharji was pleased with me. Or could it be because I am doing the seva of Shri Mahavatar Babaji? I don’t know. All I know is that my desire of serving Shri Mahavatar Babaji remains aflame. The desire within will not die out and I pray to God that the flame of aspiration, the fire of soaring higher and higher should be kept alive so that the horizons of Spiritual Kingdom can be faintly touched………..May God and all our Gurus bless us.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

Part C

On this trip to Pondicherry and other places, the focus was on learning and doing just meditations. We took very little photographs but instead I took a video of Parangipettai for those devotees and seekers who cannot visit the sacred spot. There may be so many devotees of Shri Mahavatar Babaji living across the world who cannot come to India to see these places. As a small gesture of my service, I humbly offer these three videos to God who is within and who resides in all of us.

As a group of four, our tour was very successful. Three other devotees of Shri Babaji accompanied me and there were classes or workshops every day. We meditated at all the important places and there were long sessions of explanations through question answers. With Babaji’s blessing, this tour was very successful as far as open classroom is concerned. We also had our sessions in Pondicherry under trees in large parks resembling Shanti Niketan which added so much life force in our system. Learning under open sky and sunshine is such a boon, looking forward to more such group learning.

Two videos are of Katargama shrine. Please read How to manifest our soul-I where the  history of Babaji’s penance in youth is printed.


Katargama Devalaya

Temple at a spot where Babaji did intense penance

Dear friends, I am now active on FB since New Year eve as Sarika Nagrath. Daily short messages on Spiritual teachings are delivered with the kind grace of many saints like Shri Paramhansa Yogananda, Mother of Pondicherry, Swami Shri Nityananda and Swami Dayananda Shaligram of Ganeshpuri and last but not the least Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Sometimes other saints also whisper their messages for their disciples as well which I am pleased to receive and I deliver. I am revising my lessons as well as honing the sharpness of my brain by doing so. Quick delivery of these astral messages coming any time of the day or night are delivered even at odd hours on Fb because their children should be attended to and their messages should be delivered at the nick of time. The Divine souls are working silently in unison for our welfare and corrections. Many of their ex-disciples are today misled by the delusion of Maya and the use of electronic media is certainly a very good idea to find them and bring them home again! May we all prosper and grow in strength in every way by helping each other in our spiritual progress.

In very busy days, there could be intervals on Fb and I will keep the language very simple but matter will be grave as is seen on the blog too so that many people can adopt these teachings and benefit more and more.

My request to all of you-please do not mix up these two mediums. Please do not write topics of blog on Fb if you want to join it. Write only on the blog and I shall reply there. Fb is for those who cannot follow the blog’s present topics as it has become very elaborate and topics are hard to comprehend as beginners. They may even get confused and lose interest. Some of the future devotees are being prepared on the other medium so that one day they can read Spiritinlife. Thank you!

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